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Transcribed by Mary Pellett
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Saturday 4th March 1882

MARRIAGES (in full, no more to add)

Feb 18 at the Temple, St Mary's Cray, by the Rev J.JONES, 
John LAKER 2nd s/o Mr John LAKER of Bladbean, Elham, formally of Hastingleigh 
to Sarah Anne MORGAN 2nd d/o Mr Thomas MORGAN of Mariner's Lodge Farm, Knockholt Kent 8\6

Feb 19 at St Matthew's Church, New Kent Road, by the Rev W. WALSH vicar, 
Henry Lewis PHILPOT of the Palatinate to Ido HUGHES 2nd d/o John HUGHES builder Whitstable  8\6

Feb 19 at St Andrew's Silverhill, Hastings by the Rev Charles ROLFE, 
Albert Edward COLE only s/o Edward COLE of Tenterden 
to Bethinia BENSTED 4th d/o William BENSTED of Hamstreet Ashford 8\6

Feb 23 at the Prebeyterian Church Canterbury, 
Antruther H. Penhryn BILLSON 2nd s/o the late A. BILLSON Esq. of Malvern,  Worchestershire 
to Cassandra HOULT youngest d/o Alfred HOULT of Dover 8\6

Feb 23 at Holy Trinity Church, Milton next Sittingbourne,by the Rev Edward W. CARPENTER, 
Henry Vincent PARKER to Eliza BUTCHER 2nd d/o Mr James BUTCHER of Ashford  8\6

Feb 23 at the Congregational Church Ramsgate, 
G. M. VANE Esq of Forest Gate Essex to Jessie Ann DEANE d/o Captain DEANE of Ramsgate 8\6

Feb 25 at the parish church Rye by the Rev D. T. GLADSTONE vicar, William HINKLEY 2nd s/o Mr W.
HINKLEY of Horsmonden to Elizabeth LEDGER eldest d/o the late George LEDGER of Frittenden 8\6

March 1 at 34 Belmont Place, Hillhead, Glasgow, by the Rev T. R. SHARPLEY, Wesleyan Minister,
William John GOLDER eldest s/o John GOLDER late of Ashford 
to Margaret Barclay MARSHALL eldest d/o David MARSHALL of Crieff Scotland 8\6

March 1 at the parish church Milton by the Rev B. PAYNE-SMITH, assisted by the Rev E. CARPENTER,
James Hay LARGE of Chainhurst, Marden eldest s/o William LARGE of Taywell, Goudhurst 
to Harriett ELFICK youngest d/o Richard ELFICK Milton House, Sittingbourne 8\7

March 2 at St Mary's Church Ashford by the Rev H. GASCOIGNE, Edward COLLARD of Supperton,
Wickhambreux to Charlotte LUCY d/o A. LUCY of Clonfeacle, County Tyrone 8\7
other MARRIAGES mentioned elsewhere in newspaper

Earl of MOUNT-CHARLES at present with his Regiment in Ireland eldest s/o the Marquis & Marchioness
CONYNGHAM to marry the Hon Frances Elizabeth de MOLEYNS eldest d/o Lord VENTRY the marriage will
take place at the end of this month. 4\7

Mr Edward KNIGHT only s/o Mr Wyndham KNIGHT of Bilting House Wye Ashford 
and Miss EVANS-LOMBE youngest d/o Mr EVANS-LOMBE of Bylaugh Park Norfolk arranged marriage 5\1
BIRTHS (in full, no more to add)

Mr E. S. & Mrs BARNES a son born Feb 26 at 80 St John's Road, Faversham 8\6
Mr James & Mrs BAYLEY nee ANDREWS a daughter born Feb 25 at Willaston Hall, Cheshire 8\6
William Hewsom & Mrs BLINKHORN a son born Feb 24 at Garden Road, Foord, Folkestone 8\6
George & Mrs BRENCHLEY a daughter born Feb 27 at 4 Beaver Place, Ashford 8\6
James & Mrs BRIGGS proprietor of the Clifton Baths a son born Feb 22 at 22 Clifton Terrace, Margate 8\6
W. H. & Mrs COLE of Clapham a daughter born Feb 25 at Canterbury 8\6
Mr Henry & Mrs CORNES a daughter born Feb 26 at No 9 Butchery Lane, Canterbury 8\6
William & Mrs GODDEN a daughter born Feb 28 at Boughton Aluph 8\6
Frederick & Mrs GRAY formally of HMS Coastguard a daughter born recently at Lydd 8\6
Charles & Mrs GREEN a daughter born Feb 26 at Marsh Street, Ashford 8\6
George & Mrs HAYWARD Esq a daughter born Feb 28 at The Shades, High Street, Whitstable 8\6
Mr Edward & Mrs HILLS a daughter born Feb 26 at 1 Leslie Place, Ore Hastings 8\6
W. A. & Mrs HUTSON a daughter born Feb 27 at Littlebourne 8\6
Alfred & Mrs LEVETT a son born Feb 27 at Birchley Farm, Biddenden 8\6
Mr G. & Mrs MARSH a daughter born Feb 23 at Deal 8\6
Mr H. & Mrs MILLGATE a daughter born Feb 27 at Field Mill, Charing 8\6
Mr A. & Mrs MOORE a daughter born Feb 22 at Derby Cottage, Strand Street, Sandwich 8\6
Mr Frank & Mrs REEVES a daughter born Feb 25 at Crane Cottage, Cranbrook 8\6
W. R. & Mrs SAWYER formally of Dover a daughter born Feb 26 at 31 Montpelier Road, Queen's Road, Peckham SE 8\6
William & Mrs STEED a son born Feb 27 at Hawthorn Grange, Chislett 8\6
Edward & Mrs SWAIN a daughter born Feb 23 at Barton Farm, Aldington 8\6
J. & Mrs TAYLOR a son born Feb 23 at 72 St Peter's Lane, Canterbury 8\6
Rev H. Russell & Mrs WAKEFIELD a daughter born March 1 at Swanscombe Kent 8\6
T. R. & Mrs WESTON a daughter born Feb 28 at Snailham Farm, Guestling 8\6
Mr Charles & Mrs WOOD a daughter born Feb 21 at Millbank, Newchurch 8\6
John & Mrs WRAIGHT a daughter prematurely stillborn Feb 27 at 69 New Street, Ashford 8\6
DEATHS (in full, no more to add)

Feb 12 at the residence of her son at Poole Dorsetshire, Sarah EDMEADES the beloved w/o Mr Thomas
EDMEADES and last of the family of the late Mr William PULLEN, Hurst Farm, Chilham, aged 75 years. 8\7
Feb 18 at Gadborough, Clara Tickner HALLETT w/o Walter Thos. HALLETT aged 28 years. 8\7
Feb 18 in Charing Cross Hospital, suddenly, James Thomas KENNETT the dearly loved youngest s/o James
& Mary Ann KENNETT of Bargrove, Hythe in the 20th year of his age. 8\7
Feb 20 at Shalmsford Street, Chartham, John GAMBRILL aged 57 years. Much respected and deeply lamented by all who knew him.8\7
Feb 22 Stephen WHITEHEAD of the Blacksmith's Arms, Willesborough in his 72nd year. 8\7
Feb 22 at Mill House, Faversham, Mary BACHELOR aged 60 years 8\7
Feb 22 at 77 Preston Street, Faversham, Mr John LIGHTFOOT aged 66 years 8\7 (Treasurer of the Faversham Oyster Company died suddenly 3\7) no more to add.
Feb 22 at 3 St Mildred's Terrace, Westgate on Sea, Mary Charlotte MORRISON aged 29 years 8\7
Feb 22 at Tunbridge Wells, William Charles CRIPPS, aged 51 years 8\7 & 3/7
Feb 22 at Canterbury, Christopher PINNIGER, aged 44 years. 8\7
Feb 23 at Grove House, Westgate on Sea, Thomas Barker SIMSON Esq. of No 11 Great George Street, Westminster aged 59 years. 8\7
Feb 23 at Lucerne Street, Maidstone, William James BUNYARD aged 14 years 8\7
Feb 23 at the Freemason's Arms, Hamhill, after a painful illness, Ambrose GOWER, farmer, ect. aged 65 years. 8\7
Feb 24 at 5 Ivy Lane, Canterbury, Mr William SAMPSON in his 70th year 8\7
Feb 24 at 2 Waterloo Crescent, Dover, John Watlington Perry WATLINGTON Esq. of Moor Hall, Harlow Essex in his 59th year. 8\7 & 6\7
Feb 24 at Homewell House, Sutton Valence, Wm SLOMAN aged 74 years. 8\7
Feb 24 at Poplar Place, Wittersham, Jane POILE widow of the late Jeremiah POILE aged 88 years. 8\7
Feb 25 at the Royal George, New Romney, of convulsions, Frank DOWLE the dearly loved child of James & M. A. DOWLE aged 18 months. 8\7
Feb 25 at 20 St Peter's Place, Canterbury, Sarah Ann HORSLEY w/o William HORSLEY aged 62 years. 8\7
Feb 25 suddenly, William SMALL one of the Brother's of St Bartholomew's Hospital (and for 41 years
upholsterer in the employment of Fredk. FAMARISS, of King Street, Sandwich, aged 65 years. 8\7
Feb 26 at the Ashford Cottage Hospital, George MOON, aged 24 years. Much respected by all who knew him. 8\7
Feb 26, at Prospect Cottage, Barham, Jane WINCH relict of the late Thomas WINCH in her 88th year. 8\7
Feb 26 at 17 Cossington Road, Canterbury, Mary Annie NORMAN w/o Town Sergeant NORMAN after a long and painfull illness in her 57th year. 8\7
Feb 26 suddenly at Hinds House, Matden, Martha Julia STILL the youngest d/o the late Frederick William STILL aged 29 years. 8\7
Feb 26 at the Ashford Cottage Hospital, Sarah LEMAR aged 37 years. 8\7
Feb 27 at Deptford, London, Mary Ann ROBINSON youngest d/o Mr H. B. ROBINSON of 23 Notley Street, Canterbury 8\7
Feb 27 at 24 Osborne Road, Willesborough, Thomas Ratcliff CHITTENDEN, aged 47 years. 8\7
Feb 27 at Boughton Vicarage, George SHARP Junior aged 55 years 8\7
Feb 27 at 7 Mount Street, Battle, Mary WATSON widow of the late Mr George WATSON of Gate Farm, Battle, Sussex aged 50 years  8\7
Feb 28 at Willington, Maidstone, Kent, Ernest Charles RUSSELL 6th s/o the late Joseph RUSSELL aged 24 years  8\7
Feb 28 at Birchley Farm, Biddenden, the s/o Alfred & Ann LEVETT in his 4th year. 8\7
Feb 28 at St Thomas's Villa, Canterbury, Fanny READ the eldest d/o George & Charlotte READ late of Huntingfield, Eastling aged 22 years. 8\7
Feb 28 at Upper Denmark Road, South Ashford, Elizabeth HOLLANDS aged 64 years. 8\7
March 1 at Deal, Sarah HAMMOND widow of George HAMMOND of Deal aged 78 years. 8\7
March 1 at 5 Wellington Terrace, Picton Road, Ramsgate,  of consumption, Matilda Jemmett EMMERSON
w/o A. R. EMMERSON and youngest d/o of the late Thomas HOBDAY aged 48 years. 8\7
March 1 at West Cliff Road, Ramsgate, Mr Zachariah CROW  8\7
March 1 at Delf Street, Sandwich, Edith Lewis WILKINS the infant d/o Alfred & S. L. WILKINS aged 3  months. 8\7
March 1 at Snargate, Fanny Eliza GURR infant d/o William & Fanny Louisa GURR aged 7 months. 8\7
DEATHS / deceased mentioned elsewhere in newspaper (more information if wanted)

Alice Sarah Ann ABBERLEY dressmaker drowned herself Gravesend 3\7
ADAMS drowned just before Xmas, body found near Fairlight 3\7
BAILEY shot dead Dublin 3\1
Dr Andrew Wood BAIRD his will proved Dover 3\7
Rev James BAIRD brother of late doctor Dover 3\7
Mr Osmond BARNES deceased coal merchant Faversham 1\2
BASSETT a crew member on barge "Frank" drowned off Greenhithe 3\7
BERNARD died France 6\4
BEST a young labourer aged 20 fatal accident at Swifts Park Cranbrook 5\4
Joseph CHAINEY an apprentice on the smack Wanderer, aged 15 years drowned Ramsgate 5\6
Earl of CRAWFORS & Balcarres theft of his body from Dunecht 6\4
Mr William Charles CRIPPS registrar died Tunbridge Wells 3\7 (& 8\7 see under DEATHS)
Edward DEAN a drayman died suddenly heart disease at Maidstone 3\7
John DUNSTER deceased estate late of Boar's Isle Tenterden 1\1
Albert FILMER a lunatic died Rye 7\2
Mr John FINN deceased of Ashford & Lydd 4\1
Andrew GEARING drowned Northfleet Hope 7\3
Mr GIFFORD deceased of the Watch Committee Maidstone 5\6
Mr Richard HART deceased (twice) menrtioned at town council meeting and again further down same page Folkestone 5\1
Mr T. S. JACKSON deceased Ashford 2\1 (dental advert)
Mr LEEMAN ex MP died York 3\6
Ellen LUCK a little girls inquest, died Lydd 5\5
Mr MARCHANT deceased, sale of mill property ect at Aldington 4\6
Edward Alexander MARSH s/o Edward & Sarah Ann MARSH died Dover his inquest 6\7
George MOON died in accident at railway station Ashford 6\1 (& 8\7 see under DEATHS)
Mr Charles Carter PETLEY late Captain East Kent Militia s/o Mr Charles Robert Carter PETLEY of Sevenoaks died 5\4
Fred PIKE seaman of Dover died off Dungeness 6\3
James PILCHER Esq. died, the sale of his estate St Margaret's at Cliff 4\3
Lady PRESCOTT interred Herne churchyard 7\1
Mr RAYNER deceased formally of the Gas & Water Co Canterbury 6\7
Mr Charles ROLFE deceased late of Ruckinge & Bilsington 8\4 (see Late ads)
M. ROUZEAUD husband of Madame Christine NILSSON died 3\6
Arthur RYE steward of Dover died Dungeness 6\3
Mr SMEETH deceased former principal school Woodchurch 1\4
Mr J. W. Perry WATLINGTON of Harlow died Dover 6\7 & 8\7
Mr James WESTON deceased sale of property Ashford 4\1
Mr WHALLEY deceased of Jusuit College Canterbury 6\6
Bits and pieces (more information if wanted)

Albert BOULTON accident at railway works Ashford? 4\6
George BROUGHTON aged 13 in court wilfull damage Faversham 5\5
James COOK 21st Regt Dover, deserter in court Canterbury 5\4
Henry DARBY of Tonbridge a train driver in accident Ashford 6\1
Henry DUROSE of Quebec Canada in police court Rye 7\3
Mr ELGAR station master accident Ashford 6\2
Marie FERARD arrested France 6\4
John FOSTER baker in liquidation Hastings 4\7
Mrs GRANT giver of 100,000 to relief of poor Liverpool 3\6
GREEN admitted to hospital Canterbury with smallpox 5\4
S. R. GREEN Esq leaving Folkestone sale of property 4\1
Mr C. HAMMOND accident at railway station Ashford 6\1
Alfred Joseph HARE house decorator and plumber in liquidation Sheerness 4\7
Charles Dobbs HARNETT grocer in liquidation Margate 4\7
Frank HOLLANDS train driver accident Ashford 6\1
Richard HOWARD accident at railway works Ashford 4\6
Elizabeth KENNETT aged 12 years in court Ashford 6\1
Walter KENNETT aged 9 years in court Ashford 6\1
Henry KEYS native of Tunbridge Wells committed for trial for trying to commit suicide 3\7
KIRKWOOD arrested for theft of body Dunecht 6\4
LAMPON accident Maidstone 3\7
M'KAY a 98 year old Waterloo veteran Chelsea Hospital 3\6
Arthur MASTERS a small child in accident at Ashbourne Mill, Tenterden 8\5
Private MCGREARY court martial Shorncliffe 5\3
William MOOD of Perry Wood Selling, affilliation court Faversham 5\6
H. H. MORRIS engineer bankrupt Walmer 4\1
PEARCE v PEARCE divorce court Maidstone 7\2
PHILIP arrested for theft of body Dunecht 6\4
Captain SELBY murdered Albania 3\6
Albert Charles SMITH aged 14 years in court Faversham 5\5
Police Constable SPICKETT promoted to 2nd class constable Maidstone 5\6
Charles TODD in prison Canterbury 5\4
Emma Alice WATERS single woman of Dunkirk, affilliation court Faversham 5\6
Mr G. H. WHALLEY MP bankrupt 3\6
George WOOD deserter 21st Regt. at Dover in court Canterbury 5\4

