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James (William James) Garland is the first Garland we know of. According to his daughter's census record, he was born in England, but we don't know where he went after he found his wife Henrietta with another man. Family stories suggest he went to Oklahoma.

His daughter Minnie's census information in 1880 gives her father's place of birth: England. I searched the 1880 census index on LDS website, and found am English-born William Garland, single, age 48, farmer, San Jose And Azusa, Los Angelos, California, 396B. He was born 17 years before Henrietta. Is this our man?

Or perhaps the census record is wrong about the birthplace of Minnie's father, as it is known to be often in error. In 1880 in Bexar, Texas, there was a James Garland, age 46, born in Pennsylvania, who worked for a stage company. Is this our man?

From Bible records (in 1963, in the possession of Hazel Young), census, cemetery and county records, we have the following information:
William "James" Garland
- married 20 May 1866, Jasper County, Iowa
Henrietta Elizabeth Rees, daughter of Thomas Rees and Mary Ann Prouty
- born 25 Mar 1849, the first white child born in Palo Alto Township, Jasper County, Iowa
- died 17 Jul 1913
- buried Haines Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa

Henrietta married (2) Harry McVeigh (sometimes spelled McVey), about 1877. (The 1910 census of Rathbun, Appanoose Co., IA, says Henrietta and Harry had been married for 33 years. It also says that she had borne 12 children, 9 of whom were then living.) Harry was a coal miner. Coal mining in Appanoose County.

    Children of Henrietta and James Garland:
  1. Stillborn infant Garland, born/died 26 March 1867, buried Palo Alto cemetery, Jasper County, Iowa

  2. Willie Franklin Garland, born 29 July 1869.
    William F. Garland and wife Ester [sic] were living in Madison County, Iowa, Patterson Township, in 1920. He was a teamster. In 1930 William and Esther were in Des Moines City, Polk County, Iowa, and he was a miner.

  3. Minnie Mary Garland
    - born 29 Jun3 1872
    - died 3 March 1944
    - married 28 Jan 1897, Dallas County, Iowa
    Thomas Wilmot Houser,
    - born 3 June 1871
    - died 14 August 1960

  4. Ethel Garland born about 1874, died 16 Sept 1881

Children of Henrietta and Henry McVeigh

  1. Winnie McVeigh, born 28 December 1877.

  2. Henry McVeigh, born 8 December 1879.

  3. Tomas McVeigh, born 20 March 1882.

  4. Tomas McVeigh, born 4 June 1883.

  5. Charlie McVeigh, born 9 June 1885.

  6. Emmitt McVeigh, born 23 July 1888. Emmitt was listed as the informant for his mother's death record. This is probably the Robert E. Mcveigh who is buried near Harry and Henrietta in the Haines Cemetery, because of the year of birth.

  7. Estella McVeigh, born 25 September 1889.

  8. Henrietta McVeigh, born 23 February 1891.

Henrietta and Harry McVeigh were living in Palo Alto Twp., Jasper County, Iowa, at the time of the 1880 census. According to Henrietta's brother's articles in various historical and biographical publications, the McVeighs were in Keb, (Wapello County) Iowa in 1901, and in Rathbun, (Appanoose County) Iowa, in 1912. Henrietta died in Appanoose County in 1913, and is buried in the Haines Cemetery near Rathbun, next to Harry. Son Emmitt McVeigh was the informant for her death record at the court house. Harry McVeigh was buried at the Haines Cemetery, but we did not see his death record in Appanoose County.

Also buried near Harry and Henrietta McVeigh were Robert E. (1888-1964) and Mary E., (1887-1977) McVeigh.


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