Ash Marriages 1639-64

Ash-next Sandwich, Kent

Marriages 1639-1641, 1653/4-1664

Source: Photocopies of Register
Transcribed by Margaret Galt
Marriages 1639-41 
Note these are the dates given by the Canterbury Cathedral Archives -- 
there were no dates at all on the pages themselves.

The xerox I have of this is very poor (I understand the original is likewise). 
I have not been able to transcribe many of the entries. 
The ones I could read are:

December - none
John BATOR to Martha MOYNE - 15
Richard NORMAT to Barbara ROSE - 15
February and March - none
? LATH widdower to Benedict (?) widow
Thomas LAPLEY to H(?) MAXTED
June- none
(?)  LONMER(?) to Jane BURROWS(?) - 4
C(?) FFRIEND TO Elizabeth S(?)
[one entry illegible except wifes name is Maria]
John (?) to Kathrin LITTLE
Gilmour ???BEN to Martha RALPH
[three illegible entries]
November and December-none
Christopher DUNKIN to Margaret (?) - 14
February, March and April - none
Louis TUTHILL or DUTHILL to Marie or Mary BILSUSY(?) - 11
Peter ???SON to Elizabeth BAX - 16
July and August - none
John PARFAX to Marie LATIGOW - 7
Robart KINSALL to Marie ???FINCH - 8
November -  illegible - I can’t even tell if there were entries!!
December - none
Thomas  CLAPHAM to R? BAKER - 14
John COLLING(?) to Anne CLIFFORD - 4

