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Third Generation

5. Festus Thomas FLYNN 1, 2, 3, 4 (Susan CLABBY , James ) was born 28 Jan 1853 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. He died 15 Mar 1935 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.

Festus Flynn was baptized on August 21, 1853 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County England with Bryan Flynn as godfather and Helena Reynolds as godmother.

Festus was urged by his uncle, James Clabby, to come to the U.S. in the late 1860's. Soon after his arrival he joined the U. S. army and served with the Cavalry under Generals Custer and Van Fleet in the Indian campaigns. He enlisted for a term of five years on December 10, 1873 (3rd Cavalry, Company C), as a resident of Pittsburg, Pa. He was recorded as having brown eyes, auburn hair and being 5'7. Festus was discharged as a private, probably at Fort Fetterman, on Sept 23, 1873. He had fallen from a horse, and because of injuries he sustained, could no longer serve and had to wear some kind of back brace for the rest of his life.

Festus became a glass flattener. He moved from factory to factory, at times working in Kane and Jeanette Pennsylvania. He made his home in New Castle, Lawrence County, and sent back to England for the rest of the family. About fifteen came over around 1888. In 1907, he was living at 313 West Washington in New Castle.

Festus married Victoria Kamp, and together they had thirteen children, only two of whom remained alive in 1979. Victoria lived to be ninety-eight.

Festus married Victoria KAMP on 27 Jul 1878 in Pittsburg, Pa.. Victoria was born 23 Dec 1860 in Pa. She died 29 Oct 1959.

They had the following children:

  23 F i Mary Susanna FLYNN 1 was born 4 May 1879 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  24 M ii Stella FLYNN 1 was born 25 Dec 1880 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
+ 25 F iii Ella Catherine FLYNN was born 9 Feb 1883.
  26 F iv Mary Gertrude FLYNN 1 was born 18 Mar 1885 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  27 F v Victoria Elizabeth FLYNN 1 was born 9 Sep 1886 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  28 F vi Magdalen Frances FLYNN "Frances" 1, 2 was born 31 Jul 1888 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. She died Jan 1972 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.

Apparently never married, as her social security record was in the name of Flynn. She used Frances even for this. Must have really hated Magdalen!
  29 M vii Festus Thomas FLYNN "Thomas" 1 was born 8 Apr 1890 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  30 M viii Carl Joseph FLYNN 1, 2 was born 13 Jan 1892 in Ohio. He died Aug 1965.

Carl served in World War I. He was inducted as a private in an Ambulance Company on May 26, 1918 and discharged on July 7, 1919.
  31 M ix George Maurice FLYNN 1, 2 was born 22 Oct 1894 in Ohio. He died Nov 1965.

George served in World War I as a Private in the HQ Company of the 62nd Regiment of Field Artillery. He enlisted on June 15, 1918 and was discharged at the expiration of his service on December 21, 1918
  32 F x Sara FLYNN 1, 2, 3 was born 8 Oct 1896 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. She died 6 Mar 1990.

Sara was still living in 1979 in New Castle, Lawrence County Pennsylvania. She was the youngest daughter in the family and apparently was never married.
  33 M xi Norbert Willis FLYNN 1 was born 6 Aug 1898 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  34 M xii Ralph Leo FLYNN 1, 2 was born 7 Jan 1901 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. He died Apr 1971 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.
  35 M xiii Joseph Gallagher FLYNN 1, 2, 3 was born 3 Jul 1905 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. He died Oct 1981 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa.

Joseph lived in Maryland in 1979 and was "in quite poor health."

7. James J. FLYNN 1, 2 (Susan CLABBY , James ) was born 22 Sep 1856 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. He died 1932.

James was baptized on October 12, 1856 in St. Michael's Catholic Church in West Bromwich, Stafford County, England with Bernard Kelly as godfather and Maria Fottrill as godmother. In 1880, he was living at 15 East Street in west Bromwich and was employed as a brickyard laborer.

He lived in Lancashire, England for a time, and that is where he married Elizabeth Mercer. They came to America with many other Flynns around 1888 or 1890.

James married Elizabeth MERCER. Elizabeth was born 1859 in Oldbury (Braedes Village) Stafford Co., England. She died 1946.

