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Welcome Cuzn,

Our list is a group of about 275 Mobley/Moberly/Mobberley researchers attempting to document all Mobleys In America. In fact that is the name of our book, "The Mobleys In America", compiled by the late Milton C. Mobley with the assistance and contributions of many of us over the past several years. We are attempting to carry on his vast work in our limited way.

Before adding you to the list:

We like to get to know each of our new cuzns. Can we get you to send your full name, addresses & phone number [unless unlisted] for our address book? We like to get an idea of you as an individual: Place of birth, education, occupation, spouse, children, hobbies or whatever else interests you. Then Your pedigree chart starting with your oldest known Mobley relative and working down to yourself. List spouse, dob, dod, & places. This way we can possibly help you locate a 'missing grandpa'.

We have tons of material for your downloading pleasure on OUR homepage. Check the address book and you will see were we fit in and who we are. We WELCOME all of our "New Cuzns" and our only goal is to be of assistance to each other. There are no fees or membership dues. Just a few minutes of your time to list your Mobley ancestors so we can add them to our records.

Please note: This is a family style list. We ask for prayers when needed, may send a request for birthday and anniversary cards, and may even send an occasional joke. If this is unsuitable to you please do not reply. Several previous members have not understood our options to share life as well as genealogy and do not wish to be bothered with such trivial matters. The choice is yours.

With kindest regards,
The Mobley/Moberly/Mobberley Family