AMES Family Reunions, 1888 1903, Geauga County, Ohio

AMES Family Reunions, 1888 1903
Geauga County, Ohio area

These pages are typewritten notes from 16 years of annual family reunions, generally held in the Geauga County area, and recording births, deaths, marriages and families. I don't know who typed them, or annotated them. David S AMES, of Cleveland OH, provided photocopies to me in July 2000. The names are coded onto each page so search engines can find them, in a white font that only shows up if you highlight [in IE6 or Netscape7, not Opera] or print a page. Most of the people appear to be descendants of Mosher AMES Sr, 1800-1837. He visited Geauga County in 1815, and moved there in 1818. Robert BOSLEY is descended from Tamer AMES and Shadrach BOSLEY. Comments, additions and corrections are enthusiastically welcomed!