Schukar, Peter - 1799-1890


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Peter Schukar, son of Peter Schukar,
- born 2 May 1799, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
- died 10 April 1890, Fayette County, Illinois
- married 27 January 1828, Bernickow, Brandenburg
Henriette Grawunder, fifth daughter of Martin & Maria Grawunder
- born 25 October 1800, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
- died 5 February 1890, Fayette County, Illinois.
- buried Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery, Wilberton Twp., Fayette County, Illinois.
Gravestone of Peter and Henrietta Schukar

The only Grawunder data I could glean from the Bernickow church books were:
Martin Grawunder
- born about 1762, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
- died 7 May 1846, Bernickow; buried 10 May 1846; survived by 6 adult children.
- married Maria Elisabeth Neumann
- born about 1770,
- died 1843, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg

Peter and Henriette had 8 children, but only three of them survived childhood. The family of five emigrated on the Prussian brig JULIE, whose master was Mr. Paper. They arrived at New York on 24 May 1852, 49 days from Hamburg, along with 90 other passengers. The passenger list is on the National Archives microfilm Roll #113.

The family settled in Dodge County, Wisconsin, and lived in section 28 of Town Theresa, 1 mile south and 3 miles east of Immanuel Lutheran, the "River Church," according to a plat map of 1859. Among the early families of that community were the Sasses and Fellwocks. One Fellwock brother, Michael, had lived in Bernickow for several years before emigrating to Wisconsin. His encouraging reports helped his brothers and brother-in-law decide to leave their homes in Nahausen, about 7 miles northwest of Bernickow, to emigrate. Perhaps Peter heard some of those same reports, and that's why he chose Dodge County as their destination.

Peter and Henrietta's three children married and started their families in Dodge County, Wisconsin. After the Civil War, the Schukars and many others from that community moved to Fayette County, Illinois, where they founded a new community on the prairie there.

Peter and Henrietta appear in census records in Wisconsin in 1860, and Illinois in 1870 and 1880. Both of them, as well as their daughter-in-law's mother Marie Juhren Sasse, died in early 1890. Perhaps there was a flu or similar epidemic that took the lives of several older people.

CHILDREN of Peter and Henriette Schukar in the US:

  • Louisa Fredericka Augusta Schukar
    - born 16 July 1832, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
    - died 24 June 1915, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana
    - married (1) Carl Gottlieb Schwan
    - married (2) Fred (Johann F.) Fellwock

  • Friedrich Johann Christian Schukar
    - born 29 June 1834, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
    - died 28 August 1882, Fayette County, Illinois
    - married Maria Wilhelmina Sasse, daughter of Michael Sasse & Dorothea Juhr.

  • August Heinrich Eduard Schukar
    - born 5 August 1837, Bernickow, Koenigsberg Neumark, Brandenburg
    - died 5 December 1913, Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana,
    - married Bertha Emilie Peterman, daughter of Johann Petermann & Wilhelmine Schwandt.


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