Schukar, August - 1837-1913

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1837 - 1913

August Heinrich Eduard Schukar, son of Peter & Henrietta (Grawunder) Schukar
- born 5 Aug 1837, Bernickow, Brandenburg, bapt. 27 Aug 1837, Bernickow,
- immigrated 1852, from Hamburg on the ship Julie, arriving in New York on 25 May 1852
- 1852 to about 1865, lived in Dodge County, Wisconsin
- about 1865 to about 1888, lived in Fayette County, Illinois
- naturalized 5 June 1868, Fayette County, Illinois
- about 1888 to about 1892, lived in Buffalo County, Nebraska
- 1900 census, lived in Wharton County, Texas
- 1910 census, lived in Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana
- died 5 December 1913, Evansville, Indiana, buried Evansville, Indiana, Lutheran Cemetery
- married 18 December 1862, Immanuel, "River Church," Dodge County, Wisconsin
Bertha Emilie Peterman, Bertha Peterman Schukar
daughter of Johann & Wilhelmine (Schwandt) Petermann
- born 22 January 1846, Prussia
- immigrated about 1857
- 1920 census, widowed, living with Gus & Ida Wollenschlager in Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa
- died 26 May 1927, Waverly, Iowa, or Brighton, Colorado
- buried Evansville, Indiana, Lutheran Cemetery

August's signature from an 1883 document in Fayette County, Illinois. New

  1. Edward Schukar b. 2 February 1864
  2. Carl F. Schukar b. 8 March 1865, married Anna Fellwock
  3. Herman Otto Schukar b. 25 March 1866
  4. Louisa Schukar b. About 1867
  5. Clara Augusta Schukar b. 10 April 1869, married William Fellwock
  6. Ida Schukar b. August 1870, married Gus. Wollenschlager Updated July 2008
  7. Frederick W. Schukar b. 1872 Updated December 2007
  8. William F Schukar b. 9 December 1873, married Minnie Mein Updated December 2007
  9. John August Schukar b. 14 July 1875, married 1.) Nella Partridge and 2.) Christine Jaegler
  10. Louisa Schukar b. November 1877, married Mr. Kleinmeyer Updated December 2007
  11. Frank Schukar b. 30 March 1880, married Johanna Bergstraesser Updated December 2007
  12. Robert Schukar b. February 1882 Updated December 2007

  1. Edward Schukar,
    - born 2 February 1864, Dodge County, Wisconsin
    - confirmed 21 March 1880, Immanuel Lutheran, Fayette County, Illinois
    His name appears on baptism records at Immanuel, Buffalo County, Nebraska, in 1893, when he was a god-parent for Hellene Wollenschlager.
    - married about 1900 to Emilie ---.
    - 1910 and 1920 census, Dairy farmer in Rusk County, Wisconsin.
    - 1930 census, Edward and Emilie Schukar living with daughter Agnes and son-in-law James Petras, Flambeau, Rusk County, Wisconsin


  2. Carl Friedrich Schukar, born 8 March 1865 Dodge County, Wisconsin
    - baptized 26 March 1865, sponsors: Carl Schwan, Fr. Schukar, Wilhelmine Schukar,
    - died 17 November 1943 Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa
    - married 8 April 1894, Fayette County, Illinois
    Anna Agnes Fellwock, daughter of William E. Fellwock & Anna Rosena Jesse/Gesse
    - born 18 April 1873 St. Paul, Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 30 December 1952 Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa
    Carl served in France in WW I. He and Anna lived near Storm Lake, IA., from 1899 until 1905 when they moved to the Plainfield-Clarksville area. They lived for awhile with their daughter Johanna Kahle in Plainfield, then moved into Clarksville. Carl died there; Anna died while living with the Kahle family in Waverly.


  3. Herman Otto Schukar, born 25 March 1866, Dodge County, Wisconsin.
    - baptized 4 April 1866, sponsors: Henry ___, Herman Christian, Augusta Christian.
    The only record we have of this child is in church records at Immanuel, "River Church," Dodge County, Wisconsin.

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  5. Louisa Schukar, born about 1867, Illinois.
    Apparently died as a child. She was included with the family in the 1870 Fayette County, Illinois, census.

