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William Saxton/Sexton + Elizabeth Black

William Saxton/Sexton was born (unknown) and died between 29 August 1826 and February 1827 in Cabell County, (West) Virginia.  He married Elizabeth Black, the daughter of Abraham Black and Elizabeth (unknown), 28 April 1801 in Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia.  She was born Abt. 1781 in probably Fauquier County, Virginia and died between 1860 and 1870 in Cabell County, West Virginia.

To our knowledge there was only one Sexton family in Cabell County from its formation in 1809 until well into the latter part of the 19th century.  William and Elizabeth were the progenitors of this Sexton family.  We have come to this conclusion after researching many records of that time and area, and in spite of the existing belief that Abraham was the husband of the Elizabeth Saxton found in the 1830 Cabell census.

Elizabeth Saxton appears as the head of household in the 1830 Cabell census, page 032:

2 males of 5 years and under 10
1 male of 10 years and under 15
1 male of 15 years and under 20
3 males of 20 years and under 30
1 female of 10 years and under 15
1 female of 40 years and under 50
But this is not the first Sexton/Saxton to appear in a Cabell census.  On page 89A of the 1820 Cabell census, William Saxton appears as an entry, but with no enumeration.  In trying to determine where he fit in, land records research was pursued.

Page 270 of Cabell Deed Book 1 shows a William Saxton purchasing from "James Jorden Senr. for an in consideration of fifty Dollars to him in hand paid, hath granted bargain and sold and by these presents doth grant bargain and sell unto the said William Saxton a certain tract or parcel of Land, ling and being in the County of Cabell and situate on Mud River and bounded as follows, towit, beginning on the Bank of Mud River on two Water Burches, thence a strait line to two white Oaks, thence a strait line to a white Oak and Beach, thence a strait line to a Sugar tree on the Bank of Mud River, thence down the River with the several meander to the Beginning, Containing one hundred acres by survy, "  This deed was dated 4 March 1813 and recorded by Edmund Morris, Clerk of Cabell County, 6 April 1813.

According to the Cabell County Land Books, William Saxton purchased 100 acres in fee on Mud River near Morris' ferry about 12 miles east of the Court House.  And according to these Land Books, William continuously held these 100 acres every year through the 1826 entry.  However, in 1827 and 1828, the owner for these 100 acres was listed as "William Saxton's estate".

Also William was present in Cabell earlier than 1813.  Utilizing the Cabell County Personal Property Tax (PPT) records, William Sexton appears in 1809 and appears variously as William Sexton/Saxton/Saxan every year through 1826, except for the year 1819.  We do know him to be in Cabell in 1819, as owner of the 100 acres, and by his entry in the Land Book above.

In taking the PPT records back in time, before Cabell was formed, Greenbrier County PPT records show the arrival of William Sexton in 1796 and variously as William Sexton/Saxton/Saxston every year through 1807.  No PPT was enacted by the Legislature in 1808, and no Sexton/Saxton appears in Greenbrier after 1808 - consistent with William appearing in Cabell starting in 1809.

The 1804 Greenbrier PPT entries give further detail as to the geographic location of some of the poles.  William is identified in 1804, and through 1807, as living on Sinking Creek.   Nearby entries for these same years show Abraham Black, and son Adam Black, also residing on Sinking Creek.   This seems to offer evidence of opportunity to corroborate the entry in Volume 1A of Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia marriages for 28 April 1801 showing Josiah Osborne marrying Wm Saxton and Elizabeth Black.  Their marriage bond verifies that Elizabeth is indeed Abraham's daughter (click here to see marriage bond).

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William and Elizabeth migrate to Cabell in 1809, followed by Adam Black in 1811 and then Abraham Black by 1820 (see Cabell County PPT records).   Abraham Black died in Cabell County circa 1827-1828 and his will of 21 February 1827 was witnessed by John F. Payton, William Jordan, and John Sexton (Cabell County Will Book, Vol. 1, page 82).  On 26 May 1828 Abraham's will was presented in Cabell County court and proven by the oaths of John F. Payton and William Sexton.  Additionally, Elizabeth and several of the Sexton siblings were purchasers at his estate sale (Cabell County Will Book, Vol. 1, pages 89-90).  Also, a researcher of the branch of this Sexton family that migrated to Indiana tells of this sibling having an uncle Adam Black, which would seem likely to be Elizabeth's brother.  Also of note, William and Elizabeth name two of their children Adam and Abraham.  And what of the children of William and Elizabeth?

The children of William Saxton/Sexton and Elizabeth Black are:

  1. James H. Sexton, b. 5 September 1800, Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia; d. 14 March 1855, Mud River, Cabell County, (West) Virginia
  2. John N. Sexton, b. 9 December 1802, Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia; d. between 1880-1890, Cabell County, (West) Virginia
  3. William Sexton, b. between March 1804-April 1805, Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia; d. between 1831-1840, Sangamon County, Illinois
  4. Catherine Sexton, b. 9 March 1806, Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia; d. 28 September 1876, White County, Indiana
  5. Andrew H. Sexton, b. 8 October 1809, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. Aft. 30 June 1880, Hamilton County, Illinois
  6. Adam B. Sexton, b. Abt. 1815, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. 8 October 1862, Wayne County, Illinois
  7. Elizabeth Sexton, b. January 1816, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. 19 November 1847, Cabell County, (West) Virginia
  8. Jacob H. Sexton, b. 28 November 1819, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. 24 January 1896, White County, Indiana
  9. Abraham B. Sexton, b. Abt. 1822, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. Abt. November 1852, Cabell County, (West) Virginia
  10. Joseph L. Sexton, b. 1824, Cabell County, (West) Virginia; d. 8 September 1879.

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