Denison Cemetery, Brooklyn Centre, Cleveland, Ohio

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Brooklyn Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Denison Family Stone

The Denison Family graves were marked with an obelisk that must have been about 9 or 10 feet tall. But the stone has been toppled.

There are inscriptions on three sides of the stone. The west side of the stone lists Hannah M.; Mary A., wife of Edmund Brainard; Jabez W. On the North side: John B. born Nov 16, 1798, died Mar 16 1857; Lydia E. Denison Palmer, age 60 yrs. Inscription on west and north sides.

The South side lists: Dan Denison; Sally Bushnell, d. 1848 in her 78th yr. Inscription on south side. The East side is blank.

There are several very large, old mulberry trees in the cemetery.

The Brooklyn Centre Historical Society has placed a marker near the gate of this cemetery.

Denison Cemetery

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