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Welcome to our page on Ottawa County, OK.  We hope we have put something here that will help you in your own family search.  If you have any information, and willing to share this information, we would love to have you help us fill "Our Rusty Old Buckets."   Stop by often to see what is "new" and if you have any suggestions, or corrections, do not hesitate to contact one of us.  To contact us, just click on one of the links below.  NOTE:   Anything that has our little chatrat next to it is a new or updated item, so watch for him.

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Photo was taken in the old Woolworth Store on Main Street in Miami, OK.  Year Unknown.

1.  Lady behind counter - Eula Duncan              6.  Jean Buckmaster                                        11. Mrs. Louise Ash
2.  Paul Shell                                                     7. Mrs. Ruth West                                           12. Mrs. Hazel Boyd
3.  Reta Sharp                                                   8. Pauline Vanatta Bailey                                 13. Mrs. Dorothy Dawson
4. Anna Lee Cron                                              9. Lorene Vanatta                                           14. Lavonne Whitesell Stewart
5. Frances Coble                                             10. Ruby Stogsdill Greninger                             15. Mrs. Eula Duncan


We have no completed records at this time, but have a good solid beginning on the 1910, so if you can contribute, please do.

 1910 Ottawa Co. Census (partial)
 1920 Ottawa Co. Census (partial of Miami and Picher)

The Law

           The Lawmen of Ottawa Co.

            Law Breakers

                       Yes, Bonnie and Clyde were in Ottawa Co. as well.    Read the Story Here
                        Bonnie Parker         Picture

                        Just have to throw a little more your way.  Ma Barker and her Boys See the Clan

Murders and Mysteries

                       The Murder of Charles R. Hall       Read the Story
                       Elmer Jones (Did he kill his wife?)     Read the Story
                       An Unsolved Murder in Ottawa Co.   The Guy E. Krisher Murder
                       Other Murders         Read the Articles
                       Frank Carlock Murder      Read the Article

Marriages CLICK

Divorces    Definitely an incomplete list here, but keep checking back.
           Divorces in Ottawa County         Special Divorce    Must read this, just funny and short.


Deaths CLICK HERE    Send yours in.     Few Funeral Home Records

Men in Service
           CLICK HERE    for a short list of those who died in the military service 

        CLICK HERE   Ottawa Co. Men in War - Articles, some with Pictures

Obits        CLICK HERE


Hawk Family Cemetery
Rock Creek Cemetery
Minnie Captain Quapaw
Flint Family Cemetery         Please read the NOTICE
Hodgkiss Family Cemetery
Captain Family Cemetery
Hudson Creek
Harris Family Cemetery
Crow Graves
Brown Cemetery
Wright Family Cemetery
Beaver Hill - Wilson Cemetery
Whitebird Cemetery
Skye Cemetery     Originally placed on Lost Cemeteries list.
Other Quapaw Burials
Cemeteries Lost     Brown - Hodgkiss - Hudson Creek - Harris - Wright
Xavier Family Cemetery
Greenback Family Cemetery
Peoria Indian Cemetery
Montgomery Family Cemetery  We previously listed this as Whitebird
Newman Cemetery     PLEASE - read the instructions to find this cemetery.
Calamus Pond Cemetery - Old Eastern Shawnee
Family Burials   This includes  Angel/Angle - Bird - Zane - Government Farm - Goodeagle - Frances Silk
Beaver Family Cemetery
Pete Clabber Family
Red Eagle Family
St. Mary's Quapaw
Charlie Quapaw Blackhawk
Glen Abby Cemetery       Lots of pictures here, and is a current list.
Six Killer Cemetery      Have added 63 more photos
Hampton & Quapaw Family Cemetery
Hoffman-Quapaw Cemetery
Shapp & Shawnee Family
Berry Cemetery      could also be known as the CONNER Cemetery - NE of Fairland - No Pictures
Fairland Cemetery     A beginning list - no pictures
Modoc Cemetery    Have about a dozen  names to add as soon as we retake these pictures
Johnson Cemetery - Wyandotte
Nidiffer Cemetery
Griffin Cemetery
Ottawa County Cemetery
Lock Cemetery -  Indian Cemetery West of Cardin   Miami Tribal Chief Charles S. Welch buried here - small cemetery.
Walker Cemetery  Another small cemetery located close to Wyandotte, OK
Williams Coal Creek Cemetery
Bland Cemetery
Wyandotte Cemetery       Just a few of the names beginning with S.

