OHIO picture and passenger list

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Passenger List, 30 May 1873

The Ohio
The National Archivies have microfilms Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, MD, 1820--1891. M255. The OHIO arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, May 30, 1873, and is listed on roll # 21.
The "Ohio" departed from Bremen, Germany.
Passengers included these, all from Germany:
Elisab. OertwigAge 63Female
Martin F OertwigAge 34Male Farmer
Joh. C. OertwigAge 27Male Farmer
Ernestine OertwigAge 26Female
Michael OertwigAge 23Male
Aug. Amalie OertwigAge 18Female
Elisabeth OertwigAge 9 mos. Female Infant
Martin Fr. SasseAge 34Farmer
Louise SasseAge 36Female
Johannes SasseAge 6Male Child
Emma SasseAge 4Female Child
Carl SasseAge 2Male Child
Marg. SasseAge 9 mos.Female Infant
Photo from Peabody Essex Ship Museum, submitted by David Knecht
Data from the National Archives, submitted by Jon Hofmeister

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