They had the following children:

  36 M i Festus FLYNN 1, 2 was born 9 Apr 1878 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. He died Dec 1965.
  37 M ii Thomas FLYNN 1, 2 was born 26 May 1880 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. He died Aug 1965 in Ellwood City, Pa.
  38 F iii Susanna FLYNN 1 was born in Lancashire, England. She died 1 Jun 1948.
  39 F iv Elizabeth FLYNN 1.
  40 M v John FLYNN 1 was born 1886/1887. He died 16 Jul 1888.

He is said to have died on the voyage to America after he was accidentally kicked.
  41 M vi James FLYNN 1.
  42 M vii Joseph FLYNN 1.
  43 M viii Alphonsus FLYNN 1.
+ 44 M ix Augustus FLYNN was born 13 Oct 1890 and died 15 Apr 1924.
  45 M x Edward FLYNN 1.
  46 M xi Paul FLYNN 1.
  47 M xii Luke FLYNN 1.
  48 M xiii Leo FLYNN 1 was born 1893/1894. He died 15 May 1906.
  49 M xiv

Bartholomew FLYNN 1 was born 15 Aug 1895 in New Castle, Lawrence Co., Pa. He died 21 Aug 1980 in New Wilmington, Pa.

"Bartholomew T. Flynn

"Bartholomew T. Flynn, 85, of 1722 Pulaski Road, died at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 21, 1980 at Overlook Medical Clinic, New Wilmington after and extended illness.

"He was born Aug. 15, 1895 in New Castle to James J. and Elizabeth Mercer Flynn, who preceded him in death. He was married Nov. 24, 1925 to the former Anne Hirschinger, who survives. Mr. Flynn was at first employed at Greer Tin Mill as an opener, and was later employed at Johnson Bronze as a pipe fitter for 17 years. A U. S. army veteran, he served in World War I and was a member of St. Camillus Church.

"Mr. Flynn is the last of his family of 14 [named]... internment... in Joseph Cemetery [date and paper unknown]."

        Bartholomew married Anne HIRSCHINGER on 24 Nov 1925.

8. Jane FLYNN 1, 2 (Susan CLABBY , James ) was born 28 May 1858 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. She died in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England.

Jane Flynn was baptized on June 6, 1858 in St. Michaels Catholic Church in West Bromwich Stafford County England with Maria Flynn as godmother.

She died not long after the birth of her son John Millard. Jane resided in West Bromwich, Stafford County, England.

Jane married Unknown MILLARD.

They had the following children:

  50 M i John J. MILLARD 1, 2 was born 1882 in West Bromwich, Stafford Co., England. He died 1963.

After his mother's death when he was a child, John was raised by his grandmother and his Aunt Helen. He came to the U.S. with them around 1888. John was quite well educated. In 1907 he was in his 6th year of college.

13. Mary Ann CLABBY 1, 2, 3, 4 (James , James ) was born 11 Jan 1865 in Smethwick, Stafford Co., England. She died 26 Mar 1946 in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa.

Mary Ann Clabby married Fred Miller, a glass cutter. Considering Fred's job, he probably had to move around a lot as factories opened and closed but they seem to have maintained a home in Wellsboro, Tioga County Pennsylvania. In 1921, both were in Kane, Pa.

Mary's obituary was printed in The Wellsboro Gazette on August 1, 1946.

"Mrs. Mary Miller, age 82, died Friday morning at the Blossburg State Hospital following a three weeks illness. She was born in England January 11, 1864 [sic for 1865*] and came to this country when abut three years of age.

"She and her husband Fred Miller came to Wellsboro from Ithaca, N. Y., to reside at the time the window glass factory was started in Wellsboro in 1887, and since the manufacture of window glass was discontinued and the plant sold to Corning Glass Works, Mr. Miller has been employed in Jeanette, Pa.

"She is survived by her husband Fred Miller, of Jeanette, three daughters [named]... one son [named]... 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren..."

Both Mary Ann and Fred were buried in St. Peters, a Catholic Cemetery in Wellsboro.

