Greenwich Land Tax Assessments 1830

Greenwich Land Tax Assessments 1830

Source: LDS Film #1470100

Note: H = House. Where no description is given, it was either a house or unstated.
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The assessment contains the names of the owner and occupier, with the annual rental and the amount of tax payable.
The assessment is handwritten, some names are difficult to read and forenames are not always given.
Greenwich has been divided into areas in the assessment and these have been retained.


Proprietor                         Occupier                    Description


Church Passage


Wm Langslow                                                           3 cottages

Mr Pratt                                                                    H

  “                                     Mr Walters                        H + shop

C J Shepherd                                                            5 H

J A Shepherd                    Mrs Brown                        H + shop

  “                                     J Deer                                        H

                                        Wm Davington                   H

                                        J Jarrett                            H

                                        S Sadler                           H

                                        Geo Swalling                     H

                                        Wm Mess                         H

                                        Wm Adams                       H

Morden College                                                         H

                                        Geo Smith                         H

                                        Wm Green                        H + garden

                                        Ballinger                            H

                                        Munyard                           H

                                        Late Jarratt                       H

                                        Almond                             H

                                        C J Shepherd                    H

                                        Dan’l Giles                        H

                                        Jno Palmer                        H

                                        Richard Newman               H

                                        & sons                              H

                                        Thos Oxford

                                        late Weston

                                        late Poole

                                        George Dabin

                                        Jno Dowling

                                        Jno Rept

                                        Thos Coulter

                                        Edwd Martin

                                        Jno Reed

                                        late Dale

Mrs? Biven                        S Wells

Marden College

                                        Ward                                Hs

                                        Jno Rogers

                                        Jno Cawley

                                        Jno Clynch

                                        Thos Bond

                                        Mary Lock

                                        Wm Hartrupp

                                        Jos’h Ambrose

                                        Wm Fell

                                        S Smith

                                        Thos Clynch

                                        Edwd Leith

                                        Eliz’h Harwood

                                        Mrs Fincham                     Public house and tenement opposite

Wm Peete                         for 6 houses in front and 2 up the Court and carpenters shop

Mr Terrycore                     empty

                                        Thos Allen

                                        Wm Webster


                                        T Clinch

                                        Wm Thomas

Charity                              Greencoat School              and H

                                        J Goodale                         Garden and H


                                        late Mitchell

S J Letton                         lodgers


heirs of late                       Mr West

Thos Kealley                     Mrs Wonfor?

                                        Wm Bendall

                                        Jno Jones                         tenements

                                        J Dulgety                          H and bakehouse


                                        T B Cattlin

P Kennedy


Wm Boyce

                                        Wm May

                                        Rebecca Kealley

                                        Sam’l Sly

                                        Wm Boulton

                                        J T Thomas

                                        Ed Harston


G Handford                       Henry W Smith                  H + workshop

  “                                     Robt Lacey

  “                                     lodgers

S J Letton                         empty

S Smith

Mr Philpott

Mr Price

D Measom

D Hawkins                         Everstaff

Mrs Seton                         lodgings

                                        Wm Rivers

Jas Wood                                                                 5 H

R Hunter                                                                   4 H


Greenwich Road


                                        Thos lang                          H + shop

                                        Wm Corin                            “

                                        Wm Robinson                    Public House and stabling

                                        Mrs Philips                       

                                        Mr Piper

Ab’m White                       H + shop

Jno Blake

Mrs Ware

Mr Plummer                      Houses erected on

Mrs W? Bean                    Ground belonging

S Clark                             to the house below

C Adams                           and redeemed in

Benj’m Smith’s                   redemption

C A Smith Esq                   D Pash

                                        Mr Morris

                                        Capt’n Westmorland

                                        Chas Bassett

F Finch                             Rev J P George

                                        Jos’a Hargrave

                                        Jos’h Carttar

Rob’t Steward Bluckes       Rev R’t Dallin

and Tobias Browne            Queen Elizabeth’s College

                                        R L Barton

                                        C B R Wright

                                        John Jacob                       H + grounds

                                        Thos Hancock                             “

                                        Wm Giles                                    “

                                        S J Haycraft                                “

                                        Miss Fox                           H + garden

                                        Mrs Vesie?

                                        Mrs Hillas

                                        Sam’l Longden

Annes & Enoch

Mr Wollaston

Jno Alexander

Jas Franck

General Mina

Mrs Kennerley

Henry Simmonds               H + coachmakers shop


Vansittart Terrace


                                        Wm M? Lean

                                        Jno Masters

                                        Lieu’t White

                                        Mrs Giles

                                        Amb’e Chatfield

                                        George Bartlett

                                        Wm Carpenter

                                        Mrs Preston

                                        Jno Cochran

                                        Mich’l Greenwood

                                        Dan’l Ball

                                        Jas Carr

                                        Miss Roberts                     H + grounds

                                        H Haslam

                                        Thos Gray                         H + bakehouse

                                        Jane Eustace                    Public house and garden

R Smyth                                                                    Land late Sprules

J M Norman

                                        Rich’d Rabbeth

                                        Wm Hunt

                                        Wm Allnutt

Geo Parker

And’w Sutherland

Jno Lansdown

Wm Painter

Wm Adams



J M Norman                      Thos Wells

T Wells

Mr Le Griesse

Jno Sprules

Jno Oakley

Wm? Stevens

Jas Pratt

Geo Skinner                      2 H

J Donovan

S Stringer

Mr Jones                          Public house + 3 tenements

Miss Madox

Mr Maggs

Miss Flatt

Miss Newells

Mrs Rawlins

mr Nixon

john Geere

Mrs Waller

J Pickford

Mr Rewell

Sarah Biven

Parish land                        Miles Patrick

  “                                     Dan’l Chawson?