 GREENLAWN CEMETERY    The more organized list.

As you know this cemetery is actually located in Cherokee Co., KS, but many, many of the Picher people and the surrounding areas, are buried there.


           Adoptions in Ottawa County         Orphan Children Newspaper Ad


           MIAMI HIGH SCHOOL graduation list   donated by SHIRLEY CARTER

           Fairland School 1915         HELP IDENTIFY THESE PEOPLE!!

           Other School Census Records  If anyone has anymore, please submit them.

           School Enrollments       Don't know if this is a certain school for these people or just simply Ottawa Co.  If you
                                                 have any you wish to ad, let us know.

           Central School     School also known as the Twin Schools Third Grade 1936
                                       Two class pictures one 1949-1950 and one 1951 - 1952.  If you recognize any of the people in
                                       these pictures, please let us know so we can add the names to the numbers. Your help is appre-
                               1950-1951 Primary Class Picture added

            Commerce, Nov. 6, 1917, 3rd & 4th Grade, So. Ward School
           Commerce School, 4th & 5th Grade (Harvey Blunt - HB on shirt)
           Commerce School Oct. 14, 1915, 1st Grade (arrow pointing at Harvey Blunt)

           Hockerville School 1935 grade 5           Thanks to Patsy
           Hockerville School 1949, grades 1 and 2        Contributed by Darren  Couch
           Hockerville School (brick building) believe taken in 1917
           Hockerville School, 1928 3rd Grade
           Hockerville School, 1943 1st and 2nd Grade
           Hockerville School, 1946 3rd and 4th Grade

           Picture of Central Elementary School

           Picture of Old Mineral Heights Elementary School

           Picture of White Bird School

           Whitebird 2nd Grade Class 1951 - 52    Several names added
           Whitebird 4th Grade Class 1943 - 54     Several names added
           Whitebird 5th Grade Class 1955 - 56

           Class Pictures
           Picher High School
           Graduation Classes

The Mines                                                           One of the few chatpiles left in Picher, OK.

We will add articles to the lists below as we locate them.

     Men in the Mines    Miners pictures and other items including miners cards and pictures of mines.

            Killed in Mining Accidents         Updated - Articles added

            Injured in the Mines        Updated - Articles added

            Mining Accident of October, 1962

NEW THING ----- Adding this extra area for people who have information, but still can find no information.  If you can help
                                any of these people at any time, please do so.  They will appreciate it, we will appreciate it, and you,
                                well you will just feel so good!!!!!   Here is our first one that needs some help.

 Carl Henry Wiman


       William & Amanda (Scrivner) Owens Family        Family Picture


      The Berends Family          Couple pictures might be slow loading.


      Charles Ramsey & Children (picture only)


 Very first Howard Martin Grocery, in Picher, taken around 1942
 Sooner State Motor Kourt, Miami
 McWilliams Opera House, Miami
 Miami Hotel
 Osborn Rexall Drugs, Miami


        Picher, OK Genealogy
        Cardin Kids
        The Coleman Theater
        Vintage Photos of Ottawa County    John has spent much time in this great site.  Please visit and see photos of
                                                               "the way it was" in Ottawa Co.  You won't be disappointed.
        GenExchange - Other Ottawa Co. Information


 Ottawa County Genealogy Society

  Ottawa Co., Oklahoma OKGenWeb Project

 OKGenWeb Ottawa Co. Archives Site


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