Sasse - Carl, 1836-1860

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Descendants of
Carl Eduard Sasse

Carl Eduard Sasse, son of Michael F. Sasse, Sr. and Maria Juhr
- born 22 January 1836 Nahausen, Koenigsberg/Neumark, Brandenburg
- died 9 March 1860, Wisconsin
- buried Immanuel, "River Church," near Mayville, Dodge Co., WI.
- married 11 Dec 1856, St. Jacobi Lutheran Church, Dodge Co., WI.
Dorothea Louise Fellwock daughter of J F Fellwock and Maria Christine Sasse
- born 3 March 1835, Nahausen
- died 14 July 1901. She
- married 7 July 1860 to (2) William Jagow.
At the time of the 1860 census, Louise and her two young sons were living next door to her father-in-law Michael Sasse, Sr. Living with her were her widowed father John F Fellwock and her teenaged brother-in-law Wilhelm Ernst Sasse.

Carl's gravestone is in the cemetery at the River Church, Immanuel, Mayville, WI. Any dates that may have been there have worn away. Only "Auf Wiedersehn" is still legible on the back, as well as his name on the front. His grave is near Dorothea Louise (Fellwock Sasse) Jagow, near the top of the hill.

Carl and Louise's children were mentioned in the probate of the will of Michael Sasse, Sr.

    Known children:
  1. Carl Friedrich Sasse, born 23 Aug 1857, Dodge Co., WI.
    - bapt. (emergency) 23 Aug 1857, sponsors: Peter Schukar, Marie Oertwig nee Fellwock, Maria Lohse,
    - died 28 January 1931, Mayville, Dodge County, Wisconsin
    In the 1870 census, Carl is listed as "idiotic." He was a farm worker, and lived with his mother and later his step-sisters.

  2. Hermann (August Herman) Sasse, born 1 Feb 1859, Dodge Co., WI
    - bapt 13 Feb 1859, sponsors: Fr. Fellwock, Fr. Schukar, Maria Sasse.
    - married 8 May 1881, St. Paul, IL
    Ernestine Caroline Schwertz, daughter of Frederick Schwirtz & Louise Lübke
    - born about 1860 (aged 20 at marriage), Collinsville, Madison Co., Illinois.
    - died about 1922
    - buried at Graceland Cemetery, Mayville, Wisconsin
    Herman worked as a carpenter in Mayville and Williamstown, Dodge Co. Wisconsin
    • Hulda Amanda Sasse, born 14 Nov 1882, Illinois, died Dec 1936
      - married about 1919 to
      Michael Ernster, born 26 Nov 1883, died June 1966
      - lived in Milwaukee. CHILDREN:
      • Orville Ernster, born about 1912
      • Wilber Ernster, born about 1914
      • Ralph Ernster, born about 1918

    • Frederick W. Sasse, born June 1886, Wisconsin.
      Further research is needed to determine whether the son of Herman and Ernestine was the same Frederick Sasse who was in the US Navy in 1910, and/or the same Frederick Sasse who died in April 1963, living in Ohio.

    • Henry Sasse, born October 1888, Wisconsin
      - married Olive ---, In 1920, Henry was a foreman at the coke works in Williamstown, Dodge Co., Wisc. After his death, Olive worked as a milliner in Milwaukee.
      • Dolor M. Sasse, born about 1914, Wisconsin, died 5 Feb 1962 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
        - married Ann Kolentz, 1909 - 1969
        SON: Dolor E. Sasse, born 13 Jan 1944, died 22 Aug 2006 in Brookfield, Waukesha, Wisconsin
        -- married and had two daughters
      • Marjorie Sasse, born about 1915
      • Erold Sasse, born 19 Apr 1917, died 21 Aug 1978
        - married Hilda ---, 1916-2007. They had at least one son and one daughter.
      • Evelyn Sasse, born 1919
      • Roland A. Sasse, born 10 Apr 1921, died 11 Jun 1988, residing in Florida

    • Lydia Sasse, born December 1891, Wisconsin
      - married about 1910 to
      Albert Heschke, born 02 Aug 1885, Wisconsin, died May 1967
      Lived in Mayville, Wisconsin.
      • Ione Heschke, born about 1922
      • June Heschke, born about 1928

    • Adela Sasse, born May 1897, Wisconsin
      In 1920 and 1930 she worked as a telephone operator in Williamstown, Wisconsin.

    • Irene Sasse, born December 1899, Wisconsin
      - married about 1929 to
      Frank Burkhardt, Jr. born 24 Oct 1896, died Mar 1977.
      Lived in Williamstown and Mayville, Wisconsin.

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