Ex’ors of Mrs Madox                                                  4 H

                                        S Seager

                                        E Smith

                                        Jno Young

Jno Williams                                                              Field Tan Yard

                                                                                Wharfs Erections

                                        Miss Coward

                                        Isab’a Calderwood

                                        Fra’s Hatch

                                        Jno Williams                      Ozier Ground late Kimbells Sheds

                                        Thos Hall                           H, wharf, stables, brewhouse

                                        Dan’l Pavitt

C Ritchie                                                                   2 wharfs cranes docks stables & sheds

                                        Ja’s Redpath                     house + warehouse

                                        Sam’l Ritchie & Co             Wharfs docks Counting H,

sheds & timber yard

                                        Ann Bosher                       H + garden + grounds

                                        Jos’h Deal

C Ritchie                           Jno Creasy

                                        C Cranston

B Smith                                                                     4 H built on land redeemed by

Benj’m Smith

Mrs Tart                           late Daggett

                                        late G Browne                   Public & private house

                                        Geo Boniface

                                        Geo Shaw

                                        Jno Warren                       H + shop


                                        Moses Lyon

Mrs Madox’s Ex’ors           late Thos Moody

  “                                     Jno Eldridge

Mr Hollinworth                   Birchmore + others            Docks wharfs etc

                                        Rob’t Corder                     H + shop

Mrs Haygarth

Jno Jacob

Thos Moody


Fred’k Rouch

Jno Green

Mrs Docker                       H + sheds + wharfs

Wm Griffith                       H + shop

Richd Langford                  H + Floor Cloth Factory

Robt Corder                      Malthouse, sheds + warehouse

          “                             Kylns Lofts etc

Mr Moore                          H + shop

Mr Coyse?

Mr Moss

Edwd Lambert                   Brewhouse + granary

Wm Armitage

Edwd Daggett

R Price                             H + shop


Isaiah Bell


Mrs Cawley

Mrs Graves

Thos Hicks

Jno Taylor

Ann Deal

Thos Gowan

Jno Goodman                    Public House

Ann Martin

Robt Corder                      Malthouse

Jas Hankin


Jas Reeve                                                                 4 H

Thos Pocknell                    H + grounds

Thos Crosty

Jno Hill

Mr Morris

Heirs of G Ritchie              Rd Bingham                      H + pottery

Morden College                 Fk Hamond                       H + grounds

                                        Mr Dearle

                                        Mr Motham

Misses Masons                 Geo Birchmore

late Cook

jno Parker

Jno Penfold

Wm Rooke

Jno Young

Mrs Hughes                       Mrs Hughes

Mrs Knott

John Bassett                     15 cottages, H + yard

Miss Samworth

L E Heaven

Mary Billopp

J Smith & J Holdwright

John Morgan

Wm C Levin

Wm Soar

Elizh Gillett

Mrs Tetlow

Mr Langford

Jas Holland

Mrs Savage

Mr Sproull

Robt Barker

Jane La Lande

Saml Ritherdon

Jno Calderot

late Hann

J Kirkham

Mr Riddell

Mrs May

Mr Hungate

Mr Rogers

Mr Mitchell

Mrs Ware

Mrs Brown

J L Rutley                         Houses

Thos Page

J T Shipman

Chas Budger

E Marchant

H Jarvis

Jno Penn

Wm Pattison

Mrs Price

late Hungate

Jno Stickley

Rev. R Stewart

Mr Mearns

Miss Benwell

Chas Charieue?

Mrs May

Jno Penn

Thos Marchant

Geo Skinner

Geo Greenaway                4 H

Late Burford                      4 H

Chas Manchester

Edwd Heath

Geo Browne

Jos’h Gowars

J Hawkins


Jas England

E Seymore & careless

late Burford

Patterson                          2 H

J Kirkham                                                                  Cottage and garden

                                        Thos Collins                      Roan Land two

                                        late Todd                          acres of Land near Cold Bath

Sir T Basing                      Edwd Owen                      Part of Locks Mead

                                        Gorham                            ¼ acre of land

Mr Hurlbatt                        Tiviner                     1 tenement

                                        Berryman                                    “

Crown Land                                                              late Armory Mills

                                        Wm Croft                          H

Morden College                 R Edmonds                       Land

Players Land                               “                             Land

                                        late Hoares                       Land

                                        Thos Dyke

Wm Ulice/Alice?

Jas Burstow

Jno Arnold

Saml Heywood

J Shersby

J Edwards


Jno Daudney

J Stickley

Sarah Blake

Wm Penn


Thos Green

Thos Relph

Jno Whiffen

Edmd Francis

Miss Suter

Mrs Tatzois?

Geo Ravenhill

Miss Banyard

Wm Toppin

David Cockett

Jane Forbes

J Blissett &                        Jno Redpath                      Garden ground

Miss J Grove                                                                     Ground whereon 9 H formerly stood called the orchard

                                        Jas Mortimer                     H + shop

                                        Chas Clark                        H + slaughter house

Ex’ors of Ormrod                                                       Cart sheds

