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Bastardy Examinations

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These are the bastardy examinations sorted by the name of the mother.
The fields shown are Mother's surname, forename and status, date of birth or examination, sex of child, Father's surname, forename, parish and occupation, and a number indicating the order of the records. You will have to scroll across to find the full entry.

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Surname             Forename        Status                  Date                  Sex         Fa. Surname    Fa. Forename  Fa.Parish             Fa. Occupation                                      Number

Adams Elizabeth Single 1827 (b.Oct 1826) M Cooper Thomas Brasted labourer 29 Ashdown Elizabeth Single 1833 M Jarrett George Brasted shoemaker 32 Ashdown Sarah Single 23 Geo III Apr M Barton Richard Sundrish bricklayer 7 Barnet Jane Single 1832 F Best Robert Chiddingstone labourer 31 Bourd Elizabeth Single 1805 (exam.) Gates John Rotherfield, SSX labourer 12 Bowra Elizabeth Single 1811 (exam.) Barden Thomas Town Malling servant in husbandry 14 Bowra Mary 49 Geo III Jul F Tapp William 15 Chapman Sarah 44 Geo III Jul F Lamard Charles 10 Chapman Sarah 46 Geo III Jul F Ashdown William 13 Chapman Sarah Single 1831 M Richardson John Brasted glazier 30 Cole Margaret Single 45 Geo III Apr F Read Joseph 11 Coleman Ann Single 1719 M Eede John Crawley, SRY husbandman 38 Coleman Anne Single 1722 M, Wm Dench Samuel Limpsfield, SRY labourer 36 French Mary 53 Geo III Jan M Jarrett Thomas 17 Friend Mary Single 1785 F, Frances Roberts George Westerham shepherd 45 Gasson Ann Single 1785 M Beal John, jun Brasted tanner 44 Haynes Ann Amelia Single 1816 M Coomber Thomas carpenter 20 Hodge Sarah Single 1812 (exam.) Whitebread Peter Hever farmer's son 16 Hook Maria Single 1825 F Carr Edward nr Sunbury, MDX servant of Skempton Park 22 Howard Susanna Single 1777 F Francis Richard Brasted blacksmith 40 Jarrett Ann Single 1834 F Charman John Brasted labourer 34 Jones Elizabeth Single 1783 M Long John Westerham labourer 6 Keeys Catherine Mary Single 1833 M Hall William Brasted servant 33 Killick Mary Single 1743 (exam.) King Benjamin Edenbridge husbandman 35 King Mary now wife of Wm Tooth 1820 b.Kingsdown F Waterman John Chatham servant to Mr Collier, vict. At 'Plume of Feathers 3 Lanes Sarah Widow 1798 Jul 27 M Regnier James Andrew W Kent Regiment taylor 1 Mackerel Elizabeth Single 1779 (exam.) Sisly John Brasted labourer 42 Mills Ann Single 1785 F Williams Thomas Brasted miller 46 Outram Mary 1801 (exam.) Major Jeremiah miller 2 Parrott Mary now wife of Wm Hubble 1827 F Dodd James Brasted shoemaker 28 Peerless Ann Single 1798 F Pucknall Edward Brasted labourer 8 Penniall Ann servant to Thos Weller 1710 King William Brasted husbandman 39 Revell Elizabeth Single 6 Geo IV (exam.) Minter Thomas 26 Seal Elizabeth Single 1778 (exam.) Hollamby Thomas Brasted yeoman 41 Skinner Elizabeth 54 Geo III Apr F Gunner Thomas, jun 18 Smith / Shenstone Ann 1825 (Jane b.1811) F Shenstone Robert Brasted labourer 24 Smith / Shenstone Ann 1825 (Maria age ~21) F Shenstone Robert Brasted labourer 25 Sparrowhawk Phillis Single 1826 F Norman William, jun Edenbridge labourer 27 Stubberfeild Ann Single 1734 (exam.) King John Brasted husbandman 37 Trigg Ann Single 42 Geo III Jun M Dod James 9 Tye Mary Single 18 Geo III Apr M Champ Joseph Chevening tanner 5 Tye Sarah Single 17 Geo III Apr F Carr als Kill James Aymesbury, Wilts labourer 4 Tye Sarah Single 1782 (exam.) Crittall John, jun Brasted labourer 43 Wells Sophia Single 1825 (b.May 1824) M Gasson Michael Chatham soldier 23 Whale Abigail Single 1778 6 ch Williams John W Kent Militia 47 Woolford Maria Single 1818 F Smith Richard Croydon, SRY labourer 21 Woolford / Willford Maria 1816 (exam.) Steady James late of Croydon, SRY Sergeant in Surrey Militia 19
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Brasted Parish Chest Records - Bastardy Examinations
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