Banns and Marriages 1653/4 -1662 This has been transcribed from a xerox of a microfiche of the parish registers. In some parts the original may be clearer. The level of uncertainty is shown by an increasing scale of question marks. Note: Until near the end each marriage had the following format: The publications of Richard Pordage and Elizabeth Dale were upon the 27 day of November and the 4 and the 11 days of December and they were married the 26 day of December by Justes Scot 1653 This has been translated as: Richard PORDAGE to Elizabeth DALE banns 27 Nov, 4, 11 Dec married 26 Dec by Justes Scot 1653 Thomas CRAYGAR (?) to Mary PETIT widow, banns 9, 16, and 23 April 1654 married 9 July 1655 byThomas Humphy(?) Jurate of Sandwitch (year as in the record - but the notice is firmly in the middle of the 1654 ones) Abraham JOHNSON to Sarah LAIGMEL (?) Banns 23, 30 April 7 May married 15 May by Thomas Humphy(?) a jurate of Sandwitch 1654 James FFOORD and Joan HILLS banns 20 July, and 6, 13 August (no marriage date - though space was left for it) William HOLYDAY to Elizabeth HOOMS Banns 30 July, 6, 13 August married 10 Oct by Justes St Nicholas 1654 John RICHARDSON to Elizabeth RALPH banns 24 Sept, 1st, 8 Oct married 22 Oct by Jaspar Greene 1654 John DAVID to Elizabeth TOOMANS widow banns 1st, 8, 15 Oct married 23 Oct by Justes Deen 1654 John JULL to Elizabeth WELLS Banns 8, 15 22 October married 30 Nov by Justes St Nicholas 1654 Richard WINHAM to Alice PENNOULL (or PENNOULS) banns 15, 22,29 Octer married 2 Nov by Justes Scot 1654 James BARLOW to Ann MARTINE banns 29 Oct, 5 12 Nov married (date obscured) by Justes Scot 1654 David DEEN and Martha SAFFERY banns 31 [month lost], 7, 14 Jan married 1 Feb by Tobyas Cleeve Mayar of Sandwitch 1654 Thomas MURSON and Elennor MASON Banns 8, 22, 29 April married 30 April by Justes St Nicholas (no year - in 1654/55 list) George DONKIN or DONSON and Elizabeth CARLSON, widow banns 20, 27 May, 3 Jun married 4 June by Tobyas Cleeve mayor or Sandwitch Henry ENDBOURNE and Mary STEEDE banns 27 May, 3, 10 June married 26 June by Justes Denn Arnoule CAXABY of Foldston or Soldston and of Barbarow STANARD of Ash banns 15, 22, 29 July (marriage date space left empty) Steven SOLLEY, gentlemen of Ash and Elizabeth GEORGE widow gentlewoman of Chatham banns 25 July, 1st and 4th August in the Cantarbury market place, married 7 August by Justes Boulds of Chatham John CLIFFORD to Dorryti FATHS or JATHS widow banns 19, 26 Sept, 3 Oct in the Sandwitch market place married 18 October by Henry Twiman Mayar of Cantarbury Jsael (?Israel) MUMARY of Staple and Elizabeth BRICE widow of Preston banns 29 Sept 3, 6 Oct in the Sandwitch market place married 10 Oct by Tobyas Cleve mayar of Sandwitch David RIGDON and Mary PELLE 3, 6 13 Oct Sandwitch market place married 16 Oct by Thomas Browne(?) Jurate of Sandwitch Whittingham WOOD of the Citties of Cantarbury Esquire and Elizabeth ST NICHOLAS the daughter of (?) Thomas St Nicholas Esquire and Susanna his wiffe (three illegible words) banns 10, 14 Nov Sandwitch market place married 25 December by Justes Scot(?) of Cantarbury [Note the xerox of this entry is particularly unclear -- it would pay to check the original microfilm] John CARLON to Sara LAAT(?) banns 15, 22, 29 Dec Sandwitch market place married 31 Jan by Justes St Nicholas Edward FFOX the son of Edward ffox and Jane BROWN of Ellmstoan 17, 24 Feb and 2 Mar 1655 married 8 April 1656 by Justes St Nicholas John WELLS and Ann SWANTS(???) banns 6, 13, 20 April 1656 married 30 Oct major Branes of the Cytie of Cantarbury Robert MIDDLETON and Martha RICHARDSON widdow banns 13, 20, 27 april married 28 May 1656 by Justes St Nicholas Thomas SOLLEY of Ash and Joan MAXWELL of Wingham banns 14, 21 25 June 1656 Sandwitch market place married 16 Oct William Mandy a Jurate of Sandwitch Steven BAX a widdowar and Mary PRIOR widdow Banns 19, 26, 30 July 1656 Sandwitch market place married 8 August by Justes St Nicholas of Ash Steven GOULDEFINCH of Ash and Margaret JULL of Ash banns 9, 16, 23 aug 1656 Sandwitch market place married 20 Sept Thomas Humphy a jurate of Sandwitch John WINCH of St Clements of Sandwitch and Mary BREDLY(?) or CREDLY of Ash banns 16, 23 30 Aug 1656 Sandwitch market place married 12 October 1656 by Thomas Browne an Jurate of Sandwitch Thomas ROW and Mary BIRGES(?) both of Ash banns 17, 24, 31 Aug 1656 in Ash Church married 8 September by Henry Twiman mayar of Cantarbury Thomas GOULDFINCH and Susannah BAX both of Winsburrow banns 13. 20. 27 Sept 1656 Sandwitch market place married 13 Oct 1656 by Henry Twiman, an Alldar(?) of Cantarbury John CAAR(?) and Ann BURSNT(?) both of the parish of Winsburrow banns 14, 21 28 Sept 1656 Ahs Church married 6 October by Tobyas Cleve a jurat of Sandwitch William CASY or LASY the son of Thomas Casy (or Lasy) and Isbell WATS the daughter of William Wats bbanns 5,12 19 Oct 1656 Ash Church married 13 Nov 1656 by William (rest lost off corner of page) John CASY the son of Casy of Mungham (no first name for father) but the yung man of the parish of Winsburrow and Milldred ELDE [no R] the daughtar of Thomas Elder [definitely an R on the end] of the parish of Ash banns 12, 19, 16 October Ash church married 23 Dec 1656 by Richard May the mayar of Cantarbury at that time Daniell ELEX(?) and Ann STEELE banns 7, 14, 21 Dec in Ash Church married 31 Dec by Justes St Nicolas 1656 John DAWTEN or DAXTEN or DAWKEN or DAXKEN and Susanna TIRKIN or KIRKEN a widdow banns 1st March 1656 in Ash Church, 21 March 1656 and 28 March 1657 in Sandwitch market place married 2nd April 1657 by Thomas Brown a Jurat of Sandwitch Basamas or Poasamas ADAMS and Mary RALPH Kenswoman to Daniel UNDERDOWNE banns 25 April, 2, 9, May 1657 Sandwitch market place both of the parish of Ash married 12 May by William Mandy a jurat of Sandwitch Thomas BIGGES a widowar and Ellen PLIVET(?) a widow both of Ash banns 6, 13 20 June Sandwitch market place