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The Trader or Wrexham Trader appeared on Thursdays, a free weekly paper printed by Woodall, Minshall, Thomas & Co. and published by them at the Border Press, Egerton Street, Wrexham. As its name suggests, advertising dominated the pages (see scan of a typical front page here). There was other content, but the extent and nature of it varied.

The extracts reproduced here are from 1916. At the start of the year non-advertising content was limited: one or two articles of either local or general interest (quite often credited to other sources), a 'News of the Week' column with brief news items from all over the country, including some from Wales and the border counties; and 'War Notes', which periodically reported very briefly on the main theatres of war. The articles remained a feature throughout, none very long, though certain pieces could be split over more than one issue. Understandably, considering the times, aspects of the Great War are reflected in much of the material.

As the year progressed there was more news local to the Wrexham area, and also included was a series of a dozen sketches of buildings either in the town or round about. Over the year as a whole is a fairly eclectic mix, ranging from the light or humorous to the serious, from interesting to sometimes quite technical or 'scholarly'; and augmented by Wrexham news and a varied range of snippets from home and abroad. A feature that appeared every few weeks was extracts from letters written to the Welsh Coast Pioneer by a soldier in the Pals Battalion in which Wrexham men also served.

By degrees we aim to extract most non-advertising content from the 1916 issues of the paper, together with a selection of the advertisements placed by local business and trades. No attempt has been made to reproduce the layout or formatting of the adverts, which are transcribed as plain text only.

This project is ongoing, and only the January 1916 issues are available so far.


6 January 1916
The New Year at Wrexham .. Comforts for the Troops .. News of the Week .. War Notes
The Glynn .. Adverts

13 January 1916
Plough Monday .. Our Future .. News of the Week .. Adverts

20 January 1916
With the "Pals" .. Inventions in 1915 .. Scraps .. War Notes .. Adverts

27 January 1916
Wrexham in 1769 .. News of the Week .. Adverts

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