Genealogy of Brendle, Parris,Cochran, Woodard, Bridges, Ramsey, and Parker families

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My Daddy and many ancestors before him was raised on Larkie (Alarka) and when i was still just a kid I got to go almost every weekend.  We would go eat dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and often go fishing or just hang out and watch the little piglets grow.  I still live within just minutes of Larkie and in the past year I have been making almost weekly trips there again.  I've known for years that I missed that place...I missed Daddy and simply missed being on Larkie.

Something just keeps drawing me there. 
Grandma and Grandpa are in town now so I don't go all the way up Deep Gap to visit...I just go!!! 

I wanted to buy a home here high up on Larkie, but that didn't work out.  So...I go and walk or drive around.  I visit Brendle swimming hole and the cemeteries.  For some reason, when I'm just seems like I belong.  High up on "Larkie Top" is where I come from!!!

My parents are Zeb T. "Junior" Brendle and Katie M. Ramsey.

(You can find info about Katie and her family by visiting the Parker, Parris and Ramsey pages at Mountain Kin by following links here or you may contact me for lineage on all the people listed within the Mountain Kin site)

Junior's parents are Zeb T. Brendle and Viola Bridges.

Zeb's parents were Thomas Henry Brendle born April 18, 1880 to George Washington Brendle and "Patsy" Jenkins and Betty Woodard (1898-1978) daughter of Columbus Woodard and "Teenie" Bowers.  Thomas died December 12, 1955.  Both Thomas and Betty are buried in Brendle Cemetery, Alarka, NC.

Viola Bridges Brendle is the daughter of Robert Lee Bridges (1905-1963) born to Reverend Calvin G. "Cal" Bridges and Josephine "Josie" Woodard and Lucy Cochran (1908-1995) daughter of Merrit C. Cochran and Mary "Polly" Lowe.  Robert and Lucy are buried in Brendle Cemetery.

It has become obvious that the children of Cal and Josie Bridges really liked the children of Merritt and Polly Cochran.  My granny (Viola) has at least 3 sets of double 1st cousins.  Also...researchers can find many other close connections between the families from Larkie that link back in on another line. 
So ya see... My family tree grew like a Morning Glory vine, twisting and growing around itself, blooming, and spreading it's seeds all around for another generation of growth and beauty.  Just like the Morning Glory the Cochrans, Brendles, Bridges, Woodards and Jenkins have literally thousands of descendants. 

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