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Carl Schukar, 1918
1856 - 1938
Emma Schukar, 1918
1860 - 1956


  • Carl William August Ernst Schukar, son of Wilhelm & Marie Prinz Schukar,
    - born 11 May 1856, Bernickow
    - baptized 25 May 1856, Bernickow
    - died 4 August 1938, near Watertown, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - married 2 December 1880, Fayette County, Illinois
  • Emma Augusta Schukar, daughter of Fritz & Marie Schukar
    - born 15 August 1860, Mayville, Dodge County, WI
    - bapt. 26 August 1860, Immanuel, "River Church", sponsors: Aug. Schukar, Wilhelmine Fellwock nee Sasse, Louise Jagow nee Fellwock.
    - died 18 April 1956, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    Carl and Emma were buried at Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, rural Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska

    Carl and Emma's signatures from their marriage license:


    Carl arrived in Boston June 13, 1874, on the S.S.Batavia. As far as we know, he came alone. (His uncle Carl Henry Schukar had come in August of 1873.) He told his children that he had stowed away on a ship.

    In the 1880 census of Wilberton Township, Fayette County, Illinois, he was listed as a boarder in the home of John F. Louis Gerke. Carl was naturlized on 9 May 1882 in Fayette County, Illinois. He is said to have had a brother Herman who went to Dakota, and sisters. I have found a Herman Schukar who lived in Marshall County, South Dakota, at the time of the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses, but I have not yet proven a relationship to Carl. I have yet to find any record of any sisters. The Bernickow church records for the years after Carl's birth are not available.

    Emma was remembered by one of her brothers as always being an active and hard-working child who helped her father with all the farming. Another story tells that she helped with the haying right up until the day before her first son was born.

    When Carl and Emma were married, it was by Rev. Meier, first pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church (now called Augsburg) near Shobonier, Illinois. Witnessses were her sister Anna Schukar and cousins Hermann Sasse, Carl Sasse, and Hermina Sasse. One report says the marriage was at her parents' home, another says it was a big church wedding. Carl and Emma were second cousins.

    Carl and Emma began their family in Fayette County, Illinois, where their two sons were born. In 1884 or 1885 they moved to Buffalo County, Nebraska, where other Wilberton families were going or had gone. Later Uncle Carl Henry and Aunt Lena Schukar, and Uncle August and Aunt Bertha Schukar also moved from Illinois to Buffalo County, Nebraska. Emma's cousins Robert Fellwock, Augusta and J.F. Louis Gerke, and Mary and August Horstmann were also in Buffalo County for some time.

    In July 1894, after 3 days of scorching wind in which dried up the crops in the fields, the Schukar families and several other families from the area decided to move to Texas. We are unsure of just who traveled together in the 100-year ago trip; even though the families of Carl and Emma, Carl Henry and Caroline, and August and Bertha each have stories of trips to Texas, they may not have all been in the same caravan. But we know that Carl and Emma, along with some others, loaded their wagons and went south, eventually stopping at the El Campo area of Wharton County, where they remained until 1897. Conditions in Texas were not as profitable as they had hoped, so they sold out and moved right back to Nebraska. Emma and the two youngest children, who could ride free, took the passenger train, but Carl and the older three children rode in the "emigrant car" with the household furniture, machinery, and six head of horses. For more details about the move and the years in Texas, see the autobiography of Carl and Emma's oldest daughter Pauline Schukar Stubbs.

    Carl and Emma settled in Watertown, just a few miles from their former home, where Carl farmed and tended the railroad water tower that gave the tiny town its name. Emma boarded railroaders and a number of teachers that served the Watertown School. Their house is the only dwelling still standing in the town area, and is still being lived in. (2000)

    Carl Henry and Caroline Schukar and their family settled in Callaway in Custer County, Nebraska. He became known as "Callaway Carl Schukar" to distinguish him from his nephew, "Watertown Carl Schukar." August and Bertha and their family remained in Texas until the autumn of 1900 when they went to Iowa.

    In 1904 Carl and Emma went to the St. Louis World's Fair and visited several of Emma's sisters and youngest brother who lived in the St. Louis area. Within a few years after that, two of the sisters and their families moved to Buffalo County also.

