Moygownagh Roman Catholic Parish
County Mayo, Ireland
For reasons yet unknown, there appears to be no church records available for the Moygownagh Roman Catholic Parish in County Mayo prior to civil registration. The parish is made up of townlands that are spread across the three civil parishes of Moygownagh, Kilfian, and Crossmolina. Those townlands are identified here along with their corresponding civil parish. If a townland has two spellings, the first was taken from the Tithes and the second from the Griffith's. The names of residents in the townlands of Fairfield Lower and Fairfield Upper in Kilfian Civil Parish appear to have been transposed between the two sets of records, which may have been caused by a misidentification on one of the records.
1834 Tithe Applotments 1856 Griffith's Valuation
Townland/Civil Parish First Name Last Name First Name Last Name Notes
Ardvarney Bartly Cawley John Orme
Moygownagh Patrick Gallaher Andrew Walker  & Sons
Micheal Murphy RC Chapel
William Orme
Patrick Rogan
Patrick Walsh
Attishane William Mc Kenzie Patrick Donnelly
Crossmolina Phillip O' Boyle Peter Donnelly
William Orme Godfrey Fetherstone
Phelim O'Boyle
Martin Taheny School
Attishane Joynt John Nealis William Doyle
Crossmolina William Orme Patrick Feeny
Thomas Tighe Godfrey  Fetherstone
John Nelis
Thomas Nelis
Patrick Rape
Ballyglass Edmond Doherty Anthony Farrell
Moygownagh Michael Mc Hale Patrick Gallagher
John Murphy Michael Hannahoo
Thomas Walsh John Hughes
Hugh Kelly
Peter O'Donnell
John Orme
James Orme
William Orme
Ballynagor John Reynolds Henry Brush Rev
Moygownagh George Rogers Edward  Burns
Robert Wells Patrick Gallagher
Widow Wells William Healy
Daniel McNamara Rev
James McNamara Rev
Bidget Moore
Patrick Quinn
William Trimble
John Tuohy
Robert Wills
Calliaghadoo Widow Dimond Thomas Browne
Moygownagh Michael Kelly Patrick Dimond
John Murphy Henry Dimond
Mary Kelly
Thomas Murphy
Edward  Murphy
Carnaclogh Patrick Browne Patrick Browne
Carnclogh William Gallagher James Gallagher
Moygownagh Michael Gilroy Peter Gallagher
James O' Donell William Gallagher
William Knox
Carraun Michael Barret Thoms Feenerty
Carn Patrick Caffry Michael McDonnell
Moygownagh Patrick Malloy Patrick McNamara
Patrick Trany Patrick Melia
Martin Walsh
Cluddaun Bryan Fody Anthony Burke
Kilfian John Loftus James Devitt
Widow  Loftus Michael Heffernan
Walter  Lynsky Patrick Loftus
Michael Monnelly Edward Loftus
Thomas Monnelly Alice  Loftus
John Nealis John Loftus
Andrew  Reap Patrick Lynne
James Reap John Munnelly L
Michael Reap Patrick Rape
Patrick Reap
Martin Walsh
Cloonaghmore Patrick Durkan Michael Kelly
Moygownagh Thomas Kelly Patrick Kelly
Patrick Quinn Patrick Quinn
Cloonsneachta Michael Deirth William Knox
Cloonsnaghta Edmond Gilespie
Moygownagh James Mc Donell
Corravokeen Hugh Granaham Thomas Magennis
Correens James Orme James Orme School
Moygownagh William Orme William Orme
Corvoderry John McLaughlin John Burdish
Moygownagh Eneas McDonnell
Miles McDonnell
John McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin
Owen O'Boyle
James O'Boyle
Bridget O'Boyle
Corvoley Patrick Brown John R Browne
Moygownagh John Browne Jun
Margaret Browne
Croaghanreddy Patrick Reddy Bartholomew Ruddy
Croaghan West
Croaghanshrathnakilla Patrick Flynn Anthony Irwin
