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The History of the Clevelle Family.

The history of this Clevelle line remains murky. What is known is that the family migrated to the state of New York from Canada (presumably Montreal) sometime before 1870. Little else prior to this migration is known. Many French individuals sharing this name have been found in census images, as well as church, marriage, birth, and death records, though none of those can be undoubtedly linked to this family. At some point in time, the family then migrated to Xenia, Ohio, where they settled. Many Clevelle's still live there today.

The primary jobs which continually appeared on census forms for the men of this family were stone cutters, marble engravers, and marble cutters. A few men were laborers, and several spent time in the military, though none appear to have advanced far nor pursued it as a career. Some of the women held jobs as housekeepers, bookkeepers, and possibly hat trimmers.

The first known divorce occurred sometime between 1896 and 1900 involving Alexander Leek and Grace D. (Clevell) Lovell in Tennessee, though exactly when and why is not known. One child resulted from the marriage, a male, though his name is not known. It also appears that one of the females, Clara Clevelle, spent her latter years living in convent, though she was not a nun.

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