                                        Thos Smith

Morden College                 Jane Yarwood                   2 H

                                        Wm Savage

                                        Thos Everest

                                        Jas Davidson           Public house + stables

Wm Penny                        Penny + others                  6 H

R Lingfield                         H + shop

Jos’h Driver                       Public House

          “                             Stables + yard

Wm Skelton

Robt Cotman

Jno Disney

Ann Ostin

Richd Aldridge                   H + yard

Alex’r Davidson

Benj Hubble




Benj Hodgson

J Blissett & Miss Toothe? Grove                                 Land

                                        John Watts


Charles White



D Ball

Edwd Lambert                   H, bakehouse + sheds

Wm Knock                        Public House

Wm Wynn                         H



Chas Bass

Jos’h Hooker


Edwd Burford

Thos Dray

Jno Loft

Thos Gosling

Wm Akers

Thos Newby


And’w Thomson

Morden College                 Sidery



late Rudland

late Crispen

Mrs Brent

Chas Benjamin

Ann Sullivan

Jno Earl

late Wm Tranter

Thos Shelverton

late Austin

S Edwards


Thos Silversides

Thos York

Jas Neale

Thos East

Thos Shelford

Morden College                 Richd Ward                       Hs

  Charity                            Jas Parker

Jno Knight

R Chalmers

Thos Hawley

Crawley & Emerson

J Smith


Wm Dray

E Akers

Jno Bakers

M Stables

Wm Winn

Thos Kent

Jas Slatterie

Jas Jaconel?

Saml Parish

Jeremiah Cooper

Jno Bennett

Edwd Bailey

Saml Jeffreys

Jno Myers

J Busby

J rawlins

Morden College                 Reid

  Charity                            Wm Barrett

Abm Whitehouse

Geo Coward                     Hs

Geo Wouldham

B Hubble

Chas Loher

Robt Lumley

Timothy Brent                    2 H

Barbara Walker

Mrs Laurie

Mrs Irish

Mr Vowler

Capt’n Terrell

Robt Whitmarsh                 Stables + coach sheds

Mary Carrington

Edwrd Welsh

J Yardley

S Holloway                        S Holloway

L Soat                              late Tinslow                       Land

J Blissett Esq & Miss T Grove                                    H, garden grounds

                                        H B Ferne

                                        Wm Acres

                                        Wm Earl

                                        Thos Brandon

Capt Green                       Mary Barton

Mrs Blyde

N Oakley

G Pearl

G Holt

Arch’d Flemming

J Hyde                              Thos Pitcher

Edwd Wilkinson

Morden College                 Wm Barr

                                        Mrs C Enderby

Lord Ashurnham                Wm Batley

Louisa Kensington              2 H

Rev J Miller

Mrs Batley

Jno Platt                           Hs

Capt Biden

G T Davis

Mr Bayley

Mrs Lester

Rebecca Leverton             2 H

Richd Seamark

Leslie Finlyson

Jno Cooper

Coll. Francklin

Geo stevens

Mr Campbell

Jane Steele

Lord Ashburnham &           Edwd Croft

  Mr Boone                        Mr Sibley

                                        Rebecca Leverton             Stables

Duke of Buccleugh             Princess Sophia

Mr Scott                           C Heisch

                                        Mr Haines

Capt’n Smith

                                        Thos Sunderland

                                        Capt’n Larkan

S Enderby’s Esq                S Enderby

                                        Mary Randall

                                        Thos Solly

Crown Land                      Mary Cox

Mary Mason                      Mrs Sanders & Mason       Hs

                                        Mrs Goodwyn

                                        Dr Sutton

                                        Mrs mason

Heirs of T Lester               Mrs Lester

                                        Thos Gamble

                                        Miss Gregory

                                        Mrs Coll. West

                                        Wm Curteis

                                        Capt’n Mc Isaacke

Chas Augustin Smith          H Wollaston

Lancelot Loat                        “                                   Land

   “                                        “                                   Stables + coach house

