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THE MORGANS OF CANNON COUNTY, TENNESSEE Robert Allen Morgan and Mary Fannie Hayes were married in 1874 in Cannon County, TN at the Home of her Parents, Samuel F. and Nancy Armstrong Hayes. This is recorded in the Family Bible that has been passed down through my side of the Morgan Family. Robert lists his parents as Allen Morgan, born in 1812 in Tennessee. and Sylvia, born in 1813. Research has shown that Allen and several of his siblings were living in Warren County, TN in 1830. John Morgan Sr. came from Montgomery County, VA between 1815 and 1818 to the Barren Fork of the Collins River, near the present day area of Trousdale in Warren County. In 1836, this area became part of the newly formed Cannon County. The 1830 Census shows four boys and two girls. This would account for Allen, Gordon, Sophia, Alexander, Cynthia and Jackson Morgan. (John Morgan Sr. files for a Revolutionary War Pension in 1834. In this, he states that he was born in Culpepper County, VA in 1756. He was in Surry County, NC when the War broke out in 1776 and he joined the NC Militia there. He served two years and mustered out at Surry County. He went to live with his Father in Shenandoah County, VA for about 10 months, then re-enlisted into the VA Militia for two more years. After the War he returns to Shenendoah County and then moves to Montgomery County for 30 years prior to moving to Warren County, TN). Allen Morgan marries Sevey, (as Sylvia is called), Barrett in 1833. In 1834, Allen Morgan is given a Land Grant next to John Morgan Sr. John Sr. died in January of 1835. In the 1840 Census, Allen is listed in Cannon County.. In the 1850 Census, Allen is listed in District 1. In his house is his Father in Law, Ward Barrett Sr. In 1854, Ward dies and his Will is probated at Woodbury. In the Will, he gives his Land to Allen Morgan and Family that Ward and Allen now live on. Allen had sold his land near where he lived by John Morgan Sr. in the early 1840ís.( From what I can figure, Ward Sr. and his wife were up in age and it looks as though Allen and Sevey moved in with them prior to 1842 when Ward wrote his Will). Through Research, this area seems to be on Lox Creek, just north of Old Route US 70S. Allenís occupation is a Blacksmith. Hyla Jones Davidson found that Allen was a Justice of the Peace around 1857 for Cannon County. Allen dies in 1862. No reason was ever given for his Death. It is possible the Civil War had something to do with that. Proceedings for his Estate are started the next month and Ward Barrett Jr. is named the Executor. I feel this Ward Jr. is the Brother of Sevey. The Estate is not settled until 1867. Allen and Sevey had several children. Two sons were born to Allen and Sevey. James A. Morgan was born in early 1853 and Robert Allen Morgan was born in late 1853.. Sevey Morgan died in 1885. Robert Allen is my Great Grandfather In 1874, he is married to Mary Frances Hayes. Hyla also found records that show Robert, like his father, was also a Blacksmith and a Justice of the Peace. The Robert Morgan Family mostly lived in District 2 of Cannon County on US 70S near Hollis Creek Road. In 1920, Robert or Bob Morgan has moved to the Trousdale area of Warren County where his Father, Allen, was raised. Robert died in 1923 and Mary died in 1926. My Grandfather, Ricie Kidwell Morgan was born in 1876. Ricie was the oldest child of Robert and Mary.. Ricie was a Farmer and a Mill Worker. He worked for Henry Hoover at his Mill on the Stones River. In 1910, Ricie is in District 5. From my Family History, Ricie ventures into Business with Tom Shelton. This is a Dry Goods Store. Since Tom Shelton was from the District 5 area, I am sure that the Store was in this area around Sheboygan, which is about 4 miles south of Woodbury. In 1916, Ricie, age 40, marries Tom's oldest Daughter, Mary Jeanette. Shelton, age 18. Around 1922, Ricie purchases a Flour Mill in Centertown, Warren County, TN, which is west of Woodbury. He moves the Family there. To this Union, five children are born. They are Nancy Frances, Georgia Azzaline, Vera Mae, Sam Houston, Robert Elison. Besides owning Morgan Mill in Centertown, he is also a major stockholder in the Centertown Bank. The Stock Market Crash of 1929 was very hard on Ricie. He had most of his money vested in the bank and lost it. He made some recovery with the Mill. In October of 1932, he was building a Pigpen, when he fell with a fatal Heart Attack. He was buried near his Father and the other Morgans at Riverside Cemetery, District 2, west of Woodbury. Sam Houston Morgan is my Father. My Dad was the oldest son of Ricie and Mary. Sam was only eight when Ricie died. The Depression was hard on his Mother to raise all of the children. The two boys went to live with her sister, Jesse Shelton Carrick and her Husband, Harvey Carrick of Shelbyville, TN. My Father Graduated High School there in 1942. His Mother Mary had remarried and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. Sam went there to live with his Mother. He was working for Eli Lilly Drug Company when he enlisted into the Army. He was a Staff Sargent/Military Police and served in the Philippine Islands. After his Service was up, he returned to Indianapolis. In 1947, he met my Mother, Faye Tinsley. On December 24, 1947 they were married in Indianapolis.

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