Inventory Example

Inventory Example

This is a scanned image of the first page of an inventory taken in 1698/9.

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods chattells and personal estate of Mary Picknall late of Newington next Sittingborne in the County of Kent Widow deced. taken and apprised the first day of March in the year of our Lord God 1698: By Richard Mourton and Edward Appleton as followeth (viz.)

The deceased's wearing apparell both linnen and woollen, ready money and debts due to her att the tyme of her decease ------- 100.00.00
In the parlour of the deceased's dwelling house, one bedd one table one foarme and seven chests --------------------------------- 2.19.00
Twelve paire of sheetes, two dozen of napkins, and six table cloathes --------------- 7.00.00
In the hall of the same house, two brass kettles, one warming pan, two brass skilletts, three iron potts, one iron kettle, six pailes, one old table and foarme, six chaires, one fire slice, one fire pan, one paire of tongs, one paire of Andirons, one gridiron, and five pewter dishes---2.13.00
In the buttery of the same house, two brome tubbs, eight beer vessells, one copper, one brewing tubb, one bucking tubb, one tunn tubb, three keelers and one kneading trough--3.15.00
In the chamber over the said parlour, two old bedds and bedsteads and a pockett of hopps ---- ----------------------------------------- 10.05.00
In the chamber over the said hall, one feather bedd bedstead curtaines and vallence one trundle bedd and one small table ------- 5.00.00
Eight horses and foles ---------------- 45.00.00
One sow and twelve shoates ------------ 8.00.00
Ten cows and haifers ------------------ 35.00.00
Fifty Ewes and ewe taggs ------------- 24.00.00
Wheate in the Barne ------------------- 87.10.00

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Inventory example
Created by Maureen Rawson