F Finch                             Mrs Allinson                      H

Thos Larkins                     J A Walpole

Mr Wray                           Mrs Wake

Mrs Sanders                     empty

N Hurdes                           Jno Stow

Rev J Oliviere                    Geo Browne

Mr Thornton                      Henry Mathew

Coll. Forman

Mrs Stow

Dr Kenning

Capt’n Marshall

Miss Dale

Mrs Keir

Mrs Talmadge

Mrs Munn

Mrs Pritchard

Mrs Chatfield

R G James                       Mrs Morgan

Thos Barnes

Thos Price                        Hs

Mrs Bicknell

Thos Oak

Jno Rayley

Dr Haycraft

Mary Wheatley

Coll. Gold

Mrs Anderson

Mrs Bridges

Capt’n Smith                      Capt’n Popplewell

Heirs of S J Mays              Grainger

J W Wood                         Mrs Wood

C Derrick

Jno Harrison                      J Harrison

Wm D Haggard

Mrs Robinson

E W James

C A Smith

Thos Orr

Mary Hill

Rev Dr Burney                   Schoolroom, House + playground

Thos Shipman                   Robt Wood                       H + shop

Saml Russell

Mr Smith

Jno West

David Smith

Wm Whiting                       Greyhound Tavern + Stabling

Henry Bethwin

Henry Keell

Jno Clause

Thos Smith

Geo Verney

Miss Richardson

Elisha Eales


London Street


Mrs Whealler

Jos’h Cole

Miss H Cuttriss                  Hs

David Dennant

Wm Marshall

Thos Hudson

Geo Howcroft


John Martin

Jno Martin                           “

late Ashdown

late Sinclair

Jno Bradley

Jno Morse


David Thomas

Geo Jarvis

Wm Williams

Mrs Marshall

Ex’ors of late G Bird          Jno Morley

Ex’ors of T Wood               Wm Nimmo

J Richardson                     J Richardson

Thos Cook                        Frances & Taylor

Thos Willey                       Jas Thornton

                                        Thos Carpenter

                                        T Riches

Jno Bailey                         Mrs Walker

Mr Stow

Chas Wright

Chas Lear

Saml Collingwood

Wm West

Henry Floyd

Marg’t Collier

Mr Hartigrave                    Hs

Jas Dobson

Barney Bone

Wm Savage                      Mrs Munyard

                                        Jas Reeve

                                        Jno Hatley

                                        Wm Basing

Wm S Slaney                    Mrs Warner

                                        Mr Alexander

                                        Mrs E Warner

                                        Corn’s Gill

                                        C Skinner


                                        Jno Still

                                        Thos Mackrell

                                        Robt May

                                        Wm Suter

Thos Price                        Mrs Playter

                                        Miss Stow

                                        Mrs Moore

Jno Purvis

                                        Wm Peacock

                                        Jas Hallam

                                        Mrs Hart

Rich Smith                         Mrs Smith

                                        Jonn’m Whithersby

                                        Mrs Noah

                                        Thos Smallwood


Thos Roberts

Wm Coppard

Mich’l Bassett

Monsieur Martin

Capt Shea

Eliz’h Hodgson                   Hs

Rachael Crossweller

Charles Martin

Miss Maule

Mr Rymer

Mrs Stock

Jno Sutton

Jno Purvis

Mr Fagan

Mrs Scott

Miss Harris

Miss Balmore

Mr Viel

Rich’d Rayley


George Street


F Finch                                                                     10 H

C R Parker                                                                19 H

Jos’a Hargrave                                                          4 H

Jno Maskell                                                               2 H

Charles Clark                                                            2 H

Jno Nichol                                                                 2 H


Royal Hill


                                        Miss Day

Mr Elliott

Mrs Radway

Mr Hundy

Mrs Edgar

Mrs Briscoe                      Hs

Miss C E Richardson

Mrs Webb

Wm Colling

Jas Jagoe

Mr Taylor

Jno Purvis                         Wm Basing

          “                             Geo Hartrupp

Wm Price

Wm Miles

M Jaffrie

N Sage

Wm Sidery


Chas Homer

Anna Mortershed?

Mrs Sidery

Mrs Merritt

Mrs Swain

Mrs Davis



late Wilkinson

Wm Reffold

Thos Fulcher

Jno Lee


Jno Delegal


S Prkinson


late Quay                          Hs

S Saunders

Capt’n Green                                                             4 H

                                        Wm Shepherd

                                        S Watts


                                        Wm Gardner

Jno Martin                         Mrs Galloway

                                        E Atkinson

                                        Jas Brown

                                        Wm Woodman

                                        N Wheeler

                                        Mary Beely

Geo Peake                       Jno Quay

Lanc’t Loat                        Jno Bush

                                        Wm Page

Mr Hartshorne                                                           4 H in John St

Jno Hodgkinson                                                         Tenements + land

Mr Goode                                                                 Several Hs in John St

J Blissett Esq.                                                           Hs built as above

  and                                                                         Blissett St + Orchard

Miss T Grove                              for Ground on which 6 Hs + Silver factory lately stood

                                        Rev Dr Hulett           H

                                        Mrs Days

                                        Mes + Ms Lolrot + Jones

                                        Orlando Balls

                                        Ann Tyler                          garden ground + H

Lord Ashburnham              Mess’rs Gills

          and                         Sarah Leonard

Mr Boone                          Mrs Elderton

j Miskin

Fra’s Morris

Jos’h Cook

Edw’d Wilshere

J Richardson                     Hs

Mes + Ms Ingram + Co

Chas Burgess

Fras Ellis

Stephen Trill

J R Richardson

Thos Moses

Wm Cousens

Charles Rexford

Wm Ritchie

Rob’t Parker

Ex’ors of S J Mays            C R Parker

T Suter                             Mess’rs Suters                  Counting house + stables

Charity                              Mess’rs Wheatley              Workshops, Hs + shops

Fras Pennykid                   G Dolman                         H + shop

          “                                                                     Theatre

                                        Joshua Morris

                                        Robt Suter

                                        J L Wattson

Jno L Wattson                             Down

                                        Thos Suter

                                        G Smith

                                        Jno Monk

T Lancey                           Miss Warham

                                        Jno Kay                            2 H

                                        Mrs Lelsren?

                                        J L Barton                         Hs

                                        Mr Knox

                                        Mrs Styles

Thos Lancey                     Jas Gilham

                                        Mr Talbot

Heirs of Danford                Danl Hewitt

          “                             Matt’w Hawes

                                        Mr Taylor

Thos Shipman                   Mr Bone

                                        S Carpenter

                                        G Smith Jr

J T Shipman                      Mrs Sanderson

                                        Jno Ely                             3 H

Heirs of Dornford                         “                             Stable + cart sheds

                                        Misses Nichols                  H


                                        Thos Clayton                     Tygers Head

Mrs Madox’s ex’ors            empty                               H

                                        Mess’rs Kershaw

Saml Vinton

Henry Helyer

                                        Wm Gardner                     3 Tunns

                                                  Wood                     H + shop

Wm Smith                                                                 8 Hs

A Shove                            A Shove                            “

Mr Beardman                    J A Shepherd                    H

                                        S J Letton

                                        Chas Harding

                                        S Kreckler

                                        J Burt

                                        P Anderson

S J Letton                         Chas Hallam

          “                                                                     Hs

Reans Charity                                                           8 Hs

          “                             Thos Dean                        2 Hs

          “                             Heirs of T Halford              2 H

          “                                                                     Mitre Stables

Wm Langslow                   Wm Langslow                   Eight Bells

Jno Purden                                  Jeans +                  7 Hs up the Court

Miss Hoath                        Sarah Gray                       H + shop

          “                             Mrs Carlin                           “

Mr Shepherd                     Mrs Norris                           “

Thos Nicholson                  Mr Burn                              “

Mary Taylor                                                              5 tenements up the Court