married 26 Jun 1657 by Thomas Brown a jurat of Sandwitch Paul SIMONS and Grace WOALL banns 28 June, 5 July in the Ash church married (?) July by Thomas Brown a Jurat of Sandwitch [there is a note above this entry “This was in Ash church”] George THOMAS a widowar and Martha CREDBY(?) a widow both of Ash banns 28 June, 5 ,12 July Ash church married 14 July 1657 by Alexander Bradly minister of Ellmstoan parish John HORNE son of Charles Horne of Ash and Ann CASIL or COSIL a widow of St Peeters of the City of Cantarbury banns 23, 30 Aug 1st Sept Ash Church married 15 Sept 1657 by William Danbar the minnester of Winsburrow Richard CEAUELL(?) of Ash and Martha (illegible best guess Jarden) of Birchington banns 6, 13, 20 in Ash church married 28 Sept by Edward Fellows minnister of birchington (A nearly illegible entry -- George (?) of Asham(?) and Elizabeth (?) of Preston married 3 Dec 1657) John DULY the son of John Duly and Mary MINTOR the daughter of Henry Mintor both of Ash banns 13, 20, 27 Sept married 1st Oct 1657 by Alexander Bradly the minnister of Ellston, published in Ash Church Charles WILLD of Ash and Susanna WILLSON of the City of Cantarbury banns 7, 14, 21 October 1657 in Sandwitch market place married 16 Nov by (?) Johnson minnester of Lambeth Alexander HARRES widowar and Elizabeth SIMPSON widow banns 7, 14,21 Feb 1657 in Ash Church married at St Mary Brittens Church in Cantarbury on the second day of June 1656 by William (?) minnestar Robert WOOD and Elizabeth ALLE or ALLEN banns 24 Feb, 3, 10 March 1657 Sandwitch market married 6 april by John Sampson the minnister of (?) in 1658 Thomas FRINDE of Ash Widdowar and Ann WITTENDEN his sarvant mayd banns 18 and 23 Aug and 1st Sept 1658 Sandwitch market place marrried 7 Dec 1658 by William Sorbel(?) minnister of Cantarbury Richard SOLLEY and Mary FRONDE or PRONDE banns 15,22, 29 Sept Sandwitch market place married 5 Oct 1658 by William Sayers a minnester of Canterbury Daniel MEEDE and Elizabeth R(?) - illegible banns 22, 29 Sept and (?) Oct Sandwitch market pllace married 21 Oct by Alexander Bradly minnester of Ellmston John BAX widowar amd Mary (?illegible) widow banns 29, (?) and 16 Oct 1658 Sandwitch market place married 28 Oct 1658 John MATSON widowar and Joan BEER(?) widow banns 3,10,17 Oct in Ash Church [no marriage date] John DAVID a widdowar of Ash and Milldred MARLOW a widow of St Nicolas in Thanet banns 16, 23, 30 October Sandwitch market place married 4 Nov 1658 by Master(?) Penary(?) the minnester of Knowltne Christophar FFINCH and Alic (sic) FAYAR or SAYAR both of Sandwitch were married in the parish Church of Ash on the 10th day of January by Jaspar(?) Greene a minnester formarly of Winsburrow Francis NORMAN widowar and Ellen KNIGHT widow banns 26 Dec 2, 9 Jan 1658 married the xi day of Jan by Charles Wirtcouls(?) a minnestar of Adsom John MUNS of Ash and Sara SAFFERY or SASSERY of Staple banns 18, 25 [month illegible] 2 Oct marrried 24 Oct 1659 by Mastar Lambe of Cantarbury David OULDFIELD or CULDFIELD of Wingham and Margaret SOARKE or FOARKE of Ash banns 9 16, 23 Oct married 6 Dec 1659 by William Norkes minnester of Ash Ffrances WOOD and Ann FFRIND widdow were married in Ash 15 Dec 1659 by William Norkes minnestar of Ash Christorphar SLEARE(?) of Bartholand and Joan CEOVE or CEEVE widdow were married 15 Mar 1653 by (?) Greene a minnestar but not of Ash (?) PARAXAG(?) and Mary LYON both of Sandwitch were married 26 Mar 1660 (who by is lost on my copy) Henry SOLLY and Margaret WOOD banns 1, 8, 15 April 1660 married 16 May 1660 by Mastar Alldee a minnestar of Cantarbury Richard CRAMBROOK or CRAMBROOCK and Elizabeth SOLLY banns 15, 22, 19 April married 5 May Mastar Jordan(?) a minnistar of Cantarbury 1660 Andrew EPESLOY(?) of Saint Lawrence and Catharen PIRKENDEN of Saint Peetars of Thanet married 30 May in Ash Church by Jespar Greene 1660 William LOWSE and Mary SIMONS both of Sandwitch were married in Ash 6 Sept 1660 by Jesper Greene Henry SPIER of St Clements in Sandwitch and Mary DANE daughter of Thomas Dane of Ash their banns of Matrimony having being thrice published in the parish church of St Clements aforesaid were onthe 28 day of October 1661 married in the parish church of Ash by me James Benchkin Antony CHRISTEN and Sarah MILES both of Patrixbourne, their banns of matrimony having been thrice published in the church of Patricksbourne and Bridge have married on the 28 Jan 1661 in the parish church of Ash by mee James Benchkin John MASON of Deale and Martha REDMEAR of Ash their banns of matrimony having been three severall Sundays pubished in the time of Divine Services were married this eighth day of May 1662 in the parish church of Ash by mee James Benchkin Michael WOOD and Mary FREIND both of Ash their bannes of matrimony having been three severall Sundays published in the time of divine service were married the 25th day of June 1662 in the parish church of Ash by me James Benchkin Aaron JOHNSON and Anne PATTASON both of Deale the banns of matrimony being certified to have been three severall Lords days published in the parish church of Deale were married the 20th day of October 1662 in the parish church of Ash by me James Benchkin William AMES and Susan GURLING or CURLING both of Ash their bannes of matrimony having beene three severall Lords days published in the time of divine service were married the 18th Of December 1662 in the parish church of Ash by me James Benchkin Thomas BINSKIN and Elizabeth (JOAMS)(??) both of Ash married 9 July 1663 Henry SIMMONS and Ann INKPITT(?) both of Ash married 7th(?) August 1663 Edward (no surname) and Mary FOX or COX both of Ash married 4th October 1663 Francis FOOT and Ann (?) both of St Laurence in the Isle of Thannet by virtue of a licence were married on the 10th November 1663 John EWEL and Sara BAX both of Ash married 24 Nov 1664

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Ash Marriages 1639-64
Created by Maureen Rawson