History of Nahausen
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A brief

Evidence provided by urns and bronze articles indicate that there were pre-historic settlements at the location of present-day Nahausen. The village name was included in documents of 1244. It belonged to the monastery at Zehden in about 1338. After the Reformation, in 1545, Nahausen was turned over to Count Hohenstein of Schwedt/Vierraden. After his death it became part of Brandenburg.

It had always been a farmer-village, and the main crops since the 18th century included celery, carrots, potatoes and turnips. The Fellwock memoirs mention that Nahausen had quite a few merchants who dealt in seeds, etc, their trade extending over the entire Province of Uckermark and into the Pomeranian settlements.

In 1718, there were 26 farmers whose surnames included: Boelke, Magnus, Plathe, Matke, Helphul, Sasse, Timke, Falkenhagen, Schwartz, Krueger, Koeppe, Goerk, Badecke, Berendt, Wechwardt, Wernheim, Nuerberg, Loest, Falkendal, Wenngert, Wobbermin and Mecklenburg. Tenants included Milass, Schnell, Rehfeldt, Ring, Kopnick, Marquardt, Ortwich, Sasse, Mentzke, Stenzell, Gorcke, Ziele, Bernheim and Wobbermin. The plots of land mostly ranged from 80-120 acres.

The church is a gothic structure of the late Middle Ages constructed of boulders with a tower/spire of the 15th-16th century. This is the mother church with daughters at Reichenfelde and Grabow. The old-Lutheran Church established a congregation between 1816 and 1825.

There were once many gabled houses with porticos, and that style seemed to have been popular in other villages in the area.

In 1939, the population of Nahausen was 1058 on May 17, 1939. The village is located 6 kilometers from Koenigsberg, the political center for the "county" of Neumark. The border of the Neumark formed the border between Pommerania and Brandenburg.

The Red Army marched into the Koenigsberg - Nahausen area about February 1, 1945, and the inhabitants fled out of fear for the well-known atrocities of the Russian troops.

Nahausen Church
"The noteworthy church tower with its wooden crown in Nahausen."

Information taken from the book: Kreis Königsberg/Neumark, Rememberances of an East Brandenburg County
Edited by Hans-Gottfried Bluhm, Wolfram Pflug, Burkhard Ragenberg und Rudolf Herbert Tamm
Published by Heimatkreis/Neumark e.V.
Printed by Westkreuz-Verlag GmbH Berlin/Bonn, 1996

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