Saturday 11th March 1882 BIRTHS H. & Mrs AMOS a son born March 4 at Sheldwich Faversham 8\6 J. B. & Mrs BLACKMAN a daughter born March 4 at Chamber's Green, Pluckley 8\6 Henry & Mrs BROOKS Esq a daughter born March 1 at Hessle House, Ewell 8\6 E. S. & Mrs CORNES a son born Feb 24 at the Laurels, Willesborough 8\6 J. T. & Mrs. FRIEND a daughter born March 8 at Northdown, Isle of Thanet 8\6 Mr J. D. & Mrs HAWKINS a daughter born March 1 at Queen Street, Ramsgate 8\6 Wm & Mrs HAYWARD a son born Feb 15 at High Street, Rolvenden 8\6 Mr E. & Mrs HOGBEN a daughter stillborn March 2 at 41 Camden Street, Ramsgate 8\6 Horace & Mrs MILLEN a son born March 8 at Northam, Hants 8\6 Arthur Henry & Mrs STONE Esq. Lieut. Royal Navy, Retired List, a daughter born March 2 at 1 Wellington Terrace, Sandgate 8\6 A. & Mrs WILSON grocer & draper a daughter born Feb 21 at Winchelsea 8\6 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES Feb 26 at St John's church, Brixton by the Rev C. J. R. COOKE vicar, John Albert WRAIGHT 3rd s/o George WRAIGHT Inspector , S.E.R. Deal to Ellen RAND 3rd d/o James RAND of Newport Essex 8\6 March 1 at the Baptist chapel Canterbury Fortesque WEST to Margaret CORNES 2nd d/o Mr Charles CORNES 14 Mercury Lane Canterbury 8\7 March 1 at the Registry office Leytonstone, W. Pickett TURNER Esq. M.R.C.S., Leytonstone to Ellen C. TURNER youngest d/o Henry TURNER Esq. late of Woodstock Oxon 8\6 March 2 at Faversham church by the Rev H. E. CURTIS, MA, Chaplain of Almshouses, Mr George JUDGE of Ospringe to Miss Rebecca DANE of Faversham 8\7 March 2 at St Vincent church Littlebourne by the Rev MAGAHN, Charles Thomas DAWES of Chislehurst, youngest s/o J. DAWE Esq. of Calstock House Dover to Ruth Amelia ALEXANDER 5th d/o the late J. ALEXANDER Esq.of GarringtonFarm, Littlebourne 8\7 March 2 at St Luke's church Ramsgate, by the Rev J. A. LAMB, Mr Edwin MAY to Miss Agnes FOWLER of St Lawrence 8\7 March 4 at St Vincent's church Littlebourne, Ansell GIFFORD of Stodmarsh near Canterbury to Emma TUCKER 5th and youngest d/o Edmund TUCKER of Littlebourne Hill 8\7 March 4 at the Congregational church, Watling street Canterbury, by the Rev W. Le Pla, Thomas WRAIGHT youngest s/o S. WRAIGHT of Newlands Teynham to Martha Elizabeth THWAITES eldest surviving d/o the late W. THWAITES of Northgate street Canterbury 8\7 March 5 at the Congregational church Ramsgate, by the Rev Baldwin BRINDLEY, Alfred MARSH to Sarah CRUNDEN 8\7 March 8 at Hastingleigh church, Frederick BRENCHLEY to Mary PILCHER both of Hastingleigh 8\7 March 8 at Clement Danes by the Rev W. RADCLIFFE, Captain G. JACOB of "SS Valetta" to Kate GREENLAND youngest d/o Edward GREENLAND of Lydd, by special licence 8\7 Mr Charles H. B. WILLIAMS (youngest brother of Sir William WILLIAMS of Denbighshire) arranged marriage to the Hon Mabel Boscawen d/o Viscount FALMOUTH to take place April 18th. 5\3 (no more to add) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS Francis ANDREWS aged 64 years, widow of the late Archley ANDREWS died March 4 at Wye 8\7 Harriet ASHBY aged 37 years, of Whitstable died March 5 in the Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\7 The beloved wife of Sergt. H. ASHTON, and the only d/o Mr J. BIRCH age 28 died Feb 24 at Sholden 8\7 (no name given for her) Mr Thomas AVELING died Rochester 5\2 (steam traction engine makers) Mr BARNETT owner of horse and he was the driver which killed a man 5\6 BARTON age 17 months died March 8 at Gravel Walk, Ashford 8\7 James BENECLOTH boy killed at East Cliff Hastings by a piece of rock falling on him 3\6 (under Epitome of County News) Rev James BOYS deceased his estate at the Rectory Biddenden 4\3 Eleanor BRUTTON nee CASTLE aged 87years, relict of Major John BRUTTON, Royal Marines, and d/o the late William CASTLE Esq. of Sittingbourne died March 4 at 35 Colville Terrace, Kensington Park, London 8\7 Job BURCH deceased miller of Mersham; mentioned in County court Ashford 6\1 Sarah CARTER aged 69 years, the w/o Wm. Claude late chemist of Ashford, died March 6 at Godinton Road, Ashford., after a long and painful illness, borne with christian fortitude. A kind wife and affectionate mother, respected by all that knew her. Her end was peace. 8\7 Bertram John CORKE youngest s/o Samuel & Miriam CORKE, late of Swifts Green Farm, Smarden died March 6 at Staplehurst 8\7 John CRIPPS bricklayer, native of Sittingbourne killed whilst running after train at Meopham 3\6 Mr William Bligh CROUCH in his 82 year, died March 2 at 6 Burgate Street, Canterbury 8\7 Ella CURLING age 1 year 11 months eldest child of Mr H. CURLING, butcher, died March 5 at St George's Street, Canterbury 8\7 Mr John CURTIS aged 27 of The Foresters died Herne Common 7\2 Mrs CUTBUSH now Mrs FENABLES of Rolvenden 4\2 (bit more if needed) William DARBY aged 80 years, died March 7 at 67 High Street, Ramsgate 8\7 James DENNIS aged 68 years, of Archbishop's Palace, died March 7 in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital 8\7 Mrs Thomas DRAY deceased, auction of her property Ruckinge 4\1 Julia DRISCOLL aged 55 years died after clothing caught fire 5\4 Julia DRISCOLL aged 70 years of Northgate, died March 6 in the Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\7 John DUNSTER gardener, deceased of Boars Isle Tenterden 1\1 Earl of EFFINGHAM deceased, his 2nd son (see under HOWARD) died Tunbridge Wells 8\7 Chas. William James FARLEY age 4 years, died March 6 at Winstanley Crescent, Ramsgate 8\7 Captain FAWCETT, last surviving naval vetran who could boast the honour of a talk with NELSON 3\7 Mrs CUTBUSH now Mrs FENABLES of Rolvenden 4\2 (bit more if needed) Mr John FINN deceased senior partner Ashford 4\2 William GUY aged 29 years, youngest s/o Thomas GUY, MD., F.R.C.P., Inspector-General of Army Hospitals, h.p. died March 3 at 8 Maison Dieu Road, Dover 8\7 John Fagg HARVEY Esq. deceased, auction of property Canterbury 4\2 Mr Edward HAYWARD deceased Bethersden (under Ashford Cottage Hospital) 6\3 Jessie HELFMANN died St Petersburg 3\7 Flora HOLE age 1 month died March 1 at New rents, Ashford 8\7 Gertrude Mary HOLLAND aged 24, d/o the late Rev W. B. HOLLAND MA, rector of Brasted Kent died March 3 at Cheltenham 8\7 Frederick HOWARD aged 77 years, died March 6 at Wingham 8\7 Hon. Charles HOWARD aged 74 years, 2nd s/o the late Earl of Effingham, died March 8 at Tunbridge Wells 8\7 Henry HUTTON in his 81st year s/o the late John HUTTON of Ashford, died March 1 at the Lawn, Colnbrook Bucks 8\7 Annie Catherine HYLAND aged 52 years, w/o Samuel B. HYLAND, died March 3 at Beacon House, Bethersden 5\1& 8\7 (accident at Ashford market) Mr Edwin JAMES died 3\7 Percy Malcolm JOHN aged 19 murdered by his brother in law at Blenheim House School, Wimbledon 8\6 Sarah JOHNSON aged 70 years, died March 5 at 7 Wolesley Road, Ashford 8\7 Morris JONES graduate of Oxford drowned when boat capsized Oxford 3\7 Clara KING age 16 suicide Sevenoaks 3\6 Mr W. LEIGH deceased of Halling school board 3\6 Mr MACKAY aged 79 died 3\7 Alice MARSH aged 52 years, for 33 years the faithful servant and friend in the household of the Rev. Thomas B. W. BRIGGS, died March 7 at Capel Lodge, Folkestone 8\7 Charles MARSH in his 94th year, a lineal descendant of Oliver CROMWELL died March 5 at 17 Albion Road, Tunbridge Wells 8\7 Miss Mary Ann MARSHALL aged 29 school mistress, of Dover suicide Walsall 7\1 Georgina MOORE age 7 murdered Yalding 8\6 Eliza Jane MUNN aged 9 years, the beloved child of Phineas & Matilda MUNN, died March 2 at St Leonard's Road, Hythe sfter a long and painful illness. Not lost but gone before. 8\7 F. REEVES Esq. deceased state Hawkhurst 4\1 James ROLFE JP aged 78 years, died March 5 at Ivy House, Lydd 5\6 & 8\7 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased; property at Ruckinge & Bilsington 4\1 Elizabeth RUSSELL aged 79 years, widow of the late Mr. John RUSSELL, died March 2 at Beckley Sussex 8\7 SANDS a young orphan woman age 17 dead Workington 3\7 Thomas Harry SAWYER aged 23 years, died March 3 at 23 Augusta Road, Ramsgate 8\7 Quarter Master Sergt. William SMITH buried Maidstone 5\6 William SMITH aged 46 years, died March 4 at Sandling Road, Maidstone 8\7 Eliza STANLEY aged 39 widow suicide at the workhouse Ashford 5\2 Mr Frederick STEVENS landlord of the New Endeavour suicide Buckland 7\1 Alfred TACKERALL aged 48, died from a kick in the stomach from horse, East Grinstead 3\6 Richard "Peter" TAPPENDEN killed by a horse Tonbridge 5\6 Mrs Hannah TERRY widow deceased late of Burgate Street, Canterbury 1\1 Willie TICKNER the youngest child of Mr W. TICKNER of London, died March 8 at Walmstone, Wingham 8\7 May TOMSETT aged 8 weeks died March 6 at 15 Pemberton Road, Ashford 8\7 Frank WALTERS stone carter, died (killed) accident Maidstone 5\6 Mr James WESTON deceased his estate Ashford 4\2 Robert WILDISH of Faversham died from his injuries in London 3\6 George WILLIAMS elderly navvy, late of Sheerness died West WICKHAM 3\6 David WISE died suddenly March 1 at 61 West Street, Faversham 8\7 Francis Henry WOOD surgeon, late of New Romney, Kent, died Nov 11 on board of the "Highflyer" off Mauritius of heart disease 8\7 (the year would most likely have been 1881 Mary) Mr Samuel WOOD grocer, aged 40 years, died March 2 at High Street, Milton near Sittingbourne 5\6 & 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER Alfred BROWN bankrupt Deal 7\1 John Udal BUGLER of Ashford in bankruptcy at Canterbury court 1\1 John BUTCHER bankrupt Herne 5\2 John CHITTENDEN of Ashford in bankruptcy court Canterbury 1\1 Sir Wiliam Augustus CONGREVE lost, went bush in Australia 5\3 DODSWORTH a navvy in accident Ramsgate 5\6 T. L. ELLIOTT bankruptcy at court Canterbury 1\1 Mr EVANS an Englishman arrested in Rogusa Austria 3\7 John FIELD a boy at Herne Bay in court Canterbury 7\1 Alfred Thomas FOREMAN & Frederick John FOREMAN liquidation Marden 5\2 William & Maria HEATHFIELD inmates West Ashford Union 5\2 Mr HENLEY a Privy Councillor now 90 years old 3\7 Mr & Mrs HUMPHRIES of Nettlestead parents of accused murderer at Yalding 8\6 James KELLEY assaulted Chatham 3\6 George Leonard KEYS bankruptcy Kennington 1\1 George Henry LAMSON charged with murder of his brother in law at Blenheim House School, Wimbledon 8\6 Mr James LANCASTER of Westwell leaving the country sale of his effects 4\1 Mr LONGLEY an accident Camber 7\3 William & John MARSH sons of William MARSH of Canterbury, your sister Susanna Elizabeth ROBINSON who sailed in the Buckinghamshire for Adelaide 1838, wants you to write to her. (2 addresses given, one in Australia and one in Margate should anyone be interested) 8\5 Thomas MILLS alias HITCHCOCK aged 24, escaped convict Chatham 6\3 Alfred MILNER age 12 in court Bearsted 6\7 James William NEWMAN boy assaulted; West Malling court 8\5 George NEWPORT a boy at Herne Bay in court Canterbury 7\1 Eliza NYE accident New Brompton 3\6 Clarence Charles PAY a boy in court rabbit stealing Ramsgate 5\6 Mr Frank PENN a Kentish batsman is ill in Nice 3\6 Frederick PHILPOTT a boy at Herne Bay at court Canterbury 7\1 PILLOW a boy steling rabbits in court Ramsgate 5\6 Edward POLLINGTON liquidation Hastings 5\2 PUTT an elderly married female attempted suicide New Town Ashford 5\1 George Samuel Richard ROLFE liquidation Margate 5\2 RUSH s/o Mr RUSH butcher his little boy in accident Tonbridge 5\6 Henry SHOVELLER a boy at Herne Bay in court Canterbury 7\1 Mrs Marion SMITH widow received a medal Order of St John of Jerusalem for heroism in the Transvall while under fire 3\7 Thomas STANDEN was assaulted Sittingbourne court 5\6 John TAPLEY at Racine, Wisconsin USA 3\5 TOMLIN accident at Shakespear Tunnel Dover 7\2 C. TUFF owner of The Buckland sailing barge which was run down in Galleons Reach by a srew steamer 2 dead 3\6 Frank WALTER injured Maidstone 7\2 Thomas WANSTALL bankruptcy court Ashford 1\1 Mary Ann WATTS assaulted Biddenden in Cranbrook court 5\4 WILES a little fellow s/o Mr WILES hairdresser in accident Tonbridge 5\7
Saturday 18th March 1882 MARRIAGES Jan 21 at the Baptist Chapel, Toungoo, British Burmah by the Rev CUSHIEN, Battery Sergeant- Major G. COUCHIE to Bessie BRIDGER youngest d/o Mr John BRIDGER of Biddenden Kent 8\7 March 11 at St John's Church, The Brook, Liverpool, William HISTED Junior formally of Faversham to Sarah Harriet BARTLETT of Oxford 8\7 March 11 at All Saints' church, Lydd by the Rev J. W. S. HOWE, Sarah Eleanor HOWLAND to Francis FINN both of Lydd 8\7 March 14 at the Congregational Church, Ramsgate by the Rev B. BRINDLEY, Mr Albert Benjamin REDMAN to Miss Eliza Mary Ann LASLETT both of Ramsgate 8\7 March 14 at Ashford by the Rev Canon ALCOCK, Charles E. ANDREWS of New Town Ashford to Beatrice J. MOORE 8\7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS Mr Thomas AVELING funeral Rochester 7\1 Dr A. W. BAIRD deceased estate Dover 4\3 Sarah BAKER deceased estate Eastry 1\1 Janet BARRINGER aged 11 months died March 8 at Margate 8\7 Sarah Harriet BOURNE aged 26 years the beloved w/o W. H. BOURNE died March 5 at the Green, Shadoxhurst 8\7 Mr John BOYD deceased estate Abbey Wood 3\7 Rev James BOYS deceased Biddenden 4\3 & (see under Chilham 5\5) Wm BRAZIER killed in accident Sittingbourne 3\7 Clara BUSH aged 18 years died March 8 at Hereson Road, Ramsgate 8\7 Captain BUSK died London 3\7 John CAPELING deceased of Brenzett mentioned in court New Romney 5\8 Angelina Elizabeth CHARRIERE 3rd d/o the late Louis CHARRIERE Esq. died March 13 at Sandwich 8\7 Thomas COLE senior aged 82 died March 14 at High Street, Lydd 8\7 Charles COMPTON an aged shoemaker died during a family quarrel Worthing 3\7 Edward James CROUCHER aged 28 years 3rd s/o Mr James CROUCHER died Feb 26 at Elmsted after a long and painful illness 8\7 Hannah DENNIS age 67 years w/o Thos. DENNIS died March 9 at Rye 8\7 Harrison Winter DRAY aged 14 months 2nd s/o J. T. H. & E. DRAY died March 14 at No 6 Theatre Street, Hythe 8\7 Mrs Thomas DRAY deceased estate Ruckinge 4\1 Rev Spencer Rodney DRUMMOND died Bighton 3\8 John DUNSTER deceased estate Boars Isle Tenterden 1\1 Frances DYASON died Canterbury 5\6 Mr Matthew DYBALL aged 89 years died March 13 at Westgate Grove, Westgate without, Canterbury 8\7 William EWING died Glasgow from stab wounds 3\8 Theophilus Dymond FIELD aged 45 years died March 9 at 9 Calverley Park crescent, Tunbridge Wells 8\7 Louisa FLISHER aged 21 years died March 13 at Caldecott Farm, Lydd of consumption 8\7 Sarah Ann FULLER aged 27 years youngest d/o Mr John FULLER of Smeeth died March 12. 8\7 Herr Karl GEBHARD died after a verry painful operation Dover 3\7 Mr GORHAM deceased Tonbridge 7\3 Mrs O'HARA w/o an MP died Sligo 3\8 John Fagg HARVEY Esq. deceased estate Canterbury 4\3 Mr HOBBS cashier at Chatham Dockyard died Chatham 3\7 Bessie Jeanetta HORTON aged 1 year and 8 months 4th d/o R. E. HORTON died March 9 at Bridge 8\7 Eliza HUXTEP aged 3 years and 9 months died March 9 at St Lawrence 8\7 William LAKE Esq. in his 63rd year formally of Gravesend died March 13 suddenly at his residence, Folkestone 8\7 Charless Woollett LEWIN aged 4 years and 6 months s/o George LEWIN died March 14 at Rye 8\7 Edward Joseph LUCK aged 11 years and 5 days only s/o Mr LUCK of the Coastguard station Sandgate, died March 11 in the Royal Greenwich School, interred in Greenwich Cemetery 8\7 Lady Agnes MACLEAN died of want in the waiting room St Pancras Workhouse 3\8 Mr W. MANN deceased estate Sandhurst 4\2 Mr Chas. MARSH father of Mr Cromwell MARSH of Dover, died Tunbridge Wells 7\3 Miss Sarah Ann MARSHALL from Dover committed suicide Walsall 3\7 Lilly Ellen MARTIN aged 2 years child of J. W. & Olive MARTIN died March 12 at 3 Crabble hill, Buckland, Dover 8\7 Mr Robert MAXTED of Minster died in accident Queensborough 3\7 & 5\7 Emily MESSENGER aged 47 years w/o John MESSENGER died March 13 at Rye 8\7 George MOON deceased Ashford 5\2 Georgina MOORE aged 7 murdered Yalding 6\4 James MUNDS aged 66 years died March 15 at Lydd 8\7 Richard Butler NORRIS aged 71 years died March 8 at 34 York Street, Ramsgate 8\7 Stephen PARKES aged 62 years eldest s/o the late Mr. Stephen PARKES of Headcorn died March 4 at Lewisham 8\7 Gertrude PEARSON aged 15 months d/o Mr Thos. PEARSON died March 3 at Redbrook Street, Woodchurch 8\7 Mr Thomas PEARSON aged 30 years died March 12 at Redbrook Street, Woodchurch 8\7 George POTTS aged 63 years 3rd s/o the late James POTTS of Belmont, Throwley died recently at Bronksea Island, Poole Dorset 8\7 Jessie PRICKETT aged 3 years 3 months youngest d/o Mr Chas. PRICKETT died Feb 24 (no place given) 8\7 Ann PUTT elderly woman died by suicide inquest New Town 4\8 F. REEVES Esq. deceased Hawkhurst 4\2 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased Ruckinge & Bilsington 4\1 Mr James ROLFE funeral Lydd 5\7 William ROSEN aged 90 years died March 9 at 3 Bulwark Lane, Dover 8\7 Mr John ROWDEN died Whitstable 8\6 Fredric Paul SEDDON aged 37 years 2nd s/o Rev. D. SEDDON MA, died Feb 26 suddenly at Bridge 8\7 Edward SHEPPARD aged 67 years died March 11 at Lydd 8\7 Mr Edward SHERWOOD aged 32 years s/o the late Mr Francis SHERWOOD died March 13 at Hythe 8\7( more on p 5\5) Mr SMEETH deceased Woodchurch 4\6 Emily SMITH aged 74 years widow of the late Charles SMITH formally of Faversham died March 11 at The Shrubbery, Oaten hill, Canterbury 8\7 Edward TAYLOR aged 66 years late of Aldington died Feb 19 at East Ashford Union 8\7 Mrs Hannah TERRY deceased widow estate Canterbury 1\1 EllenTURNER aged 5 years and 4 months d/o William TURNER died March 15 at Rye 8\7 James TUTT his funeral Brabourne 6\5 Frank WALTERS aged 21 and married, died after being hit by a stone Maidstone 7\1 Mr James WESTON deceased Ashford 4\1 Mr A. WORSFOLD funeral Eastbourne 3\7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIRTHS Russell Hilder & Mrs BANNISTER veterinary surgeon, a son born March 13 at Rye 8\7 J. D. & Mrs BARLING a son born March 10 at High Street, Maidstone 8\7 Mr T. W. & Mrs BURT a daughter born March 12 at West Brabourne 8\7 H. & Mrs CARTER a daughter born March 12 at Hunter's Road, Willesborough 8\7 C. & Mrs DAVENPORT JONES solicitor, a daughter born March 13 at Bryn-y-mor, Hastings 8\7 Mr H. & Mrs DRINCQBIER a daughter born March 8 at 3 Hazlewood Villas,Crescent Road, Ramsgate 8\7 A. J. & Mrs DRURY a daughter born March 13 at 4A Jeffery Street, New Brompton 8\7 Mr & Mrs FOAT a daughter born March 9 at 1 Tivoli Road, Margate 8\7 Mr H. & Mrs KENNETT a daughter born March 8 atWincheap Street, Canterbury 