Goodland Post Office

Goodland Post Office

"Rural Free Delivery"


The mural is a 12' X 4' 3" oil on canvas and was installed on March 22, 1937 on the west wall of the post office lobby. It shows a rural family gathering around a mailman sitting in a buggy pulled by a horse. It was entered on the National Register October 17, 1989. The 1937 value was $985 and remains on the wall of the post office.

Kenneth M. Adams


Born in Topeka, Kansas, and inducted into the Taos Society of Artists in 1926, Adams taught at the University of New Mexico until 1963.

Adams spent two years in Europe: he also spent time with Andrew Dasburg at the summer school of the Art Students League in Woodstock, New York, from where he followed his mentor to Taos, New Mexico. Strongly influenced by both men, but with a stronger, more highly developed American sensibility than either, Adams was fascinated by volume and form, as well as the challenges of still life, especially flowers, whose delicacy he chose to represent in his later work with a hard, almost lapidary precision.