    Carl and Emma celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1930. Photo

    On August 4, 1938, Carl drove off to go fishing. He apparently had a heart attack, and according to his death certificate, "was instantly killed by the automobile accident resulting therefrom." His car had run off the road and over an embankment, and over-turned in the dry creek bed.

    Emma lived to be nearly 96 years old. She was well known over a wide area for her hospitality and her apple pies. Because her first grandchild had difficulty saying "Grossmutter," German for grandmother, she was called "Muna" and was known by that name throughout the community. Carl was similarly called "Gopati" by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

    Carl and Emma had 5 children, all of whom survived into their late years.

    1. Adolph Schukar, born 28 August 1881, married Alma Sohrweid.
    2. Fred Schukar, born 9 October 1883, married Lucinda Hannemann.
    3. Pauline Schukar, born 10 March 1887 married James Duncan Stubbs.
    4. Johanna Josephine Schukar, born 30 December 1888, married Carl Labs.
    5. Eleanore Schukar, born 13 October 1893, married Robert Oertwig.
    For details of these children, scroll down.


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    Pauline & Josie
    Adolph and Alma
    Carl and Josie Labs, 1908
    Nora, confirmation
    Nora, teenager
    Nora & Bob Oertwig
    Rabbit hunting
    Carl & Emma, 1918
    Carl & Emma's children 1918
    Carl & Emma, 50th anniversary
    Josie Labs, 1950's?
    Emma 93 years old, 1953
    Emma with her children, 1953

    I. Adolph Julius Schukar,
    - born 28 August 1881, Fayette County, Illinos
    - died 26 October 1960, Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
    - married 6 May 1905, in Buffalo County, Nebraska, Immanuel Lutheran Church, to
    Alma Ernestina Wilhelmina Sohrweid, daughter of William Sohrweid and Albertina Wille
    - born 9 August 1884, Buffalo county, Nebraska
    - baptized 14 September 1884, Immanuel Lutheran Church. Sponsors: Mrs. K. Luehr, Wilhelm Zars and John Meister.
    - died 27 August 1933, Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
    Moved to Oregon in 1918. Wedding Photo

    • Leota Augusta Albertina Schukar, born 30 March 1906, Buffalo county, Nebraska
      - died 20 July 2002, Neotsu, Lincoln County, Oregon
      - buried Medford, Oregon, Memory Gardens
      - married 2 April 1923, in Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
      Earl Orvel Tuttle, born 27 February 1890, Alliance, Nebraska
      - died November 1968, having resided in Medford, Jackson County, Oregon.
      Three children, all living.
    • Clarence William Carl Schukar, born 21 Sep 1909, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - died 20 May 2007, in Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
      - married about 1929 in Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
      Ruth (Bonita R.) Barrett, born 26 August 1910, Middleton, Oregon
      - died 28 May 2000, Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon
      - buried Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
      • Vernon Clarence Schukar, born 18 August 1930, Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon
        - died 4 January 1944, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
      • Cecil Carl Schukar, born 14 July 1932, Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
        - died 29 September 2002, having lived at Willamina, Yamhill county, Oregon
        - married 26 September 1952, Willamina, Yamhill county, Oregon, to
        Living Badard. Divorced. Five daughters.
      • Carol Virginia Schukar, born 28 December 1936, Tillamook, Tillamook county, Oregon
        - died 8 November 1998, having lived in Sheridan, Yamhill county, Oregon
        - married 26 February 1955 Willamina, Yamhill county, Oregon to
        Living McGill. Three daughters.
    • Living Schukar, born 1915, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - married 9 May 1936, in White Salmon, Washington, to
      Walter "Bud" Davis King, born 13 September 1911, Portland, Oregon
      - died 10 January 2004, having lived in North Bend, Coos County, Oregon
        Five children, including
      • Irwin Alton King, born 15 February 1949, McMinnville, Yamhill county, Oregon
        - died 22 November 1967
    • Milton Neal "Bud" Schukar, born 10 Jun 1923 in Sheridan, Yamhill County, Oregon
      - died 05 Aug 2012, Willamina, Yamhill county, Oregon
      - married 24 February 1941, in Portland, Oregon, to
      Pauline Anne Duncan, born 25 Nov 1922 in Tobison, Montana
      - died 17 Mar 2007, McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon
      Five children, all living.


