Marriages Morvah 1617-1772
Transcribed by Andrea Wildes

?--Oct     1617    Morvah    Bernard LAYBYE (Laytye) to  ?--    ?-- 
04-Feb   1626    Morvah    John LANYON to  Anne  EDWARDS
29-Jan    1626    Morvah    Thomas  WEARNE to  ?--    ?-- 
24-Aug   1628    Morvah    William  HODGE to  Ann JAMES
??-??     1628    Morvah    Maddern TREMBATH to  ?--    GILBERT
22-Sep  1629    Morvah    Richard BOTRALL to   Thomasin    ?--
29-Sep  1636    Morvah    Richard COCK to   Margaret GYE
03-Feb  1637    Morvah    John  GYE,   Father Richard, to  Dorothy THOMAS 
02-Dec  1638    Morvah    John  ALLEN,  Father Thomas, to Chesten  STEPHENS, Father  James
10-Sep  1646    Morvah    Maddern  TREMBATH, to  Cicely  NICHOLAS, Father Bernard
?--Apr    1648    Morvah   Nicholas  GILES to  Paskes  EDWARDS
20-Oct   1649    Morvah    Hugh EDWARDS to  Philip(?)    ?-- 
05-Oct   1650    Morvah    Thomas  NICHOLAS to  Blanch  NICHOLAS, Father Bernard
01-Apr   1650    Morvah    John HINCKSTON, Father Baldwin to   ?--    HAMEN
?--          1651    Morvah    John  SPRIGGS to  ?--    PHILLIPS 
08-Apr   1654    Morvah    Edmund  EDWARDS to  Elizabeth NICHOLAS
26-Jan   1655    Morvah    Phillip  ARGOLL to Alice GUY 
09-Feb  1655    Morvah    William GILBERT to Margaret PENBERTHY                                                     
18-Apr   1655    Morvah    John HODGE  to Paskes NOURISH
03-Jul    1655    Morvah    Ralph  ALLEN to Catherine TREMBATH
23-Oct   1655    Morvah    John TREMBATH to Chesten HALL
04-Jan   1655    Morvah    Richard   TREMBATH to Jone HARRY
09-Jul    1659    Morvah    John OSBORN to Mary MICHELL
27-Dec  1661    Morvah    John LANYON to  Jone Mary  BORLASE
20-Sep 1662    Morvah    Richard BOTRALL to Jone PHILLIPS
29-Jun   1667   Morvah    Thomas OSBORN to Constance COWLING
23-Nov  1667   Morvah    John GUY to Mary PEARCE
22-Sep 1669    Morvah    Bernard EDWARDS to Elizabeth HARRY
16-Jun  1670    Morvah    Ralph GUY to Mary BOSOW
20-Sep 1673    Morvah    Bernard TREMBATH to Ann BODY
?--Oct   1673    Morvah    Urias PASKOE to Margaret HALL
30-Apr  1674    Morvah    Richard ROBERTS to Mary GILES
22-Aug 1674    Morvah    Peter GILBERT to Jenifred EDWARDS
19-Dec 1674    Morvah    Bernard OSBORN to Jane VEALE
14-Nov 1674    Morvah    John RICHARDS to Elizabeth NICHOLAS
02-May 1675    Morvah    Nicholas THOMAS to Elizabeth ELLIS
12-Nov 1683    Morvah    John (Mr) USTICK to Mary (Mrs) LANION
03-Mar 1684    Morvah    Edmond EDWARDS  to  ?--    ?-- 
23-Jul   1687    Morvah    Richard TREMBATH to Honor GILBERT
05-Nov 1687    Morvah    Joseph TREMBATH to   ?--    ?--
05-Nov 1687    Morvah    Ralph TREMBATH to Elizabeth GILBERT
26-Sep 1691    Morvah    Richard HARRY to Chesten THOMAS
01-Oct  1692    Morvah    Edmund HARRY to Mary DANIEL
03-Dec 1693    Morvah    Hannibal HARRY  to Jane (Joan) THOMAS
14-Jul   1694    Morvah    William RICHARDS to Elizabeth MORRISH
19-Sep  1696   Morvah    Ralph OSBORN to Elizabeth UDY
16-Jan  1696    Morvah    John EDWARDS to Patience DANIEL
17-Apr  1697    Morvah    Tristram DAVYE  to Cheston MATTHEW
08-Nov 1701    Morvah    James THOMAS to  Blanch HARRY
16-Jan  1702   Morvah    Thomas OSBORN to Elizabeth STEPHENS
10-Apr  1703   Morvah    William  DANIEL to Ann RICHARDS
01-Jul   1704    Morvah    Arthur TREMBATH to  Petronell DAVY
23-Dec1704    Morvah    Richard MADDERN to Grace RICHARDS
13-Jan  1704   Morvah    Matthew DANIEL to Constance DANIEL of  Zennor
16-Jun  1705   Morvah    Anthony MADDERN to Margery MADDERN
06-Apr  1706   Morvah    William THOMAS to Jane STONE of St Just
19-Oct  1706   Morvah    Richard GUY  to Grace DANIEL of  Madron
30-Nov 1706   Morvah    Thomas HODGE to Elizabeth TREMBAH of St Just
30-Nov 1706   Morvah    Nicholas THOMAS to Rebeccah MATTHEWS
24-Jul   1708   Morvah    Richard OSBORN to Wilmot GOODMAN of St Just
18-Jul   1709   Morvah    Thomas ROWE, Clerk, to Elizabeth PEARCE of Penzance
