Paddle Sloop: Styx, British Royal Navy. 1841-1866

Alfred King Lewis, British Royal Navy, 1841-1848

Alfred King Lewis
The Azores on the Paddle Sloop: Styx

The Paddle Sloop Styx was begun on 22.6.1840 and launched 26.1.1841. It was built for 20,521 pds. Alfred King Lewis signed on to the newly built ship and sailed with it to map the Azores between 1841-1845. The Paddle Sloop continued in service for another 20 years after Alfred King Lewis left it in 1845.

From April 1846-1847 (H.Chads) it was stationed in Africa. It underwent repair and refitting at Woolwich and Deptford between 1848-1851. In 1850 at Plymouth. On 13 Nov. 1854. the Styx with the Barracouta, Encounter, The P&O Canton and Sir Charles Forbes, Amazona Queen destroyed 48 pirate junks and two batteries off Ty-Loo (Kaulan) . 1855 (Frederick Woollcombe) China. April 1855 (James M. Bruce) East Indies.13.11.1855 Goulan Bay. Aug. 1857-1860 (C.Vesey) North America & West Indies station. The sailing ship Amelia was captured by the Styx and Jasper off of Cuba on 22/3/1858. (Illustrated London News, Woodcut of Styx. 15/5/1858 p489. Negative number: 58/1191. ) July 1860 (J.H. Cave) North America & West Indies station. July 1864 (W.B. Urmston) North America & West Indies station. In April 1866 it was broken up.

Paddle Sloop (1st Class)

STYX 1841-1866 (Sheerness Dyd.) DRIVER Class

Dimensions: 180'0 1/2', 154'10" x 36'2"/35'10" x 21' + 7'3"/8'3"

Tons: 1057

Men: 160

Guns: 2 x 10' (pivot) + 4 x 42 pdr.

Machinery: (Seaward) 280 NHP

Constructional History:

Operational History (& Captains):

Fate: April 1866 broken up.

Plans: Design: Lines. As built: Profile/hold/lower deck/upper deck. (Available from National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Eng)

Pictures: none

Ships Logs: Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, London, England:

References: PB (8) 58. RUSI 1864. Colledge. PJ. (All from National Maritime Museum, 1994)

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Styx Description Book. 12 Aug - 6 Jan 1841-1845

Alfred Lewis joined 27 August 1841, discharged 6 Jan 1845. Carpenters Crew:
1 Jan 1844 - Carpenters Mate
20 Sept 1844 - Carpenters Crew
1 Dec 1844 - Carpenters Mate (behaviour good)

Born Poplar. resided Bromley.5' 4 1/2", sallow skin, blue eyes, dark hair, no marks or scars. He had been vaccinated for smallpox and had the trade of Shipwright.

William Braxton was the ships carpenter. he was 38 years old, single from Portsea, Hants. 5' 10 3/4" blue eyes, greyish hair. He served on the Cracker in 1830 (total of 5 ships prior). Most recent ship was the Oceana

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Muster book of Styx: 12 Aug - 20 Oct 1841.

Alphabetical list shows Alfred Lewis No. 18 on Muster. entered 27 August at Sheerness as a volunteer age 22 years. From Poplar, Middlesex. 1st entry as carpenter crew. charges 1.10.1 1/2 navy slops, incl beds and waxed wrappers. 2/0 tobacco, 1/4 soap. allowance = 3.12.0 for 2 months (very low pay) but lowest was 2.6 for labourers or 1.8.6 for boys. there are 94 seamen ratings in all.

The officers were AT Vidal, Capt. CG Briggs, R Parkhurst and Theo Edward (Lieut), Hr Henry, conman. The ships carpenter was William Braxton. 27 August Ship commissioned at Sheerness
10 October went to Woolwich, London
20 October to Portsmouth
23 Nov went to sea
29 Dec landed Port Delgado/St Michaels
16 Jan 1842: Pryya Tireaira
29 Jan - Rayul "AZORES"
14 March - Woolwich

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Muster Book of Styx (N=147) Oct 1842

9 Oct - Graciosa
29 Oct - Fayal
9 Nov - at sea
14 Dec - Woolwich
31 March - leave Woolwich for Madiera
April - June 1843 - Madiera
July 1843 - 4 persons deserted ship while at Woolwich
AK Lewis wages incr to 4.16.4 but expenses incr to 3.5.9 for slops, 10/0 tobacco & 4/8 soap.
July 1843 - off Jracimon, St. Michael in Azores
Sep 1843 - Fazal
Sep 1843 - sighted Beagle
AK Lewis wages incr to 6.2.0, costs = 4.3.3 slops, 14/0 tobacco & 8/8 soap
Oct - Dec - St. Georges, Madiera and at Sea
AK Lewis wages incr to 7.3.2, costs = 5.9.3 1/4 slops, 18/0 tobacco & 10/0 soap

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Muster Book of Styx

(N=145, 105 men, 20 boys, 20 marines). Officers = Vidal, Fred Sidney, Lt, Cox and Wm Gill Jan 1844 - Woolwich. AK Lewis made Carpenters mate but wages back down to 3.2.10
31 Mar - St Michaels
Apr - Jun - St. Michaels and Serura
July - Sept - Secriva, St. Michael, Fayull, St Georges
Sep - sighted HMS Victory
Oct - Jan 1845 - off Pico (AZORES), off flora, off St. Georges and at sea
Jan 1846 - Woolwich. paid off with good rating at 5.12.10

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Captains Journal STYX 21 September 1841 - 30 June 1844 Alex TE Vidal, esq

26 September 1841

First muster of divisions and divine service

22 October

Saw the Eddystone light

nb. This is a lovely leather bound book but hard to read the script. It contains details of the ship and actually repeats the ships log in many ways, Not very enlightening.

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HMS Styx Ships log from August 1841 - August 1842

12 August - Thursday, Sheerness

Commander HK Henry commissioned the vessel

19 August Thursday

Recruited 1 sgt, 1 drummer and 8 marines with 3 seamen and 4 boys from Camper Down.

21 August

Captain Vidal read his commission and mustered ships company.

10 October

Left for Woolwich to put on stores. Weighed and ran alongside the Hebe hulk off Woolwich. Cleared the after hold and spirit room. Deptford Lighter brought two months provisions and six weeks flour. Party of convicts supervised scraping decks. On Thursday an ordnance lighter came alongside with powder, shot and gunners stores.

13 October

Employed stowing away luggage and preparing for sea.

15 October

Left sheerness down the queens channel and around the north Foreland Light house for Spithead and sea trials. During the sea trials found bulwarks required repair. They surveyed the slop clothing on deck and found it wetted with salt water, at present serviceable but inclined to mildew. Recommended to be aired at every convenient opportunity.

nb. This ship is very different from the vulture. they have about 2 months at sea returning to Woolwich. much more steaming (and less work for carpenters). They get liberty in London at home and I haven't seen any disrating or lashings like I did on the Vulture. Very Interesting!

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