Elizabeth (Betsy) Peacock (1814-1900)
w/o James N. Mobley 13132

dau. Samuel Peacock, Liberty Co., GA

Photo provided by Brenda Boyt

William Albert Mobley, Sr. (1830-1864) [131321]

Photo provided by Clayton Mobley on 9/17/99

William Albert Mobley, Sr. (1830-1864) [131321]

Photo provided by Michael Wilkerson 5/24/00

Synthia Scott

Wife of William Albert Mobley, probably sister of Judy Scott, wife of Edward Mobley 133151. Albert & Synthia were in household of Edward at the 1850 census of Camden Co., GA
[She m. (2) 1/10/1867 Mark Johns

Photo provided by Michael Wilkerson 5/24/00

James Eli Mobley

James Eli Mobley (1851-1902) (1313211) & Joicie Elizabeth Swindle

Photo provided by Michael Wilkerson 5/24/00

William Albert Mobley, Jr. (1853-1926) [1313212]
& Susan Cornelia Wells

Clarence Clifton Mobley (1897-1965) [1313212B] &
Alice Claty Joyner

Mary Ella Mobley (1878-1971) [13132123]
m. 12/25/1902 Exodus Lee Joyner

1313212A Della Luetta Mobley, (1895-1987)
m. 2/24/1917 Clifford Zorn

Photo provided by Clayton Mobley 7/28/00

1313212A3 Omadelle Zorn, b. 1927 dau. Della L. Mobley Zorn
m. 6/18/1949 George Morris

Photo provided by Clayton Mobley 8/02/00

L-R Standing; Juanita (Josephine's step dau) Marion Albert Mobley 1873-1955 (13132111) & Rachel Lee Mobley (1886-1969), Josephine Mobley-Walters Child-Josephine's son Nolan Walters
Photo taken in Atlanta 1947 (his one & only trip to the "big city".

Henry Eli Mobley (13132117), Marion Albert Mobley (13132111), Earl Dawse Mobley (13132118)
Mobley Brothers
Photo provided by Jonell Harrison

Marion Albert Mobley (13132111)
son of James Eli Mobley (1851-1902) & Elizabeth Swindle

Marion Albert Mobley

Rachel Lee Mobley (1886-1969)
wife of Marion Albert

L-R: Earlish Arnold Mobley, Mamie Mobley, Allen, Annie Bell Mobley Williams, Lila Mae Mobley Turner/Strickland, Jack (Jasper Henry), Daisy___, Marion Albert & Rachel, seated: Josephine Mobley-Walters
Family Reunion October 1951

L-R: Left-Right: Rosa, Henry, Ida, Leila, Marion Albert & wife Rachel Lee Mobley.
The "Ida" I am told by both the only still living of Marion Albert's children that she is a sister..so I am relaying the questions to them: Was Ida a middle name of one of siblings we show, a mispell/pronounciation/or is she an additional sibling of this group?

Family Reunion October 1951

Photo provided by Jonell Williams-Harrison

1313211146 Annie Bell Mobley, b. 1912
[photo 1947]

L-R: Eunice Ileen Mobley Stuart-(lvg)Ileen's Mother Laura Kitchens Mobley , Ileen's sister>Eulita Mobley Hallman(lvg) and Rachel Lee Mobley (b. 1886, d. 1969 bur. Mershon cem, Pierce Co., GA)
This was in the Jasper Henry Mobley & Laura ( Kitchens)Mobley house

L-R: Walter E.D. Williams (m. AnnieBell Mobley), Estelle Turner (m. Lila Mae Mobley), Standing: Marion Wilton Mobley (131321114C)
This was taken at the time of Rachel Lee Mobley's funeral 1969

L-R: Calton Lawrence Williams (2 1//2 yrs), Jonell Williams Harrison (6 1/2 yrs) & R. Walter Carl Williams ( 3 1/2 yrs)
Children of 1313211146 Annie Bell Mobley

Earlish Arnold Mobley & wife Vera Loper Mobley [1313211149]

Marion Wilton Mobley & wife, Dollie Strickland

L-R Lila Mae Mobley-Turner & sister Annie Bell Mobley-Williams (1960's)

Annie Bell Mobley Williams & Walter E.D. Williams

L=R: Glenda Mobley, Josephine Mobley-Walters,Troy Lincoln Mobley 92yrs old, Ivis Mobley & Audrey Mobley
Glenda, Ivis & Audrey are Troy Lincoln Mobley's (& Annie Roundtree's) dau. Josephine & Troy are children of Marion Albert Mobley & Rachel Lee

Ted Percel Harrison & Jonell Williams
Patterson High School, Patterson, Georgia Junior/Senior Banquet/Dance 1959

1313252 Reverend James Arlie Mobley (1861-1915) & Ila Ella Hiers Mobley (1868-1899), Harrison, Washington County, Georgia, ca. 1900
Reverend Mobley was the pastor of the Mount Mariah Bethany and the Pleasant Hill Baptist Churches.

13132179 Marie Irene Mobley (1908- )m. (1) Joseph Benjamin Donaldson (2) James Leonard Bracewell

Photos provided by Jonell Williams Harrison Oct 2003

13132124 Eleanor "Nellie" Simmons (1883-1976) wife of John Washington Mobley

1313214 Reedy Winfield Mobley (1856-1934)

13132E4 Walter David Mobley (1882-1962)

Delia Victoria Forte Mobley Wife of Walter David

Henry Eli Mobley (13132117)
From: Michael Wilkerson 12/15/04

Ida Augusta Smith (1862 - ?) 1313232
dau. Matilda Mobley Smith
From: Helen Tyson HelenTyson@aol.com 3/23/06

Lila Mae Mobley - 131321118

Lila Mae Mobley-Turner - 131321118

Lila Mae Mobley-Turner - 131321118

Lila Mae Mobley Family- 131321118

Marion Albert Mobley, Rachel Lee Mobley & dau. Josephine - 13132111

Annie Belle & Lila Mae Mobley

Dawse Mobley Grocery Store
Located in Waycross, GA
Earl Dawse on left (13132119), Henry Eli (glasses) in middle (13132117), James Lawrence (13132113) on far right

James Lawrence Mobley 13132113

Text by Josephine Mobley Walters 131321117 - dated 2-6-05

Josephine Mobley Walters & Husband Eddie [ E.L.] Walters 1951

13132119 Earl Dawse Mobley & Fannie Ruth Blackhart Mobley

1. Unk 2) Annie Bell (131321116) 3) Unk 4) Lila Mae, (131321118) Mobley 5) Kathleen Johns 1313211121

Josephine Mobley (131321117) & Eddie Walters

Josephine (131321117) & Daisy (131321113) Mobley 1978

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