(*) While both Mary's obituary and her gravestone give her date of birth as 1864, her birth certificate says 1865, and her family bible agrees.

Mary married Frederick J. MILLER "Fred", son of George MILLER and Mary, on 19 Sep 1883 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. Fred was born 2 Dec 1862 in Oneida, NY?. He died 20 Mar 1949 in Jeanette, Pa.

They had the following children:

+ 51 F i Loretta I. MILLER was born 10 Apr 1885 and died 20 Mar 1921.
  52 F ii Ada MILLER 1 was born 12 Apr 1888. She died 20 Jul 1890.
+ 53 F iii Martha Marcia MILLER was born 29 Jul 1891 and died 22 Oct 1982.
  54 M iv James Frederick MILLER 1 was born 11 Aug 1893 in Wellsboro, Tioga Co., Pa. He died 7 Nov 1954 in Blossburg, Tioga Co., Pa.

James, who was known as Fred, never married.
+ 55 F v Margaret M. MILLER was born 17 Apr 1896 and died 3 Oct 1993.
+ 56 F vi Clara L. MILLER was born 2 Mar 1898 and died 26 Jan 1998.

16. Jane Ann CLABBY "Jennie" (James , James ) was born 14 Jul 1869 in Syracuse, Onandoga Co., NY. She died 23 Feb 1958 in Port Allegany, McKean Co., Pa.

Jennie married John Nicholas MILLER 1, 2, son of Gregor George RIEDMÜLLER and Mary Magdalene FLICK, on 15 Sep 1898 in Clyde, NY. John was born 5 Jan 1870 in Lyons, Wayne Co., NY. He died 2 Oct 1957 in Port Allegany, McKean Co., Pa.

John was a glass cutter and resided most of his life in Port Allegany Pa. Although he had only a 5th grade education and his wife a 7th, both encouraged and helped all of their children through college.

John, a serious man who enjoyed hunting*, worked in many towns in Pa., such as Kane, Mount Jewett, Wellsboro and Hazelhurst.

Little is know regarding Jane. A letter she wrote to her son William (not dated, c. 1925) indciates she was often, as she put it, "lame" and was also quite thrifty. Jennie, as she was called, was active in the Ladies Aid Society of St. Gabriel's Roman Catholic Church in Port Allegany, where she lived much of her life at 201 Chestnut Street.

(*) While he enjoyed it, he was apparently not the best at it, at least in his later years. In 1938, he wrote to his son Lawrence "This has been a poor year hunting. I only got 3 rabbets and never see a buck to get a shot at. But there was lot of them were killed. they killed 18 the first day up skinner brick [brook?]." In 1943 John again wrote to his son Lawrence "I was much pleased to hear that you are a sharpshooter with the 45 colt revolver thats lot better then I can do. Well the hunting season is nearly over, and I havent got only 2 cotton tails this season, and I dont think that I will get a buck unless one tryes to run over me..."

They had the following children:

+ 57 M i Anselm Dennis MILLER was born 21 May 1901 and died 16 Jun 1985.
  58 M ii

James Gregory MILLER "Jim" 1, 2, 3 was born 30 Jun 1903 in Barnesville, Belmont Co., Ohio. He died 22 Dec 1979 in Amherst, NY.

James, called Jim, founded a concrete company and lived at Amherst, NY.

His obituary was published in the Port Allegany Reporter-Argus on January 10, 1980.

"James G. Miller, 76, formerly of 201 Chestnut St., Port Allegany and a 1922 graduate of Port Allegany High School, died suddenly at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital in Williamsville, N. Y., on December 22, 1979.

"Born June 30, 1903, in Barnesville, Ohio, he was the son of John N. and Jane Clabby Miller.

"Mr. Miller was taught the glass-cutting trade by his father and worked at the Allegany Window Glass Co. while still in High School. After graduating, he took business training at Bryant & Stratton College and the University of Buffalo and later became a certified public accountant.

"He founded the Great Lakes Concrete Pipe Co. and manufactured concrete road culverts in a South Buffalo plant for many years. During this same period, he and a partner purchased the Trevor Corporation and sold and serviced contractors heavy machinery and equipment. Mr. Miller sold his business interests and retired about ten years ago. For many years he lived in East Aurora, but more recently in Amherst, New York... [survivors and funeral arrangements detailed] Internment was in Oakwood Cemetery, East Aurora."

