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Second Generation

2. Susan CLABBY 1, 2, 3 (James ) was born 1829 in County Roscommon, Ireland. She died 14 Oct 1907 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.

Susan left Ireland for England, at some point before 1853, and settled in West Bromwich, Stafford County, near Birmingham. She and her family came to America around 1888 and settled in New Castle, Lawrence County Pennsylvania, where she died on October 14,1907 of "old age Duration 4 days," according to her death certificate. She had been living at 331 West Washington in New Castle at the time of her death.

The exact date of the mass migration of the Flynns (all of Susans children and grandchildren went, around 15 people in all) cannot be stated for certain. It was probably between 1888 and 1890, but perhaps as early as 1885. 1888 seems to be the most likely date of the migration.

Susan married Festus T. FLYNN in County Roscommon, Ireland. Festus was born 1831.

They had the following children:

+ 5 M i Festus Thomas FLYNN was born 28 Jan 1853 and died 15 Mar 1935.
  6 F ii Elizabeth FLYNN 1 was born 3 Feb 1855 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

Elizabeth was baptized on February 18, 1855 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England with Carolus Connor as her godfather. She probably came to America in 1888 with the rest of her family.
        Elizabeth married Thomas SHEPARD.
+ 7 M iii James J. FLYNN was born 22 Sep 1856 and died 1932.
+ 8 F iv Jane FLYNN was born 28 May 1858.
  9 F v Maria FLYNN 1, 2 was born 18 Apr 1861 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

Maria was baptized on April 21, 1861 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England with John and Anna Malowisly as godparents. She may have died young, or perhaps remained in England when the rest of the family migrated.
  10 M vi John FLYNN 1 was born 18 Apr 1861 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

John Flynn was baptized on April 21, 1861 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England with Michael Clabby as godfather and Bridget Green as godmother. He probably died young or stayed behind in England when the rest of the family came to America in 1888.
  11 F vii Helen FLYNN 1, 2 was born 2 Jun 1865 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

Helen was baptized in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England on June 18, 1865, with Patrick Doolan as godfather and Bridget Clabby as godmother. She came to America around 1888.
  12 F viii

Margaret FLYNN 1, 2 was born 2 Jun 1865 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

Margaret was baptized on June 18, 1865 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England with Patrick Downy as her godfather and Maria Green as her godmother.
She is thought to have used the name Anna during adulthood, as there certainly was a woman named Anna Flynn. Margaret's/Anna's niece, Sara Flynn, was fairly certain that this was the case, although it is possible that Margaret died young and that there was another child named Anna who, for some reason, was not recorded at St. Michael's.

She immigrated to America around 1888.

        Margaret married Unknown BARNES.

3. James CLABBY 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 (James ) was born 2 Dec 1831 in County Roscommon, Ireland. He died 22 Dec 1911 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

James Clabby was probably born on December 2, 1831, in County Roscommon, Ireland. It is not known what education he received as a young man (he appears in most census records as literate), but he must have had an inventive mind as he obtained several patents for inventions related to the glass industry, including one for a glass washboard (he supposedly sold this for $50). James also made blueprints for a flattening oven, but they were stolen before he could patent them. It seems that he was also rather farsighted. In the late 1890's when he resided in Wellsboro, Tioga County Pennsylvania, he remarked to some of his fellow glass flatteners "someday men will fly through the air like birds!" But the men scoffed, and said "the old man is crazy!" As little as we know about James' early life and his personality, even less can be said about his physical appearance because no descriptions or pictures of James are known to survive.

It was probably in the late 1840's, or early 1850's, during (or shortly after) the Irish Potato Famine that James and his family left Ireland and sailed for England. James eventually settled in Stafford County, near Birmingham where he was emplyed as a "labourer in the Glassworks" in the 1860's. This was no doubt where he learned the trade he would ply for much of his life, that of a glass flattener.

Margaret Norton or Naughton was born in about 1835 or 1837 either in England or in Ireland. Census takers usually listed her as having been born in England, and her Death Certificate and the birth record of her daughter Elizabeth agree, but one of her grandchildren recalled that she said she was born in Ireland. In either case, she was raised in England and, like James Clabby, was living near Birmingham in the early 1860's.