Croaghan East James Ruddy
Crocnacally Michl Monnelly Co Anthony Munnelly LHO
Crocknacally Anthony Monnelly John Munnelly LHO
Kilfian Anthy Monnelly Philip Munnelly LOC
Peter Monnelly
Phillip Monnelly
Thomas Monnelly
Doobehy James McAndrew Anthony Dunlevy
Moygownagh Hugh McLaughlin Edward Dunlevy
Patrick McAndrew
William McAndrew
James McAndrew
Hugh McLaughlin
Peter Rogers
Drumnanagle Hugh Carolan William Hughes
Moygownagh John Cawley Sarah Keegan
Patrick Keegan John Keegan
Hugh Kelly Anthony Kelly
Thady Loftus Hugh Kelly
William Mc Avock John Kelly
William Orme Mary Kelly
Michael Kelly
Thomas Kelly
Edward Lynch
Fairfield Upper Michael Boyton William Burke
Kilfian David Burke John Cafferky
Anthony Cafferky James Cafferky
James Cafferky Michael Coleman
John Cafferky Mary Doherty
Michael Coleman Eneas Gallagher
Peter  Coleman Mary Gallagher
Patrick Connnor James Gillespie
Patrick Devitt Thomas Gillespie
Anthony Elwood Anthony Harn
John Gallaher Martin  Harte
John Gillaspie Patrick Irwin
Patrick Gillaspie Thomas Loftus
Anthony Gillaspy Michael McDonnell
Edward  Gillaspy Anthony McGlin
James Gillaspy Patrick McQuiggan
Patrick Gillaspy James O'Boyle
Thomas  Gillaspy
John Greevy
Owen Ham
Martin Hart
Harry Jr. Horo
Harry Sr. Horo
Patrick Horo
Anthony Hughes
John Irwin
Patrick Jr. Irwin
Patrick Sr. Irwin
Thomas  Loftus
Andrew Loftus
Thomas  Lynott
Thomas  Mc Andrew
Charles  Mc Dermot
James Mc Donnel
William Mc Heal
Andrew Mc Namara
Francis  Mc Namara
Thomas  Mc Namara
Michael Murphy
Patrick Murray
Bryan  O'Boyle
James O'Boyle
Patrick Quick
Widow Regan
John Ruane
Fairfield Lower James Berrane Patrick Barrane
Kilfian Patrick Carbine Thomas Croneen
John Davis Michael Cuffe
Patrick Davis Anthony Davis
John Doher John Davis
Patrick Doher John Doherty
Anthony Dooher Andrew Dooher
Anthony Gallaher Anthony Dooher
James Gillaspe John Dooher
Hugh Mayrick Michael Dooher
Patrick Mc Heal Philip Forrestal
Michael Meyrick Denis Gallagher
Peter Meyrick Edward Gough
Michael Nary Peter Gough
Patrick Nary William Hughes
Widow Nary Michael Kilbride
John Knox
Hugh Mayac
Peter Mayac
James McDonnell
Andrew McNamara
Francis  McNamara
John Nary
Michael Nary
Patrick Nary
Patrick Neilass
James O'Boyle
Thomas O'Boyle
Michael Rape
Martin Ryder
Fallgrave Matthew Flynn William Knox
Fallgarve Cormac Moran William Trimble
Moygownagh Patrick Munnelly
Fermoyle John Moyles John Myles
Moygownagh Thomas Myles
Forrew James O' Connor Patrick Bilbow
Moygownagh Daniel O' Hara Thomas Bilbow
James Quin Bryan Feeny
Peter Reap Mary Kelly
Blank Reddy Peter Malowney
James McLoughlin
Honoria Murphy
William Orme
John Quinn
Owen Quinn L
Bridget Rape 
Flanagan Thomas
Garranard Patrick Browne Patrick Browne
Moygownagh William Gallagher Henry Brush
Anthony O' Donell Richard Coleman
James Gallagher
Peter Gallagher
William Gallagher
William Knox
Denis Sweeny
Owen Sweeny
Robert Wills
Garrynagran Matthew Bourke Catherine Bilbow
Moygownagh Patrick Clifford Patrick Clifford
Owen Cuffe Peter Gallagher
Samuel Galaher Thomas Gillespie
Thomas Gilespie William Healy
Michael Hughes
James McCawley
James McNish
Peter Nary
Martin Walsh
Patrick Walsh
Robert Wills
Gortnahurra Lower John Connor John Barrett
Crossmolina Michael Flynn Anthony Browne
Peter Flynn James Browne