                                        Jas Morley                        H + shop

                                        Wm Perkins                        “

                                        Geo Skinner                      9 Hs up the Court

                                        Thos Dick                            “

                                        Rev G Mathew                    “ + grounds

Sir Jos’h Mawby                John Davey                       H + cottage at the back

Heirs of G Adams              S Sly                                Warehouse

Jno Smallwood                    “                                     H + shop

Thos Good                                                                3 H

Heirs of G Adams                                                      7 H

Charles Pearson                Chas Pearson                   H + Copperas Works

Creek Bridge Comp’y                                                 Ozier Land

Jas Thomas                                                              Hs

J M Carter                                                                Land

Mr State                                                                   Garden + H

                                        Jno Hunt

Wm Fry                                                                    3 new Hs

Dan’l Davis                        James Couldry                  H + shop

Robt Stamford

E Gillett


Jos’h Stewart


Wm Holding

E Davis

Wm Hughes

J T Major                          Several Hs in the Court


Jas Crump

          “                             Granary

Dan’l Page + Palmer          Henry Page                       Hs, brewhouse, stabling, Counting H, tenements

John Giles

                                        Jno Davis

                                        Thos Killman

                                        R Giles

T B Cattlin                         R Deman

                                        Thos Bryant

                                        Wm Burden

Mr Pritchard                      J Hockley

                                        Mr Todman

Jno East                           Jno Bond

                                        Wm Smith

                                        Richd Hunter

Mrs Morris                        Wm Johnson

          “                                       Soper                     Hs

          “                             Ann Brown

                                        Wm Marchant

                                        Charles Bowles

Morden College                 Wm Smith

                                        Mr Howard


Mr Gale                            Wm Smith

Morden College                 George Smith                    Cart sheds etc

                                        Wm A Harris                     Hs pottery etc

Rev Sir Rd Hughes                                                    Warehouses, yard, wharf + stables

J M Carlton

J V Taylor                                                                 H stables + 3 counting Hs etc

Wm Skelton + others                                                 22 Hs

                                        late Howell                       

                                        Steph’n Humphries             Wharf + 3 boathouses

                                        Mess’rs Smith                   Toll of dock

                                        Mess’rs Bone & Co            Wharf + sheds

Morden College                 Rich’d Hunter           H, wharf + sheds

                                        Jno Peters                        Wharfs + stables

                                        G Smith + son                   Counting House etc

Comm’y of G Hospital                                                5 Hs

late Letton                         Jas Watts                         H + tenements

                                        Jno Field                           Stables, H, etc

                                        Mrs Watts                         H

                                        Mary Prescot         

                                        Wm Martin

                                        Wm Grigg

Jas Jennings                                                             Hs in Well Yard etc


Brewhouse Lane


                                        Saml Bishop                      H + warehouse

                                        Mrs Harvey


Wm Brownfield                  S Huntley

S Bishop                           Jas Stafford

          “                             Jno Buckley                       Hs

                                        Robt Clark

Thos Row

Wm Smith

Wm Stevens

Wm Smith

Jno Simpson

Thos Green

Thos Emerson

G Harrison

Ab’m Wade

Jas Inwood

Robert Bishop

Sam’l Huntley

Wm Brownfield

                                        Jno Bishop

                                        Saml Ford

                                        Wm Perry

                                        Jas Tilroy

Mrs Tart                           Thos Sprules

J W Watkins

                                        Jas Buckle

                                        Jas Beech

Mrs Tart                           J Ling

          “                             J Duffield

          “                                       Cook

Ex’ors of Jno Letton           R Letton

                                        Mrs Letton


Mrs Tart                           Jas Farren

                                        Leon’d Shotten

                                        Gibson and Brown

                                        Rob’t Phillips

T Suter                             Mr Pherson

                                        Jno Avent?

                                        Thos Humphreys

                                        Thos Ewins

Jno Bayley                        Benj’n Lance                      Shop, H, Stables etc

                                        Mr Richards                      H

                                        Rich’d Harding        

                                        Mr Sprules                        Public House, storehouses

                                                  “                             2 tenements in Court

J B Slaney                                  Whittenbury             H + shop

Jos’a Hargrave                                                              “

                                        Mr Bell                                  “

                                        Alex’r Galloway                     “

                                                  Burn                           “

Heirs of J Bustow              Thos Wiles                            “

                                                  Barrett                    Eating house

                                        Susan’h Calvert                

                                        Jno Brown

                                        J Hill

Thos Sexton                      lodgers

Mrs Thompson                  Thos Long

Thos Sexton                      Thos Sexton                      Hs

Mrs Beach                        Z Blacketer

Com’y of G Hospital                     Nile

Mary Patey                                 Jennings

                                        Ann Harding

                                        Heirs of J Letton                H + tenements behind

Jos’h Haines                      Mr Lillywhite                      H, stabling + slaughter H

Mrs Fisher                                  Barber

                                        Wm Thornton

                                        Wm Couldery                    H + shop

                                        J Williams

                                        late T Giles

Commissioners of                        Parker                              Public H + tenements

G Hospital


Church Street



Greenwich Hospital late Teulon     Fountain                  H + 6 tenements

          “         late Powis     J Lake                                        Spanish Galleon + tenements in Assiters Yard

          “         late Powis     Jno Slaney                        H + 8 tenements in Mulberry Co’t

