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1866 - 1928
1862 - 1957


Henry Christian William Brandhorst, son of Friedrich Brandhorst and Margarethe Riechmann
- born 1 May 1866, Prussia
- immigrated 1870
- confirmed 2 April 1882, Fayette County, Illinois, Immanuel Lutheran
- died 1 May 1928, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
- buried Kearney Cemetery, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
- married 20 May 1893, St. Louis, Missouri
Anna Louise Schukar, born 27 January 1862, Dodge County, Wisconsin
- baptized 1862, sponsors: Fr. Sasse, Wm. Sasse, Louise Schwan nee Schukar
- died 3 October 1957, La-Cresenta, California, buried Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery
Anna had married (1) 10 May 1888, Fayette County, Illinois
Henry Riechmann, son of William Riechmann and Fredericke Strothenke
- born 17 January 1864, St. Louis, Missouri
- died 1890, St. Louis, Missouri
I have very little information about Henry Riechmann.

At the time of the 1900 census, the Brandhorsts lived at St. Ferdinand, St. Louis County, Missouri. They moved to Nebraska after Carl and Emma Schukar visited them at the time of the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. Their farm was near Stanley, the original town from which Amherst came.

One of my favorite stories about Anna and Henry tells of how they fed a train-load of stranded passengers, March 4-6, 1913. The train stalled when it came to a snow drift that covered the tracks near their home east of Amherst. Henry walked into Amherst and carried back a 50-pound bag of flour so Anna could prepare food for the passengers. The train was heated, so the passengers could rest there, but they greatly appreciated the food provided by the generous Brandhorsts.

A niece remembers that when Aunt Annie visited in Illinois, she baked delicious cookies. Another niece remembers that Aunt Annie loved wild plums.

  1. Arthur Otto Heinrich Bernhard Brandhurst,
    - born 18 March 1894, St. Louis county, Missouri
    - confirmed 1908, Buffalo county, Nebraska, Immanuel Lutheran Church
    - died 17 January 1957, Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California
    - married 2 July 1924, Denver, Colorado
    Emma Anna Bunger, daughter of Oltman Harm Bunger & Lena Whittfoth
    - born 2 October 1904, Hildreth, Franklin County, Nebraska
    - died 22 December 1992, Verdugo Hills, Los Angeles County, California
    Art had a garage in Kearney, at the time of the 1930 census. He played the banjo, mandolin and guitar, and formed a band with his wife and cousin Walter Koeppen. (In the confirmation records at Immanuel Lutheran Church, his birth-date is given as 6 August 1894.)
      Two children.

  2. Stella (Estella) Marie Brandhorst,
    - born 12 August 1896, St. Louis county, Missouri
    - confirmed 1910, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Immanuel Lutheran Church
    - died 12 April 1970, Costa Mesa, Orange County, California
    - married 1920, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska,
    Walter "Cork" Schnoor, son of Jacob Schnoor & Betty Kenny
    - born 2 October 1894, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - died 30 August 1955, Glendale, Los Angeles County, California
    Walter and Stella are buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Los Angeles County, California
      Two sons.

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