James Clabby and Margaret Norton were married on February 4, 1865 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, England. They settled in at Oldbury Road in Smethwick, Stafford County.

Tradition holds that James immigrated to the U. S. ahead of Margaret to look for work. This was in 1865, and Margaret joined him about 1866. James would later become a U.S. citizen.

The Clabbys first lived at Lanesborough, Massachussets (where James worked as a glass flattener), and then moved to Berkshire as James searched for work. Apparently there was little to be had in Massachussets, as it was not long before James became employed as a boatman on the Erie Canal in New York. By 1869, James and Margaret were in Syracuse, Onandoga County New York, where James had found employment as a glass blower. They resided at 15 Chestnut Street.

In about 1871, the Clabbys moved again, this time to Clyde, Wayne County New York, where they purchased a home at 78 Columbia Street (it was still standing in the late 1970's). James worked as a glass flattener in the local factory, while Margaret remained at home, caring for the growing brood of children.

James appears in the 1880 census as a resident of Clyde, Town of Galen and is listed as glass flattener who had not been unemplyed during the census year. The children were in school, save the two oldest, Mary and Elizabeth, both in their mid teens.

In 1887, a new glass factory opened in Wellsboro, Tioga County Pennsylvania and James went there to investigate. He must have found things to his liking, or perhaps needed work badly, as he was soon employed there.

On March 29, 1888 James bought a house in Wellsboro from Lucinda Hart for $1200. He sold this same home on September 10, 1891 for $1300 to his son-in-law Fred Miller.

The next thirteen years are something of a mystery in regards to James' whereabouts. The 1891 sale of the home refers to "James Clabby and wife Margaret of Clyde, Wayne County, N. Y.," which makes it sound as if James was living there. However, James' granddaughter Martha Miller Wilcox (born 1891) recalled that he lived and worked in Wellsboro when she was a young girl. Perhaps it was Margaret Clabby who lived in Clyde, and not James. It was not uncommon in the glass industry at the time for a person to work away from his home and family, so I suspect that James continued to live in Wellsboro (probably with his son-in-law Fred) until he moved to Rochester, Monroe County New York to live with his daughters Ada Bisky and Elizabeth and his son Fred.

James' first appearance in Rochester is in the 1904/1905 City Directory. He lived with the Biskys at 18 Columbia Avenue and his occupation was given as "laborer." James was apparently not regularly employed while he lived in Rochester; the 1905 census gives no occupation for him and he changed jobs at least once. The 1905/1906 Rochester House Directory lists him as a watchman. Subsequent directories record him as a laborer and note that he worked at 380 Plymouth Avenue, which was a glass factory. From 1909 on, no occupation is given for James, so it seems likely that he retired, especially considering the fact that he was over seventy-five by that time.

James died in the Bisky home at 326 Frost Avenue in Rochester on December 22, 1911 at the age of eighty*. His death certificate notes that he died of a dilated heart and senility.

Following James' death, Margaret (who never lived in Rochester but had remained in Clyde) moved in with her daughter Jane Ann in Port Allegany, McKean County Pennsylvania where she died on October 13, 1915, probably in her late seventies (her Death Certificate states that she was seventy-eight and that she died from Cardiac Dropsy). She left a will indicating that she still owned the Clabby home in Clyde.
Both were buried in St. Johns Cemetery in Clyde. There is no stone marking their grave, but there is a small marker for their son William a little below ground level. St. Johns has no record of their internment, but several grandchildren stated in the late 1970's that they were present at the burial, and James' obituary notes that he was buried there†.

