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first baptist church removals


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From First Baptist Church

Founded 1698 as a branch of Pennypack Church, Constituted a separate congregation 1746. Building (the former Keithian meeting-house), on Lagrange Place (now Cuthbert St.), North side, west of 2nd. Rebuilt, 1762. In 1856, congregation removed to a new building, N.W. Cor. Broad and Arch Sts and in 1900, to its present building, S.E cor. 17th and Sansom sts.

Burying ground, Lagrange Place, west of the church. Bodies removed to section 112 Mount Moriah Cemetery. The church burial register says; �Removed the remains of the Dead from our Burial Ground 2nd below Arch Street and reintered them in our new ground at Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Commenced the work Jany. 16, 1860 and took up the last remains including those in the Vaults and house March 16, 1860. Superintended the work myself.

B.R. Loxley, Supt. B. Ground.�

The whole section 112 is the property of the Church. (Westcott: History of Philadelphia; Chap. 187. Wm. W. Keen: Founding of the First Baptist Church; pp.25, 172. Phila. City Directories. Records Mount Moriah Cemetery)

1860 Removals to Section 112 in Mt Moriah from First Baptist Church 2nd Below Arch St. Philadelphia, PA.

Transcribed from the headstones

Baptist Church
of Philadelphia
in memory of our Pastors
Rev.John Watts
Born 1661, Died 1702
Rev. Evan Morgan
Born , Died 1709
Rev. Samuel Jones
Born 1657 Died 1722
Rev. Joseph Wood
Born 1659 Died 1747
Rev. Abel Morgan
Born 1673 Died 1722
Pastors of Joint Churches
Pennepack & Philadelphia

in memory of our Pastors
Rev. Jenkin Jones
Born 1686 Died 1760
Rev Morgan Edwards, A.M.
Born 1722 Died 1795
Rev.William Rogers, D.D.
Born 1751, Died 1824
Rev. Elhanan Winchester
Born 1751 Died 1797
Rev. Thomas Ustick A.M.
Born 1753 Died 1803
Rev. William Stanghton, D.D.
1770 Died 1829

in memory of our pastors
Rev. Henry Holcomb, D.D.
Born 1762 Died 1824
Rev. William T. Brantly, D.D.
Born 1787 Died 1845
Rev. George B. Ide, D.D.
Born 1804 Died 1872
James H. Cuthbert, D.D.
Born 1823 Died 1893
George Dana Boardman, D.D., LL.D.
Born 1828 Died 1903

Mary, the wife of
Hugh Gourley
who departed this life
Nov.28th 1796
Aged 37 Years
And her Children
Mary who died Aug.27th 1789
Ann July 10th 1792
Maria, Aug. 24th 1795
James, Jan. 16th 1797
John Gourley, who departed this life
in Goshen, the 5th of September, 1799
in the 13th year of his age
He was buried in the Presbyterian Burying Ground
Middletown Delaware
Also Hugh Gourley
Who sweetly fell asleep in Jesus
on the 9th of November 1833
in the 84th year of his age
Hugh Gourley represented the first Baptist Church in the Baptist Association between 1775 and 1801; was a messenger between 1800 and 1807; trustee 1819. (Westcott: Hist of Phila; Chaps. 355, 524, 525.)
Jane Bebb
who died
July 6th 1809 ?
Hard: but it may be done

Eliza Eldridge
who departed this life
December the 6th, 1816
aged 19 years
Tobitha Green
who departed this life
February the 6th 1822
aged 26 yeas

Lydia their grandchild daughter of
John and Lydia Re. a. y
died 21st Nov, 1809 in her 2nd year

Mrs Ann Butler
wife of
Joseph Butler
who departed this life
Oct 1st 1835
in the 40th year of her age
Also of
George W. son of
Joseph & Ann Butler
who departed this life
Jan 5th 1834
in the 19th year of his age
Benjamin W. Butler
who died Feb. 18th 1838
in the 21st year of his age
Joseph Butler
who departed this life
March 17th 1844
aged 53 years

Margaret, wife of
Josiah Evans
who departed this life
June 9th 1816
Aged 38 years
Also of
Josiah Evans
who departed this life
December 14th 1829
Aged 59 years

Stephen Shewell
who departed this life 24th of Dec 1809
in his 84th year
Also of
His wife Elizabeth
who departed this life 10th of October 1794
in her 64th year
Elizabeth Shewell, their daughter
who departed this life 7th of June 1810

Son of Joseph and Sarah Cave
who departed this life
November 11th 1857 (1837)
aged 10 months
Sarah E. Cave
died February18th 1843
Also Robert R. Cave
Died February 26th 1843
aged 18 months
Also Joseph Cave
Died March 15th 1847
aged 49 years
Joseph Cave was elected sexton of the Church, Sept 20, 1838.