    II. Fred William Schukar
    - born 9 October 1883, Wilberton Twp., Fayette County, Illinois
    - confirmed 3 April 1898, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Buffalo county, Nebraska
    - died 28 September 1965, Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska
    - buried Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska, Stanley Cemetery
    - married 29 May 1907, in Buffalo county, Nebraska,, Immanuel Lutheran Church,
    Lucinda Amanda Helene Hannemann, daughter of Ernest L. Hannemann and Maria Swiesow
    - born 4 October 1885, Green Dale, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - baptized 8 November 1885, Immanuel Lutheran Church. Sponsors: Mrs. Schroeder, John Thiede, and Anna Swiesow represented by proxy Mrs. Sohrweid.
    - died 19 January 1959, Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - buried Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska, Stanley Cemetery
    When Fred and Lou were married, their witnesses were Gustav Einspar, Josephine Schukar, Ed Hanneman, Adele Aufdemkamp, Joh Abels, and Alma Hannemann. Pastor was John F M Grosse.

    • Bernard Fredrich Schukar,
      - born 22 July 1909, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - died 23 December 1981, Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska
      - buried Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska, Stanley Cemetery
      - married 22 July 1942, to
      Mary "Elizabeth" Hoagland, daughter of Russell W. Hoagland and Marie L. Stewart
      - born 9 March 1920, Arvada, Sheridan county, Wyoming
      - died 09 February 1993, Kearney, Buffalo county, Nebraska
      - buried 13 February 1993, Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska, Stanley Cemetery
        Three sons
    • Living Schukar, born 1912, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - married 12 February 1933, in Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska, to
      Norris Ervin Albright, son of William A. F. Albrecht and Wilhelmina Caroline Jones
      - born 5 May 1912, Buffalo County, Nebraska
        Two children.
    • Living Schukar, born 1917, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - married 31 July 1943, in Buffalo County, Nebraska, to
      Leon Everett Eutsler,
      - born 7 October 1916, Sumner, Dawson County, Nebraska
      - died 11 January 1986, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
      - buried Miller, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Armada Cemetery.
        Two children, including
      • Douglas L. Eutsler, born 25 October 1945, Buffalo County, Nebraska
        - died 21 October 1994, Sumner, Dawson County, Nebraska

    III. Pauline Amanda Schukar Photo Autobiography
    - born 10 March 1887, Armada Twp., Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - died 15 July 1975, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - buried Amherst, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Stanley Cemetery
    - married 1 January 1906, in Buffalo County, Nebraska
    James "Duncan" Stubbs, son of George M. Stubbs and Carrie M. Wooten
    - born 24 May 1886, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - buried Miller, Buffalo County, Nebraska, Armada Cemetery.


    IV. Josie (Johanna Josephine) Schukar Photo, little Josie
    - born 30 December 1888, Armada Twp., Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - died 7 October 1984, Kearney, Buffalo county, Nebraska,
    - buried Buffalo county, Nebraska, Immanuel Luth. Cemetery
    - married 1 October 1908, in Buffalo County, Nebraska, Immanuel Lutheran Church
    Carl Friedrich Heinrich Labs,
    - born 19 December 1881, Johnson County, Nebraska
    - died 16 July 1940, Amherst, Buffalo county, Nebraska
    - buried Buffalo County, Nebraska, Immanuel Luth. Cemetery.
    See CARL LABS family.
    Wedding Photo | Josie Labs


    V. Nora (Eleonora) Adeline Schukar. Confirmation | Teenager
    - born 13 October 1893, Scott Twp., Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - died 26 January 1987, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - buried 29 January 1987, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - married 15 August 1916, in Buffalo County, Nebraska, St. Paul's Luth. Church,
    Robert Carl Oertwig, son of Christian "Fred" Oertwig and Johanna F.W. Wollenschlager
    - born 28 February 1890, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - died 3 November 1977, Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    - buried Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
    Photo of Nora & Bob with Edna Siebke and Gust Oertwig.
    See ROBERT OERTWIG family


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