Jim became quite wealthy from his business and owned a home in Florida. He also loved to be up with the latest technology and was sure to show up at family gatherings (much to the horror of some family members) in the 1940's and 50's with a color movie camera, a black and white camera, a color slide camera and, from time to time, a stereoscopic slide camera.

For all of his money, Jim was still rather thrifty- despite the Coca-Cola machine he kept in the basement. He never washed his car; he just took it out for a drive when it was raining.

        Jim married (1) Alice NOTEMAN on 29 Jun 1935 in Buffalo, NY.
        Jim also married (2) Maria BRAUTIGAN.
+ 59 M iii William John MILLER was born 3 May 1905 and died 17 Mar 1988.
  60 F iv

Margaret Mary MILLER "Marg" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 7 Jun 1906 in Port Allegany, McKean Co., Pa. She died 29 Aug 1994 in Smethport, Potter Co., Pa.

Marg kept the family home in Port Allegany. She never married and was quite eccentric.

Margaret graduated from Port Allegany High School as a member of the National Honor Society and later from Bryant & Stratton Business Institute in Buffalo, NY.

She worked for the George Fleming Insurance Agency in Port Allegany as a bookkeeper and was active in St. Gabriel's Church. Margaret was also a member of the local Senior Center's Retired Volunteer Program and American Legion Post 258 Auxillary.

+ 61 M v Francis Wilabord MILLER
  62 M vi Lawrence Leo MILLER "Larry" 1, 2 was born 28 Jun 1912 in Port Allegany, McKean Co., Pa. He died 6 Apr 1952 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pa.

Larry was a talented artist, an avid sailor and a pilot.

18. Dennis Michael CLABBY 1, 2 (James , James ) was born 1 Apr 1874 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. He died 16 Nov 1941 in Muncie, Delaware Co., In.

Dennis, who was a glass cutter, may have had a daughter named Daisy who married Ralph B. Hamilton. There is a grandson named William Dennis Clabby who lives in Albany, Indiana, and is perhaps the last descendant of James still bearing the name Clabby.

In 1911, Dennis resided in Kane, Pennsylvania.

Dennis married Viola ISELEY.

They had the following children:

  63 F i Daisy CLABBY 1.

Not a proven child. She lived in Toledo and Whitehouse, Ohio.
        Daisy married Ralph B. HAMILTON.
  64 M ii William F. CLABBY 1 was born 16 May 1897. He died Mar 1976 in Albany, In.

He lived in Muncie Indiana, at 1000 S. Jefferson Street. He may have had sons named Fred and William Dennis. The later resides in Albany In. Both are certainly descendants of Dennis Michael Clabby, it just cannot be stated for certain at this point whether they were children of William or of an as yet unknown sibling.

19. John Thomas CLABBY 1, 2, 3 (James , James ) was born 1876 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY.

Little is known of John; he left home early and rarely was in contact with any of his family.

A glass blower, he founded Clabby Brothers Gas Company in Roulette, Potter County Pennsylvania with his brother James in about 1905 or 1906. He was living in 1911 in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. In 1937 he wrote to his sister Jane from Jeanette asking her for the date and place of his birth. In Jeanette, he resided first at 908 Gashill Avenue and later at the 4th Avenue Hotel. Although born into the Catholic faith, he is said to have left the church, and it is also thought that he became wealthy through real estate.

John married Minnie MURPHY.

One of my grandfather's genealogy charts lists her, another gives no wife for John Thomas.

John and Minnie had the following children:

  65 M i James CLABBY 1.

He was a teenager in the 1920's, when our branch of the family last had any contact with him.

20. Adrianna Rose CLABBY "Ada" 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (James , James ) was born 27 Sep 1877 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. She died 5 Aug 1960 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

Ada and her husband Gus spent much of their lives in Rochester, Monroe County New York. Their first appearance in the city is in the 1903/1904 City Directory, which indicates that Gus was a glassblower and that the family lived at 18 Columbia Avenue. Gus almost certainly worked for F. E. Reed & Company, which made glass in their factory at 380 Plymouth Avenue.