Naomi Jones
daughter of
Benjamin and Sarah
who departed this life
may 19th 1807
In the 18th year of her age

To the memory of
Thomas Bacon Esq.
A Planter of Georgia
Son in law of the late Henry Holcomb
He Was born
In Liberty County, Geo., Sept. 7th 1775
And died
In Philadelphia, Oct. 23rd 1834
Elevated to Public Stations by the confidence
of his Fellow Citizens Mr. Bacon acquitted
himself in the duties assigned him with integrity and usefulness
In the Church he professed to be a follower of the
meek and lowly Jesus....of which
he worthily occupied the office of Deacon.
As a husband he was ever solicitous of
multiplying his Partner's joys, and never failed
to sympathize in her sorrows
As the father of a numerous Family he ruled
his Children and his Household with a dicipline blended energy and affection
In his intercourse with society, he was dignified
courteous and friendly, delicate in his Charities
and prompt to assist in the hour of need.
In Fine his life as a Christian Statesman
and Jurist, the truth that nothing
is substantial without Honesty, that there
is no enduring happiness, without Piety
and that the highest earthly distinction
is a Constant Christian.
A Tribute of Affection
By his Wife and Children.
On June 14, 1811 six months after Dr. Staughton withdrew with the Sansom Street Church, Dr Henry Holcombe was called from Savannah� (Wm. W. Keen: Founding of the First Bapt. Ch. ; p. 75)
Ann Ryan
Wife of Edward Ryan
who departed this life
August 25th 1812
aged 35 years

Hannah Reynolds
Wife of Joseph Reynolds
who departed this life
October 9th 1816
in the 33rd year
of her age.
Capt. Joseph Reynolds, of Norwich, Conn, and Hannah Ingels, of Phila. PA m. Oct 22 1801.

In Memory of
Samuel Jones M.D.
Who died
on the 17th of Sept 1797
of a fever
caught by performing
the most laborous acts
of humanity & charity
to the poor
of Philadelphia
Aged about 27 years
He lived and died in the Truth
of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Blessed is that Servantwhom his
Lord when he commeth shall find
so doing. Matt XXIV, 26
Margaretta L. Withy
who entered upon her immortal inheritance
Nov 1, 1830
aged 22 years
Young Talented and pious she sleeps.....
to awake in Heaven.

Mrs. Ann Wilgus
who departed this life
April 11th A.D. 1836
in the 63rd year
of her age

Esther wife of
John Stewart
who departed this life
November 30th 1819
aged 22 years 10 months
and 20 days.

Sarah Thomas
who departed this life
February 7th 1820
aged 52 years
Timothy Thomas
Consort of Sarah Thomas
who departed this life
June 19th 1822
Aged 60 years

Elizabeth Hassall
Wife of
Joseph Hassall
who departed this life
July 6th 1809
aged 47 years

Charity Allison
Daughter of
Burgiss & Rhoda Allison
who departed this life
Oct 21st A.D. 1794
Aged 8 Years and 6 Months

John Bigar
who departed this life
August 9th 1820
In the 59th year of
his age

Dinah Brown
Died Sept 2nd 1858
Aged 52 years
�Dinah Brown, a colored woman, admitted to membership.� (Minutes)

Hannah Eldridge
who departed this life
March 29th 1831
aged 55 years

wife of John R. Combes
who departed this life
April 30th 1825
aged 51 years 1 month and 2 days.

Aaron Ellis
who departed this life
February 24th 1837
In the 65th year of his age

Susannah Hinsey
daughter of
John and Margaret Hinsey
of the State of Del.
who departed this life
June 19th 1822
aged 25 years & 9 months

Mary Cox
wife of
John T. Cox
who departed this life
March 27th 1821
in the 49th year of her age.

