Land Tax

Sittingbourne Land Tax 1780

There are 157 names listed on this tax assessment. Some are proprieters/owners of property (p), some are occupiers of property (o) and some are both proprieters and occupiers (o/p) although not necessarily of the same property. Names may appear several times on the assessment.

Source: LDS Microfilm #1470624 Sittingbourne Land Tax 1780-1832

Last Name First Name Notes
Adams George o/p
Anderson John o
Anscombe Alice o
Arndell Ann o
Attnoke John o
Baker Richard o
Baker Thomas o
Banister Thomas p
Bannister Thomas o/p
Barling John p
Barnard John o
Barnes Samuel o/p
Barrett Francis o
Bate James o/p
Bates John o
Batt Joseph o
Bax William o
Beanland John p
Beckett Thomas o
Beckett William p
Birch Thomas o/p
Bland William o
Boulding Thomas o/p
Bowes John p
Brenchley Edward o
Brenchley John Esq. p
Brooks Isaac o
Bucknells T. S. Esq. p
Budds Thomas o
Budds William o/p
Chambers Samuel p
Chapman Philip o
Charles Matthew o
Chittenden John o
Chittenden Thomas o
Clifford John o
Coombes Lucy o
Cowland George o
Crayford Edward o/p
Crittenden Chapn. o
Crowter George o
Denne Daniel o
Denne Thomas o
Dennis Margaret o
Dennis Thomas o
Doe William p
Down John o
Drake William Esq. p
Dudley Hon. Lord p
Dyne William p
Eley John o
Ellen John p
Evans Rev. Samuel o
Fansett Brian o
Fosster John o
Friday John o
Friday Thomas o
Fryar Francis o
Gibbons John o/p
Gibbons Sills o/p
Gibbons William o
Gillman George o
Glover Richard p
Goodale William o
Grant Thomas p
Hales Sir Edward o/p
Hall Elizabeth o
Hammond William p
Harden John o
Harman Richard p
Harris Thomas o
Harvey Catherine p
Henneker Henry o
Hickmoth Mary o
Hogwood John o
Home Thomas o
Hopper Robert o
Housson William p
Huggens John o/p
Hyde Col. Esq. p
Jennings Anthony p
Jones John o
Ley Samuel o
Luckust John o
Mansbridge William o
March Thomas Esq. o/p
Martin William o
May Edward o/p
May John o/p
May John Esq. p
May Margaret o
Middleton John o
Milliner William o
Monk William o
Moore James o
Page John p
Phene James p
Philmer John o
Philpot John o
Piccard Miss. p
Pierce George o/p
Pleene James p
Popperwell Henry o/p
Porter John o/p
Porter Sarah o
Punnett John p
Reason Joseph o
Reason Peter o/p
Redman Francis p
Reynolds Thomas o
Rondeau Mary o/p
Rouse (late) o
Rouse Francis o
Russell Thomas o
Sea John o
Seath John o
Senior Ann o/p
Shaw Joshua o
Shearwin Ann p
Shepherd Julius p
Short Mary o/p
Simmons Mary p
Smith Ann o
Smith Henry o
Smith Jane o/p
Smith John o
Sole John C. Esq. p
Stanley Charles Esq. o/p
Stone John o
Stronghill Barzillair o
Stubbersfield John o
Swiffinton Edward o
Tappenden John p
Tassell John o
Tayler Stephen o
Tilbey Edward o/p
Tilbey George o
Tonge James o/p
Tonge Thomas o/p
Trott Mary p
Turner Edward o
Turner Thomas o
Turner William o
Twopenny Susan o
Tylden Phillipa p
Uncles (late) o
Walwyn James p
Ward Richard o
Warner John o/p
Waterman Thomas o
Webb John o
Weekes William o
Whittaker Thomas p
Williams Elizabeth o
Winch John o
Wise Mary p
Wood Robert o/p

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Sittingbourne Land Tax 1780
Created by Maureen Rawson