          “         late Powis     Ab’m Bond                        H

J Read                              Mrs Davis

G Hosp. late Fisher                      Deans

          “  late Jemmett                  Jemmett

          “  late Cooper                    Perkins

          “                             E G Pettett

          “                             Jesse Buttle

          “  late J A Shepherd                                         8 Hs + sheds

                                        Jno Hedgcock                   H + shop

                                        Mr Smith                               “

                    D’o               late Hunt                               “

                                                  Vaughan                     “

                                        Wm Fry                            Public H + H up the Co’t

                                        Wm Fry jun’r                      Oilshop

                                        R Shillingford                     H + shop

                                        Mr Medwin                         

G Hospital late Hill             Wm Webb & Co

                                        Mr Inwood                        H + shop

Roans Charity                   Griffith Todd                      Hs + shop

          “                             Mess’rs Cochran & Keeble    “

Wm Hopkins                      lodgers

                                        Wm Evans


                                        F Finch

                                        Jos’a Hargrave

                                        Mr Moore

                                        David Turner

                                        Mess’rs Wright

                                        J Patrick

                                        Mess’rs Newman               H, slaughter H, yard, stables etc

Thos Giles’ Heirs               Mr Giles

Jos’a Hargrave                  Wright & Hadwell

Misses Allens

Rd Best

Mr? L Metzner

Mrs Bennett

Mrs Peele

Ann Owen


Thos Jarratt?

Mrs Hinks

Mrs Weir

Mr Landry

Geo Cross

Wm Smith                         H + shop

Sam’l Abrahams                  “

Rob’t Champtaloup              “

Kemp & Co                         “

Edw’d Read                      Mess’rs Wheatley              2 Hs + stabling, coach sheds, yards etc

                                        Wm Clark

Wm Brown                        Jas Frith

Thos Peak                        Sam’l Blacknell

Thos Gillett                                                               4 Hs in the Court

Wm Neale                         Thos Howcraft

Morden College                 Mess’rs Parker                  Court H

                                        Jos’h Rhodes          2 Hs

                                        Mr Larkan

Mr Love                            Wm Phillips

                                        late Mrs Rawlinson Ex’ors  H stabling yard etc

                                        Larkan                              H + 2 Hs C’s Hill

Heirs of C Byrne                Mrs Byrne

Mary Goodwyn                  J W Watsford

Heirs of Mrs Carnarvon      Jno J Langley

L H Smith                          Maria Smith

                                        Miss Young

                                        Jas Reeve                         stables


Paragon  (place or name?)


                                        Thos Barnard

                                        Geo Elliott

                                        Sam’l Wadeson

                                        Sam’l Warner

                                        Wm Deerhamper


Roan Street Union and Bridge Street


                                        Henry Eldridge                   8 Hs

                                        B Elsom                            Grey Coat Boys

                                        Sam’l Letton                      Land

Jos’a Hargrave                  Jos’a Hargrave                  “

                                        Jno Foster                        H

S Letton

A Stewart



Ex’ors of J Tranter             50 Hs

Thos Suter                        6 Hs

Amb’e Shove                     7 Hs

Mary Dyer

Mrs Brown

Ann Redman

Elmore Hodge

Mr Sludd

Mr Byers

J Taylor                            2 Hs

J Hedgecock

Thos Jones                       2 Hs

Wm Pierce

Mr Hayes

Mrs Moore                        2 Hs

                                        Corn’s Potton

D Edy

Ex’ors of Miss Wilshere      3 Hs

Edw’d Wilshere                 2 Hs

J Field                                                                      8 Hs

J Taylor                                                                    3 Hs


Wm Richards                                                  9 Hs

Ex’ors of T Bell                  T Bell’s widow

H Stevens


Miss Cook                                                                 3 Hs

M G Bell                                                                   4 Hs

Jas Baker                                                                 H + stable

Jas Pilgrim                                                                8 cottages

Geo Borrett                       J Field




Geo Graham                     R Fisher                            H

          “                             Mary Grundy

          “                             John Burgess

          “                             Thos Walker

Henry Goodwyn                 M Preston                         Public H

R Hospital                         J Giles

          “                             Thos Bass

          “                             Mrs Beach

          “                             James Young

          “                             Henry Reid

                                        J Garthwaite

                                        J Roberts

                                        John Godley

James Roberts                  James Roberts                  H + loft over passage

Ch’s Pashly?                               empty

                                        Ann Davis

Wm Roberts                      James Clark                      Public H

Peter Lee                          James Lester

          “                             Wm Pearce

ex’ors of J Catterns           J Rullicant

                                        Ann Slaney                        H + wharf


Fisher Lane


R Edwards                        R Edwards

                                        Joseph Clark                     H adj Ship Tavern

W Huck                                       “                             Ship Tavern

Ex’s late Catterns              Eliz Slaney                        White Horse Inn

Peter Lee                          John Showell

          “                             J Beach

          “                             J Ball

          “                             Ann Grub

          “                             Rd Skinner

          “                             S Jugger

          “                             T Pearce

Wm Smallpiece                 various                              5 tenements

S Maddox                           “                                     4 tenements

Wm Mathews                    M Mascoe                         1 tenement

Jas Roberts                      Geo Lacey                                  “

M Webb                            Jas Wilson                                  “

Mrs Collingwood                Chas Mathews                            “

Jas Pilgrim                        various                              2        “

John Lathbury                    John Jones                        1        “

R Graham                         various                                        “

Wm Rust                             “                                     5        “

Myer Marks                        “                                     1        “


Stable Yard Street


Greenwich Hospital            late Letton                         5 Hs Jubilee Court

Ex’ors late Catterns           various                              3 Hs + 1 in Court

J Letton                              “                                     2 Hs + 1 in Court

S Maddox                           “                                     2 Hs + 4 in Court

G Hosp late Goddard           “                                     9 Hs


Ship Dock


C Goddard                        John Smith                        Public H

Robt Pratt                         Robt Taylor                      

          “                             Ann Fisher                        


Stable Yard Street


M Powis                           John Briant

          “                             Wm Buttle                         Stabling

          “                             Thos Morris

John Deek                         Wm Wells                         Public H

R Hosp late Geo Ment       S Davis?                           1 tenement

          “                             J Giles                                        “


Stocks Lane


R Hospital late Rayley                                                Hs pulled down

