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First Generation

1. James CLABBY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 was born about 1800/1810 in County Roscommon, Ireland. James was alive 1858 in County Roscommon, Ireland.

The roots of the Clabby family in Ireland are rather obscure. My grandfather, William J. Miller, was convinced that the family originated in County Roscommon, where there were several Clabby and O'Clabby families (they were centered in the Barnonies of Roscommon and Balintobber North). In 1858, James was identifed as "of Roscommon" in his daughter Bridget's marriage record, thus proving to some extent that the family originated from that area. There is, however, an old and probably spurious story in the Wilcox family that the Clabbys originated from County Cork.

A James Clabby is said to appear on the Spinning Wheel list and in Griffiths Valuation (circa 1850-1860) in County Roscommon. This might be our James; in any case it is a tantalizing cluue.

James and Susan may have left Ireland and moved to West Bromwich, Stafford County England, as all three of their known children were living there by the 1860's. On the other hand the kids may have gone on their own, and happened to settle in the same area. If they did make the move, it was not with their children, but some years later, after 1858.

In addition to their confirmed children, James and Susan may also have been the parents of the Michael Clabby who stood as godfather to one of their grandchildren in West Bromwich. This seems all the more likely when one considers that the name Michael is found in other generations of the family.

James married Susan MURPHY. Susan was born about 1800/1810 in County Roscommon, Ireland.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Susan CLABBY was born 1829 and died 14 Oct 1907.
+ 3 M ii James CLABBY was born 2 Dec 1831 and died 22 Dec 1911.
  4 F iii

Bridget CLABBY 1, 2, 3.

Bridget came to America around 1888 and settled in New Castle, Lawrence County Pennsylvania. She had previously lived in West Bromwich, Stafford County, England.

She is probably the younger sister of James Clabby referred to in a letter written to him in 1907 by John Millard.

        Bridget married Michael CONNOR on 21 Sep 1858 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

In my grandfather's papers he is referred to as both Thomas and Michael, but his marriage record definitely establishes his identity as Michael.

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