In 1905, Ada and Gus moved to 395 Plymouth Avenue and a year later they moved to 326 Frost Avenue, where they would spend the remainder of their lives. In later years, Augustus worked for Kodak. He was a quiet man, but his wife was rather talkative.
An interesting picture of life in the Bisky household is presented in a letter written in 1922 by their nephew, William J. Miller. He was seventeen at the time, and had just arrived in Rochester to work in the newspaper business. At the time 326 Frost Avenue must have been rather crowded, as William, his brother Jim and at least two other people were living there in addition to the Biskys. The letter, no doubt exaggerated for comedic effect, is partially quoted below.

"Aunt Ada has all her lower teeth out, but, by cracky, her mouth is the best example of perpetual motion that I've found yet. I know the entire history, lineage and all of just about every family in the city. All the scandals, all about his or her uncle's aunt's mother's father's brother, etc. Wow! She likes Sunday because she has a whole day to talk at me (not to me.) But on week days she makes up for it at meals. Here's the menu!


"First course: Austin's spasm. All the details how he turned black and red and white and blue and ---

"Second course: Selection by the Bisky Debating Club, starring Hildegared [sic], Aunt Ada, and Dolores.

"Third Course: Bernard's spasm. All the details

"Fourth Course: Marcella's operation on her nose - adenoids and tonsils. Story told by Aunt Ada.

"After Dinner Mint: Spat between Ada and Gus. Gus tried to dip his cookie in the milk.

"My one consolation at present is that in the course of 10 or 15 years she will run out of subjects. But there is a catastrophe immenent. 'Tis rumored that she will soon have her full set of teeth. I am fearful that such an occurrence may bring dire results - may even revive, or strengthen rather, her memory...

"Gee, but she talks about everybody and everything. And theres a regular feud between Clara [relationship to family unknown. Possibly Clara Miller, a niece] and Ada..."

Both Augustus J. Bisky and Ada Rose Clabby are buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, Section North 15, Lot 204.

Ada married Augustus J. BISKY on 27 Jun 1900 in Clyde, Wayne Co., NY. Augustus was born 16 May 1872. He died 28 Sep 1954 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

They had the following children:

+ 66 F i Marcella P. BISKY was born 17 Mar 1902 and died Apr 1992.
+ 67 F ii Dolores A. BISKY was born 28 Oct 1903 and died Dec 1986.
  68 M iii

Rev. Hubert A. BISKY 1, 2 was born 1905/1906 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. was buried 1 Jul 1970 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. Hubert was ordained 7/8 Jun 1930 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

"City-Born Priest Appointed Pastor

"A native of Rochester, the Rev. Hubert A. Bisky, administrator of St. Michael's parish in Penn Yan and St. Andres in Dundee since April, 1945, has been appointed pastor of St. Michael's Catholic Church it was announced last night.

"Father Bisky, educated in Rochester Schools and prepared for the priesthood in St. Andrew's and St. Bernard's Seminaries, was ordained June 7, 1930. He served then as assistant pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel Church here. He became associated with Diocesan Charities in 1934, serving as director of the family and child care division. He was also palced in charge of St. Mary's Boys' Home, now known as St. Josephs Villa; the St. Elizabeth Guild and St. Anns home for the Aged. He left here in July 1939, to become assistant pastor of Elmira's St. Patricks Church and advisor to the Almira Catholic Charities [date and paper unknown, but in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY]."

Hubert died in 1970 at the age of sixty-four, and was laid to rest in Section OPP Lot T05 Grave SG021 in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.

  69 F iv Hildegarde M. BISKY 1, 2 was born 29 Mar 1909 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY. She died 12 Dec 1991 in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY.
+ 70 M v Bernard BISKY was born 19 Oct 1911 and died 14 Jan 1990.
  71 F vi Austin BISKY.

I have no proof that Austin was a child of Ada and Augustus. However, he is mentioned in a letter written in 1922 as living with them (see bio of Ada Clabby Bisky) and a Private Austin Bisky appears in an old family address book.

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