Mary B. Reynolds
who departed this..........
22, 1823
aged 10? months......days

Harriot Cox
Wife of John T. Cox
who departed this life
Jan 2nd 1811
aged 44 years
John T. Cox
who departed this life
April 7th 1813
aged 46 years

Cornelius Barnes
who departed this life
on the 16th of September 1793?
in the 50th? Year of his age
Cornelius (son of) Cornelius
and Sarah Barnes
who departed this life
the 9th of July 1791? Aged 16 months

Here lies the remains of
Stephen Anthony
who departed this life
May 12th A.D. 1763
in the 66th year of his age
Also Joanna Anthony
Relict of Stephen Anthony
who departed this life
April 29th 1809, aged 90 years

All the foregoing stones are laid flat forming a walk leading from drive to monument. They are partly covered by encroaching sod. At the drive another stone, set on edge forms a�Stumbling Block� it's inscription, being half buried can not be read.
Philip Jones
and his wife
Grace Eliza
with their Children
Elizabeth Ann
Esther Maria
Edward James
Elizabeth Grace
Emma Matilda
Maria Rebecca
Eleanora Jones

John Macnelly
who departed this life February 26th 1848
in the 50th ? year of his age

Barnaby Barnes who departed this life
May 27th 1820
aged 29 years 9 months
& 24 days
Barnaby Barnes son of Cornelius and Sarah Justice Barnes b. Aug 17, 1790.
Mitchell Bennis
who after having sustained
the office of class leader in the M.E.
Union Church Phila. For upwards
of 36 years peacefully fell asleep in
Jesus on the 25th of September 1854
Aged 58 years and 10 days.

Samuel Burkloe
who departed this life
August 25th 1812
aged 55? years
Catherine Wife of Saml. Burkloe
who died March 29th? 1835
Aged 72 years
Also their daughter
wife of Frederick Plummer
who died happy in the Lord
August 1st 1848
aged 60 years
Frederick Plummer and Catherine Singleton, both of Philadelphia, m.Dec 8, 1814.
Capt James Josiah
who died Sept. 18th 1820
aged 69 years and 9 days.
An exemplary citizen, a firm, patient
and christian believer.
But the fond
hopes inspired by pious love draws
back the veil when spirits meet above.
Elizabeth Josiah
widow of Capt. James Josiah, who
departed this life at Burlington. N.J.
December 27th 1844
aged 82 years and 3 months.
Mary Saurman
Born Dec. 14, 1784
Died Oct. 25, 1872
James Josiah was Master Warden of the Port of Philsdelphia in 1818 (Phila. City Directory, 1821: p. xiix)
Rebecca Saurman
died September 1861
in the 72nd year
of her age.

Sarah Moore
Died April 18th 1876
In the 70th year
of her age

John Turner
who died September 11th 1829
aged 46 years...months & 28 days
Also his children
who died May...1806
aged 7 months
who died August...1810
aged 18 months
who died August...1815?
Aged 20 months

Charles Thomas
Son of
Robert & Hannah Dobson
who died
September 26th 1831
aged 5 years & 6 months
Also of Robert, their Son
who died
May 23rd 1833
aged 1 day
Hannah Dobson
their Mother who died
January the 27th 1836
aged 36 years
Remainder of inscription buried.

Jean the wife of
Thomas Dobson
who died March 7th 1818
aged 66 years
Thomas Dobson
who departed this life
on the 9th of March 1823
in his 73rd year

James Travilla
who departed this life
17th 1830?
in the 32nd? year of his age

Martha Barber
who departed this life
In a full assurance of
a blessed immortality
November 3rd 1849
Remainder of inscription buried

Elizabeth Cook
who departed this life
February 11th 1830
in the 79th year of her age

A stone face down.

Sarah Morris
wife of Joseph Morris
who departed this life
August 28th 1839
aged 73 years 8 mo's. & 13 days.
Joseph Morris
who departed this life
March 17th 1842
aged 81 yrs. 1 mo. & 11 days

Our Mother
Margaret Brades
departed this life August 21st 1839
Aged 63 years

Ann Cook
Born May 16, 1779
Died June 27, 1869

Matilda Fisher

John A, 1824-1895
Annie S. 1844-1910
Jennie S. 1885-1913

Millard F. Smith

Miriam E. Hock

1868 Annie 1927

Frederick Dodd
his wife
Susan Dodd


Thomas A. Stoddart

Anna J. Stoddart

Uselma C. Smith

Katie J.
eldest daughter of
Uselma C. and
Fannie M. Smith
died Aug 1st 1876
aged 1 year
and 12 days

Henry D. Smith
Died Aug 11th 1875
Aged 48 years
Lloyda Kate
Daughter of
Henry D. & Grace A. Smith
Aged 8 Months

