Family Tree of the WIBEL Family (1885)

Family Tree of some WIBEL lines from the end of the 15th Century until (1885)


on the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary of his parents, 27 October 1885 Second and improved edition, supersedes previous edition.

"The table of contents (p 22) and the conclusion, together with the explanation of abbreviations (pp 23 and 24) are recommended for special attention."

Pedigree of the WIBEL/WIEBEL family, traced back to the earliest recorded ancestor in Bohemia (now in Czechoslovakia) in the fifteenth century. Descendants settled in Saxony, Thuringia, and Bavaria.

original title: "Stammtafel des Geschlechtes Wibel oder Wiebel
vom Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts bis heute.
zum Andenken an die goldene Hochzeit seiner Eltern am 27 October 1885
behufs vorläufiger Uebersicht unde weiterer Ergänzung"

This document comprises 24 pages of charts, text, descendant lists and other information, all written in German. This edition was published in Hamburg in 1887.

Marlene BRENNAN of Queensland obtained a copy (see archived message, July 2006) from the Augsburg city archives, and scanned it to PDF. She offers it here for the benefit of anyone working on WIBEL, WIEBEL or related families.

PDF sections:    |     part 1, pages 1 ~ 10     |     part 2, pages 11 ~ 20     |     part 3, pages 21 ~ 24

This item is also available on microfilm #1573188 through LDS Family History Centers. See catalog entry.

TRANSLATIONS: if anyone is able to provide an English translation of the text, I will post it here. Until then, you can pretty well read the charts and names, and figure out the vital dates.

There are several on-line free translators, which do a fair job if you type in all the special characters from the German text. resources     |     AltaVista's Babel Fish translator     |     Google Translate (beta) translator

if you have additional information.
Mike Ransom, February 2008