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The Plantation, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 1
The Plantation
Hope to take better ones of this and the next shot, without the heavy shadow.

Looking up High Street - click to enlarge

Image 2
Looking up High Street

Brymbo War Memorial - click to enlarge

Image 3
Brymbo War Memorial,
off High Street

1914 — 1918
Arthur Buckley, W. H. Clayton,
G. H. F. Coulburn, Edward Davies,
Price Davies, Thomas Davies,
E. H. Davies, Harold Davies,
R. O. Davies, John Davies,
E. A. Davies, Joseph Davies,
John Dickenson, A. G. Edwards,
Albert Ellis, John Evans,
J. J. Edwards, E. W. Fisher,
W. A. Fisher, J. Peter Griffiths,
A. Hannam, G. G. Herne,
John E. Hughes, J. Edw. Hughes,
E. W. Hughes, Owen Hughes,
Llew. Jones, C. H. Jones,
Harold Jones (Lodge), Harold Jones,
Humphrey Jones, Charles Jones,
Ivor Jones, G. A. Jones,
R. W. Jones, Edward Jones,
John Lloyd, Harold Lynch,
Robert Lewis, C. H. Luck,
Tom Matthias, Peleg I. Parry,
J. T. Prydderch, Geo. Prytherch,
G. Emlyn Roberts, W. Idwal Roberts,
D. W. Roberts, Edgar Rogers,
Morris Rowland, Daniel Sides,
Geo. Suckley, G. A. Taylor,
Percy Thomas, E. J. Thomas,
John Tudor, J. W. Whomsley,
John Williams, Gwilym Williams,
Samuel Williams.
"Tros Ryddid Gollasant Eu Gwaed"

1939 — 1945

John Arthur Buckley,
Harold Davies,
James Davies,
Leonard Davies,
Seymour Davies,
Albert E. Evans,
Ernest Evans,
Glyn Edwards,
T. Feltwell,
John Gallimore,
William Gallimore,
George Humphreys,
William Hughes,
A. L. Jamieson,
Herbert Jones,
Ivor Jones,
Stanley Jones,
Cornelius S. Keefe,
Dewi Lloyd,
L. C. Matthias,
Trafford Roberts,
Leonard Stapley,
W. G. A. Venables,
Arthur Williams,
Herbert Wynn,
Jackie Williams.

"We Will Remember Them"

Harwd Road, Brymbo, from the garden of remembrance - click to enlarge

Image 4
Harwd Road,
from the garden of remembrance

Harwd Road, from near the memorial - click to enlarge

Image 5
Harwd Road,
from near the war memorial

Railway Tavern, and the old railway bridge, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 6
The Railway Tavern
and the old railway bridge

View towards The Green, Halcock Road and Holland Road areas - click to enlarge

Image 7
General view towards The Green,
Halcock and Holland Road areas

Looking down Coed-y-Felin Road, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 8
Looking down Coed-y-Felin Road
The old steelworks can still be seen in the distance at this point (centre).

Looking up Coed-y-Felin Road, towards the Plantation - click to enlarge

Image 8a
View up Coed-y-Felin Road,
towards the Plantation

The Tai public house, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 9
Y Tai public house — "The Tai"

Part of Brymbo Steelworks, from near The Tai - click to enlarge

Image 10
A shadow of its former self,
part of what remains of Brymbo Steelworks,
closed in 1991

Dereliction at the former steelworks, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 10a
at the former steelworks

Part of the cleared steelworks site, Brymbo - click to enlarge

Image 10b
Part of the cleared steelworks site,
looking towards the Tan-y-Fron end
(Mar 2002)

All that remains, 2002 . . . rusting metal - click to enlarge

Image 10c
A sad reminder...
rubble and rusting metal
(Mar 2002)

St Mary's Parish Church, distant view - click to enlarge

Image 11
St Mary's Parish Church,
distant view
(Feb 2001)

St Mary's, from Vicarage Hill - click to enlarge

Image 11a
St Mary's Parish Church
from Vicarage Hill
(Apr 2001)

St Mary's from near the church gate - click to enlarge

Image 11b
St Mary's from near the church gates

St Mary's porch - click to enlarge

Image 11c
St Mary's porch
(Aug 2001)

St Mary's doorway - click to enlarge

Image 11d
St Mary's, doorway

St Mary's, interior - click to enlarge

Image 11e
Interior of St Mary's

Altar at St Mary's - click to enlarge

Image 11f
Altar at St Mary's

St Mary's, looking up the pathway - click to enlarge

Image 11g
St Mary's,
looking up the pathway
(Aug 2001)

St Mary's, towards the main entrance gates - click to enlarge

Image 11h
St Mary's,
towards the main entrance gates
(Aug 2001)

St Mary's, church bell - click to enlarge

Image 11i
St Mary's church bell

St Mary's, lower churchyard with Cymau in the background - click to enlarge

Image 11j
St Mary's, lower churchyard — Cymau is in the background
(Aug 2001)

St Mary's, looking up from the lower churchyard - click to enlarge

Image 11k
St Mary's, looking up from the lower churchyard
(Aug 2001)

St Mary's, angel memorial - click to enlarge

Image 11l
Angel memorial at St Mary's

Four-footed visitor to the churchyard - click to enlarge

Image 11m
Another visitor to the churchyard...