          “                             various                              H + shops

          “                             Miss’s Harkers

                                        Wm Letton


Market Place Etc


R Hospital                                                                 Hs pulled down

          “                             J Sanderson +                   2 Hs

          “                             James Stacey                   Public H

          “                             Myer Marks                      2 Hs

          “                             John West                         H

          “                             Wm Price                          H + shop etc

          “                             Jesse Turner


Turnpin Lane


Abr’m Hawkins                  A Hawkins                         Public H

R Hospital                         Geo Price

          “                             Geo Field

          “                             late Freestone

          “                             Henry Mitchell                    Public H

          “                             G Goldsmith

          “                             Codling + others


King Street


Mrs Bristow                      Mrs Bristow

          “                             R Rhodes

R Hospital                                                                 16 Hs pulled down

M Jones                                      Holmes                   Public H

T Dunn                              Dennis & Palfry

Wm Hack                          Thos Lund

M Charleston                     R Coltman

G May                                        J Copper?

          “                             Cap’n Dick

          “                             Geo Martyr

          “                             Wm Seymour

          “                             Mrs El Martyr

          “                             Rev’d T Ainger


Crane Street


Chr Pell                             Mrs C Pell

R Fenwick                         empty

Geo Smith                         various

Ann Bean                          Ann Bean                          2 Hs

R Hosp late Brorton           various                              5 Hs

          “                             J Nevill

                                        ? Brownfield

                                        A Bishop                           Public H

R Fenwick                         none                                 Warehouse etc

R Hospital                         Wm Bennick

          “                             Wm Innott?

          “                             John Piper

          “                             Wm Edwards

          “                             M A Ball

          “                             Wm Austin                        Public H


Bear Lane



Mr White                           Edw’d Carter                     2 Hs

                                        Jas Muckle                        Public H

Mr Bennett                        Jas Fuller

                                        Rd Batchelor

                                        Sarah Morris


Park Row


Mr Brownfield                    Mrs Wm Mayott

                                        Cap Pearce

                                        Miss Hall

                                        Geo Smith

                                        Wm Shaw

M White                            Thos Rignell

Ex’ors of Tho Giles            B’n Andrews

          “                             Jonas Broad

Ex’ors of Mr Carnarven      Mr J Carnarvan                 H, Coach H + stabling

                                        Mrs Freeman?                   H, yard etc

                                        Ann Davisen

                                        Eliz Cotesworth

                                        Cap’n Hurd

S J Letton                         Ann Parrott

          “                             T Belcher

          “                             Chas Fort

          “                             Sam Potter

          “                             Mrs Friend

          “                             Ann West

D Crombie                        James Moze?                    Hs etc


East Street


Ex’ors Mrs Ball                  E J Pluckrose                    H + shop

                                        J Church

J Tranter                           J Bettles

                                        M Huggin

                                        M Lucus

J Tilling (J Moze)               various                             

Hatcliffs Charity                 John Wright                       8 tenements

A White                             Ann Harris                        

T Hetchins                         M Callaway

J Williams                         various

M Dyer (Richards)               “                                     2 Hs

John Taylor                       Rev R North


Jos’a Fountain                   J Fountain + others            2 Hs

          “                             John Moore

Miss Tunstill                      John Beresford

          “                             John McCreedy

          “                             M Carnel

Ex’ors of J Tranter             various                              3 Hs

S Land                                “                                     $ Hs

                                        R Slaughter

                                        Rd Wm Smithers               H, garden, shed + 3 acres of land

John Allison                       John Allison                       Public H etc

                                        Wm Wybourn jun

J Nicholson                        T Richards jun                  

Ex’ors late Tranter             J Boswell


J Smith                             Thos Panting

J Lamb                             Thos Richards

Mrs E Mason (Richards)    various                              4 Hs

D Price                             Thos Richards sen’r          

          “                             Sam’l Taylor

          “                             Jas Clark

          “                                       Sutton

R Hospital                                                                 Ground in Hog Lane

                                        R Worth                            H, slaughter H

                                        Thos Griffiths

M Cade (Watters)             various                              2 Hs + tenements

J Wells                               “                                     2 tenements

                                        James Mars                      Public H

Wilkinson                          various                              7 Hs

                                        Thos Oliver                       Yard, stabling etc

Ex’ors of B Lance              various                              H

G Graham                           “                                     3 Hs

G Deek                               “                                     H

    Irvine                              “                                     2 Hs

    Cade                              “                                     8 Hs

R Batchelor                         “                                     H

R Pratt                                “                                     3 Hs

          “                             Joseph Stratton                 Public H

G White                            John Turk sen’r                  Public H

Geo Smith                         John Turk jun’r                   Public H

W Wybourn                       S Harrington

Ex’ors late Bristow             W Wybourn

M Mason                          various                   

J Muckle                             “                                     2 Hs

Thos Reece                        “                                     10 tenements

J Tidwell (Hutchinson)          “                                     2 Hs

D’r Crombie                         “                                     5 tenements


Park Wall


Ex’ors late Tranter             T Tranter

M Stanbridge                              Pitman                   

M Bull / Ball?                     J Johnson

J V Taylor                         various                              4 tenements in Court