Harry D. Smith
Born Aug 19, 1870
Died Feb 2, 1891

Grace A.
Wife of
Henry D. Smith

In memory of
Benjamin Loxley
Removed to this spot
From the Burial ground
of the First Baptist Church
Phila. March 20th, 1860

The graves of
Revd. Morgan John Rhees
Ann Loxley his wife
Revd. Morgan John Rhees and Ann Loxley, both of Phila., m. Feb 22, 1706, at the house of her father, Col. Loxley, in Spruce Street. �Resolved that our sister Ann Rhees be allowed to have a Tombstone placed in the pavement over the Vault where her late husband Morgan John Rhees is interred.� (Minutes)
Their son
Dr. Benjamin Rush Rhees
and his Children
Also his wife
Margaret Grace Rhees
Died July 28, 1866
Aged 66 years

In memory of
Capt. Lloyd Jones
Capt. Lloyd Jones and Ellen Loxley, both of Phila., m.Oct. 1, 1792, at her Father, Benjamin Loxley's house in Spruce Street.

Our Mother
Elizabeth Jones
Died March 4, 1863
Aged 93 years
Their Youngest daughter
Catherine L. Jones
Died June 8, 1869
Aged 57 years

In memory of
Samuel Clark
(Note: all inscriptions in this paragraph are from the Loxley Monument.)
E.J. & C.L.J.

William Goodrich
January 2, 1872
Also his Wife
Charlotte Goodrich
Born September 12, 1810
Died February 19th 1892

Lloyda J.
Only Daughter of the
late Cyrus T. Smith
Died Oct.30th, 1867
Aged 23 years

Mary Pryor Loxley
July 4th 1789
April 7th 1870

Daughter of
Samuel & Jane Clarke
Died April 1st 1875
Aged 69 Years
Our Little Willie
Aged 20 months

Benj. Loxley Lowry
Born Nov.12th 1800
Died March 24th 1865

Mary Jackson Loxley
Born Feb 3rd 1802
Died Oct 8th 1880

George Washington Loxly
Born Sept 7th 1778
Died July 9th 1865

Joseph Rhoads
Who departed this Life
March 8th 1824
In the 24th year of his age

Thomas Rhoads
Died June 26th 1842
In the 58th year of his age.

Sarah Applegate
Died May 9th 1862
Aged 87 Years

Our Sister
Rebecca Patterson
March 1809
April 1865

Our Brother
John Patterson
June 1811
Feb 1872

Wife of
Lewis Y. Walraven
Died March 22nd 1861
Aged 36 Years
Lewis Y. Walraven and Louisa M. Taylor, both of Phila. m. Sept 16, 1851.
Lewis Y. Walraven
Born Nov 3rd 1818
Died Dec 25th 1874

Daughter of
Robert and Louisa
Died Sept 30th 1867
Aged 19 Years

Two heavy stones face down

Jane Louisa
Wife of the late
Matthias Seddinger
Born in London
April 20th 1797
Died in Philadelphia
October 10th 1875

Ann Winfield
Son of
Asa and Eliz. Jones
Aug 11, 1865
Sept. 2 1902

George Albert Jones
Oct 3, 1872
July 1, 1909

Emma Jones
1858 1926

Edward Day
Nov 2nd 1884
Aged 64 years

Abraham Pelen
Born Oct.13 1811
Died Dec. 8 1896
Elizabeth Pelen
Wife of Abraham Pelen
Born Jan. 8, 1817
Died Feb 11, 1887

Clara Pelen
Aged 20 years
Augustus Pelen
Aged 20 Years
Charles Pelen
Aged 27 Years
Eddie Pelen
Aged 26 Years
Children of Abraham and Elizabeth
Sarah J. Pelen
Aged 19 years

Henry W. Griffith
Mary J. Burnwood
1851 1908
Walter S. Burnwood
1842 1921
Bertha I Burnwood

Emily W. Griffith
William H. Griffith
Jane Griffith

Thomas H. Dilworth
Died Oct 12, 1883
Aged 51 Years
Isabella Dilworth
Died May 5,1922
Aged 81 Years

J. Howard Dilworth
Born June 16,1870
Died Oct 10, 1884
Eddie Dilworth
Born Sept. 15, 1879
Died Aug 20, 1888

Asa Jones
Mar 15, 1823
June 13, 1900
Elizabeth Jones
March 7th 1831
Sept 11th 1906