Aerial photo of Brymbo, Moss Valley and Pentre Broughton, 1993 - click to enlarge

Image 12
Aerial photo — Brymbo, Moss Valley
and Pentre Broughton
(taken 1993)
See below for more info.

More photos of Brymbo coming up!
Meanwhile, take a look at Alan's Brymbo pages and The Judge for more memories.

Other links
Discovery of an important fossil forest at the Brymbo site in spring 2006: BBC and CCW

More about the aerial photo above of the Brymbo area
(keep the enlargement open in the separate popup window for reference,
then click between that and this page)

The aerial photo was taken from a small plane back in 1993. From Caernarfon we went along the coast, more or less down the route of the A55 then over to Mold and as far as Wrexham, with two or three circuits around the general area of Brymbo before heading back roughly along the A5. Up at the coast it was sunny but over here it was pretty dull; so with that, twisting every which way to snatch as many shots as possible, trying to focus, camera shake, glass reflection, bits of wings getting in the way and all the rest of it . . . well, let's just say they're not exactly professional quality! But one day there might be a few of the better ones here :)

Those familiar with the area will need no guidance, but for the benefit of others: Brymbo occupies the left of centre area of the picture. Dominant is the Brymbo Steelworks site (centre left) which by this time had been partially dismantled. Above it, extreme left, is Brymbo Pool, and the smaller Hot Pool which has since been filled in, and Mount Zion area. Probably just out of sight is "The Bottle". Then coming down the hillside is Cheshire View etc, with the older part of Brymbo a little further down.

The road following the contour of the steelworks hill (New Road) comes down from Brymbo then passes through Lodge (bottom left). Running above this road, just to the right of it in the picture, can be seen part of the route of the old railway line, now only a pathway. Centre foreground is the Pentre Broughton road, and Long Lane can be seen running down through the fields between the other two, towards Brynteg. One of the buildings visible here off Long Lane is the Royal Oak public house or "Caddy's" (from the old Pwll Cadi pit which was nearby), a pub many will remember which is now burnt out. From this road is an excellent view of what was the steelworks site on the opposite hillside.

Collectively these three routes towards Wrexham run through Southsea, New Broughton, Caego, Berse, Cefn, Brynteg and Gatewen — all off-picture. In the centre of the photo is the radio mast near Brynmally Farm (Bryn Mali, or Mary's Hill), just distinguishable by its white top.

In the bottom right section, the village of Moss and the Cerney (Cerni) sprawl down the hillside, with one end of the Moss Valley and golf course just above, running off-picture to the right, where it then curves around the foot of the hill bottom right, below Moss and towards Poolmouth where the boating lakes are situated ("the Aggie", or Argae, from a former drift mine). On the opposite hillside, over the valley and out of sight to the right, are Ffos-y-Go and Summerhill.

Right to left, the road from Cefn-y-Bedd to Minera is marked by a hedge/tree line roughly bisecting the photo, above centre. On the nearer side are Windy Hill (extreme right) and Ffrwd, together with the Glyon, Nant and Vicarage Road areas.

Hope Mountain occupies the top right quarter, with Cymau on its slopes. To the left of the hill is the village of Ffrith in the Cegidog river valley and, barely visible beyond it, Llanfynydd. The Glascoed and Nant-y-Ffrith areas are further to the left, with Bwlchgwyn out of view. Away into the distance is Mold, with Moel Fammau rising up on the horizon. Also in the distance, although they can't be picked out in this shot, are villages such as Treuddyn and Nercwys.

The derelict steelworks site has been completely transformed over the past couple of years, after well over a decade of wrangling over what to do with it and securing funding. Reclamation finally began in 2003, but through 2005 in particular the familiar profile facing New Road down to the Lodge, and best seen from Long Lane, changed visibly from week to week as huge plant 're-arranged' the landscape (one description seen was 'terraforming', which is about right). We wait to see what the entire 240 acre site will eventually turn into over the coming few years, but building of almost 500 new homes is already under way on one part of it.

Two excellent aerial photos of the Brymbo site can be seen at the Gathering the Jewels site, courtesy of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales:
1993 and 1995.

For more recent aerial views, see also the site:
Good overall view of almost the whole site and surroundings, at 1:25,000
Closer view of the Brymbo end, at 1:10,000
Closer view of the Lodge end, at 1:10,000
The Multimap shots have a map overlay to help get your bearings, which moves with your cursor (this can be switched off from controls at the top of the image if you prefer). Move in any direction by using the arrows around the border. You can also zoom in closer to 1:5,000 but it gets fuzzy. Dates aren't given, but Multimap indicate all aerial views are 1999 or later: the last one seen of the Brymbo site looked as though it could be c. 2001/02 before the major reclamation work began, but the UK is being re-flown all the time so no doubt it will be replaced with a newer image in due course when they next get around to this area.

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