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  7. Clara Augusta Schukar, born 10 April 1869, Wilberton Township, Fayette County, Illinois
    - baptized 2 May 1869, confirmed 18 March 1883, Immanuel Lutheran, Augburg, Fayyette County, Illinois
    - died 1947, buried Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana, Lutheran Cemetery
    - married 23 September 1888, Fayette County, Illinois, to
    William Ernst Fellwock


  8. Ida Schukar, born 17 August 1870, Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 11 September 1943, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
    - married about September 1891, to
    Gustav Wollenschlager, son of Michael Wollenschlager & Wilhelmine Schwertz
    - born February 1861, Germany
    - immigrated about 1873
    - died 1939 Brighton, Adams, Colorado
    At the time of the 1900 census, they lived in Wharton County, Texas
    - 1910 census: Butler County, Iowa
    - 1920 census: Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa
    - 1930 census: Brighton, Adams County, Colorado
    They lived on a "dry farm" in Colorado. They were both described as short people.
    Photo of two Wollenschlager daughters. Can you identify them?
    Page of photos of the Wollenschlager and Droste families


  9. Frederick Schukar, born 1872, Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 22 September 1964, probably in Canada
    - buried at Bulwark, Alberta, Canada, in the Bulwark Cemetery
    Fred homesteaded near Bulwark, Alberta, Canada, in 1905. In 1906 he returned with his brother, Robert, who filed on the quarter adjoining. They then built a sod shack with a shingled roof halfway on the dividing line and thus conveniently solved the residence requirements for the two quarters. An Iowa City newspaper article in January, 1959, told of Fred's visit to his brother William in Iowa. At that time, Fred and William were the only living children of August and Bertha Schukar. Fred never married. Also see Neumann article for more information about Fred's life in Canada.

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  11. William Frederick Schukar,
    - born 9 December 1873, Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 3 January 1965, Iowa City, Iowa
    - married 15 May 1900, Port Washington, Wisconsin
    Minnie Helena Meins, daughter of Henry Meins
    - born 22 January 1874, Port Washington, Wisconsin
    - died 8 January 1959, Iowa City, Iowa
    William told his son-in-law Charles Forsen that they were a part of land drive into Okla., but no more land available, so moved on to Texas; they spent one winter there, then came back north in the spring. He said he left home for good at age 16, or about 1890. His obituary says he came to Iowa in 1909, lived first in Waverly, moved to Tipton, and then to Iowa City in 1921 so that his son Emmeran, a polio victim, could receive care and treatment at Iowa University Hospital there. Newspaper article about his reunion with his brother Fred in 1959.


  12. John August Schukar, born 14 July 1875 Fayette County, Illinois
    - confirmed, 1888, in Illinois
    - died 10 April 1942
    - married 1) 12 June 1907, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, to
    Nella B. Partridge, daughter of George W. & Mary C. (Bogard) Partridge Photo of Nella and her sister Ruth.
    - born 4 January 1892, Texas
    - died 13 May 1908, Lincoln County, Oklahoma, in childbirth with their first child, who also died
    - buried Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Lincoln County, Oklahoma
    John married 2) 6 January 1910, to
    Christina Jaegler,
    - born 16 December 1890, in Nebraska
    - died 26 March 1979, Fort Collins, Larimer County, Colorado

  13. Louise Schukar,
    - born November 1877, Fayette County, Illinois, confirmed 1893, Immanuel Lutheran, Amherst, Nebraska
    - died 17 July 1956, probably in Canada
    - buried Bulwark, Alberta, Canada, in the Bulwark Cemetery
    - married Mr. Kleinmeyer.
    Louisa lived in Iowa with her husband, (perhaps named Edward.) She moved to Canada with her two children in 1918, and lived first with her brothers Fred and Robert near Bulwark. She also lived in Leduc, Castor, and Sullivan Lake. In 1929 the family again returned to Bulwark. Also see Neumann article for more information about Louise's life in Canada.


  14. Frank Schukar See Some Memories of Frank Schukar
    - born 30 March 1880, Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 23 March 1949, Irving, Dallas, Texas
    - married 22 March 1906
    Johanna Bergstraesser, daughter of Rev. Karl Bergstraesser & Emma Lhotsky
    - born 1 October 1875, Germany
    - died 22 May 1970, Tallahassee, Florida
    Frank liked Texas, and returned there in his later years. He lived at what is now Schukar Court, Irving, Texas.

  15. Robert Schukar, born Feb 1882, Fayette County, Illinois.
    - died 30 September 1957, Canada
    - buried Bulwark, Alberta, Canada, in the Bulwark Cemetery
    Robert moved to Canada in 1906 and homesteaded next to his brother Fred, near Bulwark, Alberta, Canada. Never married. Also see Neumann article for more information about Robert's life in Canada.

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