Son of
Asa and Elizabeth
Born May 1st 1863
Died March 12th 1867

Son of
Asa And Elizabeth
Born Sept 20th 1860
Died Aug. 29th 1861

Rebecca D. Wolfe
Consort of William D. Wolfe
Departed this life
Dec 12th 1826
aged 29 years 4 months
and 2 days

Died Sept. 3rd 1864
Manuel M. Phipps
Aged 63 years
Son Edwin Phipps
Aged 24 years
Daughter Lavinia Phipps
Aged 16 years
Four Infants

Joseph B. Phipps
Died 13, 1875
Aged 42 years
Catherine Hermstad
Who departed this Life
July 4th 1837
in the 91st year of her age
Joseph Hermstad
Son of
Nicholas & Catherine
Who departed this life
June 23rd 1849
Aged 61 years 9 months
13 days.
Nicholas Hermstad m. Catherine Haupt April 17, 1775 (PA Arch. 2d. IX p. 359).

Ezekial Taylor
Who departed this life
May 19th 1809
Aged 36 years 6 months
12 days.
Ezekial Taylor and Mary Ann Cox both of Phila. m. Sept 16, 1803
Mary Ann taylor
Wife of Ezelial Taylor
Who departed this life
July 15th 1812
Aged 34 years 4 months
Also of Ann Loxley Taylor
Daughter of
Ezelial and Mary Ann taylor
Who departed this life
March 1st 1829
Aged 24 Years 4 months
24 days

Elizabeth W. Moore
Died January 10, 1894
Aged 87 Years

Elizabeth Taylor
Widow of the late
Charles Taylor
of New York
Who departed this life
February 13, 1833
Aged 36 years

David (?)
Who departed this life
April 2nd 1834
Aged 35 years and 4 months
Top of this stone is broken off,
David Ogden and Sarah jenkins, both of Ohila, m May 7, 1795 at the house of Capt. John Elkins, Shippen St. Philad.
Stump of heavy stone apparently
inscribed protruding from ground.
Hildiburn (?) Maddock
Son of Ezekiel L. &
Phebe Maddock
who departed this
life 24 December
1818 aged 7 mo....
Ezekiel L. Maddock was a trustee of the church, 1819 (Westcott: chap 525
Wife of Peter Madeira
who departed this life
Sep 6th 1833
In the 64th year of her age
In memory of Peter Mad...
Remainder of inscription buried

John Dilworth
Jan 25, 1864
Aged 68 years
Wife of
John Dilworth
Died Feb. 13, 1891
Aged 81 years

Elizabeth Powell
Wife of
Armat Stoddart
1804 1880

The remains of
Isaac and Sarah
and family
The remains of
William Powell
and family

A heavy stone face down
Footstone reads: Mr. J. H.
Mrs. E.H. J.H.
Edward C. Wilson
Died July2, 1887
Aged 45 years

Jonathan Gardner
Born Octr. 15Th 1779 Died Dec20th 1835
Isabell K. Wilson
Born Janry 1st 1831 Died Oct 22nd 1831
Mary A.G. Wilson
Born Sept 12th 1833 Died Sept 4th 1838
Charles K. Wilson
Born Oct 3rd 1837 Died Sept 2nd 1838
Lewis F. Wilson
Born June 2nd 1839 Died April 4th 1841
George R. Wilson
Born Aug 13 1827 Died Aug 17th 1849
Thomas W. Wilson
Born Jan 7th 1852 Died April 27th 1853
John Wilson
Born Oct 1st 1800 Died Feb 25th 1872
Also Sarah
Wife of
John Wilson
Died Dec 5th 1882 Aged 78 years
Top of stone broken off and buried.
Foot stone, partly buried says:
J.G., .McK.W., M.A.G.W.,
C.K.W., L.F.W., G.R.W., T.W.W.

Mrs. Elizabeth Callbreath
Wife of James F. Callbreath
Who departed this life
Dec (189? or 1831)
aged 44 years 6 months & 23 days.
Mrs. Ellin Wife of James F. Callbreath
who departed this life
June 30th 1835
aged 41 years 10 months & 3 days.

