Duncan Munroe 

 of Scotland

born May 1786


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Nancy Tedder


Sept 17, 1786

North Carolina

Duncan Munroe & Nancy Tedder
Peter Munroe
Margaret Munroe & Daniel Carmichael
William Munroe & Harriet
Colin Munroe, Margaret Keahey & Elizabeth Roberson
John Anthony Munroe & Sara Ann Levi
Mary Munroe & Robertson McMillan
Archibald Munroe & Mary Smith
Susan Munroe & Joseph (Bud)

 Mc Conathy

Other Surnames








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This site is dedicated to my Mother who always inspired me. That no matter what education I have I can do it.  My father whom I loved dearly and only had in my life a short time. I am proud to be a Monroe and he always instilled that in me.

Delmar Linton Monroe Sr.

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Giving the Genealogical History of Duncan Munroe of Scotland. Following him through his life with pictures and history of  that time. To tell you of their children and their children. Family photos that you otherwise would never be able to view. To give you and all OUR descendants a sense of who they came from and how special this family was. 

To help other descendants find their roots.


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Nancy Tedder