Šagánek Family History

větrný mlýn
Wind Mill (větrný mlýn) monument in Kuželov, Moravia. (See Horňácko)
Conical stone tower mill dating from 1842, with a shingled roof, which retains its milling machinery.

Some information is known about the ŠAGÁNEK family of Hruba Vrbka, Moravia. This family originated in Suchov, Moravia in the 1700's. Martin ŠAGÁNEK, born on 08 Jun 1851 in Suchov, Moravia married Kateřina (CZAMBEL) CAMBEL, born in Kuželov on 01 Feb 1871.  From this union, it is known that at least eight children were born.

Methodej ŠAGÁNEK, born 04 Feb 1883 in Hruba Vrbka, was the first child to immigrate to the USA.  He immigrated in March 1905 to Baltimore, MD.  From MD, Methodej appears to have gone to live with George NOREK at his residence, Front Str. 2420, Toledo, Ohio.  Methodej was trained in Moravia as a blacksmith.  By 1906, he appears to have moved to Chicago, IL.

Methodej's older brother, Cyrill ŠAGÁNEK, born 19 Dec 1880, was enroute to Chicago, IL in May 1906 to stay with his brother according to US Immigration records.  Cyrill's wife, Anna DRÁBKOVÁ, also came to Chicago in Septemeber 1906.   Anna came with her son, Jan ŠAGÁNEK, but left an older daughter, Anna ŠAGÁNKOVÁ, with her grandmother in Moravia.   The reason for the son, Jan, going with his mother to Chicago but the sister, Anna, having to stay in Moravia is a family mystery.  Anna, the daughter, was only 2 years older than Jan and was not allowed to come to the USA until October 23, 1920 when she was 17 years old.

Another family mystery has to do with the death of Cyrill ŠAGÁNEK.   When I talked to family members in Charlevoix, MI, I was told that Cyrill was working on the roof of his house and he fell off and died.  His reason for falling was that he was drunk.  In another conversation I was told that the two brothers were drunk and were fighting and Cyrill was killed in a fall.  Later, I sent for and recieved an official notification of death from the city of Chicago and it stated that Cyrill ŠAGÁNEK died in Chicago on 25 Sep 1907 from typhoid fever.   This is just one of many facts that the Charlevoix family had that disagrees with official records.  The biggest problem with these discrepencies is that one never knows which account is correct.

Methodej and Cyrill's widow, Anna DRÁBKOVÁ ŠAGÁNKOVÁ, were married in Chicago on 07 Mar 1909.  No records on a Methodej ŠAGÁNEK have been located in the US after this 1909 record.

The next record is the Federal US Census of 1910.  An Anna "SAGANCH", 30 years old and having 4 living children is listed as the wife of Mike "SAGANCH" of Resort Twp., Emmett, MI.  Anna and Mike have been married for 1 year and have 1 son, Mike who is 5 months old.  From this record, it is apparent that Methodej ŠAGÁNEK changed his first name to "Mike".

Anna ŠAGÁNKOVÁ was married to Pavel MICKA and they lived in Hrubá Vrbka. According to their son, John MICKA, Pavel MICKA came to the US from 1910 to 1914 and lived for a while with Bedřich and Katherine MLEJNEK in Plattsmouth, NE. He went back to Moravia in May 1914. Two months later, Pavel was drafted and sent to Eastern (Russian) Front where he was killed, age, 35 years old.

Eva ŠAGÁNKOVÁ was listed as Ewa ŠAGÁNEK on Ellis Island records. She immigrated at age 18 and arrived in New York, NY on 02 June 1905 on the S.S. Barbarossa and she was listed as single. Her nationality was listed as "Austrian, Bohemian" and her last residence was Malá Vrbka. Eva married Martin KRCHAK on March 02, 1907 in Chicago, Illinois. The KRCHAK family moved from Chicago to Charlevoix County, Michigan and finally settled in Robertsdale, Alabama. They had approximately 15 children.

Kateřina ŠAGÁNKOVÁ arrived in New York, NY on 07 Aug 1907 traveling on the S.S Barbarossa and she was listed as married. Her nationality was listed as "Austrian, Bohemian, Moravian" and her last residence was Kuželov.  Her name and origination is badly transcribed in the Ellis Island on-line records,but clearly identified on the original ship's manifest.   She apparently was traveling alone.

Kateřina, already married to Bedřich MLEJNEK in Kuželov, met him in Chicago, Illinois.  Their family MLEJNEK is described elsewhere.  As for the other male and female children of this family, very little substantive information is known.  All of the others apparently stayed in Moravia.  By 1970, when this research quest began, there was no one named ŠAGÁNEK living in Hrubá Vrbka, Moravia.  The only place where the name is commonly recognized today is Poland.

Hrubá Vrbka
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