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Descendants of
Michael Sasse born 1844
Henrietta (Oertwig) Sasse

Michael and Henrietta (Oertwig) Sasse
Married 20 October 1868

Michael and Henrietta (Oertwig) Sasse Family
Michael and Henrietta with their adult children
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Family stories say that Michael Sasse's father was named Fred, and that his mother was an Oertwig. Michael and Henrietta were cousins, but it's not known if they were first cousins, or were more distantly related.

Michael and Henrietta immigrated together on the Borussia, and were married in Fayette County, Illinois, shortly after their arrival. At the time of the 1880 census, their family was in Wilberton township, Fayette County, Illinois. About the mid-1880's, they moved to Marshall County, South Dakota. They apparently retired to Webster, Day County, South Dakota, but by the 1920 census, they lived with their son Fred Sasse and his wife Ida in Marshall County. Later they moved to Montana, where Henrietta died. Michael moved to California to be with his daughter Hulda, and he died there in 1931.


Michael Sasse, (See Friedrich Sasse for the possible parents of this Michael Sasse.)
- born April 1844, Prussia
- died 1931, Los Angeles, California.
- married 20 Oct 1868, Fayette County, Illinois, to her cousin
Henrietta Oertwig, daughter of Friedrich and Elisabeth (Mussack) Oertwig.
- born September 1848, Prussia
- immigrated 1868 on the Borussia
- died 31 Oct 1926, Broadview, Montana


  1. Hulda Sasse, born 20 Jul 1869 in Illinois
    - died 24 Feb 1943 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
    - married about 1893 to
    Edward Moore, born Mar 1870 in Illinois, died before the 1930 census
    They farmed in Richland County, North Dakota. By 1930 Hulda, widowed, was living in California.
    • Elsie Caroline Moore, born 18 Jan 1895 in South Dakota
      - died 2 May 1967 in Los Angeles, California.
    • George E. Moore, born May 1897 in North Dakota
      - 1930 census in Los Angeles, California
      - died probably in Washington in 1964.
        Daughter Alice Moore, born about 1922 in Minnesota
    • Marie Elizabeth Moore, born 21 May 1899 in South Dakota
      - died 28 Jan 1983 in San Luis Obispo, California. She married Mr. Campbell
    • Agnes Louise Moore, born 15 May 1901 in South Dakota
      - died 3 Sep 1989 in San Luis Obispo, California.
    • Esther Moore, born about 1907 in North Dakota
      - lived in Los Angeles, California in 1930. No more information

  2. Gustav Sasse, born Sep 1872 in Illinois
    - 1910 and 1920 censuses: farmer in Marshall County, South Dakota
    - died about 1919 in Montana
    - married about 1899 to
    Martha Schlotte, born Dec 1873 in Breslau, Germany, now, Wroclaw, Poland
    - died about 1916. CHILDREN:
    • Marie Marie Sasse, born about 1902 in South Dakota
      - married John Lowry and had six children.
    • Minnie Henrietta Sasse, born about 1905 in South Dakota
      - married Edwin Brown
    • Louise Sasse, born about 1907 in South Dakota
      - married 1) Lloyd Baxter and 2) Earl Lee.
    • Frederick Sasse, born 11 Dec 1908 in South Dakota, died Jan 1962
      - married 21 July 1940 to Mary Irene Williams. Three children.
    • Alfred Frank Gustaf Sasse, born 21 Jul 1910 in Marshall County, South Dakota
      - died 14 Aug 2002. Daughter: Living Sasse, married Living Sasser.
    • Emma Sasse, born about 1914 in South Dakota
      - married 1) Claude Custer, and 2) Cedric Clapp
    • Herman Sasse, born 21 Sep 1915, died 06 Jan 1996.
      - Was adopted by his uncle Ernest Sasse after being orphaned.