James Warren
who departed this life
April 18th 1834
in the 42nd year of his age
Also his son
who departed this life
July 17th 1835
in the 6th year of his age

John Warner
Born Oct 10th 1773
Died March 31 1845
Wife of John Warner
Born Dec 29, 1780
Died Nov 23, 1843

Sarah M. McDermond
Died Feb 14th, 1835
Aged 66 years
Also Jane Rose and
Ann Rose McDermond
George McDermond
Born March 13, 1813
Died Sep. 10, 1901

Rosanna Reynolds
1800 1876

Mary Pew 1780 1864

Ann Fearon
Died Oct 11th 1874
Aged 64 years

Esther Fearon
Died Feb 17th 1871
Aged 75 years

Wife of Clayton Young
who departed this life
May 13th 1854
in the 72nd year of her age
For nearly half a century she was a
member of the First Baptist Church
of Philadelphia, and her life was
that of a constant christian.
Clayton Young and Martha Birch (?) both of Philadelphia, m. Sept 2, 1819

Joseph Hale
1834 1883
George Henry
1870 1871
1841 1921
Mary Jane
Agnes May
1875 1903
Wife of William H.

Susannah Brown
Wife of Thos Brown
Departed this life
Dec 3, 1829, aged 73 years
Thomas Brown
departed this life
Oct 10, 1846, aged 82 years
Thomas Brown was a trustee of the church, 1819. (Westcott: chap 525.


John Ashmead
who died June 6, 1818
in the 80th year of his age
Also Mary Ashmead
his wife

who died May 18, 1814
in the 71st year of her age
Also their children
Mary, Thomas, and Hannah
who died in their infancy
Also Joseph M. Ashmead
died 1799 aged 23 years
Also John Ashmead
Died 1808, aged 41 years
Also William Ashmead
died 1814 aged 44 years
Also Benjamin Ashmead
died 1830 aged 67 years
All being sons of John and Mary Ashmead
George Duncan Kroskey
son in law of john and Mary Ashmead
who died Aug 18, 1829
in the 51st year of his age
And of his infant children
Edwin and George Edwin

A heave stone face down.

Susanna W.
Beloved wife of
Edward Weston
Feb. 22, 1834
Died Oct 22, 1882

John Simes
Son of
Edward and Susanna W
Born Nov.26, 1853
Died May 18, 1855

Thomas Shields
Son of
Thomas and Lydia Shields
Born January 29th 1770
Died December 21st 1845
aged 75 years 10 months
and 22 days
Thomas Shields Jr was a trustee, 1819 (Ibid)

Lydia the daughter of
Thomas and Lydia
who departed this life
the 22nd of August 1782
aged 11 months and 1 day

James Shields, the son of
Thomas and Lydia Shields
who departed this life
17 May, 1792
aged 10 years Months days.

William, the son of
Thomas and Lydia
Who departed this life
the 3rd of August 1784
Aged 1 year & 11 months

Thomas Shields
who died Dec. 1st
Aged 76 years
Lydia Shields.........
who died March 17..
Aged years,
�Thomas Shields was appointed moderator�, May 3, 1800 (minutes) He represented the church in the Baptist Association, between 1775 and 1801. (Westcott: chap. 355).
of Mary Shewell
of Sallows Shewell and
in the 6... year of her age
Sallows Shewell and Mary Shields, both pf Phila., m.May 2, 1785

Ann Biddle
Feb'y 15, 1802
June 13, 1872

Chas. E. Holby
Died Aug. 5,1872
Aged 20 years

William King

Died Aug1, 1877
Aged 39 years

Henry Lamb
Died May3,1878
Aged 77 years

Wife of
Henry Lamb
Oct 5, 1878
in her 71, year

Amy Reynolds
Died Jan 1, 1883
Aged 75 Years

Elizth Buckman
Died Mar 15th 1889
Aged 70 years

Eliza Jones
Died March 4th 1890
Aged 94 years

Rebecca Voight
Died June 23rd 1890
Aged 70 years
Frederick Voight
Died May 13th 1894
Aged 79 years

Eliza Watson
Died Jan 16th 1891
Aged 87 years

Jane Gill
Nov. 13, 1817
Dec 19, 1892
John Gill
Died Aug. 14 1896
Aged 79 years

Anna E. Powell
Died June 2, 1894
Aged 33 years

Charles W. Roberts
Died Dec 27, 1894
Aged 42 years

Annie Kauffman
Died Sept 7th 1895
Aged 97 years

Elizabeth Taylor
Died Dec 22, 1895
Aged 79 years

Catherine Meer Jones
Born Nov 20, 1814
Died Nov. 19, 1896

Annie French
Died Sept 2, 1901
Aged 88 years

Mary Winn
Died Nov 19, 1897
Aged 38 years
John T. Winn
Died April 11, 1900
Aged 45 years

