Hopping Family of Throopsville, Cayuga County, New York

Hopping Family in Throopsville,
Cayuga County, New York

Descendents of Silas and Elizabeth Halstead Hopping

The earliest land purchase by a Hopping in Cayuga County was by Caleb Hopping in 1805 from Joseph Amer and from Walter Wood. In 1808 Silas Hopping purchased land from Walter Wood.

On the 1810 census for Aurelius, Cayuga County, the household of Silas Hopping included Silas, Elizabeth and possibly their son, Jacob and his wife, Betsy Kitchel Hopping.  Their son, Joseph Hopping and his wife, Catherine Smith Hopping were listed next.

On the 1820 census for Aurelius, Jacob is now the head of house and living next door to Joseph. Silas was apparently living with Joseph. In Mentz are other children of Silas and Elizabeth, Silas and his wife, Mary Hunt Hopping, Benjamin with wife Rhoda,  Caleb and his wife, Eunice Seymour and their sister, Ruth Hopping, husband William Swain.

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Silas Hopping wrote his will on the last day of November 1819. The will does not mention his wife, Elizabeth, so she probably died  between the 1810 census and 1819.  His son, Silas, named as executor of the will, came before the Surrogate Court on May 22, 1821 after the death of his father but the date was not mentioned. On the inventory of property it is written that Caleb Hopping and Lymon Grandey witnessed the inventory and stated it was correct on March 10, 1821.

Jacob Hopping, son of Silas and Elizabeth, came to Cayuga County with his parents. He married Betsy Kitchel and they had seven children. Jacob died without a will.

The following information came from Catherine S Hopping Thomas Brink,
granddaughter of Silas and Elizabeth Hopping:


Silas and Mary Hunt Hopping came from New York City by ox team to the wilderness near Throop. It took them about three weeks to make the journey, about the year 1810. At that time they had four children, Charles, Silas, Caleb and Elizabeth. They built a cabin in the wilderness and after the birth of Joseph in 1811, the father went off to the War of 1812 leaving the mother with five little children, all alone. She heard the sounds of wild animals at night and thought it was Indians. Later the family became friendly with the Indian women and learned much knowledge of roots and herbs to be used as medicine.

Mary was called Little Grandma because of her short stature.

Children of Silas and Mary Hunt Hopping:
Charles Hopping was born February 8, 1802 in New Jersey and moved with his parents to the area later known as Throop. He married Mary VanAiken and they had five children. They  moved to Paw Paw Michigan. Charles died in 1880 and Mary Ann in 1889, they are buried in Clapp Cemetery in Paw Paw, Van Buren County, Michigan.
  Silas Hopping was born March 5, 1804 and died April 3, 1845, unmarried.
  Caleb Hopping was born April 15, 1806. Caleb married Charlotte Hamlin and they had five children. Two of his sons served in the Civil War. Caleb died November 27, 1880.

On the 1870 census Caleb and his family were living in New Jersey and on the 1880 census they were living in Karne County, Texas where he was listed as a bridge keeper.

  Elizabeth Hopping was born December 5, 1808. She married Hiram Southwell and they had six children. Elizabeth died October 8, 1845.
  Joseph Hopping was born November 24, 1811 in Throop on the Hopping Homestead, shortly before his father, Silas, went to fight in the War of 1812. He married Eunice Mead. Joseph died August 16, 1893.
Catherine Smith Hopping was born June 12, 1814 on the homestead. She was named for the wife of her uncle, Joseph Hopping.

She married  John Thomas on February 10, 1833. They had four children,  Mary Melissa Thomas, Josephine Bininger Thomas, Cynthia Anne Thomas and one son, Charles H. Thomas who died at 11 months and is buried with his mother in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

John Thomas went to California with the Auburn and California Mining and Trading Company and his brother-in-law Daniel Hopping. He died November 1, 1850 and is buried in Calaveras County, CA.

Catherine married a second time to John Brink who came from the same location in NJ as the Hoppings. They had no children. When John died in 1891 his body was returned to New Jersey. I have not been able to find the location of the burial at this time.

  Daniel Hicks Hopping was born February 12, 1817 on the homestead. He was married to Sophia Hurd in 1856. Sophia died in 1863.

Daniel was one of 30 men who formed the Auburn and California Mining and Trading Company and went to California during the gold rush. He appears on the 1850 census for Calaveras County, CA in the same household as his brother-in-law, John Thomas.

Daniel Hopping served as a Private in 3rd Light Artillery Battery A in the Civil War. He enlisted at the age of 44 on April 29, 1861 and received a disability discharge on March 24, 1862. Also shown as enlisting in Company B, 15th Cavalry Regiment on August 3, 1863 and was discharged August 8, 1863 in Syracuse.

Daniel died March 13, 1870 and is buried with Sophia in the Throopsville Rural cemetery.

Francis Asbury Hopping was born August 2, 1822, next to the youngest child and named for a child who died at under two years of age.

He married three times, the first was Phoebe Jane Baxter. They had one child, Mary Catherine Hopping born April 15, 1849. Phoebe died July 17, 1861 and is buried  in Throop.