8\7 H. & Mrs KILBY sawyer, a daughter born March 10 at Hythe 8\7 Mrs Erskine W. KNOLLYS a son born March 9 at Addington Vicarage 8\7 Mr John & Mrs SMITH a son born March 7 at Kennington Villa, Kennington 8\7 Mr John & Mrs TERRY a son born March 15 at the Lower Green, Woodchurch 8\7 Mr H. O. & Mrs THORNE a son born March 14 at 48 Somerset Road, Ashford 8\7 Captain & Mrs TYNTE, 4th Dragoon Guards, a daughter born March 14 at the Red House, Dennington, Canterbury 8\7 Thomas & Mrs USBORNE a daughter born March 14 at 31 Clifton gardens, Folkestone 8\7 George & Mrs VENNER a son bornMarch 6 at Rye 8\7 Mr & Mrs WILLIAMS a daughter born March 9 at Westgate, Canterbury 8\7 Mr & Mrs WILLIAMS a daughter born March 9 at Prince's Terrace, Margate 8\7 Mrs WILLIAMS had triplets Beryham 3\8 T. & Mrs YATES late of Hothfield a daughter born March 13 at10 Carfax Square, Clapham 8\7 Mr. William & Mrs YOUDEN a daughter born March 12 at Martin Cross, Dover 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER Sarah BELLAMY assaulted at Chatham 3\7 George BLAND accident Canterbury 5\6 James BRADSHAW in liquidation Tunbridge Wells 5\2 Joseph Frederick CLARKE in liquidation Ramsgate 5\2 Frances CROMWELL d/o John CROMWELL & Granddaughter of George CROMWELL 7\3 George CROMWELL Grandson of Lord Protector Oliver CROMWELL 7\3 Mr W. H. CRUNDALL bankrupt Dover 8\6 Mrs Mary CUTBUSH her will Maidstone 8\5 Devoure DEGROUST foreign seaman smuggling, in court Dover 6\7 Francais DECOMENCK frenchman smuggling, in court Dover 6\7 Samuel DINNER schoolboy in court Tonbridge 7\3 Sapper DUFF Royal Engineers in court for stealing at Strood 3\7 Hiram John EMMERSON liquidation Hastings 5\2 Mr FIELDING bankrupt 8\6 Alfred Thomas & Frederick John FOREMAN in liquidation Marden 5\2 Mrs Mary FOWLEMAN her will Maidstone 8\5 Charles HARRIS bankrupt Wingham 8\6 Mr Philip C. HONYWOOD bankrupt Chartham 5\5 IRSHERWOOD age 12 had accident Marden 8\5 Samuel JENNER accident East Fraleigh 5\7 Mr James LANCASTER leaving the country, selling up, of Westwell 4\1 Thomas LOCKWOOD late of Sevenoaks liquidation Tunbridge Wells 5\2 Sapper LOGAN Royal Engineers in court for stealing at Strood 3\7 Thomas MARSH married 1757 7\3 Wm MARTIN late of Stone Dartford in liquidation Tonbridge 5\2 Mr Worsfold MOWLL bankrupt Dover 8\6 Jarvis NEWTON accidentbroken leg Dover 3\7 Sapper James O'FLYNN Royal Engineers in court for indecently assulting a young woman Chatham 3\7 Private Martin O'MARA Royal Marines in prison Sheerness 8\5 Charles OSBORNE aged 12 in court Maidstone 3\7 Mr E. PARRY bankrupt Ramsgate 8\6 John PATTON liquidation Ightham 5\2 Jesse PEARSON schoolboy in court for assault Tonbridge 7\3 PERRY little girl assaulted court case Tonbridge 7\3 PHILPOTT an elderly man knocked down and injured Strood 3\7 Mr PLUMMER bankrupt 8\6 Mrs Susannah PRICE her will Maidstone 8\5 RICHARDSON accident Tonbridge 7\3 Frederick George William ROBERTS liquidation Milton Graves 5\2 Mr SMITH bankrupt 8\6 Mr William Dudley Ward SMITH bankrupt Wingham 8\6 William SUMMERS liquidation Ightham & Southborough 5\2 Julia Ellen SUTTON liquidation Dover 5\2 Elias Henry WALTER a schoolboy in court Tonbridge 7\3 Ann WOOD 102 years old Uxbridge Union 3\8 Emma WOOD widow of Shipbourne in court Tonbridge 7\3
Saturday 25th March 1882 MARRIAGES March 11 at St Philip's Church, Kennington Road, London, Thomas JAMES eldest s/o Edward JAMES of Selling, Kent to Sophia PRIDE d/o the late Edwin PRIDE, both of Highgate, N. 8\8 March 14 at the English Church, Kimberley, South Africa, David Alexander Bruce STEVENS youngest s/o David STEVENS of Hungerford Road, London, to Annie CHANCELLOR 2nd surviving d/o John Gyles CHANCELLOR of Grosvenor Terrace, Margate 8\8 March 16 at St Martin's Herne, Charles Walter WEBB to Agnes WHITE, only surviving d/o Charles WHITE Esq. of Herne Bay 8\8 March 18 at the parish church Folkestone, by the Rev E. BALDWIN, Arthur SMITH of Folkestone to Laura STOAKES d/o Mr John STOAKES, builder, Stanford near Hythe. 8\8 March 20 at the Registry Office Willesborough, A. MASTERS to Alice Lydia LEEVES both of Hamstreet 8\8 March 20 at Christ Church, Ramsgate by the Rev J. E. BRENAN, Thomas B. ATKINS to Hannah Elizabeth BROWN both of Ramsgate 8\8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- other MARRIAGES mentioned elsewhere John BLOUT of Oxford & Little Chart Kent married Miss Henrette DARELL of Cale Hill 6\8 (more information) Hon & Rev Arnold DeGRAY to Miss Margaret PONSONBY-FANE d/o Hon Spencer & Mrs PONSONBY-FANE married Monday April 17th 5\2 HARBOUR a volunteer fireman married Tonbridge 5\7 (no bride mentioned just a gift) Sir Sydney WATERLOW bart, MP to Miss HAMILTON of San Francisco, US. will take place at the British Embassy, Paris on Tuesday next 5\2 The marriage of the Earl of WINTERTON and Lady Georgina HAMILTON d/o the Duke & Duchess of Abercorn at St George's, Hanover square 5\2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEATHS Edith Elizabeth AEDY aged 8 months the dearly beloved child of John & Elizabeth AEDY died March 21 at High Street, Hythe 8\8 William ANDERSON Esq. aged 51, Fleet Surgeon, Royal Navy died March 15 at the Royal Marines Depot, Walmer 8\8 funeral Deal 6\6 George APPS aged 86 years died March 17 at Rye 8\8 Sarah ASHDOWN in her 89th year died March 2 at Ruckinge formally of Brenzett 8\8 Lieut- Col. F. C. AYLMER late of the 89th Regt. died March 20 at Pendower, Tunbridge Wells 8\8 Annie BISHOPP aged 22 years eldest d/o John BISHOPP died March 16 at Hythe 8\8 Walter BOUGHTON 2nd s/o Edward & Ann BOUGHTON of Leigh Court, Lyminge died March 14 suddenly at 23 Broadmead Road, Folkestone 8\8 John BRENCHLEY aged 77 years died March 20 at Brockton Farm, Charing 8\8 Florence Gertrude BUTTON aged 13 months child of George & Mary Ann Button died Feb 28 at Florence Villa, Vale Road, Silverhill 8\8 Frances Eleanor CLEVELAND late of Sheerness & Rochester widow of C. A. CLEVELAND Esq. RN, died March 19 at Southsea, from the results of an accident 8\8 Henry CLOKE in his 75th year died March 5 at Saltwood 8\8 Caroline COBAT aged 77 years w/o Thomas COBAT died March 9 at Worth 8\8 Octavia Alberta (Bertie) DITMAS aged 20 years youngest and dearly loved d/o the late Major Frederick DITMAS, R.E. formally of Croydon, Surrey died March 19 at 19 Victoria Park, Dover. Indian papers please copy. 8\8 Henry Brent FORTH aged 14 months the beloved child of W. P & J. P. FORTH died March 18 at 3 Bank Street, Ashford 8\8 Mr Thomas FOSTER in his 54th year died March 16 at his residence, Hanover House, Canterbury 8\8 also 6\6 Elizabeth GOWER aged 68 years w/o Mr H. GOWER died March 18 at Tenterden 8\8 also 8\5 Roger GREENFIELD aged 6 months 3rd s/o J. William & Rachel GREENFIELD died March 18 at Hill House, Staplehurst 8\8 Mr Richard HUCKSTEP in his 64th year died March 19 at Woolreeds, Beaver, Ashford, for 21 years a good and faithful servant at Newengreen Farm, Lympne, to the late Mr Thos. STARTUP of Ashford. 8\8 Edward James LARGE Esq. aged 54 died March 18 at Bloomfield House, Bromley Road, Catford. Of 60 Watling Street and Bloomfield House. Friends please accept this imtimation. 8\8 Edward Joseph LEECH aged 11 years and 5 days the only s/o Mr LEECH of Coastguard Station, Sandgate died March 11 in the Royal Greenwich School. Interred in Greenwich Cemetery 8\8 Francis Robert MOLONY aged 11 months 5th s/o the Rev C. A. MOLONY vicar of St Lawrence Thanet died March 18. 8\8 Jane Wilson ORME aged 56 years the dearly loved w/o George ORME Esq. died March 15 at The Manor House, Sutton 8\8 Ann PACKMAN aged 47 years the dearly beloved w/o T. PACKMAN died March 17 at Dymchurch 8\8 Julia PAINE aged 41 years died March 16 at High Street Maidstone 8\8 George READ aged 74 years died March 19 at East Bridge Hospital, Canterbury 8\8 Edward George SAXBY aged 48 years died March 15 at Camden Road, Ramsgate 8\8 John SANTER aged 79 years died March 19 at Rye 8\8 Jane SCOTT aged 78 years died March 15 at Margate 8\8 Mary SOUTHGATE d/o Sergt. SOUTHGATE, 16th Lancers, York, grand daughter of Capt. JENKINS, S. E. R. died recently 8\8 Walter WATTS aged 9 months the beloved child of William & Elizabeth WATTS died March 17 suddenly at Red House Farm, Benenden 8\8 George WHEELER in his 76th year died March 15 of the Market Place, Royal Parade, Tunbridge Wells 8\8 James WILSON aged 56 years died March 18 of Bridge 8\8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEATHS / deceased mentioned elsewhere Mr Thomas AVELING late (deceased) farmer Rochester 3\3 Dr A. W. BAIRD deceased estate Dover 4\3 BALLER aged 44 married woman, committed suicide Brighton 3/8 Capt. Wm. BARTRAM deceased of Bridge House, Tonbridge 5\7 Mr James BISHOPP deceased of Park Farm Boughton Aluph 1\1 Mr Edward BOWLEY died, he was of Cirencester 3\7 John BROWN aged 42 a prisoner deceased Maidstone 7\1 Charles BROWNING deceased s/o Wilfred & Sarah BROWNING, both in court Rye 7\2 Horace CHITTENDEN aged 21 died in accident Snodland 7\2 CLARKE a burglar murdered Finchley Wood 7\4 Miss Anna CROWDER 101 years old died Cheshire 3\7 Mrs Thomas DRAY deceased sale of household effects Ruckinge 4\1 James ELSE aged 65 deceased farmer of Boughton Malherbe, his inquest 6\5 Mr William FIELDER of Ivychurch fatal accident 5\6 Mr John Fagg HARVEY Esq. deceased estate Canterbury 4\2 Miss HASTINGS aged 100 died Malvern d/o Rev J. HASTINGS deceased 3\7 Rebecca HICKS aged 8 her funeral at Frittenden 5\6 Miss Annie JANSON aged 28 committed suicide at River Tees, Gainford 3\7 Percy JOHN deceased 3\4 Wm Thos JOHNSON aged 2 years 4 months s/o Robt JOHNSON market gardener, accidentally died Sholden 7\2 Mrs KNIGHT aged 93 deceased, the Wesleyan church Stelling 7\2 Mr Robert MAXTED funeral at Minster Sheppy 3\8 Alfred Thomas MILLS aged 11 weeks died Maidstone 7\1 Miss Maria MITCHELL died suddenly, a visitor to Ramsgate 3\8 R. B. MUNN deceased grocer of Sandling Street his son Mr R. J. MUNN is deceased, wife is Maria 8\5 Mr T. B. MUNN deceased Rye 4\7 (see MITTELL Bros in paper) Major NICHOLLS aged 63 deceased of Clarence House, Herne Bay 6\8 Harriett PHILPOTT w/o George PHILPOTT diver, died Whitstable 8\6 Mr Jeremiah POILE deceased sale of household furniture and effects Wittersham 4\1 Mr POWELL deceased 8\6 Mr E. RAYNER deceased director of swimming bath Co. Canterbury 6\6 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased of Ruckinge & Bilsington 4\1 Sarah SHIPMAN aged 41 years a tramp died Boxley 5\7 Mr SMEETH deceased principal of school Woodchurch 4\4 Rev W. STONE deceased Minister of Quebec Chapel, Marylebone 6\6 Mr William TASSELL deceased of Wye and Herne Bay, his daughter Mrs CHAPMAN nee TASSELL is divorcing and another daughter is called Laura TASSELL 8\6 Mr James WATSON gasworks, deceased Herne Bay 6\8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BIRTHS Rev W. Henry & Mrs BOND a daughter born March 16 at the School House, Borden 8\7 Mr E. & Mrs BOWMAN a son born March 7 at Bishopsdown Park, Tunbridge Wells 8\7 E. & Mrs CHAPMAN a daughter born March 20 at The Limes, Ashford 8\7 Mr E. S. & Mrs COLLINGWOOD a daughter born March 18 at 12 St Dunstan's Terrace, Canterbury 8\7 Rev E. C. & Mrs d'ANQUIER a daughter born March 19 at the South Eastern College, Ramsgate 8\7 A. E. & Mrs GURNEY a son born March 11 at Sturry 8\7 George & Mrs HINDS a daughter born March 19 at Rye 8\7 Mr S. & Mrs HOLDEN late of Canterbury a daughter born March 17 at Wandsworth Road, London 8\7 Rev. John & Mrs PADFIELD a daughter born March 7 at Halifax, Nova Scotia 8\7 Henry & Mrs PENFOLD a son born March 14 at Rye 8\7 Mr T. J. & Mrs RALPH a son born March 15 at Nightingale House, South Road 8\7 Mr John & Mrs READ a son stillborn March 16 at Godington Road Ashford 8\7 Mr Henry & Mrs SCORAH a daughter born March 16 at 35 Beaver Road, South Ashford 8\7 Isaac Bunyard & Mrs TART a daughter born March 20 at Spindle Cottage, Dungeness 8\7 Mr W. B. & Mrs THURSTUN a son born March 20 at Kingsford Hall, Mersham 8\7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER George AYLETT alias GLOVER aged 30 confessions of crime Winchester & Worth Kent 3\4 John BAKER a gipsy arrested for murder Finchley Wood 7\4 James BARBER saddler in liquidation Beckenham 5\1 Daniel BARNARD general furniture and hardware dealer late of Sheerness in liquidation Dover 5\1 Isaac Samuel BARNS harness maker of Boughton in court Faversham 6\7 Charles BARRIES a soldier 16th Regt. in court Hythe 6\8 Mr H. BATHURST hurt Faversham 3\8 Annie BERGER aged 24 charged with attempted murder of her 2 children Birmingham 3\4 William BOURNE aged 33 discharged soldier in court Canterbury 7\2 Samuel BROTHERWOOD aged 24, tin worker attempted murder Southwark 3\4 Thomas BROUGHTON aged 2 was nearly murdered by 10 years old girl Manchester 3\4 BURNAGE a monitor given increase in pay, school board Ashford 6\3 Edwin CAMPBELL a youth in court Margate for stealing 3\8 Mrs CHAPMAN nee TASSELL divorcing Wye 8\6 CHURCHYARD a girl aged 10 attempted suicide Ipswich 3\7 James CLARKE assaulted, Dover court 6\7 Rev W. H. COOPER from Australia in Tenterden 8\5 Alexander Hugh CULLEN plumber and oil merchant in liquidation Newington Kent 5\1 Edward and Fred. DODD, 2children mentioned by school board meeting Whitstable on Sea 7\4 Geo. EDDINGS a lad in court Tonbridge 5\7 Police Constable EDWARDS of the Staffordshire Constabulary at Dover court 6\7 Alfred FAULKNER aged 21 of Harbledown, a platelayer in court Ashford 6\1 David FLETCHER aged 13 in court Maidstone 3\8 Benjamin GAMBRILL s/o Wallace GAMBRILL, a child mentioned school board meeting Whitstable on Sea 7\4 John GIBBONS a child mentioned school board meeting Whitstable on Sea 7\4 Mrs GIFFORD a widow Maidstone 3\8 Elizabeth HANCOCK tobacconist in liquidation Tunbridge Wells 5\1 John HART aged 17 confessions of crime Winchester 3\4 Mr HEWITT his wife's suicide Margate 3\8 Thomas S. HOBBS builder, painter & undertaker in liquidation Ramsgate 5\1 Henry Squibb HOUNSELL ironmonger in liquidation Sheerness 5\1 John HUGHES grocer of Woodchurch in court Tenterden 8\5 Mr Richard JENHURST ironmonger bankrupt Cliftonville 3\8 Jesse KEEN accident Herne 6\8 George KNOCK of Ashford inmate of Chartham lunatic asylum 6\1 George LOCKYER victualler, farmer & contractor of Minster Sheppy & Sheerness in liquidation 5\1 Charles M. MOFFIT from Hull in bigamy court New York 3\6 Amy MORRISON aged 10 charged with attempted murder Manchester 3\7 & 4\7 Charles MOSS grocer & hardware dealer in liquidation Rainham 5\1 Maria NIGHTINGALE assaulted by 4 men Sevenoaks court 3\8 SANDS a girl murdered Workington 7\4 Charles SMITH traveller in liquidation Canterbury 5\1 Thomas Montague SMITH hardwareman in liquidation Folkestone 5\1 Ernest Edward SNOPP aged 13 in court Faversham 3\8 William TRIPP soldier of 16th Regt. in court Hythe 6\8 Mrs WILLIAMS obtained a separation from her Calvinistic minister husband in Liverpool 3\7 Mr Stanley L. WISE missing Tonbridge 5\7
Saturday 1st April 1882 DEATHS Rosina ADAMS died aged 5 weeks Brewery Square Hythe d/o William & Rosina page 8 / column 7 Miss ALEXANDER died in accident Sevenoaks 3\8 Peter ANDREWS young hairdresser deceased Dublin Ireland 3\5 Rebecca APPLETON aged 43 died Percy Street Maidstone 8\7 Sarah AVERY aged 49 died East End Benenden 8\7 Louisa BARHAM aged 21 died at Rye d/o James 8\7 Rhoda Ann BISHOP aged 23 died Hythe d/o John 8\7 Mr. James BISHOPP deceased of Boughton Aluph 1\1 Captain Henry Coote BOND aged 34 his funeral at Dover 5\8 Captain Henry Coote BOND aged 34 of Royal Irish Rifles died Dover 8\7 Mr. John BRENCHLEY funeral at Brockton 5\6 Miss. Jane BROOKER aged 61 died Ashford d/o the late Thomas BROOKER 8\7 Charles CARPENTER aged 35 died Upper Frant Maidstone 8\7 Emily CHURCHILL died Hartlip of Thornby Park Gloucestershire youngest d/o the late Charles CHURCHILL Esq. of Sussex Place Regents Park COWLAND a labourer aged 60 died in accident at Riverhead 3\8 George Jeremiah DABSON aged 16 died Cobham Gravesend 8\7 W. F. A. DELANE Esq. deceased father of Emily MORRIS (see under) Emily MORRIS nee DELANE aged 49 died Folkestone formally of Ascot widow of Mowbray MORRIS Esq. William Henry DOUGLAS aged 63 died Cliftonville Margate 8\7 William FIELDER farmer aged 65 died Ivychurch 7\1 William Frederick FINN aged 16 years & 8 months died at Burmarsh s/o Frederick & Martha 8\7 Mr. Thomas FOSTER deceased churchwarden of Canterbury 6\7 Mr. Edward HARRIS aged 59 died Yalding late of Biddenden 8\7 HUCKFORD a male age 96 and 8 months died Sandgate 5\6 ISAACS a young man died in accident Gillingham 3\8 Mr. T. S. JACKSON deceased dentist Ashford 2\1 Mr. Edward JENNER aged 67 died Maidstone 8\7 Robert Douglas JOHNSTONE age 2 years & 11 months died Margate 8\7 Ann JONES deceased Faversham 1\1 KING an apprentice fisherman dead at Ramsgate 8\6 James BISHOPP his Executrix is Miss Sarah Ann KNIGHT, Boughton Aluph 1\1 James BISHOPP his Executive is Mr. Michael William KNIGHT, Boughton Aluph 1/1 Knowler LAWRENCE age 18 of Adisham died Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\7 Ethel May MANKTELOW aged 10 months died d/o Thomas & Mary of 6 St Michaels Terrace 8\7 Sir Stephen Love HAMMICK Bart deceased 8\7 Samuel MARSH age 71 died Brook 8\7 Mr. R. MAXTED deceased Sittingbourne 4\2 George MOON deceased signalman Ashford 5\3 Emily MORRIS aged 49 died Folkstone from Ascot w/o late Mowbray MORRIS 8\7 Richard MURTON aged 75 died Whitstable on Sea formally Minster 8\7 Bowen Watson NAZER aged 39 died South Africa eldest s/o John Culmer NAZER of Hythe 8\7 J. Canden NEILD a miser, his will Ashford 5\2 Major Robert Murphy NICHOLLS aged 66 late 25th Regt. died Herne Bay 8\7 May (Pussie) OLDFIELD aged 14 months died only d/o Jethro & Martha of Hog Farm Sandwich 8\7 James PALMER deceased inkeeper of Lenham 1\1(also mentioned John George PALMER of Lenham) Mrs. PEMBERTON aged 100 died Balstead Ipswich 3\7 Lady PRESCOTT deceased and her son Mr. Charles W. PRESCOTT took over the estate at Strood Park 7\1 H. P. RAMSEY deceased of Ashford 2\3 Alfred Percy SAVILLE aged 1 year died Canterbury 8\7 Mr & Mrs F. H. SEARLE a still born son at Ramsgate 8\7 (see also under births) Mrs. SMITH deceased of Oaten Hill Canterbury 4\2 Sarah Maria SMITH child of Alfred & Ellen died Canterbury 8\7 Stephen SPICER age 46 of Eastry died Canterbury Hospital 8\7 Henry TERRY aged 16 or 17 drowned Hythe of Sevenoaks 5\5 Sarah Elizabeth TURK widow of Edward died aged 63 Great Chart 8\7 General Sir Richard WADDY (memorial) died Kingstown Ireland 6\6 & 6\7 Jane WALLIS aged 65 widow of John died Blean 8\7 George Moses WEST an old man died Sandwich 7\4 Mr. Edward WEST coalmerchant age 71 died Sandwich 8\7 Stanley Leopold WISE drowned East Peckham had 9 children 7\4 Thomas WOOD age 75 died Hythe 8\7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES Frederick John ALLEN of Canterbury m Bertha PARKER at Northgate youngest d/o John PARKER of Barton Mill Canterbury 8\7 Alfred BENNETT of Sittingbourne married at ChCh Ramsgate to Isabel LONGLEY of Ramsgate 8\7 Edith Marion BOND 2nd d/o John BOND S. E. R. of Canterbury married at Wesleyan Chapel Canterbury to William RUMINS 8\7 Kate Elizabeth BOORMAN of Ashford m Stephen Alfred BROWN of Chatham m at Ashford 8\7 Frederick Thomas BRICKNELL eldest s/o George (coal merchant) married at Congregational Chapel Folkestone to Mary Jeffery HART 2nd d/o William 8\7 Jessie James DODD eldest s/o J. DODD of Rowbury Berks m at St Pauls Church Hammersmith to Isabel Agnes STURDY eldest d/o Daniel STURDY of Cranbrook 8\7 Fanny Maria KENNETT youngest d/o Stephen of Court-at-Street married at Lympne to James WALKER youngest s/o Robert ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BIRTHS A. Bromley & Mrs. BURROWS a son born 12 Chapel Place Ramsgate 8\7 T. H. & Mrs. CURTIS a son born Rathgar Dublin 8\7 Edwin & Mrs. DOUDNEY a son born at Rome House New Romney 8\7 Edward & Mrs. GEORGE a son born Hall Cottage Wittersham 8\7 William Jesse & Mrs. GURNEY a daughter born Westbere 8\7 Mr. John MARCHANT & wife a son born Holmsby Court Ulcombe 8\7 S. NEWMAN & wife a son born Canterbury 8\7 Capt. J. & Mrs. RAMSAY a daughter born Fareham Hants late of Royal Engineers 8\7 C. & Mrs. ROGERS a daughter born Marshborough Sandwich 8\7 Mr. & Mrs F. H. SEARLE a still born son at Ramsgate 8\7 (see also under deaths) Mr. & Mrs W. T. TAYLOR a son born Sheerness 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER Frederic RYCROFT on murder charge at Hull from Faversham 3\8 William SHACKWELL private RM court martial at Sheerness 3\8 Frederic SOUTHWELL a boy on trial at Rochester offence took place at Gillingham 3\8 William TRIPP a private soldier in court from Shorncliffe 5\5 Thos. TURNER a boy in court Tonbridge 7\4 William WHITE a tramp begging. Petty sessions Tenterden 8\6 Thomas WILSON middle age man tramp in court Ashford 6\1 John WILSON an old man in court Dover 6\8 Mrs. Catherine WORTH attempted suicide Dover 6\8
