Gravesend Land Tax 1800

Gravesend Land Tax 1800

There are 218 names listed on this tax assessment. Some are proprieters/owners of property (p), some are occupiers of property (o) and some are both proprieters and occupiers (o/p) although not necessarily of the same property. Names may appear several times on the assessment.

Source: LDS Microfilm #1470096 Gravesend Land Tax 1800-1832

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Last Name First Name Notes
Adams Edw'd o
Adams Richard o/p
Alcot W'm o
Allman John o
Arnold Anthony p
Arnold George o/p
Arnold Tho's p
Assiter David o
Bathurst Edw'd o
Bayly Tho's o
Becket Andrew o
Becket Charles o/p
Bedells Mich'l (devisees) p
Bedingfield C. o
Bennett Alex'r o/p
Bentley & Ashley
Biggs Tho's o/p
Bishop Sir W'm, Knt. p
Blair Rich'd o
Blair W'm o
Blankley W'm o
Booth Cha's o
Bowles Joseph o
Brenchley John (devisees) p
Brett James p
Brettell John p
Bullock Josiah o
Bumpstead Philip o/p
Butcher Tho's o
Button John o
Calvert Elizabeth o
Champion Ja's Henry p
Champion James o/p
Child John o
Clarke Widow Sarah o
Clements William o/p
Clerverly (devisees) p
Cleverly Henry o
Close Edw'd (heirs of) p
Coast W'm Stacey p
Colden Tho's Crafts o/p
Coldon John p
Colley W'm o
Cook Isaac o
Creasey Mary o
Creasey Widow Mary o/p
Cresswell Henry & Son p
Cruden Geo. o
Cruden W'm o/p
Cruden Widow Jane o
Dadd W'm o
Darnley Rt. Hon. Earl p
Davis Rev. Rich'd p
Dawson Ja's (devisees) p
Deaken Tho's p
Dennett J. o
Dominy John o
Dominy Spencer o
Dreury George o
Ealey Ja's o
Ealey Ja's, Sr. o
Eglintine Richard o
Elliott Ezekiel o
Everden Henry o
Eversfield W'm o
Felgate David o
Fletcher W'm o
Forster Henry o
Gaseham Rachael o
Giles Nath'l p
Giles Tho's o/p
Gladish John o
Gladwell Cha's o
Gladwell Jos. o
Gladwell W'm o/p
Gladwell W'm, Jr. p
Godfrey & Co. o
Goldsmith John o
Gowers Ja's o
Grigory Tho's o
Hales John o
Hales Tho's o
Harris W'm o/p
Harrison W'm p
Harrison W'm John p
Harvey W'm o
Havens Widow o
Hazard Samuel o/p
Higgins John o
Hollingum Tho's p
Hooker Tho's o
Howard Maurice o
Hughes Philip o
Hume Patrick o
Humpage? Henry o/p
Humphys Ja's o
Ives Widow o
Jewel Miles, Sr. o
Johnson Henry p
Johnson Tho's o/p
Jones Henry o/p
Joynes Ja's Leigh o/p
Joynes Sophia o
Keddell John o
Keddell Robert o
Killick Eliz'th p
King Henry o
Kirks Ja's p
Kite Cha's o
Lamburn Edw'd (devisees) p
Lamburn Widow o
Lancaster John o
Lance W'm p
Lane John o/p
Lane W'm p
Langley Russel o
Lark Edw'd o
Lawrence Elizabeth & W'm p
Lawrence W'm o/p
Loft W'm o
Lukes Widow o
Mackay Geo. p
Mair William (devisees) p
Man Sam'l o/p
Marriott W'm p
Marsh Tho's o
Marshall Widow o
Martin Edw'd o/p
Mathews Ja's p
Mathews Tho's, Jr. p
Mathews Tho's, Sr. o
Mathews William o
Medhurst Sarah o
Meggison Tho's p
Mills Henry p
Mitten/Millen John p
Mitton Charles p
Mould W'm o
Nesbit Ja's o
Nicolls Ja's o
Ogle Tho's o
Otway Sarah p
Outram Anne o
Oxley W'm p
Pain W'm o
Peck Anthony o/p
Peen Rich'd o
Pettit Ann & Mary p
Phillips John o
Pipler John o/p
Pitt Tho's o
Pocock Rob't o/p
Potts Mrs. (trustees of) p
Powell George o
Pullen W'm o/p
Rackstraw Gayman o
Rackstraw Geo. o
Rackstraw John o
Raisel Jarvis o
Randall Rob't o
Reed late o
Ridley John o
Rogers Henry Thames, Esq. o/p
Romney Rt. Hon. Lord p
Ruck Lawrence o/p
Ruck Richard o/p
Rye W'm p
Rye Widow o
Saunders Rickeby o
Selby Geo. p
Sharp John o
Sharp Rob't o
Shaw Joseph p
Smith W'm p
Solley Edw'd (devisees) p
Solley Widow o
Spraggon Widow o/p
Starbuck Widow o
Stevens Widow o
Styles Augustine o
Suttie Alex'r o
Swaddell John o
Swinney Widow Elizabeth p
Swinny Eliz'th p
Swinny Henry o
Swinny Jane p
Tadman Lance (heirs of ) p
Tadman Widow Mary o
Tash Sallas (f) o/p
Taylor John o/p
Teynham Rt. Hon. Lord p
Thompson George o/p
Tilden John o
Tucker Rev. John p
Turner Richard p
Turner Tho's o
Twiss W'm o
Vigors Tho's o/p
Wakefield John p
Wallace Geo. o/p
Walter Ja's o
Weller James o
Wellington Anna p
West James o
Whiskin Daniel o
Wilkinson Rob't o
Wilson Widow o
Wilson Widow Sarah o
Wise Widow Jane p
Yates Richard p

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Gravesend Land Tax 1800
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