The News Journal - Souvenir Edition - 1916
  From the Fullerton The News Journal - Souvenir Edition - 1916

July, 1894

     Hot Kansas Winds Sweep Over Nebraska --July 26th Will Be Long Remembered By the People of This State -- It Was a Scorcher.

     The hottest, most scorching and destructive wind which this state has experienced in the memory of its oldest inhabitants swept over this state on Thursday of last week. It blew a gale from the south nearly all day and a good deal of corn was scorched as though a fire had passed over it. Much of it was dried up and blown down by the strong wind. The day was too hot and scorching for man or beast to be out. A person shrank from it as from a furnace. In many instances the leaves on the trees were scorched. Many farmers at once proceeded to cut up corn for fodder. Many fields were rendered useless for anything else, but some escaped and will make some corn.

     On Monday morning a fine rain fell in the vicinity of Fullerton and will make some corn and save us from a total failure.

     A large majority of corn will be cut up and coarse fodder will be comparatively cheap, but such a large scope of country has been cut short of a crop that it will require the closest economy for the people to get through the winter, and much suffering will necessarily follow.


Fullerton The News Journal - Souvenir Edition - 1916

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