                                        Mrs Luckington                  Public H

                                        Mrs Caldwell                    

                                        Miss Lewis

                                        Mrs E Williams

                                        Adam Taylor                     H + stabling

M Carde?                         Rev W Smithers

M Chaton                          Mess’rs Paylier & Co

Dr Crombie                       various                             


Maize Hill


Miss Buffar                       P’k Ogilvie

          “                             Miss Buffar

                                        E Francis esq                    H + stabling etc

S’r G P Turner                   Geo Wedd

          “                             S Gremaldi

          “                             Mrs M Cousins                  H + stabling etc

M’e Dennis                        Edw’d Collins esq              H + stabling etc

S’n G P Turner                  Mrs Hill

          “                             Miss H Palmer                   H etc

          “                             Mrs Ward                         H + stabling etc

          “                             Jane Beal


                                        Rt Browne

                                        Thos Keasay esq               H, fields etc

                                        Thos Dadd esq                  H + stabling

                                        Chas Perkins esq             

                                        Wm Hill esq                      

                                        Adam Young esq               H + cottage + field Blackheath

                                        J G Perkins esq                 H etc


Myrtle Place


                                        Mr Jas Luddy                    H etc

                                        Miss Morton

                                        Cap’n Reed

S’r G P Turner                   Thos Brockebank esq        Mansion, garden, offices etc


Woolwich Road


Morden College                 Thos Barnes                     

          “                             Edw’d Tyler

          “                             S Prowse

          “                             S Preston                          H + land

D tadman

Thos Ambrose

Job Cooper


John Herbert

Wm Marshall

Edw’d Sweetlove


Hog Lane


J Wilkinson (R Walter)       various                             

                                        James Green

Ex’ors W? Hilton (Addis)     various                              3 Hs Queen Street

G Graham                           “                                     36 tenements


High Bridge


                                        Thos Oliver                       Three Crowns Tavern

Edw’d Putman                   various                              4 tenements

Wilkinson                          B Huntingford          2 tenements

                                        Samuel Ellis                      2 tenements yard + wharf

M Mallard                         Sam’l Lovegrove                Crown and Septer Tavern and Tap


Queen Street


Wilkinson                          Aggis 

Mrs Hilton                         various

          Garley?                    “                                     2 Hs

Geo Smith                           “                                     3 Hs

R Newman                        Sam Bull

M Cooper                         various

Heirs Halfpenny                   “                                     2 Hs

    Harvey                            “                                     3 Hs

Ed’d Putman                        “                                     H

Dr Crombie                         “                                     5 Hs

                                        Rich’d West                       H

Wm Mercer                       various                              7 tenements

                                        Eliz L’Layce?                     Public H


Queens Court


Mr Mercer                         various                              5 Hs, coach house, stabling


Ballast Quay


Mrs Millington                    Millington etc                     White House, garden, warehouses etc

                                        Peter Young esq               H etc

Morden College                 Millington etc                     Anchor Wharf, mills etc

          “                             T R Horwood

          “                             Chas Rowland

          “                             Joseph Kelley

          “                             Cath Paine

          “                             Wm James                        Public H

          “                                       Friatt

          “                             Geo Clements

          “                             R Clark                             Public H

          “                             John Crick                         2 Hs yard etc

          “                                       Phillips                    H Garden etc

          “                             Miss Millington etc             3 acres land


Marlbro’ Street


Morden College                 various                              41 Hs


Land etc      (Discriptions omitted)


Morden College                 Geo Graham

late Dr Crombie

Manuel Wickins

Wm Tyler


M Wickins

Miss Sattarstall                 Thos Spooner                   

S’r G P Turner                   Wm Shensby?

J Angerstein esq

Hatcliffs Charity                 Wm Woodcock

                                        Thos Suter

                                        M Pinnikins

                                        Dr Crombie

Morden College                 late Wilkinson

                                        Mess’rs Millington etc

                                        J Field

C Clark                               “

Norfolk College

Miss Sattinstall

M Player

Poor of Farningham

Morden College                 Wm Shereby

                                        Wm Edwards

Miss Buffar                       Rd Newman

M Sales

Miss Satterstall

Norfolk College

Lord Elliott                        late Bennett

M Mercer                         

                                        J Field

Sr G P Turner

          “                             late S Shereby

          “                             Wm Borrett

Miss Tunstall

Geo Russell

Sr G P Turner                   Benj Smith

Miss Sattenstall

Lord Elliott

Dean etc of Westminster    late Ackland

Wm Forman                      late Chase

M Sales

J Angerstien esq

J H Campbell

Sr G P Turner                   late S Shersby

          “                             late Ackland

J G Player

Miss Buffar                       late S Shersby

Sr G P Turner                   late Ackland

Dean etc of Westminster              “

Wm Forman                      late S Shersby

Sr G P Turner                             “

Vicar of Greenwich            Wm Baker

Poor of Greenwich             M Wigkins

                                        Ex’ors late Mrs Monkhouse

Charity                              The Vicar

Com’s of Seans?               Ex’ors of Mrs Floyd

Morden College                           Lee


Upland East of Coomb Farm


                                        John Angerstein esq land

J H Campbell                                                     “

                                        late Dr? Hunter                  H garden + land

                                        Mr Floyd (Charlton)            Cottage + land

                                        J Angerstein esq                Blackheath land

Sr Thos Wilson                 

M Bowater

                                        J Angerstein esq

J H Campbell           late Chase                        Coomb Farm H etc

                                        Adam Young esq

Sr G P Turner                   Man Wickens

                                        J Angerstein esq                Blackheath land, H, offices, shops etc


Houses and premises in the Royal Park


Royal Naval Asylum                                                   Offices,grounds etc

                                        Eaglestone                        H etc

                                        Thos Stiltiman

                                        Lord Aukland                     H, offices + garden

                                        John Pond esq                  Royal Observatory, H, offices, garden etc




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Greenwich Land Tax 1830
Created by Maureen Rawson