Friedrich Sasse, b 1802

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Very little is known about this family. From the confirmation and death records of the children, we deduce that Carl Hinze and Henriette Sasse were married before immigrating to the United States, and that they immigrated after 1878. We haven't yet discovered where or when Henriette died, but, again deducing from other records, she died before 1895. We also have no further information on the Hinze children.

Henriette Sasse, daughter of Friedrich Sasse and Dorothea Oertwig
- born 1843 in Nahausen, Brandenburg, Preussen
- death date and place not known.
- married 1) Carl Ferdinand Hinze, - born 28 Apr 1836 in Lindo, Brandenburg
- died 15 Sep 1887 in Kaskaskia, Fayette, Illinois

CHILDREN of Henrietta Saase and Carl Hinze

  1. William Hinze, born 11 Oct 1870,
    - confirmed 06 Apr 1884, Immanuel Lutheran, Augsburg, Fayette county, Illinois

  2. Albert Hinze, born 18 Jun 1872,
    - confirmed 18 Apr 1886 Immanuel Lutheran, Augsburg, Fayette county, Illinois

  3. Ferdinand Hinze, born 28 Apr 1877,
    - confirmed 22 Mar 1891 Immanuel Lutheran, Augsburg, Fayette county, Illinois

  4. Helene Hinze, born 28 Oct 1878 in Uchtdorf, Pommern
    - died 16 Nov 1892, buried at Augsburg, Fayette County, Illinois

    Death records at Immanuel, Augsburg, has this note: Was a bright student, if not also especially gifted; was very attentive in confirmation instruction. Died suddenly of nerve disease/typhus.

  5. Anna Auguste Hinze, born 28 Sep 1880,
    - confirmed 18 Mar 1894 Immanuel Lutheran, Augsburg, Fayette county, Illinois

After Carl Hinze died, Henriette married, 23 Sep 1888 in Fayette County, Illinois, to
2) Herman Marzahn, born about 1860 in Zaeckerick, Germany

As stated above, Henriette's death date and place are unknown.

In the 1900 census Herman Marzahn was living in Oasis, Dalles County, Texas, and was married to Auguste Wilhelmine Malchow Lueck. Auguste was the daughter of John and Wilhelmine Pruegel Malchow, and the widow of Fred Lueck. Auguste and Herman Marzahn were buried in Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, Texas,


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