22nd April 1882 BIRTHS Mr. & Mrs James K. ALLEN a daughter born April 10th Storrington Sussex 8\7 C. Eaton & Mrs BAKER (M. R. C. S. E.) a daughter born recently at The Cedars, Tenterden 8\7 Walter & Mrs DAWES Esq. a daughter born April 15th at Fairfield Rye 8\7 Elgar & Mrs DUNSTER a daughter born April 17th (no place given) 8\7 Rev. F & Mrs GELL a daughter born April 11th at the Vicarage Lydd 8\7 Daniel & Mrs HOLNESS a daughter born April 13th at Boarded House Farm, Chislet 8\7 Mr. Thomas & Mrs. LOGAN (LOGAN Brothers) a son born April 17th at 130 The Parade Rye Lane, Peckham London 8\7 E. E. & Mrs. MIDDLETON Esq. Late Lieutenant, a son born April 14th at Cedar Villas Ramsgate 8\7 Mr. T. W. & Mrs. ROWE a daughter born April 13th at 67 Hardres Street Ramsgate 8\7 W. J. & Mrs. SHORTER a daughter born March 24th at Church Villas, Lydd 8\7 Mr. A. W. & Mrs. SMITH Inland Revenue Officer, a son born April 16th at Ash Sandwich 8\7 William & Mrs. TAYLOR a son born April 4 at Pound Hill Frittenden 8\7 Mr. J.T.A. & Mrs. WYMAN a son born April 11th at the School Cottage Goodnestone next Wingham 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEATHS Robert ADAMS of Rye in court at Rye 7\2 Dr. ADAMSON chief mourner at Rye 7\2 Mr. Saunders ADAMSON at funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. F. ATKINSON at funeral Rye 7\2 Mr. T. AVELING deceased, Farmers Club & Ag Maidstone 5\7 Mr James BAKER aged 84 died Maidstone 8\7 Samuel S. BAKER aged 80 died Stodmarsh 8\7 Rev James BOYS deceased his will/estate Biddenden 1\1 Mr. BRITTON butcher, inquest Ramsgate 8\6 Eleanor Elizabeth BROOKER aged 23 died Maidstone 8\7 Messrs. BROOKES Brothers deceased Canterbury 2\1 Mr. BURCH at a funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. George Slade BUTLER deceased (? sessions) Rye 5\7 Mr. George Slade BUTLER his funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. Slade BUTLER s/o the above deceased Rye 7\2 Mr. Richard BUTLER s/o deceased Rye 7\2 Dr. BUTLER nephew of the deceased Rye 7\2 Mr. BUTLER court registrar died Rye 7\2 F. J. CLARKE deceased Lincoln 2\1 Mr. G. T. CLEMENTS at funeral Rye 7\2 Mr. George COLLETT decesed his will of Monkton 3\7 T. T. COLLETT Esq. deceased of Woodnesborough 4\2 G. COLLETT Esq. deceased of Monkton 4\2 Mr. William DANSON chief mourner at funeral at Rye 7\2 Professor DARWIN aged 74 died Bromley 8\7 Mr. William DAWES chief mourner at funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. Walter DAWES at funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. DELVES undertaker at funeral at Rye 7\2 Emily Georgiana DRAGE w/o Major Frederic died Rochester 8\7 Jeremiah DRURY aged 81 late of Woodchurch died Tenterden 8\7 Mary DUNGATE widow of John of Dymchurch, died Folkestone 8\7 Mr. O. M. EDWARDS age 58 deceased of Dartford School board 3\7 Louisa Mary ELLENDER died from fall East Cliff Ramsgate 5\7 John FARTHING of Canterbury 2nd inquest at Ramsgate 8\6 John FILE age 33 labourer of Warehorne died a native of Hythe 6\1 Mr. FILE father of John (deceased) kept Queens Head Hythe 6\1 Mr FINN deceased Royal Fountain Hotel Canterbury 4\3 FLOYD age 56 a painter at Chatham Dock died 3\7 Thomas Webb FOAT age 62 died Ramsgate 8\7 Arthur Henry FURLEY age 7 eldest s/o Rev Henry FURLEY died Daventry 8\7 Maria GEORGE age 62 died Maidstone 8\7 Capt. William GILLOW JP Brewer age 60 died Woodnesborough 5\7 James GROOMBRIDGE age 69 builder died Sturry 8\7 Adelaide Lavinia HANCOCK age 19 months died Sturry 8\7 Thomas HARMER age 89 died Rye 8\7 Mr. J. G. HARRIS Supt. SE Railway age 53 died Newcross 5\1 Harriett HEPDEN aged 5 years & 6 months child of Sarah HEPDEN died Ashford 8\7 George HOBBS journeyman butcher inquest Ramsgate 8\6 John HOPKINS deceased of Stelling 4\4 Elizabeth Agnes HOWLAND age 24 3rd d/o John ( a builder) & Mary died Mersham 8\7 Mr. W. A. HUBBARD inquest at Ramsgate 8\6 Mr. William HUBBARD age 85 died Margate 8\7 Mr. INDERWICK at funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr. T. S. JACKSON dentist deceased 2\1 Very Rev. G. H. Sackeverell JOHNSON MA Dean of Wells deceased 3\7 William KEDWELL waggoner age 23 hung himself Fritterden 5\6 Mary Ann LARKINS age 19 died Ramsgate 8\7 Mr. Arthur LOVEL brother in law at funeral at Rye 7\2 Mr Peter MARTIN deceased, meeting of Corporation at Deal 5\6 Frances MASTERMAN age 50 widow of Frederick died Stockwell 8\7 Henry Wise MILES coach driver died Deal/Dover 5\6 Mr George MOUNT age 83 died Canterbury 8\7 Mr. Thomas MUMMERY deceased Dover 4\3 Elizabeth OSBORNE age 80 widow of Thomas of Goodnestone Wingham died Folkestone 8\7 Mr. G. H. OVENDEN died was on town council Hythe 5\4 George Henry OVENDEN age 50 died Hythe 8\7 Thomas OWEN Jun. deceased cattle dealer Ashford 5\1 Edward John OXLEY age 11 weeks infant s/o William & Mary Jane died Kingstone 8\7 Mr. H. E. PAINE at funeral at Rye 7\2 Maria PAYNE age 49 w/o Mr. Daniel PAYNE late of Kingsnorth died Maidstone 8\7 Mr. Matthew Edward PLACE deceased dentist (twice) Folkestone 4\5 Frederick POOL age 33 youngest s/o Richard deceased of Canterbury died at Clapham 8\7 H. P. RAMSEY chemist deceased Ashford 2\3 Mr. Kingsnorth REEVE at funeral Rye 7\2 Mrs M. S. RICHARDSON deceased Dover 4\3 Mrs. RUTHERFORD deceased of Hothfield Heath 4\1 Mr. William SAUNDERS deceased Folkestone 4\5 Rev. A. T. SAVILLE at funeral Rye 7\2 Mrs. SMITH deceased occupier Canterbury 4\4 Mr. T. J. SMITH at funeral Rye 7\2 Mr. Jas. SMITH from Icklesham at funeral Rye 7\2 Mr Isaac SOLOMON remains interred Chatham (Jewish) 3\7 Mary SOUTHON age 31 w/o James died Aldington 8\7 Mr. E. STROUTS deceased of "Yonsea" 5\2 Frances THOMSON age 72 w/o Jonathan S. THOMSON surveyor died Tenterden 8\7 Charles WAGNER age 17 murdered at Ramsgate 8\5 Horace WELLSTED age 18 months child of Horace & Eliza died Fairfield Court 8\7 Mr. WETHERED age 71 late Govenor of Prisons London died 3\7 Miss Mary WHITFIELD deceased of Ashford her estate & will 1\1 Dr. J. A. WOODHAMS at funeral Rye 7\2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES Thomas Hanks BILTON eldest s/o Thomas BILTON of Ashford to Martha (Pattie) BRIDGE 6th d/o Robert BRIDGE of Willesborough married April 10th at parish church Willesborough by the Rev. J. J. H. S. SPARROW vicar 8\7 Edward BURN-CALLANDER (late 17th Lancers) youngest s/o William BURN-CALLANDER Esq. deceased of Preston Hall, Midlothian to Mary Frances LEWIS eldest d/o Rev. G. B. LEWIS vicar of Kemsing married April 13th at St Mary's church, Kemsing 8\7 Captain Allan CAMPBELL of Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island to Nellie LARKINS 3rd d/o Mr. Richard LARKINS deceased of Dover TCPP, married April 4 at Christ Church, Deerpark, Toronto Ontario 8\7 Mr. R. CAMERON-GALTON deceased of Worcestershire an arranged marriage for his 2nd daughter Amy Caroline 3/7 Charles Andrews COLES to Emma Jane PARKES of Ramsgate, married April 19th at the Congregational church Ramsgate by the Rev. B. BRINDLEY 8\7 Walter Denne COLLARD of Ramsgate to Maud GREENAWAY only d/o James GREENAWAY deceased of Dover married April 16th by licence, at Holy Trinity church, Dover by the Rev. Edwd. S. WOODS 8\7 Benjamin COLLENS eldest s/o Robert COLLENS of Friezley Farm, Cranbrook to Eliza JENNER youngest d/o John JENNER deceased of Frittenden married April 11th at the Parish church Boughton Monchelsea after Banns by the Rev. Walter SCOTT 8\7 Rev. J. W. COLLINS rector of Holy Trinity, St Lawrence on Sea, Isle of Thanet, to Anna Louisa LANGWORTHY youngest d/o the late Rev J. LANGWORTHYvicar of Backwell, Somerset married April 15th at the parish church Clevedon 8\7 William Sydney COOPER s/o Mr. J. R. COOPER to Kate KENNETT 5th d/o Mr. Frederick KENNETT of Orchard Villa Canterbury married April 12th at St Dunstan's Canterbury 8\7 William COOPER MA, Oxon, student of the Inner Temple, 2nd s/o John COOPER Esq. of The Oaks, Preston, JP for the county of Lancaster to Marion GERMAN 3rd d/o Major GERMAN of Maywood, Sevenoaks, JP for the counties of Lancaster and Kent, barrister at law, Middle Temple, married April 13th at St John's church, Sevenoaks 8\7 Richard STILEMAN eldest s/o Richard STILEMAN Esq. of 32 Leinster Square, Bayswater London to Mabel Ellen Witherden CURTEIS 2nd d/o Frederick William CURTEIS Esq. of Wissenden, Tunbridge Wells, and Bethersden and Wissenden Kent, married April 18th at Trinity church, Tunbridge Wells by the Rev Reginald Whitfield CURTEIS brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Canon HOARE, vicar of the parish 8\7 Robert Henry HILL MA., Oxon, of Slough Bucks 5th s/o Dr HILL deceased of Greenwich Hospital to Bessie ROWLES youngest d/o William ROWLES Esq. deceased of West Ilsley, Berks married April 12th at the Parish Church Birchington 8\7 Samuel Arthur SAMPSON of Lincoln's Inn, barrister at law, only s/o Samuel SAMPSON deceased of Fosters, Hendon to Nina HULL 3rd d/o Frederick Shepard HULL deceased of Liverpool married April 12th at Dinan, France at the Mairie, by the Maire, and afterwards at the English church, by the Rev. T. Arnold CARR MA vicar of Cranbrook Kent, assisted by the Rev. John G. ORGER, MA, chaplin. 8\7 C. Havelock MOWLL Esq. 3rd s/o W. R. MOWLL Esq JP of Chaldercott Dover to Theodosia Mary Savignac (Vigny) STEDMAN only d/o Arthur STEDMAN M. R. C. S. of Great Brookham married April 13th at Great Brookham 8\7 Arthur NEAME of the Herbert River, Queensland 2nd s/o Mr. Frederick NEAME of Luton, Selling to Jessie Hatton Loud HARRISON elder d/o Mr. George HARRISON deceased of Tonbridge married April 12th at Selling church by the Rev. G. BEARDSWORTH, uncle, assisted by the Rev. T. H. BELCHER, brother in law of the bridegroom 8\7 Samuel SEAGER of Ashford to Kate WOOD eldest d/o Mr. G. WOOD deceased of Ashford married April 9th at The Congregational church Ashford by the Rev. A. TURNER 8\7 Stephen STEDMAN eldest s/o Mr. Charles STEDMAN of Tenterden to Mary THATCHER youngest d/o Mr. James THATCHER of Sissinghurst married April 8th at St Dunstan's Church Cranbrook 8\7 George TURNER to Fanny SETTERFIELD married April 16th at the Congregational Church Ramsgate by the Rev. B. BRINDLEY 8\7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Liquidation & Bankrupt Benjamin ALLNUTT the Pavement, grocer, Bromley 5\2 John BUTCHER farmer/grazier bankrupt Herne 7\1 George CRICKETT undertaker/builder liquidation Ramsgate 5\2 Richard William HEAD wheelwright liquidation Canterbury 5\2 Thomas Samuel HOBBS builder & undertaker bankrupt Ramsgate 5\3 John LAWSON Jun. builder & upholsterer in liquidation Whitstable 5\2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- odds and ends Thomas BARTLETT driver of traction engine in court Malling 7\1 Mr. Henry BATHURST solicitor aged 69 very ill Faversham 3\7 BENNETT a fly driver charged at Tunbridge Wells 3\7 George BROWN to prison for begging Cranbrook 6\5 Lieut COLES of 3rd Buffs in court Dover 6\8 Charles ATTWOOD age 34 a tramp begging at Wye 5\2 Richard COOK of Lower Hardres 2nd inquest at Ramsgate 8\6 Ceilia FURNER assaulted, Canterbury court 6\7 Wallace GAMBRELL to prison. School board meeting Seasalter 5\8 William GIBBENS to prison. School board meeting Seasalter 5\8 GRAY fly driver discharged Tunbridge Wells 3\7 Mr. William HARNDEN of South Ashford is leaving the country 4\1 JEFFREY fly driver charged at Tunbridge Wells 3\7 Mary KIRBY assaulted sister Maidstone court 3\7 Sarah KIRBY w/o David Maidstone court 3\7 David KIRBY assaulted Mary maidstone court 3\7 Fanny MEEK stealing vegetables: petty session Wingham 5\8 Mrs. MORPHETT of Frittenden at suicide inquiry 5\6 Kate O'LEARY charged being drunk Dover court 5\3 Sarah PAGE hawking at High Halden in court at Cranbrook 5\6 Richard PANKHURST assaulted at Birling at Malling court 7\1 Richard PEGDEN age 12 arson Wingham Petty Sessions 5\8 Albert PITCHFORD labourer assaulted brother James Petty Sessions Hythe 5\4 James PITCHFORD see above Mr POTTER inquest at Ramsgate 8\6 William ROWLAND fraud Sandwich 5\8 James TARGET boatman inquest Ramsgate 8\6 George TAYLOR fish hawker in Dover Street found drunk: in court 5\3 John TICKNER age 9 charged with stealing appears Maidstone court 3\7 Annie TIDY a scholar assaulted; Tonbridge court 7\4 Mrs TIDY mother of Annie above Wm. TURNER school master on assault charge; Tonbridge court 7\4 Joseph WADE bargeman charged at Chatham 3\7 WAGHORNE fly driver charged at Tunbridge Wells 3\7 Charles WAGNER butcher of North Woolwich & Westerham, father of Charles 8\5 Charles WALL age 15 of Kingsnorth in court at Ashford 6\1 James WALTERS age 28 accused of murder at Ramsgate 8\5 James WALTERS at Inquest Ramsgate 8\6 James WATSON begging in Hawkhurst in court Cranbrook 6\6 Litchfield WHITEHEAD a youth assaulted Dover Street 5\3 Alburam WICKING pedlar sentenced at Tunbridge Wells 3\7 John WILLIAMS coastguardman murder at Ramsgate 8\5 John WILLIAMS at inquest at Ramsgate 8\6 John WOOD hawker in Police court Cranbrook 6\6 Mr. Charles WRAIGHT of Ashford leaving the country 4\1
6th May 1882 BIRTHS Mr. Benjamin G. & Mrs. BERRY a son born April 27 at 9 East Street, Faversham 8\7 Mr. J. U. & Mrs. Emily BUGLER a daughter born May 3 at Stoke House, Ashford 8\7 Mrs. Thos. BURTON a daughter born April 22 Lyminge 8\7 Mr. R. & Mrs CALLAM a son born April 25 at 14 Borough, Canterbury 8\7 Stephen & Mrs DANTON a son born April 15 at Cold Bath House, St Radigund Street Canterbury 8\7 Mr & Mrs HORN a daughter born April 27 at Margate 8\7 Mr W. & Mrs HUNT station master, twins a son and daughter born May 3 at Minster 8\7 Richard & Mrs JONES a son born recently at Lydd 8\7 Colonel E. H. & Mrs. LANGMORE a daughter born April 28 at Camden Lodge, Cranbrook 8\7 Thomas Richard & Mrs. LARKIN a son born April 25 at Rye Sussex 8\7 Mr Henry & Mrs LUCKHURST a daughter born May 2 at Groves, Staple (the residence of her father) 8\7 Wiliam & Mrs MERRICKS a daughter born April 22 at Wattle Hill, Staple Cross Sussex 8\7 E. & Mrs PIERCE butcher, a son born April 16 at Buckland 8\7 Mark & Mrs SANDFORD a daughter born April 25 at Pond Farm, East Peckham near Tonbridge 8\7 Robert & Mrs SKINNER a daughter born April 25 at High Street, Whitstable 8\7 Edward & Mrs SMITH Jun. a daughter born April 25 at Lydd 8\7 Rev R. & Mrs SWAN a son born April 29 at the vicarage, West Peckham 8\7 F. W. & Mrs TICEHURST a daughter born May 1 at Hurst, Small Heath, Birmingham 8\7 Mr G. & Mrs WATSON a son born April 26 at Margate 8\7 Charles & Mrs WHITLOCK a daughter born May 2 at Ringwould, Dover 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS Mr. T. AVELING deceased Rochester 3\7 Louisa AVERY age 34 w/o Thomas died Tenterden 8\7 Rev. Edward BAINES vicar of Yalding age 23 died San Remo 3\7 Mr. BALSTON died Bearsted 3\7 Mr. W. BALSTON JP interred in vault Boxley 3\7 Mr. BALSTON deceased mentioned at Petty sessions Bearsted 6\7 Fanny BATCHELOR age 4 months d/o Jno. & Annie died Smallhythe 8\7 William BELSON age 10 days died Ramsgate 8\7 Elizabeth BISHOPP nee ALLEN age 80 d/o John & Charlotte ALLEN and widow of Thomas BISHOPP died Ashford 8\7 William Henry BRADLEY deceased of Dover late of Sandgate & Lucy widow of William Henry 1\1 Mr. W. BRADLEY mayor died of Typhoid fever Sandwich 8\5 & 8\7 Miss Fannie BRADLEY d/o mayor seriously ill Typhoid fever Sandwich 8\5 Mr. John BRENT deceased Canterbury 3\7 & 5\4 Mr John BRENT body interred at Wincheap Canterbury 6\8 Mr Daniel BRICE of Chislet died, buried at Lyminge 7\3 Richard BUTLER age 10 s/o Richard & Rosanna died Egerton 8\7 A. Scott CAMPBELL died Grosvenor square 8\7 James Cearns CASE age 27 s/o James CASE Esq. of Elmside Surbiton, died St Leonards on Sea 8\7 William CHAMBERS age 31 s/o William deceased, died Northiam 8\7 Charles CHATNEY age 41 died Ramsgate 8\7 F. J. CLARKE deceased Lincoln 2\1 Edgar Vivian COLLARD age 9 months s/o George & Anne died Canterbury 8\7 Edward CROW age 66 died Canterbury 8\7 Ralph Waldo EMERSON an American died 3\1 & 3\4 Ann Elizabeth FAMARISS age 84 widow of Richard Tilley died Marshborough Sandwich 8\7 John FINN deceased Ashford 1\1 Mr Stephen FORWARD deceased