Nahausen Families Photo Album
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This is an index to photos of Nahausen Families, and scenery
and views of Nahausen and the surrounding area.

Wilhelm Fellwock Home
Fellwock home, Nahausen
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Koenigsberg Photos,
1940 and later, submitted by Erika

Photos from Mona's 2002 trip
Chojna - Koenigsberg
Oder villages:Alt Cüstrinchin, Alt Rüdnitz, and Zäckerick


J. Fred Fellwock and Louise Schukar Schwan Fellwock New

Fellwock, Martin family
Martin and Louise, 50th annivsary
Martin and Louise's adult children
John and Marie (Traeger)
Metke-Fellwock Reunion, 1959

Fellwock, Fr. William & Wilhelmine Grewing Family
Augusta, Florentine and Emilie

Fellwock, Fr. William & Ernestine Oertwig Family
Marie, Louise, Anna, Friedrich and Johanna

Jagow, William & Louise Fellwock Family Adult Children
Friedrich William and Emma Oertwig Fellwock Family
William C. and Franzisca Zweig Fellwock marriage
Anna and Julius Seifert, marriage and family photos

Malchow, J. Friedrich and Wilhelmine

Oertwig C. Fred & Johanna Wollenschlager Oertwig Family
Wollenschlager parents
Wollenschlager siblings
Frank and Ida Stefanski
Robert and Nora Oertwig

Sasse, Michael & Henrietta Oertwig
Adult Family

Sasse, Fred & Ernestine Fellwock

Sasse, August & Emma Albrecht
Olivia and Arthur

Schukar, Fred & Maria Sasse
Maria and adult children

Seifert, Julius & Anna Jagow
Adult Family

Steinbach, Gustav & Ernestine Fellwock

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