(*) Over the years there has been some confusion regarding James' age. His death notice (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Dec. 25, 1911) states that he was eighty, and his Death Certificate says that he was eighty years and twenty days old when he died. The 1910 census supports this (James age is given as eighty), and the 1912 City Directory also notes Jame's death in 1911 at the age of eighty. However, the three daughters of Ada Bisky all stated in the late 1970's that he was well over ninety, perhaps ninety-seven (not one of them was over ten when James died). James' son Fred also stated on an insurance application in 1927 that his father had been 92 when he died. But on this same application, Fred said his father died in 1913 and his mother in 1916 at age eighty-five (dates and her age wrong)! No census records list James' age in such a way that the year of his birth would make him over ninety when he died. They disagree greatly on his age, but all record it in such a way that he would be born in 1831 or later; not earlier. Then too there is a reference in an old letter about James' "older sister" who died in 1907, and her Death Certificate says that she was born in 1829. So it is my opinion that James was eighty when he died and was born in 1831, not earlier. But it also must be considered that according to his death certificate James was senile when he died and also that many people in those days did not really know the date of their birth. So it is possible no one really knew how old he was, and that James told different things to different people.

(†) Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, December 25, 1911.
"Clabby--- In this city, Friday morning, December 22, 1911, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. A. J. Bisky, No. 326 Frost avenue, James Clabby, aged 80 years. He is survived by his wife, three sons, John Clabby, of Jeanette, Pa., D. M. Clabby, of Kane, Pa., and Fred R. Clabby of this city, and four daughters, Mrs. Fred Miller of Wellsboro, Pa., Mrs. John N. Miller of Port Allegany, Pa., and Mrs. A. J. Bisky and Elizabeth of this city.
"Funeral Tuesday morning at 7:30 from the house and at 8 o'clock from Immaculate Conception Church. Internment at Clyde, N. Y. Clyde Papers please copy."

James married Margaret NORTON, daughter of Thomas NORTON, on 4 Feb 1865 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. Margaret was born 1835/1837 in England or Ireland. She died 13 Oct 1915 in Port Allegany, McKean Co., Pa.

They had the following children:

+ 13 F i Mary Ann CLABBY was born 11 Jan 1865 and died 26 Mar 1946.
  14 F ii Elizabeth Ellen CLABBY "Lizzie" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was born 16 Oct 1866 in Lanesboro, Mass. She died 23 May 1950 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

Elizabeth spent much of her life living with her sister Ada in Rochester, Monroe County, New York, where she worked as a dressmaker and seamstress. Elizabeth was never married. She is buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, Section North 15, Lot 204.
  15 M iii

James CLABBY 1, 2 was born 10 Mar 1868 in Berkshire, Mass. He died 1 Mar 1908 in Roulette, Potter Co., Pa.

I have been unable to locate Berkshire on any map. For the story of James' life, I quote two obituaries that were printed when he died.
"Prominent Citizen of Roulette Dies From Hemmorrhage

"James Clabby, Member of the Roulette Glass Company and Founder of Clabby Bros. Gas Company, Finally Surrenders this Life After a Long Struggle.

"James Clabby died at his home in Roulette at 3:45 Sunday morning, March 1, 1908, from acute kidney disease brought on by hemmorrhage of the lungs.

"Mr. Clabby was injured some weeks ago by falling into a ditch near the pumping station causing a hemmorrhage of the lungs, after which he tried to work but was compelled to go to his home, which he has not left since. He was cared for some time by Squires, Ashcraft, and Knight, who were helping him as fast as possible, when against his wishes, his friends advised him to get McGranor, who was unable to help him. He fought for life until the last never giving up hopes of recovery.

"Mr. Clabby was born in Berkshire, Mass., March 10, 1867 [sic for 1868] and from his youth had followed the window glass business, and being an expert flattener had accumulated considerable wealth.

"He was married in 1898 to Miss Anna Mack by Rev. J. J. Gleason of Clyde, N. Y., then their homes.

"He came to Roulette about four years ago when the window glass factory was built, in which he was one of the largest stockholders. And about two years ago he ventured into the gas business with his brother John and were quite [word unclear] successful.

"Besides his wife to mourn his untimely passing, he leaves a father and mother, three brothers, John and Dennis of Roulette and Fred of Rochester and four sisters, Mrs. John Miller of Roulette, Mrs. Fred Miller of Wellsboro, Mrs. Gus Bisky of Rochester and Miss. Elizabeth of Rochester besides a host of friends. He lived and died in the Catholic faith. The remains were taken to Clyde, N. Y., for internment Thursday [date and paper unknown]."