plumber & glazier Cranbrook 4\4 Henry Miles GIBBENS age 70 died Ramsgate 8\7 John GIBBS of New Romney his daughter Elizabeth Coleman LENEY died 8\7 William GILLOW Esq. deceased Woodnesborough 1\1 Rev G. M. GOULD deceased Archdeaconal Visitations Maidstone 6\5 Rev George Masters GOULD head master of Maidstone Grammar died 7\3 Lilian Florance HAMMON age 9 weeks died Ramsgate 8\7 Mr HEATHFIELD age 85 died Woodchurch 8\7 Caroline HILLS age 66 w/o William died Stanford 8\7 Elizabeth HOWELL age 101 widow of John died Tenby South Wales 8\7 Mr Thomas HUGHES formally of Lenham aged 65 died at Aldershot 8\7 Annie Louise JACOBS age 15 months died Ashford 8\7 Mrs JENNINGS deceased Charing 4\1 Mary Elizabeth JENNINGS age 56 widow of John died Charing 8\7 Thomas LANCASTER age 55 died Iden Sussex 8\7 William James LANCASTER Esq. deceased Folkestone 4\2 Elizabeth Coleman LENEY age 59 w/o Thomas Samuel died Cheapside EC 8\7 Mrs LILLY age 92 died Highgate 3\8 Frederick Woolley MARSH age 4 died Ashford 8\7 George PARKER infant s/o tramp & Annie PARKER died inquest Canterbury 6\7 Miss PLANT age 20 run over and killed Retford 3\8 Ann POTTER age 61 died West Ashford union 8\7 Charles PRIOR age 62 died Sandgate 8\7 Comm. Francis Edward RAMSDEN RN of Chilham age 32 s/o Rev. Charles RAMSDEN of Chilham died Colorado USA 3\7 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased of Ruckinge & Bilsington 4\2 John SAXBY age 50 died Maidstone 3\7 SHEPPARD father of dead child Brockley 3\7 Frederic Thomas M. SNOAD age 20 died Ramsgate 8\7 STRONG age 40 a tailor died Rochester 3\7 Mr Nicholas SWAIN age 89 died Stelling Minnis 8\7 Mr John Taylor TAPLEY deceased Ash next Sandwich 4\3 Sir Patrick Murry THREIPLAND bart died 3\8 Albert Edward a twin s/o Mr G. & Mrs S. TURVELL died age 1 month Woodchurch 8\7 Mary WALL d/o Rev. H. WALL age 7 months died Margate 8\7 Jemima WATERS age 83 w/o David (ship owner) died Whitstable 8\7 Mary WHEAT died fearfully of want at Coventry 6\4 George WHITEHEAD age 6 years and 3 months s/o George & Lucy died Crundale 8\7 Edward William WHORLOW age 9 monthd s/o Albert & Agnes Mary died Little Mongeham 8\7 General John WILKIE Crimean officer died at Addington Scotland 3\8 Mr T. B. WYLES wheelwright deceased Hartlip Sittingbourne 4\4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES May 1 at Croydon, George BOURNE only s/o late Mr William BOURNE to Emma TOURNAY eldest d/o W.TOURNAY builder, Hythe 8\7 April 29 by licence at Holy Trinity church Ramsgate by the Rev J. B. WHITING assisted by the Rev R.COLLINS (rector) Mr. George BURBRIDGE of Monteflore Villa, to Emmiline Flora FARLEY youngest s/o Mr.W. FARLEY, Victory Villa, Hereson Ramsgate 8\7 (note from Mary, yes it really says s/o) April 25 at the Wesleyan Chapel Tenterden by the Rev Mr SHEARN, Mr John Thomas CHASMAR of Woodchurch to Mrs WELLER of Tenterden 8\7 April 19 at the parish church Brenzett by the Rev W. LUSH, Mr Edwin John BAKER to Harriet CLOKE youngest d/o Benjamin deceased of Smeeth 8\7 April 26 at the parish church Lewisham, Cornelius COLLETT s/o George deceased of Water's Hall, Monkton to Edith M. SOLLY d/o Mr. G. B. SOLLY late of Monkton Court near Ramsgate 8\7 May 3 at the parish church of St Nichols, Isle of Thanet, Mr Alfred CROFT of over to Emily WHITNALL youngest d/o Mr W. WHITNALL of St Nicholas at Wade near Margate 8\7 April 26 at the parish church St Lawrence by the Rev C. A. MOLONY, Frank EAMES of Lynch, Midhurst Sussex to Catherine Elizabeth TRIMNELL of Canterbury 8\7 April 29 at St George's church Ramsgate by the Rev C. E. S. WOOLMER, William GORHAM to Sybella Augusta STOCK both of Ramsgate 8\7 April 25 at St Sepulchre Church London by the Rev T. PUGH, John HANCOCK 2nd s/o James, deceased of Chislet to Sarah Anne MEASDY eldest d/o Charles of Wickhambreaux 8\7 May 2 at All Saints' church Lydd by the Rev J. W. S. HOWE, William John Edward HATTER of Rye to Rhoda Ann APPS of Lydd 8\7 April 22 at Willsborough, Mr Stephen HEAD of Newchurch to Miss Emily Kate RANSLEY youngest d/o James deceased of Newchurch 8\7 April 26, at the parish church Smarden by the Rev J. Haslam SEDGWICK, Edward HOMEWOOD 4th s/o Edward, Haffenden Quarter Farm, to Julia WOOD eldest d/o Horace, Luckhurst Farm, both of Smarden 8\7 April 26 at the Congregational Church Tonbridge Wells by the Rev J. Radford THOMPSON MA., Hinton JONES to Henrietta Elizabeth MERCER eldest d/o Mr Wm. MERCER both of Capel Tonbridge 8\7 April 30 at Christ church Folkestone by the Rev J. R. Hare DUKE, Alfred James PURSSORD to Mary Ann KIRBY younger d/o Mr E. KIRBY of Watford Herts 8\7 April 30 at St Clements, Kensington, W. George C. SHEARWOOD 3rd s/o Samuel of Norwich to Lizzie SMITH only d/o William of Hempstead Street Ashford 8\7 April 30 at Christ Church Ramsgate by the Rev H. L. FRY, Henry Richard Austin SIMPSON of Dover to Ellen Margaret HUGHES of Ramsgate 8\7 April 29 at St George's Hanover square London, Daniel Alfred Anley TUPPER Esq. of the Lord Chamberlain's office, St James' Palace to Mary Cholmeley DERING only d/o the late Lieut.-Colonel. Cholmely Edward DERING of East Kent Militia 8\7 --------------------------- 1st week in June Mr BRINCKMAN to Miss HONYWOOD married London 5\3 Miss Constance HONYWOOD sister of the bride, Miss Violet HONYWOOD niece of the bride,plus lots more names. married Thursday week at Trinity church Sloane Street, Mr Alan CHICHESTER to Lady Frances CONYNGHAM sister of the Marquis CONYNGHAM 5\3 Mr W. T. RYDER choir master married Canterbury 3\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Odds and ends Minnie ALLARD mother of illegitimate child at Police court Ashford 6\2 Mr. J. N. ALLEN selling up Appledore 4\1 John BAILEY assaulted boy, appears Malling court 7\3 Charles BANNERMAN cricketer from Australia 5\1 Louisa BAZENDEN no money to pay fine Police court Ashford 6\2 BOUCH hanged Manchester 3\8 George Albert BROWNING assaulted, at court Malling 7\3 Jessie Naomi CARPENTER 9 ? years old indecently assaulted, Police court Deal 7\1 CHANDLER tied up as a joke Sevenoaks 3\7 George COLE assaulted a boy, in court Malling 7\3 DEFT poor law order at court Cranbrook 5\5 John DUNN Africa 3\8 John EMMETT a gipsy in Petty sessions court Bearsted 6\7 Mr Cyrus FIELD attempt to murder him in America 3\8 Robert FOAT toy dealer bankrupt Margate 3\7 Mrs Sarah GILLOW Executrix of William GILLOW Woodnesborough 1\1 Edward HANLAN sculling championships he of Toronto Canada 7\4 Philip HONYWOOD of Evington in bankruptcy court Canterbury 6\8 George Leonard KEYS publican bankrupt Kennington 1\1 Mr John LAWSON Jun builder bankrupt Whitstable 3\7 Norris MARSH a boy in court St Augustine Canterbury 6\8 Francis William MICKLEWRIGHT jeweller in liquidation Hastings 5\2 Georgina Anne MOORE girl murdered at Yalding 3\1 & 3\5 Stephen MOORE murder trial Yalding 3\5 Caleb PATTERSON boy in court St Augustine Canterbury 6\8 Esther PAY accused murderess Yalding 3\1 Mr F. A. PULLEN accident at Herne Bay 7\3 Albert ROBINSON indecent assault appears in Police court Deal 7\1 Arthur SELBY Plough proprietor liquidation Sevenoaks 5\2 Johnathan SMITH corn dealer in liquidation Tonbridge 5\2 James TAYLOR a tramp in court New Romney 7\3 Annie TIDY a girl at Paddock Wood in court Tonbridge 7\4 Edward TRICKETT of Sydney NEW Australia sculling championships 7\4 Mr VANDERBILT attempted to murder him America 3\8 WELLS practical joke in court Sevenoaks 3\7 (twice) John William WILKINSON tobacconist in liquidation Folkestone 5\2 Messrs. H & A. WILLIAMS dissolving partnershop Hawkhurst 4\4 Annie WILLIAMS servant girl in Borough Magistrates court Dover 7\2 Thomas WILSON age 39 a tramp in Police court Ashford 5\2
13th May 1882 BIRTHS May 9 at East Cross, Tenterden, Mr John & Mrs BEEKEN a daughter 8\7 May 5 at Lenham Heath, Mr Stephen & Mrs BEEKEN a son stillborn 8\7 May 3 at Margate, Mr Thomas & Mrs BIRCH a daughter 8\7 May 2 at Street End, Elham, G. & Mrs BISHOP a son 8\7 May 11 at 9 East Street Dover, W. & Mrs DRYLAND a son 8\7 May 3 at Devonshire Terrac, Sandgate, James & Mrs FOULDS a son 8\7 May 11 at 86 New Street, Ashford, G. & Mrs HARMER a daughter 8\7 May 2 at Church Lane Adisham John & Mrs LINKINS a son 8\7 May 4 at Margate, Mr & Mrs PACKER a son 8\7 May 11 at 25 New Town, Ashford, Mr H. & Mrs PICTON a daughter 8\7 May 8 at 143 Heath Road, Clapham London, Mr J. & Mrs PICTON a son stillborn 8\7 May 10 at the Rectory, Isfield Sussex, Rev. S. F. & Mrs RUSSELL a son 8\7 April 31 at 2 James's Street Canterbury Road Folkestone W, H. & Mrs WHITEHEAD a daughter stillborn 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS Baker ASHWELL age 64 an old and respected tradesman there for nearly 40 years died May 7 at Charing 8\7 Edith Jane BAILEY age 15 months youngest d/o Edward J. W. & Jane D. BAILEY died April 23 Kingsnorth 8\7 Trayton Clifford BAKER age 9 months dearly beloved child of Clifford & Annie BAKER died May 1 of Chiddingstone Hoath, Edenbridge 8\7 James BARTON (deceased) of Headcorn County court Ashford 6\1 Rose A. BARTON widow of Headcorn County court Ashford 6\1 John Henry Cumbyn BISHOP age 59 died May 5 at Upper Frant Road, Maidstone 8\7 Mercy WARD nee BLATCHER age 55 youngest d/o Mr G. BLATCHER deceased died Hythe 8\7 Elizabeth BOLDEN nee SUTTON age 76 dearly beloved w/o James died May 5 at Bridge Street Wye. Much respected and regretted 8\7 John BOORMAN age 78 late of Worsenden, Biddenden died May 11 at Beult cottage, Headcorn 8\7 Jane BOYDEN age 39 of Charing died May 5 at Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\7 Mayor William BRADLEY age 48 died May 5 at Sandwich mentioned 6\7 & 7\4 & 8\7 Mary Elizabeth BRADLEY widow of Mayor of Sandwich 7\4 Mr W. BRADLEY from Deal s/o deceased mayor Sandwich 7\4 Nathaniel BRADLEY father of Mary Elizabeth St Peters Thanet 7\4 Daniel BRAKEFIELD deceased of Netters Hall, Hawkhurst died 9th March 1878 1\1 Daniel BRAKEFIELD of Stream Farm, Hawkhurst. Executor 1\1 Charles BRAKEFIELD Hawkhurst. Executor 1\1 BROAD a young barge man accidentally drowned Sittingbourne 3\7 William BROMLEY died of a pistol shot at Maidstone 3\7 Stephen BUNTS age 26 from Barming died, removal of patient to asylum Maidstone 7\2 Sarah BURGESS age 83 widow of William died May 10 at Iden 8\7 BUTCHER a little boy died in accident on the Felixstow railway Tremley (mother injured) 3\8 Mr G. S. BUTLER (deceased) the recent high tide Rye 5\6 Mr George Slade BUTLER deceased harbour committee Rye 7\2 Lieut. A. S. CAMPBELL deceased 50th West Kent Regiment 3\7 Stephen CATT age 76 died May 5 Rye 8\7 Dr CHEADLE committed suicide Mickleton Gloucestershire 3\8 Elizabeth CHITTENDEN age 47 died May 7 at 80 Gravel Walk, Ashford 8\7 F. J. CLARKE deceased chemist of Lincoln 2\1 G. COLLETT Esq. deceased, wine sale Monkton 4\6 Ann COLLIS age 71 widow of Henry died May 7 at Sturry near Canterbury 8\7 Morton Charles CORKE age 4 years & 11 months s/o Samuel & Miriam late of Swift's Green Farm, Smarden died May 2 at Knockbridge, Staplehurst 8\7 Cyril Troughton Stepney de MICHELE late RN 2nd s/o C. Eastland de MICHELE of the Old Palace Garden Weybridge Surrey died May 5 at Dover of congestion of the lungs 8\7 Lieut. Col. Cholmeley Edward DERING deceased was of the East Kent Militia 3\7 (see marriage of daughter) Mr DUGDALE died of injuries at the Baxterley Colliery Atherstone 3\8 Mr Stephen FORWARD deceased Cranbrook 4\6 Mr George HOMEWOOD age 66 many years employed by the late Mr Thos. BACK, at Park House. Much respected by all who knew him. died May 8 at Weswell 8\7 Mr T. S. JACKSON deceased Canterbury 2\1 Rev. Charles Albert JANSON of Oxon, missionary died Lake Nayassa Zanzibar 3\8 Mrs JENNINGS deceased Charing 7 4\1 Thomas JOHNSON died May 4 of Lane's cottage, Galley Hill Swanscombe 8\7 John KING age 87 died May 10 at 18 Marchmont Street, Russell square, London 8\7 Mr George KINGSNORTH deceased Ruckinge & Woodchurch 4\2 William James LANCASTER deceased estate Folkestone (twice) 4\2 Jane NOAKES age 37 w/o John of Ashford died May 3 at Westwell Union Workhouse 8\7 Harriett NORRINGTON died 23 November 1881 at Shepherd's Close Farm, Patrixbourne also 8 May 1882 Emma NORRINGTON the beloved twin daughters of the late E. C. NORRINGTON late of Hothfield Water Mill aged 10 years also May 3 Martha the youngest and dearly beloved d/o John & Hannah WEEKS late of Hothfield Water Mill aged 2 years. 8\7 OTTAWAY deceased mentioned in County court Maidstone 7\1 Ellen OTTAWAY single woman age 36 deceased inquest Lenham 5\5 Mr G. H. OVENDEN deceased election officer Hythe 5\4 Mr PIPER deceased Cranbrook 4\6 Mr John POTTS age 88 died May 10 at Tarry Hall, Petham 8\7 Mr Joseph PRYER deceased auction Mersham 4\2 Commander F. E. RAMSDEN RN age 33 of Chilham died 2 April 1882 Ula Wet Mountain Valley, Colorado US 3rd s/o Rev. C. H. RAMSDEN vicar of Chilham 6\6 & 8\7 Mr Chas.ROLFE deceased auction Rickinge 7 Bilsington (twice) 4\2 M. B. SAMSON Esq. deceased estate Sandgate 4\5 William SCOTT age 61of 1 Old Bond Street and Clinton Villa, South Wimbledon died May 7 at Fairfield, St Peters 8\7 Lucy SMITHERS 5th d/o the late Mr Matthew SMITHERS of Ramsgate she died April 27 Whitstable on Sea of consumption 8\7 Emma SNELLING died after accident at Wandsworth railway station 3\8 William SUTTON deceased of Boughton Corner his sister died May 5 Wye 8\7 William SUTTON deceased of Boughton Corner his only daughter died May 5 Wye 8\7 Elizabeth BOLDEN nee SUTTON age 76 died May 5 Wye 8\7 Mary SWAIN age 86 widow of Nicholas of Limbridge Green Farm,Stowting died May 9 at Stelling Minnis 8\7 Albert Edward TROWELL age 1 month a twin s/o G. W. & S. TROWELL died April 28 Woodchurch 8\7 Emma TURL age 46 w/o Edward died May 8 at 7 West Street, Dover 8\7 Mr John USHER age 68 died Deal suddenly, formally of Canterbury 6\6 Mr William VENNER age 92 shoemaker died recently at Kingsnorth 8\7 (no date given) Mercy WARD nee BLATCHER age 55 beloved w/o Mr. E. WARD died May 5 Hythe 8\7 Edwin Hughes WATERS age 69 died May 5 at Chilverton Elms near Dover 8\7 Martha WEEKS d/o John & Hannah died 3 May 1882 Hothfield 8\7 see under NORRINGTON above W. H. & Mrs WHITEHEAD a daughter stillborn 31 April at 2 James Street, Canterbury Road, Folkestone 8\7 Henry WICKEN builder age 85 died May 6 at Austen House, Rolvenden 8\7 Frederick John Cobb WILDASH 3rd s/o John deceased of Wye died May 5 at Brisbane Australia 8\7 Mr Thomas WINCH deceased Barham 4\5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES March 11 at Auckland New Zealand, Frederick Thomas KNIGHT 2nd s/o Richard KNIGHT Esq. of Bobbing Court near Sittingbourne to Charlotte Bryce AVELING youngest d/o the late Thomas AVELING Esq. of Boley Hill House, Rochester 8\7 May 4 at the Wesleyan Chapel Rye by the Rev J. SKERRATT, Mr William BANISTER Jun. of Peasmarsh to Orpah BATES d/o the late Mr John BATES of Snargate Romney Marsh 8\7 May 2 at the parish church, Beckley by the Rev. F. W. SHADFORTH, Mr William BATES of Battle to Mary Ann COOPER only d/o Mr Alfred COOPER of Beckley 8\7 May 5 at the parish church Margate by the Rev E. GILES, John BRENCHLEY to Mary Jane PETTMAN both of Margate 8\7 May 10 at Christ Church Ramsgate, Albert Frederic CHAMBERS 2nd s/o Mr W. CHAMBERS of Willsborough to Selina PRICE youngest d/o the late Mr John PRICE of Minster Thanet 8\7 May 6 by licence at St Margaret's Westminster by the Rev Ernest A. BROWNE, William Bidlake CORSER s/o John CORSER of Reigate to Kate BROWNE d/o William BROWNE Sen. of Ashford 8\7 May 4 at St George's church Deal by the Rev Dr Bruce PAYN, William Holmes LARKINS only s/o the late Richard LARKINS of Dover to Minnie Emilie HOLMES only d/o James HOLMES of Deal 8\7 May 4 at Faversham church, William Edward STRATFORD s/o Mr Edward William STRATFORD to Alice VEITCH d/o Mr John VEITCH both of Faversham 8\7 May 6 at the Wesleyan Chapel Folkestone by the Rev T. M. THORPE, William UNDERDOWN youngest surviving s/o Mr Thomas UNDERDOWN of Folkestone to Caroline Ann FOREMAN eldest d/o Mr John FOREMAN of Stowting 8\7 Mr. Daniel Alfred Anley TUPPER of the Lord Chamberlaines office, St James's Palace, was recently married to Mary Cholmeley, only d\o the late Lieut. Colonel Cholmeley Edward DERING, East Kent Militia ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER George William ABIGALE sentenced to death at Ipswich Assizes 3\8 BAKER a young man charged with murder at Finchley 3\8 BAKER a boy age 11 in court at Chatham 3\7 BANNERMAN born Kent a cricketer now living in Australia 3\8 BANNERMAN younger brother a cricketer coming to England 3\8 George BATTAMS charged with murder Leighton Buzzard 3\8 Wm. Henry BOTTEN farmer in liquidation New Hythe/ East Malling 5\2 Capt. O. O. BRAND sentenced to death at Hull 3\8 Mr BURK his murder mentioned Sittingbourne 3\7 & 6\7 & 8\5 Mr CONSTABLE house fire at Maidstone 3\7 CROSSLEY a young man wounded himself at Leeds 3\8 DOUST a youth, injured in accident at Tonbridge 5\7 Alfred ELLIOTT lunatic asylum at Barming 3\7 John ELLIOTT hoop maker in liquidation Rye & Playden 5\2 Richard FOORD porter, assaulted at Teynham in court Faversham 6\8 John GODDEN farmer bankrupt Ruckinge 4\8 Mr HARFORD a sad occurance a child died Herne Bay 7\1 HARVEY a boy age 11 in court Chatham 3\7 J. HEMERY Esq. deceased sell shares Canterbury 4\3 HOOKER (twice) nearly drowned Shorncliffe 5\4 Catherine JACKSON tried suicide now in Thames Police court 3\8 William JOHNSON young lad in court Maidstone 3\7 Thomas KENNETT gardener, suicide North Holmes 5\5 Horatio Henry MARTIN tobacconist in liquidation Ramsgate 5\2 Georgina MOORE murdered child Tonbridge 5\7 Mr William MORFORD deceased estate Folkestone 4\5 Mrs Mary Ann MORFORD deceased occupier Folkestone 4\5 James NEW drunk and disorderly Police court Deal 5\5 Esther PAY childs murder Tonbridge 5\7 PEPPER an apprentice murdered at Hull 3\8 Jane PLUNKET shot dead at Norwich 3\8 Thomas RICHES ssault at Teynham at court Faversham 6\8 ROBSON tried suicide now in Thames police court 3\8 widow SMITHERMAN SE Railways (notes of the week column) (twice) 3\2 Edward Sankey SOUTHBEE assaulted Herne Hill 3\7 Mr John Taylor TAPLEY deceased estate Ash 4\3 Mr Henry TRACY fruitier injured Sittingbourne 3\7 Charles WHITING young lad in court Maidstone 3\7 James WRATTEN builder in liquidation Marden 5\2 plus many more names
