Probate file for the estate of Michael Sasse


Petition for Letters of Administration
Estate of Michael Sasse, deceased
Petition of Fred Fellwock
In the County Court of Fayette County.
Filed this 24th day of Dec. A. D. 1875
(signed) A. S. Coon, Clerk.
Petition approved
Bond required in the lieu of $2000
Dec 25, 1875.
J. W. Ross, Co. Judge
Recorded in Admin Record B. page 42
(signed) A . S. Coon, Clerk


Page 2
[Excerpted from the form]

The petition of the undersigned, Frederick Fellwock, respectfully represents that Michael Sasse late of the County of Fayette, Illinois, departed this life at his residence in said County, on or about the fifth day of July A.D. 1875, leaving no last will and testament as far as your petitioner know or believe.

And this Petition further shows that the said Michael Sasse died, seized and possessed of ("Real and" has been scratched out) Personal Estate, consisting chiefly of Household furniture and notes and mortgages, all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about One thousand dollars. That said deceased left surviving him:

[Spellings are as written by Judge Joshua W Ross.]


Page 3
Chattel Property:

1 table
1 lamp
9 wooden boxes
1 cooking stove
1 heating stove
6 chairs
1 safe
1 wardrobe
1 bureau
1 clock
1 little table
2 beds and bedsteads
1 lot of books
1 bookcase
2 buckets
     lot of Queensware
     lot of tools
     six empty bags
     2 jars
            Total value $81.10

All of the above named articles were retained by the widow as her widows claims as shown by her receipt.


Page 4
Cash on hand at time of decease $20.00

Notes and Accounts
1.   note evented by Charles Sasse, Oct 19, 1867    $100.00
        interest accrued thereon    $9.80

2.   one mortgage evented by August Schukar, Nov 3, 1869   $700.00
        interest accrued thereon     $84.00

Total notes      $893.80

Signed 28 Febr. 1876,
(signed) Fr. Fellwock
signature of Fred Fellwock