  3. William Frederick Sasse, born Feb 1875 in Illinois
    - 1900 and 1910 censuses: farmer in Marshall, South Dakota
    - 1920 and 1930 censuses: farmer in Musselshell and Golden Valley counties, Montana,
    - married about 1903 to
    Amelia ---, born 02 Sep 1882 in Germany, died Sep 1964.
    • Otto Sasse, born 29 Feb 1904 in South Dakota
      - farmed in Musselshell County and Golden Valley County, Montana
      - died Mar 1983 in Montana
      married about 1929 to
      Beryl B. ---
      born 12 Jul 1910 in North Dakota, died 19 Apr 2001 in Montana
    • Arthur Sasse, born about 1907 in South Dakota
      - died 26 Nov 1928 in Montana
    • Adeline Sasse, born about 1911 in South Dakota, lived in Montana.

  4. Hattie Sasse, born October 1877 in Illinois
    - married William Fredrich Louis Elsner, born May 1861 in Germany
    - died 12 Feb 1940, Marshall county, South Dakota
    • George Henry Elsner, born 13 Jul 1899 in Marshall County, South Dakota
      - died November 1969; last residence in Langford, Marshall county, South Dakota
      - married 24 Sep 1924 in Roberts County, South Dakota, to
      Emma Ann Schneider, born about 1889, the ex-wife of Ernest Sasse, see No. 6, below.
    • Alma Henrietta Helena Elsner, born 08 Sep 1901 in Marshall County, South Dakota.
    • Fred W. Elsner, born about 1908, in South Dakota
    • Eveline I. Sasse, born about 1912, in South Dakota
    • Arthur L. Elsner, born 10 April 1914, South Dakota, died December 1977, last residence in Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota.

  5. August Ludwig Emil Sasse, born 19 Oct 1877 in Fayette County, Illinois, died before 1880.

  6. Ernest Johann Friedrich Sasse, born 28 Feb 1880 in Illinois
    At baptism in Fayette County, Illinois, his godparents were William Oertwig, Michael Oertwig, Louisa Sasse
    - farmed in Marshall County, South Dakota, and Broadview and Sumner, Montana
    - married 6 Jan 1906 in Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota, to
    - Emma Schneider, born about 1889 in Illinois
    Ernest married 2) Helen Brougher Gilbert, born about 1897 in Minnesota
    Ernest had adopted Herman Sasse, youngest son of his older brother Gustav. Helen had 2 daughters by her first marriage, and then Ernest and Helen had 2 more daughters.

  7. Jakob Heinrich Martin Sasse, born and died 8 July 1882 in Fayette County, Illinois, buried Augsburg, Fayette County, Illinois. Lived only a few hours.

  8. Henry August Sasse,
    - born 13 Aug 1883 in Illinois
    - died (probably 27 Dec 1947 in Shannon County, South Dakota)
    Described in his WWI Draft registration, 1917, Marshall County, SD, as tall, blue eyes, light hair, living at Rte 3, Britton, South Dakota, and married
    - married 23 Dec 1909 in Marshall County, South Dakota to
    (1) Winnie Josephine Strandberg born 09 Aug 1884 in South Dakota
    - died 25 October 1942, in Tulare, California
    In 1910, Winnie Strandberg Sasse and her son Raymond were living in the household of her brother-in-law, Fred Sasse in Marshall County, South Dakota. Henry was not listed there.
    In 1920, Henry, Winnie and the 2 boys were living in Los Angeles County, California, but by the time of the 1930 census, they were separated and/or divorced, and Henry was back in South Dakota
    Henry, living in Marshall County, SD, married on 27 Sep 1934 in Day County, South Dakota, to the widow
    (2) Sarah M. Wright
      CHILDREN of Henry and Winnie Sasse:
    • Raymond Sasse, born 26 Sep 1909 in South Dakota
      - died Sep 1975, while residing in Britton, Marshall County, South Dakota
    • Clarence C. Sasse, born 14 Jan 1913 in South Dakota
      - died 21 Sep 1963 in Orange County, California.

  9. Frederick William Sasse, born 13 Jun 1888 in Marshall County, South Dakota
    - farmed in Marshall County, South Dakota
    - died Aug 1964
    In his 1917 WWI Draft Registration, he's described as medium height and build, blue eyes, light hair
    - married about 1911 to Ida Gritzman, born about 1890 in Wisconsin

  10. Minnie L. Sasse, born Feb 1892 in South Dakota
    - census of 1900 in Marshall County, South Dakota. No more information.


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