20th May 1882 BIRTHS Mr. A. & Mrs. ASHDOWN a son born May 12 at Victoria villas, Ramsgate 8\7 Mr Charles & Mrs BAKER a daughter born May 16 at Bedford Place, Rye 8\7 Mr & Mrs BARLOW a daughter born May 11 at Margate 8\7 Mr & Mrs BAYNTON a son born May 14 at Barrow Hill Terrace, Ashford 8\7 Henry Curtis & Mrs BENNETT Esq, a son born May 14 at 33 Charleville road, West Kensington 8\7 Jno. & Mrs BOURNE of Biddenden a daughter born May 14 at Cranbrook 8\7 Thos & Mrs BUNYARD a daughter born May 18 at 3 Wellesley villas, Ashford 8\7 James & Mrs BUSSWOOD a daughter born May 15 at High Street, Charing 8\7 Adolphus & Mrs DAVIS a son born May 13 at Alexander House, Folkestone 8\7 Frederic & Mrs FINN a daughter born May 12 at 20 Harvey Street, Folkestone 8\7 Robert G. & Mrs FOY a daughter born recently at 3 Amersham grove, New Cross SE 8\7 A. & Mrs HAWKINS a son born May 16 at Hastingleigh 8\7 Mr & Mrs HORSNAIL a son born May 16 at St George's street, Canterbury 8\7 see also under DEATHS Mr A. & Mrs HORTON engineer, a son born May 6 at Ashford Road, Charing 8\7 Ezra & Mrs LINDRIDGE a daughter born May 14 at Golden square, Tenterden 8\7 Mr J. & Mrs MITCHELL a daughter born May 11 at 17 High Street, Ramsgate 8\7 William R. & Mrs MITCHELL a son born May 16 at 41 Lower Denmark road, South Ashford 8\7 Alexander & Mrs PACKHAM a son born May 13 at Hardinge road, Ashford 8\7 Philip & Mrs PHELPS a daughter born May 6 at Ashford Kent 8\7 Stephen & Mrs PREBBLE a son born May 11 at Hastingleigh 8\7 Mr F. & Mrs ROGERS a son born May 12 at Ealing Villa, Picton Road, Ramsgate 8\7 James & Mrs WEIR prematurely a daughter stillborn May 14 at Moreton House, Clapham Park 8\7 Mr R. & Mrs WORTHINGTON coach builder, a daughter born May 4 at Hythe 8\7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES C. B. BANYARD of High Street Lydd to Louisa Fanny MILLS married May 18 at All Saints Church Lydd by the Rev J. W. S. HOWE 8\7 John B. DREW, Corporal Royal Artillery, s/o Mr George DREW deceased New Town, of Ashford, to Caroline BEEKEEN of Ivy Cottage, Boar's Isle, Tenterden married May 13 at the Registry office Greenwich 8\7 Byron EDWARDS to Annie Selina STEED married May 17 at the Congregational Church, Ramsgate by the Rev R. Baldwin BRINDLEY 8\7 William H. PALMER s/o Mr J. N. PALMER deceased of Hamilton terrace to Mary A. C. GREEN d/o Mr Francis G. GREEN deceased of St Lawrence, Ramsgate married April 27 at St John's, Kilburn London 8\7 John WEBB to Eliza PALMER married May 13 at St George church Ramsgate by the Rev H. M. WALTER 8\7 Arthur STEDMAN formally of Great Chart to Sarah QUEENE formally of Belfast Ireland married recently at Homestead, Burzie Co., Michigan America 8\7 David George SIMPSON to Sarah Jane STEAD married May 13 at Ellington Chapel Ramsgate by the Rev D. PLEDGE 8\7 arranged marriage between Lord George NEVILL 3rd s/o the Marquess and Marchioness of Abergavenny and Miss SOANES only d/o Mr Temple SOANES of Brenchley House, Tunbridge Wells 5\3 (no more to add) Mr BRINCKMAN to Miss HONYWOOD marriage at Great Chart postponed for a month until July 1st as she has Typhoid fever 5\3 (there is a little more) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS Colour Sergeant William ADAMS D. Co. 2nd East Kent Rifles died Hythe 5\4 Julia APPLEBEE age 52 formally of Ramsgate died May 9 at 1a Hackney Road London 8\7 Martha ATKINS w/o Charles died May 9 at Bethersden 8\7 Mary BARRY widow of James Joseph of Ramsgate died May 14 at Charing 8\8 Rev. William Key BORTON M.A. Honorary Canon of Rochester Cathedral and formally for forty-one years rector of Wickham S. Paul's Essex and Rural Dean aged 76 years, died May 11 at Eastbourne 8\8 Celia BOURNE w/o Edward of Brabourne Leese died May 10 at Hazel Street Farm 8\7 Rev James BOYS deceased Diocese of Canterbury; Biddenden 5\1 Daniel BRAKEFIELD deceased Hawkhurst (has a son Charles) 1\1 John BRENT Esq. deceased auction sale Stour Street Canterbury 4\3 Mr Daniel BRICE deceased estate Folkestone (twice) 4\5 Sarah BUSBRIDGE age 88; a faithful and beloved nurse to Mrs WILKIE and her family for four generations died May 14 at Ellington House, Ramsgate 5\8 & 8\8 Theodore Metcalf CANEY in his 59 year died May 11 at Maidstone 8\8 William CHAMBERS age 79 died May 15 at Liberty Hall, Boughton Malherbe 8\8 Thomas Anthony FREEMAN M.R.C.S., L..S.A., late of Canterbury died May 11 at 40 Hova-villas, Brighton 8\7 Mr Alfred GEORGE deceased, advert his business etc. to be sold Dover 7\7 Alice Maud HARVEY age 3 dearly loved child of Stephen & Maria died May 18 at the Cinque Port Arms, Dover 8\8 Mary Ann HOBBS nee HAYWARD age 32 d/o John & Jane HAYWARD died May 6 at Rock's Farm Frittenden 8\7 Millicent HORSNAILL nee HEADLEY age 21beloved w/o Alfred Edmund HORSNAILL of 48 St George's street & d/o Mr H. HEADLEY, Canterbury, died May 16 at Canterbury 8\8 see also under BIRTHS Mr Thomas HEATHFIELD deceased wheelwright Woodchurch 4\1 Cordelia LAMBERT age 76 widow of Thos. died recently at Horsmonden 8\7 John Edward LINKINS age 9 months the beloved child of Thomas & Charity died May 15 at 18 Park street, Ashford Kent 8\8 Mr William MERCER longevity age 92 died Kilndown 7\1 Corporal James MILLBANK age 35 his funeral at Shorncliffe 5\5 John Cunningham NORTH, M.B., C.M. Edin., age 34 eldest s/o John NORTH Esq. of Brecon S. Wales died May 11, at Horsmonden from pneumonia, after a few days illness. 8\8 Mr John OTTAWAY in his 75 year, late of Charing died May 11 at East End, Benenden. His end was peace. 8\8 Mr George Henry OVENDEN deceased of the Swan Hotel Hythe 1\1 John Elton Mervyn PROWLE late 67th Regiment of 9 Ashburn place, South Kensington & of Purton, Wilts JP and D. L. for that county died May 12 at Ramsgate 8\8 Commander F. E. RAMSDEN RN age 33, 3rd s/o Rev. C. H. RAMSDEN vicar of Chilham died April 2 at Ula, West Mountain Valley, Colorado US 8\7 Maria Richard READ age 63 of Sandwich died May 15 at Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\8 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased estate & auction at Ruckinge & Bilsington & Woodchurch (twice) 4\2 Mr J. W. ROPER (County News) died suddenly Frant 3\7 William SHARP age 61 died May 13 at Queen Anne road, Maidstone 8\8 Mary SIMMONDS age 64 w/o Mr George SIMMONDS died May 12 at Prince of Wales terrace, Deal 8\8 Mary SLINGSBY age 26 died May 18 at 135 Barrow Hill Row Ashford 8\8 Eliza SPONG age 65 widow of James died May 10 suddenly at New Romney 8\7 Mrs Harriett STEVENS age 94.7 years old widow of William, mother of Miss. M. M. & Mr. G. M. STEVENS died Goudhurst 6\8 Henry TOZER his widow age 56 died May 14 at 17 Liverpool lawn, Ramsgate 8\8 (no name for her given) Daniel TUFF age 78 late of Bilting died May 10 at Brook 8\7 Mr TURK (fashionable news) deceased Great Chart 5\3 VONBRAN an old lady sudden death Dover 5\6 Canon STONE deceased estate auction, Canterbury 4\3 Corporal SWIFT age 34 N. Battery, his funeral Canterbury 5\6 Patience THOMSETT age 70 of St George's, Canterbury died May 15 at Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\8 Catherine WELLARD age 80 widow of Lewis Thompson died May 12 at High Street, Minster after a short illness 8\8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER Mr H. ANDREWS at auction of deceased estate (twice) Folkestone 4\5 George BAKER alias Joe HOGDEN (accused) of Sittingbourne age 24 murderous assault on policeman at New Romney 6\2 George BAKER (prisoner) the brutal assault on CRAMPTON, New Romney 8\6 Jemima BAKER alias Sally HOGDEN murderous assault on policeman at New Romney 6\2 William BAKER murderous asault on policeman at New Romney 6\2 George BARDEN age 11 robbing missionary box appears petty sessions Tonbridge 7\3 Silas BODKIN step son of deceased nurseryman (KENNETT) Canterbury 6\5 Lieut. General Robert CANNON his will proved Folkestone 5\4 Mrs Emma Beevor CANNON widow of the above Folkestone 5\4 Ronald CANNON s/o the above Folkestone 5\4 William CLARK age 2 serious accident Sittingbourne 7\3 William COGGER aged about 14 fatal fall from a tree by a mate Dover 6\6 John CONNER age 14 in trouble Sheerness on Sea 7\2 Susannah COOPER supposed assault; Police court Dover 5\6 Thomas FURY alias Thomas WRIGHT alias Thomas CORT a sailor executed murderer of Maria FITZSIMMONS of Sunderland Durham Gaol 6\2 Police Sergeant Isaac CRAMPTON murderous assault on him New Romney 6\2 & 8\6 Mr & Mrs CUMMING divorce suit Dover 6\6 (see under SCHJOTT) Arthur David CURLING farmer liquidation Hernhill Faversham 5\1 George DALTON about 14 in police court for throwing stones Canterbury 5\6 Edward DAWSON merchant liquidation London 5\1 Edward Matthew DREW age 19 Deal & Sarah Ann BASS age 20 affiliation case Ramsgate 5\8 C. E. DUNN & Co. merchant liquidation London 5\1 William EDWARDS in police court for threatening his wife Mary, Folkestone 5\4 Avery ELSON age 13 friend found drowned Ramsgate 5\8 Charles Edward FINN of Maidstone late of Ashford & Rebecca HARMAN of Ashford affiliation case police court Ashford 6\1 Richard GIBBS attempted suicide Ringwould 7\2 Jeffrey GILBERT of Willsborough & Jane TITMAS of Rolvenden; affiliation case Cranbrook 5\5 Benjamin James GOODSON a lad s/o Benjamin Harris GOODSON fisherman, found drowned Ramsgate 5\8 R. GORDON divorce suit Dover 6\6 ( see under SCHJOTT & CUMMING) Athur John HENSERSON manager liquidation Margate 5\1 Philadelphia HUNTER age 103 Maidstone 3\7 INGRAM a young girl age 19 murdered Uxbridge 3\8 Mrs JENNINGS deceased her house for sale Charing 4\1(same as in previous papers) Mary Ann JESSUP age 16 a witness at inquest East Peckham, Tonbridge 7\3 Priessnitz JONES tailor liquidation Dartford, Erith & Bexley 5\1 Henry JOY age 13 fatal accident at Margate 5\7 Lewis JULLICK (twice) smuggling charge in police court Dover 5\6 Thomas KENNETT about 50, nurseryman suicide Canterbury 6\5 LAMSON executed murderer Durham 6\2 LEFROY executed murderer at Durham 6\2 William MARSH boatman; inquest on body of a sailor Ramsgate 5\8 T. E. MAXWELL acting commander left Sydney for England 3\7 Corporal James MILLBANK funeral at camp Shorncliffe 5\5 James MUNDAY warehouseman liquidation Hove 5\1 Michael Simon NURENBERG lodging house keeper liquidation Brighton 5\1 Edward ORPIN carpenter liquidation Rochester 5\1 Mr PAGES of Maidstone a serious accident, he ran over a child Sittingbourne 7\3 Hester PARKER age 65 supposed assault; police court Dover 5\6 Edward Nathaniel PAY age 9 fatal fall from tree Dover 6\6 Thomas PELLATT carpenter, saw attempted suicide Ringwould 7\2 Mr Timothy John POPE age 76 of Rochester inquest into his accidental death Sittingbourne 7\2 Mr Joseph PRYER deceased; his property for sale Mersham 4\2 Mr RODGERS hop growing in New Zealand 3\6 Mr & Mrs SCHJOTT divorce suit Dover 6\6 (see under CUMMING & GORDON) William SKINNER age 16 ruined by his mothers case police court Ashford 6\1 Jas. George SMITH age 10 robbing missionary box; petty sessions Tonbridge 7\3 Elizabeth Mary TIBBLE age 14 & Mary Lizzie TIBBLE age 10 inquest into their deaths East Peckham, Tonbridge 7\3 Thomas TWEEDAN attempted to murder a sweetheart Manchester court 6\1 George WATSON age 11 friend found drowned Ramsgate 5\8 Henry WELLS police court maintenance of his children case Dover 5\6 Lieut. WOOLLETT of the 108th Regiment (Epitome of news) breach of promise Brixton 3\8
27th May 1882 BIRTHS [done in full so no more to add] Mr. Elgar & Mrs BRETT a daughter born May 17 at 5 St Peter's Place Canterbury 8\7 Henry & Mrs BRIDGE a son born May 17 at Maidstone 8\7 Mr James & Mrs BULL a son born May 24 at Romney Road, Willesborough 8\7 Herbert M. & Mrs COBB a son who survived his birth only a few hours born May 21 at Gad's Hill House, Higham 8\7 George & Mrs CORNELL of twin daughters born May 22 at Upper Fant Road, Maidstone 8\7 Mr G. E. & Mrs COURT of Doddington, a son stillborn May 13 at 8 Cobden Place Canterbury 8\7 Mr Thomas & Mrs DRAKE a daughter born May 17 at Eastry Kent 8\7 Mr. C. O. & Mrs ELMES a daughter born May 20 at 30 Havelock Street Canterbury 8\7 Mr. G. A. & Mrs GALL a son born May 19 at High Street Ashford 8\7 Frederick William & Mrs LYONS a son born May 7 at Boughton 8\7 Gunner J. & Mrs MACINTOSH 2nd Batt., 1st Brigade, London Division, RA, a son born April 24 at Point Barracks, Portsmouth 8\7 Mr David & Mrs MARSH a son born May 20 at the King's Head Inn Charing 8\7 James & Mrs MILLGROVE of 8 Ship Street, Folkestone, a daughter born May 20, 8\7 Alfred & Mrs PAINE a daughter born May 13 at Rye 8\7 Arthur & Mrs SIMMONDS a daughter born May 21 at 182 Snargate Street Dover 8\7 The Lady Sarah SLADEN a daughter born May 20 at Ripple Court 8\7 On Friday, the wife of Mr Thomas TAPSELL, an employee of the Chatham Dockyard, gave birth to a triplet, two girls and a boy. This makes ten children in the family. The mother and babes are doing well. 3\7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES [done in full so no more to add] May 17 at John's Waterloo Road, London by the Rev. SPROTE, C. H. Robinson HALLETT, adopted s/o Wm. HALLETT, The Willows, Tooting to Charlotte (Lottie) PIX eldest d/o Frederick PIX, Ivy Cottage, Northiam 8\7 May 21 at St Mary's parish church, Rye by the Rev. D. T. GLADSTONE vicar, Thomas BUSHBY to Elizabeth Jane LINDRIDGE 8\7 May 24 at the Congregational Chapel, Staplehurst by the Rev T. THATCHER, Percy J. SHOOBRIDGE to Mary AUSTIN eldest d/o Mr John AUSTIN, of Pagehurst Farm, Staplehurst 8\7 May 25 at the parish church Nonington, by special licence, Capt. J. P. GROOT of Silt, Hamburgh to Sarah Ann STOKES 3rd d/o Henry STOKES, Frogham 8\7 May 25 at Kensington, London J. ABRAHAM of Canterbury to Rosa CLARKE eldest d/o A. M. CLARKE of Bury St Edmunds 8\7 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [another marriage mentioned elsewhere in this paper, email me for more information:] Rev Archibald Augustus KNOLLYS MA of Brazenose College s/o Rev Canon KNOLLYS to Miss Constance KNOLLYS youngest d/o General Sir William KNOLLYS married at Lambeth Palace 5\3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS from 8\7 done in full John BROWNING aged 88 years died May 9 at the Mace House, Waltham 8\7 Henry BISHOP aged 75 years died May 16 at 4 Cobden Place, Canterbury 8\7 William James WRTERS in his 32nd year, 3rd s/o the late Charles Adam WRTERS, for many years in the employ of H. B. MACKESON Esq., and much respected by all who knew him, died May 16 at Brewery Square, Hythe 8\7 (NOTE this is how the surname was spelt in the paper. It could possibly be WATERS but needs to be checked by anyone interested in the name). Elizabeth Emma HARRIS aged 3 months the dearly beloved child of W & E. HARRIS died May 17 at Burmarsh Kent of whooping cough 8\7 May 17 at 27 Almshouses, Faversham, on the Foundation of Henry WREIGHT, William HARRIS, aged 87 years 8\7 Doris BROOKS aged 16 years died May 17 at Adelphi Terrace, Rancorn, Margate 8\7 Mary Eliza WARDEN aged 16 years only child of George WARDEN died May 17 at Rye 8\7 Maria RICHARDSON aged 27 years the beloved w/o George William RICHARDSON late of the King William 4th, Dover, died May 17 while staying with her father at Honeyden Lodge, North Cray 8\7 Enoch MILLSON Esq. of 19 Westmoreland Road, Bayswater, London and Doddington, near Spalding, Lincolnshire aged 50 years died May 18 at Hythe 8\7 Lily CANNON aged 1 year 7 months died May 18 at Ramsgate 8\7 Robert John BELL, L.D.S Eng., aged 38 years died May 18 at Ramsgate after a short illness 8\7 Frederick Austen GILHAM late of St Margatre's Street, Canterbury aged 73 years died May 19, 8\7 N. A. HILDER Esq. M.R.C.S. aged 40 years youngest s/o the late Mr Charles HILDER of Canterbury died March 19 in Australia 8\7 Job James WILLIAMS aged 86 years died May 19 at Ramsgate 8\7 Ann DIXSON in her 83rd year the dearly loved w/o John East DIXSON, M.R.C.S.E. etc. d/o the late William HULKE MD, vicar of Wye, died May 19 fell asleep in Jesus, at Wye, Kent after many years of patient suffering 8\7 William Richard BOORN aged 9 months the beloved s/o William George & Julia BOORN died May 19 at New Romney 8\7 James BACON aged 87 years died May 20 at 3 West Cliff gardens, Folkestone 8\7 Edith Mary GREEN aged 8 months died May 20 at 5 Marsh Street, Ashford 8\7 Elizabeth Burton DANIEL in her 73rd year w/o James Stock DANIEL died May 20 at 124 High Street Ramsgate 8\7 Lilly Edith BISHOP aged 8 months infant d/o George BISHOP died May 20 at Golden Square Tenterden 8\7 William James LEWIS aged 4 years 11 months s/o the late Mr William LEWIS died May 21 at 55 Beaver Road South Ashford of whooping cough 8\7 Hannah Maria SINDEN aged 20 years d/o Mr E. SINDEN painter died May 22 at 15 Priory Hill Dover 8\7 Elizabeth STOAKES aged 50 years the beloved w/o William STOAKES died May 22 at Canterbury Lane, South Willesborough after a long and painful illness 8\7 Alice Maud Mary AUSTIN age 26 years the beloved w/o James AUSTIN died May 22 at Eastry of consumption 8\7 Annabella CROFT aged 63 years 4th d/o James CROFT late Archdeacon of Canterbury and granddaughter of Charles Manner SUTTON late Archbishop of Canterbury died suddenly May 22 at the Rectory, Kingstone 8\7 Celia STEPHENSON aged 49 years w/o Frederick STEPHENSON died May 22 at Rye 8\7 George Bartholomew BAKER aged 32 years eldest s/o Mr Bartholomew BAKER Lydd, died May 23 in the Kent & Canterbury Hospital 8\7 Mary Selina WOOD aged 19 years died May 23 at Blean, she was a patient sufferer, and deeply regretted 8\7 Sarah CHAPMAN at an advanced age, the youngest and last surviving d/o the late George CHAPMAN, formerly in the Ordnance Department, died May 23 at Buckland, Dover 8\7 Mary Ann PAINE aged 17 years youngest d/o Edward PAINE died May 24 at Lydd of consumption 8\7 Frances HORTON aged 61 years widow of the late William HORTON of Westwell, Kent, died May 24 at Railton Road, Herne Hill, London 8\7 Beatrice GROVES aged 14 years 2nd d/o Mr James GROVES, died May 25 at High Street, Tenterden 8\7 Edgar GILLETT aged 11 years died May 25 at Lydd 8\7 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS and funerals etc mentioned elsewhere in the paper. Colour-Sergeant William ADAMS aged 32 of D Co., East Kent Rifle Volunteers, his funeral at Hythe 5\4 Mrs ANDERSON died aged 98 Selby Isle of Man 3\8 Thomas ANDERSON died aged 107 Selby Isle of Man 3\8 Mr James BACON his funeral at Pluckley 5\2 & more on 6\1 Mr J. S. M. BANKS deceased estate Alkham 4\2 Mr John BRENT deceased mentioned at museum committee meeting Canterbury 6\6 Mr Daniel BRICE deceased estate water shares Folkestone 4\3 Miss Elizabeth COLLARD deceased estate auction Alkham 4\3 Susannah COOPER assaulted and died in the workhouse Dover 8\8 Samuel CROOKES deceased Sheffield 3\8 Henry DENNE accidentally