Hymn  Written by the Rev. C V Le Grice  for the
Opening of the Rebuilt Church in 1828


When we hear the Sabbath bell,
A welcome joyful sound;
O'er rock and moor, and down the dell
It's cheering peels rebound.

Come, come again they seem to say,
To God's own House repair;
Come with a heart of faith to pray
And Christ will meet you there.

Tho' floods of waters beat around
On ever shifting sands;
A rock is the foundation-ground,
On which our Temple stands.

The winds may roar, the tempest frown,
Each breast from fear is free;
The worshipper looks calmly down
Upon the trou'led sea.

So 'mid the storms of human life
The Christian is secure,
And far above the fretful strife
His path serene and sure.

Tho' built by man our Temple-gate,
The way, by which it leads
To one "not made with hands," is straight,
If Faith for mercy pleads.

For mercy, while 'tis call'd to day,
To plead we'll hasten near;
Ere the same bell, that bids to pray,
Shall greet our coming bier.