"James Clabby, a former resident of Clyde, died at his home in Roulette, Pa., on Sunday March 1, of acute nephritis. His age was 39 years. The remains were brought to Clyde Thursday afternoon and taken to the home of James Welch. Funeral services were held at St. Johns Catholic Church at nine o'clock this morning, Rev. J. J. Gleason officiating. Internment was made in the Catholic Cemetery.

"Mr. Clabby had been ill for several months past and for the last few weeks it was understood by his friends here that his condition was gradually growing worse and that he could not recover. Consequently his death occaissioned no surprise. Mr. Clabby had been a resident of Clyde practically all of his life until he went away to engage in business. He was a glass worker by trade and was well known in the business, having for a number of years been one of a glass manufacturing company.

"He was a successful and progressive business man and prospered in his undertakings. Personally he was pleasant and agreeable and made many friends who will regret to learn of his death [date and paper unknown]."

        James married Anna MACK on 1898 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY.
+ 16 F iv Jane Ann CLABBY was born 14 Jul 1869 and died 23 Feb 1958.
  17 F v Unknown CLABBY 1, 2 was born about 1870/1873 in NY. She died about 1870/1873 in NY.

She died not long after birth of injuries sustained when her mother fell (it is not known if this fall was after or before the birth of the baby).
+ 18 M vi Dennis Michael CLABBY was born 1 Apr 1874 and died 16 Nov 1941.
+ 19 M vii John Thomas CLABBY was born 1876.
+ 20 F viii Adrianna Rose CLABBY was born 27 Sep 1877 and died 5 Aug 1960.
  21 M ix

William Arthur CLABBY "Will" 1, 2, 3 was born 23 Mar 1880 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. He died 24 Jul 1899 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY.

"Sudden Death of William Arthur Clabby.

"William Arthur Clabby died Monday, July 24, 1899 at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Clabby, on Columbia Street, Clyde, aged 19 years, 4 months and 1 day. His sudden death not only brought deep grief to the immediate family, but sorrow to the hearts of many friends. Will, as he was familiarly known among his young companions, had but recently returned home from Wellsboro, Pa., where he had been employed in glass cutting, for the summer vacation. Although not of strong physique, he was apparently in his usual health and was deriving much enjoyment and benefit during his vacation days. He had been about the village as was his custom, and Sunday visited in Lyons. Monday morning, about 1:30 o'clock, he was taken with violent vomitting. Drs. Darwin Colvin and T. H. Hallet were summoned, and prescribed for him. His condition, however, continued to grow worse, and symptoms of heart disease developed. His death occurred Monday at noon.

"Deceased was for about two years employed in the New York Store, and made many friends by his pleasant and courteous manners. He was naturally of a cheeful disposition, ambitious and industrious, and was held in high esteem by his young associates. He leaves his father and mother, four sisters and three brothers to mourn their loss.

"Funeral services were held from St. Johns Catholic church this morning at 10 o'clock, Rev. J. J. Gleeson officiating. The remains were interred in the Catholic cemetery [date and paper unknown]."

There is a small stone at William's grave in St. Johns Cemetery in Clyde that simply bears his first name.

  22 M x

Frederick Richard CLABBY "Fred" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was born 4 Jan 1890 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. He died 3 Jun 1959 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

Fred lived in Rochester, Monroe County New York. He first found employment as a salesman in a dry goods store as early as 1905. By 1908, he was working as a glass cutter, but the next year switched his occupation to "freight solicitor." By 1927, Fred was employed as a car dispatcher for a taxi company in Rochester. From about 1925 on, Fred lived at 287 Central Avenue. He was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, Section South 20, Lot T32.

According to an old insurance application, from 1927, Fred was 5'9 and 1/2 and weighed 196 pounds.

        Fred married Ethel M. MAGEE on 23 Jun 1950 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. Ethel was born 15 Aug 1886. She died 13 Jun 1969 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

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