killed at Brook's End, Birchington 6\6 Mr Stephen FORWARD deceased estate Cranbrook 4\2 Mr T. A. FREEMAN deceased surgeon Minster 3\7 Mr Alfred GEORGE deceased advert to be sold Dover 7\7 Henry GILES a porter died in fire at Queenborough Pier 6\2 Alfred George HILLDRUPP his brother drowned Folkestone 5\4 Charles Robert HILLDRUPP of the 15th Hussars was drowned near Folkestone 5\4 Henry HISTED aged 28 a porter died in fire at Queenborough pier 6\2 Robert HUGHES of Wales an elderly man suddenly died at railway station Tenterden 8\5 Mr John JACKSON deceased estate Rolvenden 1\1 JEFFERY greengrocer committed suicide Folkestone 5\3 Mr KEMP deceased estate Cranbrook 4\2 Mr George KINGSNORTH deceased estate at Ruckinge & Woodchurch 4\1 MORGAN inquest into his sudden death Dover 6\8 Mr MORRIS his funeral service at St Paul's Sandgate 5\5 NOVIS his sudden death at home Walmer 5\8 Ann PENNELS an infant suffocated, 2nd inquest Hastings 5\6 William PEPPER a Hull fisher lad murdered at sea, trial at Leeds 6\5 Mr Charles William PETTITT undergraduate drowned Oxford University 3\8 Miss Eleanor Cooper PHELPS eldest d/o Samuel PHELPS died while in Folkestone 5\4 Mr Joseph PRYER deceased estate Mersham 4\1 Mr J. W. ROPER his funeral at Frant 3\7 Rosa ROWE infant died Thursday 18th May her inquest Victoria Park 6\5 John SAYERS accidentally killed at Brook's End, Birchington 6\6 Mr Nicholas SWAIN deceased estate Stelling Minnis 4\4 Ernest John Samuel VIDLER aged about 6 fatal fall Brenchley 6\6 Corporal WEAR Royal Engineers suicide Brompton 3\7 Mr Thomas WINCH deceased estate Barham 4\3 Miss. Mary WINSER deceased estate Tenterden 1\1 Mrs Catherine WORTH committed suicide jumped off pier Dover 8\8 Mr R. J. WYLES deceased estate for sale Bredgar & Borden 4\4 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER William George ABIGAIL aged 19 a murderer executed Norwich Castle 6\1 Mr Jas. ALLEN a sad occurance at railway tunnel Tonbridge 8\6 Wm. ALLSWORTH victualler, in liquidation Newington Sittingbourne 5\1 Francis ALLUM hawker, charged with being drunk, County court Sittingbourne 7\3 William BAILEY of Lyminge, school non attendance, County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Emily BARLOW cook Petty sessions Croydon (see under servants & sweethearts) 3\4 Thomas & Amy BATEMAN of Lydd pursuant to a decree High Court Chaucery 1\2 Charles & Mrs BLACKMAN labourer of Mersham, school non attendance, Police court Ashford 6\1 Osmond Otto BRAND executed for murder of William PEPPER Leeds 6\5 Elizabeth BRISSENDEN alias ETHERICK of Lyss pursuant to a decree High court Chaucery 1\2 John & Elizabeth in county court Sittingbourne 7\3 Charles CARTER age 16 drunk, in court at Bromley 3\7 Katherine COBB pursuant to a decree High court Chaucery 1\2 John COOK labourer in court for being drunk Police court Canterbury 5\6 Martha COOK imbecile & demented, board of guardians Rye 7\2 Rd. CORRINGHAM late watchmaker & jeweller in liquidation Strood 5\2 George CROUCH a violent militiaman at Petty sessions Maidstone 7\1 Robert DAVENPORT alias EVERETT Petty sessions at Croydon (see under servants & sweethearts) 3\4 Percy DAVIS alias GORDON Petty sessions at Croydon (see under servants & sweethearts) 3\4 Miss DeBURGH a young lady injured in horse accident Hyde Park 3\8 Frederick DIVERS of Stelling school non attendance County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Edwd. DOUST corn dealer on assault charge Petty sessions Tonbridge 7\4 George & William EDMEADES violent militiamen Petty sessions Maidstone 7\1 Richard FARRIER aged 11 s/o Robert charged with stealing in Police court Sandwich on Monday 5\8 Jane Singer FASSAM charged being drunk Police court Thursday Ramsgate 5\7 Jas. FAULKNER labourer charged being drunk Petty sessions Tonbridge 7\4 Mrs FLOWER assault charge Police court Ramsgate 5\7 Cecilia FURNELL nearly murdered, lived near Canterbury, Marylebone Police court 6\7 Thomas GAMMON of Stowting school non attendance County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Nathaniel GARWOOD age 36 tailor, charged with attempted murder Marylebone Police court 6\7 Richard GIBBS attempted suicide at Ringwould at Police court Dover on Friday 6\8 Mark GURRY engineer / boiler maker in liquidation Dover 5\2 HAMMOND jumped overboard when pier caught fire at Queenborough 6\2 Captain C. J. HARNE presented with wedding present Shorncliffe 5\5 Catherine HAYES charged with stealing, Police court Thursday, Maidstone 5\7 Bridget HENDREY tried to murder her son, Central Criminal court 3\8 Rd. HODGE assaulted. Petty sessions Tonbridge 7\4 Rev. C. HOLT assaulted a publican Hull 7\4 Maria HOMAN theft of bacon, Police court Monday at Canterbury 5\6 Martin HOOPER aged 16 refactory pauper Police court Saturday at Dover 6\8 Frank HOWLAND aged 16 of Lyminge assaulted, County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 James HOWLAND brother assaulted, County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Private JACKSON a serious charge against soldier Police court Maidstone 7\1 Robert JACOBS labourer school non attendance case, Police court Ashford 6\1 JANES a lad in a singular accident Herne Bay 7\1 Elizabeth & Robert JEFFERY, she was assaulted in neighbours quarrel at Pluckley, Police court Ashford 6\1 Thomas JOHNSON assaulted by clergyman & solicitor Hull 7\4 Richard JONES did not send child to school, Police court Sandwich 5\8 Geo. JORDAN a tramp in Police court Cranbrook for soliciting at Rolvenden 6\6 Edward KENNETT labourer his step daughter Rose LAW school non attendance case Police court Ashford 6\1 Mr KIRKPATRICK solicitor assaulted a publican Hull 7\4 Ida Elizabeth LEWIN d/o Mr David Duncan LEWIN she was assaulted Police court Ramsgate 5\7 Elizabeth Ann MAYS assaulted Sheldwich 3\7 Francis William MICKLEWRIGHT watchmaker bankrupt Hastings 5\2 John MINTER brickmaker in liquidation Milton Sittingbourne 5\2 Martin MOHUM chemist in liquidation Herne Bay 5\2 Edward John MOODY grocer in liquidation St Lawrence 5\2 Louis MOULIN stoker on ship, smuggler Dover 3\7 William MURRAY aged 51 refractory pauper Police court Saturday at Dover 6\8 NASH a licenced victualler assaulted at Margate 3\7 Private Arthur NELMES RWKR on a serious charge, Police court Maidstone 7\1 John NEWING of Upper Hardres charged with theft, St Augustine's Petty sessions Canterbury 6\7 NORRIS Frank G. a married man in abduction case Lambeth court 3\8 & 6\2 Henry PAGE a lodger charged with theft at Whitstable in court Canterbury 8\6 Henry PAY aged 11 years school attendance case Police court Ashford 6\1 Thomas PEARSON did not send child to school Police court Sandwich 5\8 PERRIN plasterer & bigamist deserted wife Rochester & Lewes 3\7 Stephen PIDDUCK did not send child to school case Police court Sandwich 5\8 + arrears of rent 5\8 Bertie PUTWAIN injured Whitstable on Sea 8\6 William RAMSDEN aged 30 accident at pottery High Halden 4\8 Mary Ann RIPLEY charged with being drunk at Rolvenden, in Police court Cranbrook 6\6 Robert SCOTT of Stelling, children not at school County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 William SMITH a deserter aged 26 in Police court on Thursday at Canterbury 5\6 James SPENDLEY of Lyminge children not at school, County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Elizabeth STEWART aged 16 took away by Frank G. NORRIS Lambeth Police court 6\2 John STUPPLES bootmaker in liquidation Broadstairs 5\2 Jeremiah SULLIVAN licenced hawker charged with begging Monday Police court Canterbury 5\6 William Dennis TAYLOR charged with begging Police Intelligence Margate 5\6 George WALKER of Stanford children not at school County Petty sessions Hythe 5\4 Elizabeth WILLIAMS general servant Petty sessions at Croydon (see under servants & sweethearts) 3\4 Private Allan WILSON a marine of Walmer charged with stealing jewelry, Borough Police court Deal 5\6 & 6\8 Alfred WINSOR did not send child to school Police court Sandwich 5\8
3rd June 1882 BIRTHS F. & Mrs. BAILEY a son born 24th May at 46 High Street Canterbury 8\7 Thomas & Mrs. BAILEY a daughter born 18th May at Lydd 8\7 S. W. & Mrs. BARNS a daughter born 26th May at 100 High Street Ashford 8\7 Mawson & Mrs BREARY superintendent of police, a daughter born 24th May at Faversham 8\7 J. P & Mrs. BUTCHER a daughter born 30th May at Wandsworth Road, London 8\7 Mr A. & Mrs. COLEMAN draper, a son born 30th May at Wingham 8\7 Mr H. & Mrs. COURT a daughter born 26th May at 8 St George's Terrace, Canterbury 8\7 Mr J. H. & Mrs. CURLING a son born 25th May at Market Place, Faversham 8\7 Mr F. L. & Mrs. ELMES a daughter born 24th May at Monastery Street Canterbury 8\7 Henry & Mrs, HUGHES-HALLETT a son born 29th May at Boys Hall, Willesborough who survived his birth only a few hours 8\7 Mr Charles & Mrs HARNDEN a son born 25th May at Holloway London 8\7 Mr David & Mrs MARSH a son born 20th May at Charing 8\7 William & Mrs PENNEY a son born 26th May at Chesnalt Leytonstone 8\7 Mr & Mrs PIERCE a son born 24th May at Margate 8\7 Thomas & Mrs. RAMELL a daughter born 27th May at 4 Foord Road Folkestone 8\7 H. & Mrs ROLFE a son born 26th May at Lyminge Mills 8\7 Charles & Mrs VIGGERS a daughter born 24th May at 82 Fairfield Terrace, Ashford 8\7 Thomas & Mrs. WATTS a daughter born 29th May at the Post Office Kennington 8\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES 17th March at Sydney Australia David MARSHALL youngest s/o Mr. Stephen MARSHALL of Warehorne, to Annie CLEMENTS youngest d/o John CLEMENTS of Canterbury 8\7 1st May by special licence at St Matthew's in the parish of Christ Church, Barbadoes, George WHITE of San Fernando, Trinidad to Margaret Bertha BEVIS 3rd surviving d/o the Rev. H. J. BEVIS of Ramsgate 8\7 25th May at Kensington London, J. ABRAHAMS of Canterbury to Rosa CLARKE eldest d/o A. M. CLARKE of Bury St Edmunds 8\7 27th May at St. Saviour's Church, St George's Square, London SW, Charles Alfred CASE of Maidstone, solicitor, to Clara WATTS 2nd d\o the late Edward WATTS of Hythe, Kent solicitor 8\7 28th May at Christ church Ramsgate by the Rev. H. L. FRY, Thomas William PARAMOR to Maria Ann HOLNESS both of Ramsgate 8\7 29th May at Canterbury, J. H. HAYWARD s/o of the late Mr. John HAYWARD of Headcorn to Emily SISSENDEN eldest d/o Mr. J. SISSENDEN of Whitstable 8\7 29th May at the parish church, Romford Essex by the Rev. H. M. BURGESS, curate, Edward BARTEN of Romford, 3rd s/o the late Edward BARTEN of Bower Farm, Mersham, to Louisa Henrietta JEFFERY of Tunbridge Wells 8\7 1st June at Doddington, by the Rev. W. J. MONK, MA, Alfred EASON of Clowne, Chesterfield to Eliza Maria JARVIS 2nd d/o Mr. John JARVIS miller & grocer Doddington 8\7 1st June at St Mary's, Upper Walmer, Mr A. F. BIRD Jun. of Deal to Angelina HINDS d/o Mr. Steven HINDS, The Strand, Lower Walmer 8\7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS 30th May at Rye, Carrie AMES d/o Thomas Dunk AMES aged 1 year and 9 months 8\7 25th May at 4 Mill Lane Margate, Richard ANSELL aged 53 years. 8\7 27th May at 4 Sumner Terrace, Beaver Road, South Ashford, Edith Augusta Mildred BACK the beloved child of Robert & Francis BACK aged 4 years 10 months 8\7 13th May at Renova, Uniyed States America, the w/o William BENNETT and 5th d/o Richard Hailes BARNES of South Ashford, in the 35th year of her age 8\7 16th May at 63 Bridge Street South Ashford Henry BOWDEN aged 43 years. Much respected by all who knew him. Also on May 30th, Ellen Louisa BOWDEN aged 14 months 8\7 20th May at the residence of her brother in law Mr. ROLFE, London, Miss Eliza BURDEN in her 64th year 8\7 25th May at Buckland Dover, Susannah COOPER aged 83 years 8\7 1st May killed on the Cleveland and St. Louis Railway, New York, America. John Austen DANTON 2nd s/o Thomas DANTON of Reading Street, St Peter's, Thanet, age 26 years 8\7 1st June at Dover, Frances Hickmoth FINNIS w/o Steriker FINNIS aged 63 years at Dover 8\7 & 5\3 25th May at Sandling Road Maidstone, Mary Ann FOLLETT aged 16 years 8\7 25th May at his residence, The Limes, Whitstable, Thomas GANN in his 55th year. Friends please accept this intimation. 8\7 & 7\4 & 8\5 27th May at New Romney, Ann GRAVETT the beloved w/o George GRAVETT aged 73 years 8\7 30th May at Rye, William KIND aged 75 years 8\7 28th May at Tenterden, John Ellis MACE, JP, in the 88th year of his age 8\7 30th May at 117 New Town Ashford, Elizabeth Wight MCKENZIE widow of the late Donald MACKENZIE formerly of Edinburgh, in her 85 year 8\7 28th May at Dane Court, Boughton, Mabel MONK infant d/o John & Francis MONK aged 8 months 8\7 24th May at 6 Athelstan Road, Margate Mary MOORE widow of David MOORE age 65 years 8\7 25th May at Rye, Mary PAINE w/o Thomas PAINE aged 66 years 8\7 31st May at Rowling Goodnestone, next Wingham, Jane RIGDEN youngest d/o the late Stephen George & Sarah RIGDEN of Sandwich, aged 35 years 8\7 25th May at Eastbridge, Mariannie TEMPLE only surviving d/o the Rev. W. TEMPLE rector of St Alphage Canterbury 8\7 19th May at 81 Castle Street Canterbury Harriot WOOD in her 81st year 8\7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deaths and funerals etc mentioned elsewhere in the paper. Email address above for more information. Please remember to quote the date of the paper and reference numbers. Mr B. ASHWELL draper deceased, Charing 5\2 Elizabeth Swaffer BACK born 1819 died 1880 memorial glass window at Doddington church 5\5 Mr W. BALSTON deceased mentioned "Kent discharged prisoners aid society" Maidstone Gaol 6\6 Mr. Osmond BARNES deceased coalman husband of Caroline of Faversham 2\4 Edward BARTEN deceased of Mersham, his son married at Romford Essex (see under marriages) 8\7 Captain BARTRAM brewer deceased, his will Tonbridge 3\7 Lionel and Reginald BARTRAM their deceased fathers will Tonbridge 3\7 Walter BOWLES age 17 s/o Walter BOWLES carpenter, died of shotgun wound at Tudley (died at Tunbridge Wells Infirmary) 3\7 & 7\4 Major BOYS aged over 70 died suddenly at Upper Deal 5\5 Mr John BRENT bequeathed legacies Canterbury 3\7 Mr Daniel BRICE deceased, selling of his shares Folkestone 4\5 Frederick BURTON a page boy hung himself. Mother lives in Canterbury 3\7 J. CHURCH Esq. deceased, "sale of cherries" Lynsted 4\3 Mrs Martha COPLEY deceased, church service Ashford 1\7 Miss. Annabella CROFT her funeral at Saltwood (see under Hythe news) 5\1 (d/o Venerable James CROFT, her brother Rev. Percy James CROFT, her nephews Hugh, Wanley Frederick and Robert James CROFT) Mrs ELLIOTT head teacher was left a legacy Canterbury 3\7 Ralph Waldo EMERSON deceased property 3\8 Matthew FAGG farmer, deceased, Caple le Ferne 1\1 John FINN auctioneer deceased of 5 Somerset Road Ashford 1\1 George William FINN grazier, executor of will, Preston Faversham 1\1 Frederick FINN grocer, executor of will, Canterbury 1\1 Thomas FLEMING murdered at Derby 3\8 Mr Thos. GANN aged 55 deceased his funeral at Whitstable on Sea 7\4 & 8\5 see under Deaths Mr Edmund GIBBS deceased, late ads Elmsted 8\4 Henry GILES deceased body found Queenborough Pier fire 3\7 Mr Inigo GILL deceased funeral at Lewes 3\7 GRIFFITH a surgeon has died from an overdose St Helen's 3\8 Henry HIGHSTED age 28 died at the burning of Queenborough Pier 6\8 Lord Justice HOLKER deceased, his remains interred Lytham Lancashire 3\8 Sarah HOLMAN inquest at Barming, found drowned in the Medway 3\7 Mr James KEMP deceased, selling his grassland Cranbrook 4\5 Mr George KINGSNORTH deceased auction Ruckinge & Woodchurch 4\2 Lady Georgina Jemima MOLYNEUX born 11 May 1805 died 22 May 1882 Tunbridge Wells 4\8 Mr R. P. ORPIN deceased estate Frittenden 4\1 Mr A. S. PAINE head teacher was left a legacy Canterbury 3\7 Dr Thomas B. PEACOCK consulting physician died St Thomas's Hospital 3\8 Mr Joseph PRYER deceased estate Mersham 4\2 Mr ROLFE his sister in law Eliza BURDEN died at his residence London 8\7 Mr Charles ROLFE deceased estate auction Bilsington, Ruckinge & Woodchurch 4\2 G. SMEED Esq. deceased, fruit sale Sittingbourne 4\4 Henry STONE groom, drowned near Crabble, his inquest at River (near Dover) 5\3 Mr Nicholas SWAIN deceased estate sale at Sunny Side Stelling Minnis 4\4 Mr THURGAR head teacher was left a legacy Canterbury 3\7 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OTHER ARMSTRONG a young soldier deserted Chatham 3\7 Frederick ARNOLD smuggling, Police court Dover 5\4 Geo. ATTERALL age 78 labourer, attempted suicide at Cowden; Petty sessions court Tonbridge 7\4 George BARDEN blacksmith in liquidation Beckley 4\8 Frederick George BASHFORD age 75 Police court Canterbury 5\3 John BING had his grass cut "warning to grass stealers," Petty sessions Wingham 8\6 John BIRD assault charge, Maidstone 3\7 William BLACKMAN age 62 in Police court Canterbury 5\3 Louis BONY age 60 a spectator was gored at bullfighting in France 1\8 & 3\8 John BRADLEY youngest s/o late mayor of Sandwich is ill 5\8 Miss Emily BRADLEY d/o late mayor of Sandwich has typhoid fever 5\8 Henry BUCKLAND alias BURTON (BURDEN) & GORDON age about 20 in Police court Dover 5\4 Ferdinand BULLOCK deserter in Police court Sandwich 5\8 Henry BURR painter & glazier in liquidation Maidstone 4\8 Stephen J. BURVILL a boy of Elham had his tambourine stolen mentioned at Police court Canterbury 5\3 John Hills CARFAX draper in liquidation Horsham 4\8 Ernest CARTER traction engine accident Winchelsea 5\8 George CHALLEN gamekeeper, witness at excise prosecution, Petty sessions Wingham 8\6 Mr Robert CHAPMAN fire at Heath Farm, Lenham Heath 7\2 Edmund CLARKE architect on forge charge Beckenham 3\7 Mary Ann CLIST stole sewing machine, in Police Intelligence court Margate 5\6 Mr Ernest COBB outfitters shop on fire Rochester 3\7 CONSTABLE a young lad in accident Tonbridge 7\4 Mrs Susannah COOPER (died) cruelty to inmate at workhouse Dover 5\4 (see under deaths 8\7) Sergeant CRAMPTON of KKC assaulted New Romney 5\6 DEVOY a young soldier deserted Chatham 3\7 Emma EARL at cruelty to inmate at workhouse case Dover 5\4 Mr Alfred ELLIOTT released from Barming asylum Maidstone 5\6 EVANS a lad assaulted by Harriet LUSH at the White Lion, Farnborough 3\7 Mrs Kate EYERS gave evidence at Police court Dover 5\4 George FORD tailor in liquidation Rochester 4\8 Charles & Mary FORDER found drunk; Police court Canterbury 5\3 William HAMMOND in liquidation St Leonards on Sea 4\8 Private James HARRIGAN Royal Irish Reg in court New Brompton 3\7 James HAWKINS middle aged labourer of Brook in Police court Ashford for wood stealing 6\1 Catherine HAYES