Monaghan Clan Bohola
Bohola, Co. Mayo
The known history of our family only goes back to our Great-grandparents, Thomas And Bridget Ann (Groark) Monaghan and Charles and Bridget (Murtaugh) Quinn, all living in the small village of Bohola in Country Mayo in about 1860.  Bohola is a village of less than a thousand people and is not on most maps of Ireland.  It is located five miles south of Swinford and ten miles east of Castlebar.  At the old crossroads of the village there is a post office, a Catholic Church, and three pubs.

Our cousin, Delia Byrne, believes that Thomas may have originally come from Ballymote, Co. Sligo and that his father may have been named Patrick and his mother may have been a McManus.  Thomas would have been born about 1835 and just prior to the famine that devastated Ireland and caused the disintegration of many families with over one million deaths and another million leaving the country.  Families were split apart at that time and family members were left to fend for themselves with many traveling the roads looking for food and work.  Many were put in poor houses or put to work on country roads in return for food.  The west of Ireland was the poorest part of the country and the hardest hit by the disaster.  There is a large famine burial ground behind the current Swinford hospital.  The memorial marker there was produced by our cousin P.J.Byrne .


The three pubs of Bohola (pictured above) at the old cross-roads of Castlebar, Swinford, and Kiltimagh.

County records found in Castlebar indicate that Thomas Monaghan was a tenant farmer living in an area of Bohola known as Toocannanagh.  He was married to Bridget Ann (Groark) on February 8th 1860 in the Bohola RC church.  I visited the Toocannanagh site in 1976 and there was still the cornerstones of the cottage that they lived in. His wife died of diphtheria at the age of 36 on June 2, 1880.  The children of this union were:
Thomas J.  Born on 12/2/1860 married Bridget Dacey and came to America
Ann Born on 8/9/1863 married John Berry and came to America
James J.   Our grandfather who was born in 1868 and came to America in about 1890 returned to Ireland in the late 1890's and married Mary A. Quinn  on 6/6/1901 in the Bohola Catholic Church.  They then came to Belleville, New Jersey.
John   Born on 4/9/1871 married a Kate and came to America
Myles  Born 3/9/1873 married Margaret O'Hara and came to America
Mary M.  Born 2/27/76 married Peter McCrane and came to America.
Andrew  Born 11/10/1878
Ten years later on February 5, 1870 a Charles Quinn married a Bridget Murtaugh and they lived on the Quinn owned farm in an area of Bohola known as Clooneen. Charles Quinn died at an early age leaving the farm to Bridget.   That marriage produced the following children:
James who died in childhood
Thomas who died in childhood
Michael   Came to America and married Bridget Kilgallon
Mary A.  Our grandmother born 10/20/1878 married James J. Monaghan in Bohola in 1901 and came to America.
Bridget Delia   Born 2/7/79 and known as Bee and came to America.
Picture Of Thomas Monaghan and Bridget (Murtaugh Quinn) Monaghan
On March 7, 1881, Thomas Monaghan then married Bridget Murtaugh Quinn and moved to what now became the Monaghan Farm in Clooneen with his youngest children.  The following children then came from this marriage:
Ellen   Born 1/9/1884 who married Thomas O'Connor and came to America
Martin   Born a twin?  10/12/1885
Thomas  Born a twin?  10/18/1885
Catherine (nothing known)
Timothy  Born 2/1/1887 married Celia Jordan
Thomas and Briget Monaghan are buried in the old Bohola cemetery.
Below you will find a link to the 1901 Bohola census and further links to the actual census forms covering the Monaghan farm in Clooneen.
Timothy (the youngest child) inherited the Clooneen farm from his parents.  He married Celia Jordan and at some point the farm house was relocated from the lower Clooneen Road to the ridge of a hill nearby.  The view from there is north out to the Meleek Roundtower several miles away.
Timothy and Celia had five chidren.  They were:
Delia who married Michael Byrne and moved to the Byrne farm in Ardacarra. They had five children Mary, Patrick, Timothy, Helen,& Betty.
Eileen who married Mr. Convey and lived in Swinford.  They had four children Mary, Joseph, Breda, & Eileen.
Thomas who Moved to England in the 1940's and married Audrey.
They had four children John,Mary,Linda, & Eileen.
Francis who moved to England in the 1940's
Patrick who inherited the Clooneen farm from Timothy.  He Marrried Eileen Craine.   Some time in the 1960's a new farmhouse was built with the same  view of Meleek Roundtower to the north.
Current Farmhouse on the Monaghan Farm with older house behind
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