Miles Mc Donald Martin Browne
William Mulloy Thomas Caden
William Cawley
William Coghlan
John Connor
Martin Connor
Terence Connor
Patrick Dougher
Patrick Feenerty
Patrick Flaherty
Thomas Flemming
Michael Flynn
Peter Flynn
Anthony Molloy
Patrick Molloy
James Monnelly
Margaret Monnelly
Michael Quin
Owen Quin LH
Patrick Smith
Gortnahurra Upper Martin Flynn Anthony Browne
Crossmolina Andrew Gallaher James Browne
John Gallaher Martin Browne
William Gallaher Michael Browne
Peter Irwin Martin Flyn
Anthony Lynsky Patrick Flyn
Edmond  Lynsky Catherine Gallagher
Edmond  Mc Donnell Michael Gallagher
William Montgomery Thomas Gallagher
James Gardiner
Patrick Gaughan
Michael Hughes
John Linsky
Edward McDonnell
Thomas McHale
Anthony Naughtin
Killeenashask Hugh Durkan Patrick Kelly
Moygownagh Edmond Lynott William McManus
Edmond Munnelly Thomas Munnelly
William Orme George Robinson
Patrick Rogan
Knockacullen William Orme John Orme
Moygownagh William Orme
Knockananny James Berrane Michael Barraw
Moygownagh Anthony Everett Patrick Hart
Martin Horan
John Malowney
Patrick Marly
Michael McNish
Michael O'Donnell
Michael O'Neil
William Orme
Knockmoyle Patrick Monnelly John Munnelly
Laghtanvack Edmond Fergus John Gunnigal
Moygownagh Michael O'Boyle
Lecarrownwaddy John Dunleavy Honoria Dunlevy
Moygownagh Ulick Glenmore Bryan Feeny 
Thomas Hoban 
Michael Lynot
James McLoughlin
Thomas Murphy
William Orme
Owen Quinn LHO
Lessanny Dominick Connor William Healy
Moygownagh Patrick Marly William Orme
Patrick O' Donell
James Timlin
Rathglass Widow Browne Thadeus Carabine
Kilfian Thady Carbine Patrick Connor
Peter Carobine Thomas Corcoran
Thomas Corcoran James Davis
James Davis Patrick Flaherty
Michael Flaherty Mary Hopkins
Patrick Gilbride Patrick Hopkins
Anthony Gilmartin  Patrick Kilbride
Anthony Hopkins John Knox
James Hopkins Michael Martin
Thomas Howley Francis McDonnell
James Hynes John McNa
Michael Mohan Patrick Monghan
Patrick Mohan Thomas Monghan
Patrick Moyick
Widow Murphy
Patrick Reap
Roosky James Hopkins Thomas Munnelly Jun
Moygownagh James Munnelly Thomas Munnelly Sen
Thomas Munnelly Patrick Quinn
John Quinn Michael Regan
Thomas Reape
Patrick Regan
Michael Walsh
Patrick Walsh
Michael Williams
Shannetra Thomas Cavanagh Samuel Handy In Fee
Kilfian John Conway
Anthony Monnelly
John Monnelly
Michael Monnelly
Shanvodinnaun John Burdish Philip Irwin
Moygownagh Thomas Keern Hugh Kelly
Thomas Roache Munnelly Bridget
Srahmeen Thomas Irwin James Cary
Kilfian Charles Moghan John Irwin
John Moghan John Mahon
Richard Moghan Richard Mahon
Tawnywadyyduff Patrick Kelly Edward Kelly
Moygownagh William Orme Mary Kelly
Patrick Kelly
William Orme
Tonree Hugh Durkan Andrew McManus
Moygownagh Reverend McNamarra Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker
Treenagh Anthony Browne Anthony Brown
Kilfian John Cawley John Cawley
Patrick Fleming Mark Cawley
Owen Mc Hale Patrick Cawley
Anthony Monnelly James Commons
Patrick Monnelly Patrick Commons
Thomas Commons
Patrick Gillespie
James Golden
Edward McAndrew
Patrick Meehan
John Munnelly
John Murphy
Michael Murphy
Patrick Murphy
John Myles
Laurence Roche
Patrick Spelman
Ummerantarry Anthony Gallagher James Hegarty
Kilfian Edmond Hegarty
James Hegarty
Michael Hegarty
Michael Kelly