The second was Ellen M. VanDeusen and they had three children, Halstead Hopping born July 16, 1868, Maude Hunt Hopping born September 3, 1871 and Silas VanDusen Hopping born June 22, 1876. Ellen died August 5, 1880 and is buried in Laurel, Prince George’s Maryland in St. Philip’s cemetery on the VanDusen plot. With her is Maude Hopping, about 10 months old.

His third wife was widow Susan Jane Lee, who died 6/16/1911 and is buried with her family in Montour Falls. They had no children.

During the Civil War Francis joined the 75th Co. E as a Second Lieutenant. In 1863 he was promoted to Captain. According to "Cayuga In The Field" after the battle of Winchester he was a prisoner and with others was sent to Richmond, VA and then Salisbury, NC. He rejoined his company in the Spring of 1865 and was mustered out 8/1865.

Francis died October 28, 1901 and is buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Andrew Jackson Hopping was born November 5, 1824 on the homestead. He married his first cousin, Sara Ann  Bininger, sister of Byron Bininger in 1851. They settled in NYC with her parents, Joseph Hoffman Bininger and Esther Hunt Bininger, (sister of Mary Hunt Hopping). Andrew was involved in the family business, A. Bininger & Co., a large grocery business in Maiden Lane, lower Manhattan and a tanning business.

Andrew and Sara had four children, Cora Elizabeth Hopping born January 22, 1854, Harry Douglas Hopping born August 28, 1855, Esther Bininger Hopping born 5/27/1860 and Andrew Howard Hopping born July 18, 1852.

Andrew died in 2/27/1877 at the age of 54 and is buried at Trinity Cemetery at 168th and Broadway, NYC, with several other family members.

Children of Catherine S. Hopping Thomas Brink
Mary Melissa Thomas was born September 1, 1834 in Mentz. She married Byron Bininger on February 20, 1853 in Port Byron. They had no children of their own but adopted a niece, Mary Church, after the death of her mother.

The Biningers were a successful merchant family with many interests. Byron and Mary were traveling to China on the Union Jack in 1863 when it was captured by the Confederate Ship, Alabama. They were held prisoner on the ship and then put onshore in Brazil. They returned to New York City and set out again, successfully, to China. After seven years they returned to New York.

Mary died October 11, 1917 and Byron December 26, 1903. They are buried in Arlington Cemetery, Kearny, Hudson County, New Jersey.

Josephine Bininger Thomas was born August 11, 1840 in Mentz. She married Adonijah Church on March 17, 1858. They lived in Wayne County and had three children. Byron Bininger Church born January 26, 1859, Mary Melissa Church born June 17, 1864 and Annie Josephine Church born December 30, 1866.

Josephine Church died on July 2, 1870 from Bright’s disease at 29 years old. She planned for her children to be cared for by family members. Her daughter Annie was to be raised by Nelson and Annie on the farm. Mary Melissa Church was to be raised by Mary and Byron Bininger who had no children of their own. Byron Church was to be raised by his grandparents. He returned to the farm and lived with his father and second wife, Ann.

Josephine is buried in Glenside Cemetery in Wolcott with Adonijah who died December 26, 1896 and his parents, Noah and  Ann Wright Burgdurf Church.

Cynthia Anne Thomas was born April 30, 1843. She married Nelson White on January 12, 1869 in Throop and they lived on the Hopping Homestead, taking care of her mother and other family members. 

Cynthia and Nelson had four children, Josephine White born November 11, 1869, Thomas Bininger White born July 1, 1873, George W White, born May 4, 1877, died August 22, 1877 and Mary Eunice White born November 13, 1881. Also giving a home to niece, Annie Church.

Nelson was a successful farmer and respected member of the Disciples Church in Throop. His parents were Washington White and Betsey Mary Campbell White. His parents gave the land for the building of the Disciples Church and Washington was a deacon.

Annie died April 20, 1913 and Nelson died November 10, 1919. They are both buried in the Throopsville Rural Cemetery.

Their son, Thomas,  married Grace Vorce and raised his family there, taking care of his parents until their deaths. The farm was sold and passed out of the family in the 1930s.

Family birth and death information from Catherine Brink's bible

Family birth and death information from the bible of Esther Hunt Bininger, sister of Mary Hunt Hopping and mother of Sara Ann Bininger Hopping and Byron Bininger, aunt of Catherine Brink.

Certificate of Matrimony for Daniel Hopping and Sophia J. Hurd.

Catherine Brink's Will

Francis A. Hopping's Will


Byron and Mary Thomas Bininger Wedding Certificate
Byron and Mary Bininger 50th Wedding Anniversary newspaper article
A great deal of this information comes to me from Ruth Hungerford, daughter of Mary Church Bininger Hungerford and William Sumner Hungerford, granddaughter of Byron Bininger and Mary Thomas Bininger. She devoted her life to tracking the many members of her family. Any mistakes are mine, not hers.

This is a work in progress and I am hoping to fill in some of the blanks.  If there are any additions or corrections, please let me know.

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