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From a marriage booklet of Michael Oertwig who lived in Nahausen, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg. This was written inside the front cover, and inside the back cover of the book. The writing has faded and the pages have darkened with age, so some of the writing is very hard to read.

Here is a compilation of what has been transcribed and/or translated by several kind and generous members of genealogy email discussion lists. We thank them for their help.

Title Page
Top Portion of Title Page Matrimony Booklet, or The Christian Marriage
Middle Portion of Title Page
Bottom Portion of Title Page

From the inside front cover:
Image 1a
Ich bin ein kleines Kindelein [I am a small child]
ich möcht auch gerne Seelig sein [I wish to be blessed]
Gefattern [Godparents[
Dorethee Luise Rosenfeld
Johanna Müller, Frau des Bau.[Johanna Mueller, wife of the farmer]
Friedrich Sasse, Johann Friedr. Örtwig
Christian Friedrich Örtwig

Image 1b
2.   Gefattern    6.[Godparents]
Dorot. Marie Bruchert. Frau Mar. Örtw. [wife of Martin Oertwig]
Schneidermeister Gottlieb Hoffmann [Master tailor Gottlieb Hoffmann]
Koßät Michael Franz, [Cottager Michael Franz]   Christian
Friedrich Oertwig,     Michael Schweinert
  Gefattern [Godparents]
Bauer Frie. Sassen Ehefrau [Farmer Friedrich Sasse's wife]
Freimann Mar. Fri. Oertwig [Citizen Martin Friedrich Oertwig]
Johan Friedrich Oertwig 1843

Image 2a
  Erinnerung   Gründler Prediger [Memento Gründler Priest]
an den wichtigen Tag des geschloßenen
Ehebundes [to the important day of the matrimony bonded]
  von [of]
Michael Friedrich Oertwieg
und [and]
Dorothee Marie Rehberg
zu [at]
Nahausen am 4ten October
1838 am Donnerstag [Nahausen on October 4, 1838, Thursday]

Image 2b
1. Dorothea L(ouise) Wilhelmina Oertwig ist gebohren den
4ten Juli 1839 [born July 4, 1839]
2. Michael Friedrich Oertwig ist geb.
im Jahr 1841 den 4. Maerz der Geburt Donnerstag [born March 4, 1841, Thursday]
3. Christian Friedrich Oertwig ist gebohren [is born]
den 19ten Aprill 1843 auf dem Mitwoch [Wednesday, the 19th of April, 1943]

Verse 1
O Du holder Freund [O you lovely friend]
Ders so traulich meint, [Meaning it so faithfully]
Hat für Sünder daß sie Leben [You have given your life at the cross]
Dich als Fluch am Kreutz gegeben [for the sinners so they shall live]
O Du holder Freund, ders so treulich meint [O you lovely friend, meaning it so faithfully]

Verse 2
Laß dein theures Bluth, [Let Your precious blood]
kommen uns zu gut [bring to us the benefit]
Laß Dich deine Schmertzens Laute [let your painful sound]
Ja nicht rauben schreib noch heute [not be depreciated today]
Mit dein theures Blut, [By Your precious blood]
Unsre Rechnung gut [our justification.]

Verse 3
Wertes Gottes Lamm [Precious Lamb of God]
sie uns gnädig an, [Look at us with grace]
Laß dein teures Blutvergießen [Let your precious shed blood]
An uns harten Sündern fließen [Flow to us sinners]
Wasch von Sündenschlam [Clean us from the stain of sin]
Uns u Gottes Lam [O Lamb of God]

First part of Verse 4
Treues Bruder=Herz [Faithful brother-heart]
Das in Liebes Schmerz [Suffering in loving pain]
Große Martert erduldet [great martyrdom]

From the inside back cover:
Image 3a - last part of verse 4, and verses 5 and 6
Und bezahlt was wir verschuldet [and paid what we are guilty of]
In der Liebesschmerz, brach dein armes Herz [In loving pain, your poor heart was broken]

5.) In dein Liebes-Schmerz, brach manch Sünder Herzen [in your loving pain some sinners hearts were broken]
durch dein Hertzens Blut vergießen [your heart's blood shedding]
Laß auch Thränen in uns fließen, [causes our tears to flow]
daß uns Aug ud. Herz thränt vor Liebes Schmerzen [so that our eye and heart is tearing with love's pain]
6. Nun du holdes Lam, siehe gnädig an, [Now you gracious Lamb, look at]
diese kleine Zahl der Seelen, [this small number of souls]
thue dich mit uns vermählen, [unite with us]
das wir dich o Lamm gläubig beten an [that we may pray to you in faith, O Lamb]

Image 3b - Verse 7
Deine Wunder waal, [Your miraculous choice]
sei die Gnadenwahl, [shall be the merciful choice]
wo sich diese Seelen weiden [where these souls are pastured]
Wenn eins diese Seelen scheiden, [where once these souls were separated]
In dein Freudenmaal [to your joyful feast]

Image 3c - verse 8
Amen das werd wahr[ Amen, this shall become true]
Laß die kleine Schaar [let this small number of people]
die dich Jesu hier anbeten [who are praying to you, Jesus]
Einst vor deinen Throne treten [stand before your throne some day]
Wo die große Zahl [where the large number (of people)]
hält dein Abendmahl [is having the Lord's Supper]

Image 4a
Wolst du holdes Lamm sie weiden, [Would you, merciful lamb, pasture]
bei der gläubgen Zaal, [the believing number (of people)]
In den Freuden Saal, [in the joyful hall]
    +     (drawn is a cross)
Was that Er für dich [What he was doing for you]
was thust du für mich [you are doing for me]

Image 4b
Carl Wilhelm ist gebohren den 2ten Juni 1856 am Montag [born June 2, 1856 on Monday]

Image 4c
Maria Auguste ist gebohren 19ten November 1859 am Sonabend [born November 19, 1859 on Saturday]

Image 4d
August Hermann ist gebohren den 10ten September 1861 [born September 10, 1861]

Image 5a
Dorotea Maria Örtwig ist Gebohren den 1ten Februar
1845. Abend 3/4 auf 9 Uhr Sonnabend. [born February 1, 1845, 8:45 Saturday evening]
Gestor 28 Sept 1846 [Died September 28, 1846]

Image 5b
Maria Ernestine
ist gebohren den 15ten
Januar 1847 Mittags um
halb 12 Uhr [born January 15, 1847, on Wednesday about 11:30 a.m.]

Image 5c
1849 gestorben den 21ten Februar [died February 21, 1849]
H. Sofia Henriette
Ist Gebohren den 29ten Juli 1848. Gefattern [born July 29, 1848. Godparents:]
Maria Müllern. Luise Sasse
Martin Friedrich Oertwig
gestorben d. 17ten Juli 1851 [died July 17, 1851]

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