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Transcript from
The Regimental Annual of The Sherwood Foresters
Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment

Edited by Colonel H. C. Wylly, C.B.

A correspondent has been good enough to send us a contemporary roll of
No. 3 Company, 95th Regiment, in camp before Sebastopol, 1855.

ANDERSON, Thomas, Pte.
AYRE, George, Pte.
BACON (?), Michael, Dr.
BATES, Alfred, Pte.
BETTS, Walter, Pte.
BOAST, David, Pte.
BARTLETT, William, Pte.
BOND, Mathew, Pte.
BOYD, James, Pte.
BRENTNELL, William, Pte.
CARSON, James, Pte.
CHANDLER, David, Pte.
COLE, John, Pte.
COOK, William, Pte.
DAVEY, George, Pte.
DAVEY, William, Pte.
DUNLOP, Henry, Pte.
DUTHEY, John, Pte.
EDWARDS, Thomas, Pte.
ENGLISH, James, Pte.
FLYNN, Mortimer, Pte.
GAMBEL, Samuel, Pte.
GOODING, John, Cr.-Sergt.
GOULDEN, Thomas, Pte.
HAYWOOD, Thomas, Pte.
HOLLYOAK, Joseph, Pte.
HUGHES, John, Pte.
JOYCE, William, Pte.
KEELING, Francis, Pte.
LANGHAM, Isaac, Pte.
LEACH, Alfred, Pte.
McARTEN, Thomas, Pte.
McDONALD, John, Pte.
McENTEE, Bernard, Pte.
McENTEE, James, Pte.
MADDEN, Thomas, Pte.
MEDCALF, Henry, Pte.
MORAN, Daniel, Pte.
MOYERS, James, Pte.
MULCAHY, Cornelius, Pte.
PANTLING, Abraham, Pte.
POLLARD, Joseph, Pte.
POTTS, Robert, Corp.
REID, William, Pte.
RILEY, William, Pte.
ROSE, Joel, Pte.
SALSBURY, Thomas, Pte.
SCOTT, James, Pte.
SPARKS, Thomas, Pte.
SPARKS, William, Sergt.
STOTT, Charles, Pte.
STUTLEY, Henry, Pte.
SULIVAN, Timothy, Pte.
SULLIVAN, John, Pte.
THOMPSON, Isaac, Pte.
THORPE, George, Pte.
TOMLINSON, James, Pte.
TRAVERS, Thomas, Pte.
TURNER, Edwin, Pte.
WALSH, James, Sergt.
WATT, Robert, Pte.
WHALEY, James, Pte.
WILLSHIRE, Frederick, Pte.
WILSON, James, Pte.
WINTER, George, Pte.
WOODARD, Isaac, Pte.
YARROW, Francis, Pte.

This roll is so far incomplete that the nationalities of all the men are not given, but among those that are there are 28 Englishmen and 24 Irishmen. Of the former only seven hailed from Derby. Nine men had only been enlisted that year — 1855 — while the oldest soldier was apparently Pte. Thomas Boyd, whose date of enlistment was March 26th, 1837.

A reference to rolls of wounded, to be found elsewhere, shows that some of the men whose names occur on this roll had already been wounded.

The Siege of Sebastopol - General View

Illustration of the Siege of Sebastopol, general view - click to enlarge This engraving is not contemporary with the article above, but is from the Illustrated London News of 18 November 1854.

If you have JavaScript enabled, click the thumbnail to see it at a moderate size, but it's also available here much enlarged (308 kb).


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