Two Moss Valleys, in North Wales and Derbyshire
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Two Moss Valleys . . . ??

A little while after settling on the name of MossValley for the site I realised there is another area not far from Sheffield called Moss Valley — near Eckington in Derbyshire.

For the record, these pages were named after the Moss Valley which is local to me, near Wrexham in north Wales, in ignorance (at the time) of the other in Derbyshire; but . . . the coincidence is that many of my ancestors were Sheffield folk.

There is content relating to both general areas on these pages which, coupled with the site name, means visitors may be looking for either of the Moss Valleys. Depending which page they land on, those interested in this Moss Valley are sometimes baffled by the number of references to Sheffield and elsewhere; while those looking for 'the other one' wonder why they're seeing a page about somewhere in Wales :)

The transcripts offered here come from a collection which eventually expanded in many diverse directions, but it began with family history research in Wales and Sheffield, as well as other places in the UK and abroad. Researching the family led to a wider interest in 'general history' of almost any period and flavour; and then in the history of my own locality. That's why there are particular sections on the site for both the Wrexham and Sheffield areas, as well as for other places and diverse topics. (Unfortunately there's no material relating specifically to the Moss Valley near Eckington, only to Sheffield and some of the surrounding areas.)

So apologies for any confusion, and I hope this note explains the reasons. A couple of map extracts might help too . . .  hopefully Philip's will forgive these being used: they do a really good large-scale road atlas, showing a lot of detail without being so large as to lose the bigger picture.

The two Moss Valleys


Moss Valley, near Wrexham, North Wales


Moss Valley (and Wales!), near Sheffield

The Welsh Moss Valley near Wrexham in North Wales — there's a village by the name of Moss as you can see, from which it takes its name. The arrow points only to a part of the Moss Valley area. Wrexham is just off-picture, bottom right.

Not been there, but I assume the English Moss Valley (near Sheffield, but lying in Derbyshire) must be about where the bottom left arrow points to 'The Moss', and possibly includes the green area to the south/south-east. Sheffield is off-picture, top left. The other arrow indicates a village by the name of 'Wales' in Yorkshire. Another of the same name is situated in Somerset.

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