Anna Goffey
May 31, 1900
Aged 61 Years

Louisa A. Collier
Died Feb 7, 1891
Aged 41 years

Harriet Entwistle
Died Jan. 24th 1891
Aged 70 Years

Rev. Wm. Entwistle
Died Feb 3rd 1888
Aged 69 Years

Annie E. Williams
Died Jan 10th 1887
Aged 64 years

Simon P. Lewy
Feb 11, 1819
July 28, 1886

Martha Middleton
Died Feb 9, 1884
Aged 102 years

Mrs. Jane Donahue
Died 19, 1877
Aged 55 years
Hugh Scott
Died Nov 8, 1875
Aged 20 years

Hannah Hyneman
Died Nov. 23, 1877
Aged 92 years

Wm C. King
Died Apr 7, 1877
Aged 11 Months
Mary A. Dickson
Died Nov. 24, 1876
Aged 45 years

Edmond Pock
Died Dec 13, 1882
Aged 4 years
A heavy stone face down; initials on footstone: M.A.M.

Hannah Mitchell
Born Janurary 18th 1804
Departed this life
June 3rd 1884

A heavy stone face down; initals on footstone: M.S.

Joseph T. Burrows
1841 1899
Cordelia M. Burrows
Joseph C. Burrows
1891 1913
Emma Mouille
John Hoff
Born August 19, 1771
Died October....1849
Also his daughter
Born Feb 12, 1831
Died March 2, 1831

Chas G. Bennett
Company H. 27th Reg.
Mass. Vol. G.A.R.
Note: Charles was born in Springfield MA 29 July 1829 and died 7 Nov 1912. He married Caroline Fries 19 Nov 1912. They had 4 children and lived in Philadelphia.
Julia A. Davis
Born Jan 14, 1799
Died Aug. 25, 1886
Frances J. Allen
Daughter of
William F. and
Matilda B. Dean
Born March 1, 1830
Died May 12, 1881

Matilda B.
Wife of
Wm. F. Dean
Born Aug 12 1804
Died Aug 14, 1886
William F. Dean
Born June 8, 1802
Died Sept. 9, 1888
William Dean Esq. and Matilda Davis m. Feb 12, 1828

Wife of John Davis
Died Oct 24, 1841
Aged 75
John Davis
Died June 10 1846
Aged 78
Maria R. Davis
Died March 18, 1872
Aged 71

John D. Dean
Died Feb 2, 1882
Aged 49
Josephine Dean
Born Jan 23, 1835
Died April 24, 1911
Helen M. Dean
Born July 16, 1837
Died Sept 4, 1910

William Coffin
February 23rd 1801
February 29th 1872

Ann Dean Coffin
Wife of
William Coffin
Aug 21, 1807
Dec 7, 1893

Amanda E. Coffin
Daughter of Wm. & Ann Coffin
December 12th 1839
October 4th 1889

Elizabeth Dean
Wife of
J.H. Coffin
Died January 27, 1892
Aged 82 years

Wife of John Dean
Died June 8, 1826
Aged 43
John Dean
Died May 22, 1844
Aged 77
Sarah Ann
Daughter of J. & F. Dean
Died March 8, 1832
Aged 18
Removed from
First Baptist Church Ground Phila.

Fannie C.
Wife of John F. Davis
Born July 17th 1844
August 23rd 1867

John Davis Dean
Born Sept. 8th 1832
Died Feb. 2nd 1882
Josephine W. Dean
1845 1910
Mary A. Davis
Born in Oldham England
Nov. 15, 1833
Died in Philadelphia
May 6, 1913
Jennie L. Wilson
Born 1858
Died 1925
Anna Marion Wilson
Born May 18th 1836
Died March 30th 1887
Louis C. Wilson
Born 1853
Died 1907
William D. Wilson
Born Dec 6th 1819
Died July 29th 1871
Mary E. Wilson
Born Oct 10th 1820
Died Dec 3rd 1884

Wm. H. King
April3, 1803
Jan. 11 1884

Wife of Wm. H. King
Aug 23, 1808
Aug 25, 1882

Josephine M. King
March 8, 1835
Jan. 17, 1905

Myer R. Marks
1835 1917
Sarah E. Marks
1840 1926

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