Morrow/Taylor Family Tree

Morrow/Taylor Family Tree
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     Welcome to the Morrow/Taylor Family Tree Website!

by Lori Jett and Linda (Morrow)Gregson


January 27--Happy First Birthday Sahara (our newest clan member)! 

February 15--Happy Birthday Karyn! 

February 16--Happy Birthday Papa (He would have been 85)! 

February 21-- Happy Birthday Chris!


This site is constantly under construction so come back often to see who's been added!

We welcome any help you can offer and we're glad to share what we have with you- our cousins!

This website is a tribute to the memory of   William Henry (Bill) and Bonnie Ruth (Taylor)Morrow.


Surnames found in our tree: Ansell, Aston, Best, Binkley(Bingeli), Bradshaw, BreretonBurri, Butcher, Claughton, Corbett, Crosby, Danner, DeBoard, Degen, Dennis, Eichaeker, Ellis, Frick, Fulk, Fulleshurst,  Fulton, Gutknecht, Hall Haller, Hammock, Hassler(Hossler), Herrmann, Hertzog, Hinton, Hirschener(Herschner), Hod, Holzbaum, Howell, Howse, Hughes, Hulse, Jackson, Kaltreider (Kaldreitern, Kaltenreider, Kaltenreidt, Kaltreiter), Karr, Klingensmith, Korman, Krahmer, Lambert, Lanius, Lathrop(pe)-(Lowthorppe), Leigh, Lewis, Lloyd, Merrell, Middleton, Morgan, Morrow, Otilla, Paschall, Paulus, Ramsey, Reed, Rodman, Roemer, Roper, Senner, Spring, Steffy, Swafford, Taylor, Wade, Wagner, Walpurg, Ward, Westfall(Westphal),  Williams and Zbinden   and variations of these names,so far!

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STORIES  and Notes about our ancestors

PICTURES of our TAYLOR ancestors (not ready yet)

PICTURES of our MORROW ancestors

Our FAMILY TREE at WorldConnect

Our FAMILY TREE at Ancestry Family Tree

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