27-Jun  1710   Morvah    John (Mr) DENNEARD of Bideford to Ann (Mrs) TREMINHEER of Penzance
01-Oct  1712   Morvah    Charles PENNECKE of St Hilary, Gent. to Lydia BORLASE of Madron,
Father John (esq)
25-Oct  1712   Morvah    Thomas DANIEL, Father Matthew to Jane CORVOSOW of St Just, Father William, At Madron
18-Apr  1713   Morvah    Martyn THOMAS to Margaret TREMBATH
05-Oct  1713   Morvah    Charles (Mr) LANYON of Paul to Joan (Mrs) NOYE of Paul
07-Nov 1713   Morvah    Jacob WILLIAMS of St Just to Ann THOMAS
26-Dec 1713   Morvah    John (Junr) TREMBATH to Chessen GUY
30-Apr  1715   Morvah    John GERMIN of St Just to Jemima GILES
10-Aug 1715   Morvah    Francis (Junr) LANYON of Sancreed to Jane (Mrs) EDWARDS of Penzance
31-Mar 1716   Morvah    Richard ROBERTS to Mary DAVY of Paul
05-Jun 1716    Morvah    Maddern TREMBATH to Mary HARRY
27-Jul  1717    Morvah    Edward EDWARDS of St Just (sic)  to Jone CHERGUIN of Paul
17-Aug 1717   Morvah    Charles MILES (Mile) to Frances ODGERS  by Lic.
12-Oct  1717   Morvah    John  MAN (Manly) to Mary GILES
09-Jun 1719    Morvah    John PRIOR of Helston (Penzance) to Alice STONE of Penzance
28-Jun 1719    Morvah    Robin (Robert) HORE of St Ives to Mary OSBORN
18-Feb1720    Morvah    Thomas RICHARDS to Constance DAVY of Paul
03-Feb 1721   Morvah    Reginald REYNOLDS of St Just to Elizabeth HARRY
31-Dec 1723   Morvah    John (Mr) PENROSE of Penzance to Margery (Mrs) USTICK of Penzance
12-Aug 1724   Morvah   Thomas (Mr) EASTLAKE of Penzance to Susan RUNDLE of Penzance by Lic.
07-Feb1724    Morvah    Martin GWENAP of Penzance to Constance VEAL of Penzance
02-Feb 1729   Morvah    Thomas WEYMOUTH of St Buryan to Elizabeth WEYMOUTH by Lic.
20-Jun 1730    Morvah    Sampson DENNIS of St Buryan to Elizabeth GENDALL of St Just by Lic.
24-Dec 1730   Morvah    Anthony GENDALL to Alice HICKS of St Just
29-Mar 1731   Morvah    Christopher (Mr) PENDAR of Penzance to Mary (Mrs) NETTLE of Penzance by Lic.
17-Jul  1731    Morvah    James MAN to Mary OGILBY
01-Apr 1732    Morvah    William RODDA of Madron to Elizabeth OSBORNE  by Lic.
21-Apr 1732    Morvah    Henry WILLIAMS of St Just to Elizabeth EDWARDS of St Ives by Lic.
07-Jul  1733    Morvah    Mark DANIEL to Honor WEYMOUTH by Lic.
25-Apr 1734   Morvah    Andrew EDDY of Zennor to Jane HARRY by Lic.
05-Oct 1739    Morvah    Richard HUTCHENS of St Buryan to Elizabeth LANYON of Madron by Lic.
18-Oct 1741    Morvah    Maddern TREMBATH to Jane HOLLA
03-Jun 1744    Morvah    James TREMBATH to Katherine CURNOW
15-Oct 1749    Morvah    William RODDA of Penzance to Mary BIRCH of Penzance
14-Oct 1750    Morvah    William CATHERINE to Caroline TREMBATH
01-Aug 1756   Morvah    Richard STEPHENS of Madron to Mary RODDA of Madron
08-Aug 1759   Morvah    William DANIEL to Elizabeth RICHARDS by Lic.
21-Mar 1761   Morvah    John HARRY to Alice HARRY by Lic.
12-Mar 1763   Morvah    Edmund TREMBATH to Alice WHITE by Lic.
14-Nov 1767   Morvah    Martin BONE of St Just to Anne THOMAS by Lic. [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron] 

24-Jun 1768    Morvah    Richard TREMBATH to Grace THOMAS [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]

24-Jun 1768    Morvah    Arthur BERRYMAN  to Mary MANN  [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]   

05-Sep 1769   Morvah    Richard VINICOMBE of St Hilary to Patience EDWARDS by Lic.  [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]

14-Oct  1770    Morvah    John THOMAS of Madron to Jane EDDY   [Fom the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]

14-Dec 1771    Morvah    Richard TREMBATH of St Just to Rebecca THOMAS   [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]

08-Feb 1772    Morvah    Edward FOX to Jane BEST of Madron     [From the Bodmin Transcripts - does not appear to have been entered either at Morvah or Madron]