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    Nahausen Church, April, 2002

    Photo courtesy of Erika Schulze

    Genealogy Trip 2002

    This site is for sharing data and resources for descendants of families from Nahausen, in Kreis Koenigsberg, Neumark, Brandenburg. The surnames include, but are not restricted to SASSE, FELLWOCK, and OERTWIG.

    NOTE: Please can you help us read and translate these pages? They are handwritten at the beginning and end of a songbook that apparently belonged to Michael Oertwig.

    None of us has all the data we want, but if we each share what we have, we'll all gain a greater understanding and a greater appreciation for our ancestors. Your contributions are not only welcome, they are desired. I (Mona Houser) maintain these pages, but they belong to all of us.

    Many of our families first came to Dodge County, Wisconsin, in the 1840's. Some families stayed in that area, but a sizeable number of them moved to Wilberton Township in Fayette County, Illinois after the Civil War when the Central Illinois Railroad was selling land in the prairie areas of southern Illinois. Some families stayed there, and others moved on to other areas, such as Evansville, Indiana, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Texas, etc. Because these families moved at the same times, they inter-married with the other families several times in the last 200 years.

    If you are interested in these families, we invite you to have a look around -- enjoy the photos and look over the Family Group Sheets that have been submitted. And if you find that you have a connection to a Nahausen family, we invite you to submit your old photos and Family Group Sheets, too. And if you've found some good resources, please submit them, too.

    There is an accompanying email discussion list. You may subscribe to it by sending a message to In the subject line, write "subscribe" (without the quotation marks). Also put "subscribe" in the body of the message. You will receive a welcome message that explains more about how the list operates.

    Unidentified Family An older couple with 2 young adult children, photo by Browning studio in Vandalia, Illinois, dated possibly around 1890-1900.

    Census - links to extracts, images and indexes of census records.

    Churches of our Ancestors - photos of the houses of worship of our immigrant ancestors.

    Family Group Sheets - photos and data of families. Please submit yours. These guidelines will be used for posting Family Group Sheets:

    Family Pages: Fellwock,
    Oertwig, Updated April 2007
    Sasse, Updated November 2005

    Fellwock Memoirs - Written by J. Fred Fellwock (1831-1919), concerning his childhood in Nahausen, the reasons for emigrating, the establishment of a new community in Wisconsin, and the rest of his life.

    Autobiographical letter from William Fellwock, to his daughter Anna Haberkorn

    History - A brief history of Nahausen

    Immigration Records - Extracts of Brandenburg Emigration Permission List, ship passenger lists, and naturalization records.

    Links & Resource Page - a collection of websites and other sources of helpful information. Updated September 2005

    Maps - maps and links to maps of Nahausen and Dodge County, Wisconsin

    Photo Album - index to photos of Nahausen and surrounding area, and our families.

    Recipes - Historic recipes submitted by descendants of Nahausen families

    Surnames - a list of researchers who are working on various lines. Updated February 2006

    Vital Records - Extracts, links and indexes of Birth/baptism, Marriage and Death records in Prussia, Wisconsin and Illinois.


    We honor and pay tribute to these ancestors -- for the things they suffered, the decisions and choices they made. God faithfully worked in their lives, sustaining them in difficult times, working miracles on their behalf. We who are their descendants can give God glory for His mighty power, His tender love, and His absolute faithfulness.


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