sentenced in Police court Maidstone 3\7 Mr Philip HONYWOOD bankrupt Canterbury 7\2 George HUNTLEY age 13 stole strawberries; in Police court Sandwich 5\8 Robert HUTCHINSON of Northian, keeping a dog without a licence; in County Police court Rye 5\7 Sir James INGHAM Barming asylum Maidstone 5\6 Edward JAMIESON deserter in Police court Sandwich 5\8 Stephen JARVIS witness at wood stealing case in Police court Ashford 6\1 Robt JONES deserter in Police court Sandwich 5\8 Margaret KELLEHER an old lady murdered County Cork 3\8 KEYS family = Alice 9, Emily 12, Emily 5, Leonard 10, Philip 7 & George Leonard the father. Sad neglect of family case in Police court Ashford 6\1 Jas. LASLETE grocer in liquidation Ramsgate 4\8 LAVENDER at cruelty to inmate in workhouse case Dover 5\4 Walter LONGLEY of Newenden at Petty sessions court Cranbrook 5\3 William MARTIN of Finglesham, matrimonial dispute, Petty session Wingham 8\6 MASER a shepherd of Northian in County Police court Rye 5\7 Sarah MITCHELL servant girl accident Dover 5\3 John MYNN boot dealer in liquidation St Leonards on Sea 4\8 Frank G. NORRIS age 23 at extraordinary charge of abduction at Lambeth 6\8 Dr ORANGE Barming asylum Maidstone 5\6 Henry PAGE age 23 St Augustines Petty sessions Canterbury 5\2 PARKER a boy s/o a general dealer uninjured in accident at Canterbury 3\7 Mrs PARKER cruelty to inmate at workhouse case Dover 5\4 Mr. W. H. PAYN coroner in cruelty to inmate at workhouse Dover 5\4 Albert Henry PENFOLD age 20 labourer of Rye, robbery of master New Romney 5\7 M. PETRI a Viennese engineer, a new explosive 7\1 Private John RILEY Royal Irish reg in court New Brompton 3\7 John SCAMP Jun. highway offence, Petty sessions Wigham 8\6 John SCAMP Sen & Jun warning of grass stealing Petty sessions Wingham 8\6 Mary SHIRLEY age 70-80 at cruelty to inmate at workhouse case Dover 5\4 Edward & Mrs STANDING, brickmaker, was robbed by PENFOLD; appears in New Romney court 5\7 Martha STEPHENS age 40 charged with begging; Police court Canterbury 5\3 Elizabeth (Bessie) STEWART under 16 at extra ordinary charge of abduction Lambeth 6\8 William TURMAINE age 30 machinist, drunk; Police court Canterbury 5\3 Ellen WELCH assaulted by her step daughter Mary WELCH at Chatham 3\7 John WILLIAMS age c 50 on a serious charge at Police court Ashford 8\7 Stephen Kent WINKWORTH lieut. HM Military Train Service in liquidation Margate 4\8 Anthony Arthur WINSOR deserter in Police court Sandwich 5\8 George WOOD was assaulted; Police court Canterbury 5\3 Catherine WORTH w/o J. A. WOOD, attempted suicide Dover 5\3 Albert YOUNG age 17 clerk of Spotborough in court London 3\8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have a female musician/singer on your tree she may be listed here on page 8 col 4 (note; no more information given): Royal Academy of music,- At the recent local practical examination, held in Canterbury on April 5th, the following candidates satisfied the examiner :- Passed with honours - Miss Emma C. HEANES (pianoforte) Passed - Miss A. E. BURCH (singing) Miss. Amy CALLINGHAM (pianoforte) Miss Alice G. DOWDEN (pianoforte) Miss Emily FOREMAN (pianoforte) Miss Maria HARRISON (pianoforte) Miss Gertrude LANCASTER (pianoforte)
Saturday 10th June 1882 BIRTHS May 21st at Whitton, Hounslow, Trumpet-Major G.W. & Mrs. LARGE, 8th Hussars, a daughter 8\7 May 27th at Willesborough Leese, Edward & Mrs HILLS a daughter 8\7 May 31st, at Borstal, Rochester, the Rev. W. M. & Mrs BOITOME a daughter 8\7 May 31st at Benholm, Broadwater, Tunbridge Wells, Alfred & Mrs PULFORD Jun. Esq. a daughter 8\7 June 2nd at Ramsgate, James Harry & Mrs POOL, of Canterbury a daughter 8\7 June 3rd at Saynden Farm, Staplehurst, Jesse & Mrs NORRIS a son 8\7 June 3rd at Ruckinge, G. & Mrs CULLUM, clocksmith a son 8\7 June 4th at Lot Lane, High Halden, Henry & Mrs WILSON a son 8\7 June 4th at Earl Street, Maidstone, Mr James W. & Mrs LARKING a son 8\7 June 4th at 1 St John's Villa, East Margate Thanet, Charles Dobson & Mrs SMITH a son 8\7 June 4th at The Heights of Alma, Marine Town, Sheerness, H. T. & Mrs GILBERT a son 8\7 June 5th at Sandwich, Frank & Mrs PAYN, outfitter, a son 8\7 June 6th at 143 Liverpool Road, Islington, N., Thomas Gill & Mrs DIXON, a daughter 8\7 June 6th at New Town, Ashford, Mr William & Mrs FOSTER a son 8\7 June 7th at Euston Road, London, Harry Murdoch & Mrs ALDERTON a son 8\7 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARRIAGES 21st May at Holy Trinity Church Margate by the Rev.A. W. BOULDEN, Alexander YEATMAN to Jane THIRTON youngest d/o the late Mr. S. B. THIRTON both of Margate 8\7 21st May at Charing, by the Rev. VERINI, George DOWNE of Charing to Ann Elizabeth AYLWARD of Willesborough 8\7 30th May by special licence at St Matthew's, Cambridge, Lawrence Thomas DAWSON, 3rd s/o the late Henry DAWSON Esq. of Camberwell London, to Sarah Evelina BRIGNALL, youngest d/o John BRIGNALL Esq. of Mumford House, Wittersham Kent 8\7 1st June at St Jame's Church, Enfield Highway, Middlesex, Arthur Bell WILLIAMS, Captain West Kent Rifles, and H. M.'s War Department, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, youngest s/o Isaac WILLIAMS Esq.,Pembroke Road, Dublin, to Laura Alice CATER 3rd d/o Frederick CATER Esq., of Durants, Enfield Highway, Middlesex. 8\7 1st June at the parish church Warkworth, Northumberland, George Albert HOULT, eldest s/o Alfred HOULT of Dover, to Margaret Elizabeth THOMPSON youngest d/o Matthew THOMPSON Esq., of Warkworth 8\7 1st June at the parish church Ashford Kent by the Rev. Canon ALCOCK vicar, John Henry BOURNE eldest s/o Mr. W. BOURNE of Brighton, to Alice Johanne HEITEFUSZ only d/o Mr. F. E. HEITEFUSZ of Ashford 8\7 3rd June at the parish church Thurnham, William Charles BENEFIELD youngest s/o Thomas BENEFIELD late of Kingstone, to Maria MAY 6th d/o Charles MAY of Bridge 8\7 7th June at the parish church, Lower Halstow by the Rev. BAKER, of Newington, Eliza Jane WITHERDEN, 2nd d/o Joseph WITHERDEN late of Hamden Farm, Smarden, to James Miller STEVENS eldest s/o Daniel STEVENS of Crouch Hill Farm, Lower Halstow 8\7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marriages mentioned elsewhere in this paper Married on Thursday at Goudhurst, Miss Ellen Jane BLAIR 3rd d/o Mrs BLAIR of Finchcocks Park Goudhurst, but formerly of Peel Hall, Bolton, to the Rev. Harry HARBORD, late curate of Hawkhurst, now of East Hoathly Sussex. 5\7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS 20th May at Sarre, Isle of Thanet, Henry DENNE, 2nd s/o William & Fanny DENNE aged 26 years 8\7 30th May at Shrubbery House, Lydd, Ann PRESCOTT, widow of John PRESCOTT aged 73 years 8\7 30th May at Milton next Sittingbourne, William Henry JORDAN s/o Alfred JORDAN aged 9 years 8\7 31st May at Tenterden, Harriette Sophia NEWINGTON yonger d/o Jesse H. NEWINGTON, M.R.C.S. ect.8\7 31st May at Rye, John BERRY aged 52 years 8\7 1st June at Union Street, Maidstone, Arthur Rowe HUGHES aged 30 years 8\7 1st June at The Oaks, Deal, Major Henry BOYS JP, aged 11 years (yes it does say 11) 8\7 & 5\7 2nd June at the Kent County Asylum, Chartham, John YOUNG, late of Ashford, aged 70 years 8\7 2nd June at Enbrook, Sandgate, Mr. Stephen WRAIGHT 8\7 2nd June at 47 Brunswick Road, Gravesend, Gertrude Norah LEDGER, 2nd d/o Mr. G. (and Norah) LEDGER, S.E.R. guard, formerly of Folkestone, aged 2 years 9 months 8\7 2nd June at 23 Market Square, Dover, Cecil BONES, the dearly beloved s/o Charles & Mary BONES, aged 5 years & 11 months 8\7 2nd June at Rye, Thomas John BANNISTER, s/o Charles Thomas BANNISTER aged 3 months 8\7 3rd June at Paradise row, Sandwich, suddenly, Martha Frances BAILEY, infant d/o Charles & Mary Ann BAILEY, aged 13 months 8\7 3rd June at 12 Hempsted Terrace, Ashford, Samuel HICKS, in the 85th year of his age 8\7 3rd June at Biddenden, Mary HOMEWOOD, the w/o Thos. HOMEWOOD, aged 77 years 8\7 4th June at Bower Cottage, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone, James CLIFFORD, JP, in his 64th year 8\7 4th June at Appledore, John William SIMS, the beloved s/o W. & E. SIMS, aged 7 years 8\7 4th June at St Margaret's Street, Canterbury, Walter Scott HARRIS, s/o Mr. F. R. HARRIS, aged 26 years 8\7 4th June at Combe Farm, Brabourne, after long and painful sufferings, John Albert Edward SHORTER, the only s\o John & Elizabeth SHORTER and eldest grandson of Mr. John SHORTER, Malthouse, Great Chart, and much beloved by all who knew him 8\7 4th June at St Dunstan's Canterbury, Matilda Wenborn GAUNT, 2nd d/o Mr. John GAUNT, Hothfield, aged 46 years 8\7 5th June at Harbledown near Canterbury, Mary Eamonson METCALF, d/o the late Rev. John METCALF, 8\7 5th June at Grace Hill House, Folkestone, Thomas AYERST, late of Newenden, in the 81st year of his age 8\7 5th June at Rye, Mary Ann POPE, w/o Samuel POPE, aged 49 years 8\7 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deaths mentioned elsewhere in this newspaper (there is more information if needed unless otherwise stated) Mr R. ALLEN deceased estate Tudley, Pembury & East Peckham 4\4 Miss Rose APPS eldest d/o Mr. E. P. APPS, ironmonger, aged 26 died Tenterden 8\6 BORTON a labourer residing at Hollecondane, (Ramsgate) died suddenly 8\5 Mr John BRENT deceased mentioned at town council meeting at Canterbury 7\1 CALFREYMAN and LEEDHAM both now dead, committed murder 26 years ago Rotherham 3\8 Mr James CLIFFORD JP, age 63 died Sunday, Maidstone 5\8 Marquis CONYNGHAM died Belgrave Square, buried Patrixbourne 5\1 Rev. Robert Thorp DAVISON died at Herne on Saturday last s/o Rev. John DAVISON, Prebendary of Worcester. Born 1824 Washington Durham.Buried Hillborough. 7\3 John ELLENDER drowned off Ramsgate harbour 8\5 Thomas FINN Esq. deceased estate at Lydd & Old Romney 4\1 The news of the death, on Friday, of the wife of Mr. S. FINNIS, JP, of Dover, has been received with general regret 3\7 (in full, no more to add) Mr Edmund GIBBS deceased of Little Gains, Elmsted. selling of his live & dead stock 4\1 Mr W. GIBBS deceased of Faversham 7\3 a well known London merchant, Mr. Alexander GRAHAM, has been run over by a cab and killed 3\8 ( in full, no more to add) George HAMMOND Esq. deceased estate Deal 4\3 Mr William HARVEY deceased estate Finglesham Farm, Northbourne 4\5 Charles Robert HILLDRUP private 15th Hussars, aged 25, drowned off Copt Point, Shorncliffe area? 5\5 Thomas HOADLEY s/o a farmer committed suicide at Horsted Keynes on Monday. 3\7 John Porter HUMPHREYS Esq. deceased estate Woodchurch & Kenardington 4\5 Mr. John JACKSON deceased, late of Rolvenden, saddler, anyone having a claim on his estate etc. 1\1 Mr James KEMP deceased estate Cranbrook 4\5 Police Constable McELLICOTT, his body found in Thames. He was stationed at Bexley Heath 3\7 John MOOR a naval pensioner, aged 102 died Great Yarmouth. survivor of Battle of Trafalgar 3\8 Mr P. P. ORPIN deceased estate Broadlake Farm Frittenden 4\3 Arthur John OWEN resident of Deal drowned off Ramsgate Harbour. His inquest at Ramsgate 8\5 Mrs. Emily PIMJOUN w/o a farmer but living apart from him, died under sad circumstances at Hailsham. 3\7 Mr William SHARPEY deceased estate to be sold Ivychurch & New Romneyn4\2 Mr. Nicholas SWAIN deceased, late of Stelling Minnis, anyone having a claim on his estate etc. 1\1 Mr Frederick WHITING manager of Messrs. John HALL & Son's powder works Faversham, died suddenly on Friday aged 35 at Faversham 7\3 Miss Mary WINSER deceased, late of Tenterden, spinster, anyone having a claim on her estate etc. 1\1& 4\3 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER John ANTONEY charged with soliciting alms at Cranbrook. Police Intellingence 7\1 James BAKER charged with assault. Police court Canterbury 5\6 John BALDWIN recently a tea dealer charged with stealing a cart. Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 John BALDWIN landlord of Man of Kent Inn at Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Mr James BARFORD leaving the neighbourhood Tenterden 4\3 John BARTEN grocer fined West Malling 3\7 David BEAN labourer charged with stealing a hat. Whitstable on Sea 8\6 George BELL gunner, Royal Artillery, attempted murder charge at Dover County Police Court 7\2 BELTON a woman remarded on shocking charge Nottingham 3\8 Henry BLUNDELL fruit grower and his nephew George BLUNDELL charged with stealing Sevenoaks 3\7 Henry BOWERS apprentice awaiting trial for burglary at Gravesend 3\7 Ebenezer BOWES deserted his wife and children. Petty sessions Sittingbourne 5\8 William Vincent BRADLEY, baker, petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 Rev. J. M. BRAITHWAITE moving to Croydon from Maidstone 5\8 Wm. BUCKLAND of Wye on furious driving charged with being drunk Police court Ashford (his brother is John) 6\1 Amos BURTON of Northgate in Police court Canterbury 5\6 Joseph CATT grocer in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 Mr Henry CHAPMAN engine owner fined one pound Faversham 3\7 Mr Robert CHAPMAN maltster summond Lenham 5\7 Charles CHEESEMAN had his pony stolen Tunbridge Wells 3\7 Charles CHINNERY of Pluckley summond for not sending his daughter Eliza age 12 to school Ashford court 6\1 James COLLINS theft of a coat appears in Police court Canterbury 5\6 Private James COLLINS now a Lance Corp. 2nd EKRV 4\7 Mr E. COOPER bricklayer County Intelligence 5\5 Mr John CRUIKSHANK pawnbroker in Police court Canterbury 5\6 CUSACK a tramp assaulted his child at Garlinge. In court at Margate 3\7 John Dilnot DANIELS of the New Inn, charged at Petty sessions Sandwich 8\5 Martha DAVEYindecently assaulted. Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Private John DAVIS army transport. County Police court Hythe 5\5 Mr George DUPPA owner of traction engine in court Sittingbourne 5\8 Charles & Mrs ELDRIDGE summond for not sending daughter Harriet age 10 to school Ashford 6\1 Messrs. MOORE & FAGG engine owners of Canterbury in court Faversham 3\7 Mr & Mrs FOX aged labourer cottage burnt down Goodnestone 5\6 Mr GAYWOOD confectioner of Canterbury mentioned at St Augustines Petty sessions 7\1 Maria GIBBONS sentenced to 1 days imprisonment Faversham 3\7 GIBSON labourer assaulted a woman Bromley 3\7 William GIMBER dealer charged at Petty sessions Deal 5\7 Police Constable GODDEN at Police court Ashford 6\1 Maria GOWAR landlady of the Freemason's Arms, Birling fined 40s West Malling petty sessions 3\7 Benjamin GOWER labourer of Warehorne & father of 2 illegitimate children. Police court Ashford 6\1 George HALL landlord of The Swan Greenstreet in court Faversham 3\7 Charles HARDEN of the George & Dragon hotel Hawkhurst 1\1 James HARMER sawyer of Bilsington, affiliation case, in Police court Ashford 6\1 George HILL charged with deserting his wife & children Police Intelligence Dover 5\7 Matthew HUNTER on trial for murdering his wife & child Skipton 3\8 Walter HUNTLEY aged 10 charged at Petty sessions Sandwich 8\5 William Edgar JARRETT bankrupt Rye 4\4 JOHNSON illegal betting at Wye races. Police court Ashford 6\1 Mr George JONES driver of Canterbury in court Faversham 3\7 William JOSLIN accident at Chilham 5\6 T. KING proprietor of Red Lion Inn Herne 1\8 Joseph James KINGSNORTH alias WRIGHT age 33 a native of Ramsgate charged with murder Ramsgate 6\2 Mary Ann KNOCK of Bilsington had illegitimate child, in Police court Ashford 6\1 Thomas KNOWLER grocer had pork stolen Graveney 3\7 Elizabeth LEE Police court Canterbury 5\6 LINK brickmaker in accident Northgate Canterbury 5\6 H. R. MACKAY of Petham 1\1 Mr Jas. MERCER Sen. wheelwright is giving up his business Folkestone 4\3 Police Constable MIDDLEDITCH rescued several persons in a fire in 1880 Rochester 3\7 Constable MULLARD at Petty sessions Whitstable on Sea 8\6 Thomas MULLIGAN soldier in County Police court Hythe 5\5 David MURPHY charged with being drunk Canterbury 5\6 William Charles NAPIER a tramp at Folkestone, Hythe & Sandgate 5\3 Alfred NASH aged 11 charged at Petty sessions Sandwich 8\5 James William NEWMAN landlord of Anchor Inn Yalding in court West Malling 3\7 Wm. NICHOLLS barge Captain, embezzling money, West Malling court 3\7 Mr Benjamin NUTT RAYNER grocer in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 Henry Wm. PAGE age 14 in Petty sessions Sittingbourne 5\8 Jane PARKER charged at Folkestone, Hythe & Sandgate 5\3 Mr Jno. PARKER of Ringwould, cows straying at Kingsdown Deal 7\2 Leonard Thos. PATTERSON of Kingsdown, charged with cows straying. Deal court 7\2 Thos PHILLIPS Police court Canterbury 5\6 Robert Henry PLATTEN tobacconist in liquidation Sheerness 4\8 Mr James PLEDGE in liquidation Alkham Kent 4\2 Mary PORTER charged with stealing 2s 6d. Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Gunner Martin READ gave evidence in attempted murder case Dover 7\2 Edward REED of Cranbrook labourer did not send his child to school. Police Intelligence Cranbrook 7\1 Mr REEVE warehouse was burgled Rolvenden 8\5 Albert RICHARDSON age 15 charged with indecent assault. Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Percy ROBB on assault charge at Harbledown, at St Augustines Petty sessions 7\1 ROBERTS a gypsy find at Hastings for disorderly conductuct at Rising Sun, Hollington 3\7 Police Constable ROBERTS at court Ashford 6\1 Henry ROBSON apprentice awaiting trial for burglary at Gravesend 3\7 Jas. ROWEaged 17 in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 John SAFFERY disorderly labourer in Police court Canterbury 5\6 George William SETTERFIELD assaulted at Harbledown. St Augustines Petty sessions 7\1 Owen SEYMOUR pipe maker,had cart stolen. Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Wm. SEYMOUR boot maker at Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 Joseph SHIPWAY charged with selling adulterated whiskey, Petty sessions Tonbridge 8\6 James SMITH labourer of Iwade in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 Thomas SMITH charged with assault. Police court Canterbury 5\6 William & Mary SPICER drunk at Kennington Ashford 6\1 Elizabeth SPOOPER sentenced to 1 days imprisonment Faversham 3\7 Thomas STANILAND shop keeper had a hat stolen. Petty sessions court Whitstable on Sea 8\6 Richard STANLEY charged with striking his wife Maidstone 3\7 Alfred STEER aged 14 in Petty session court Sittingbourne 5\8 John STEPHENS shopkeeper of Milton in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 STOCKFORD a woman was assaulted by GIBSON. Bromley 3\7 Alfred William STYLE visiting tutor in liquidation Margate 4\8 Alfred SWAFFER a wandering lunatic of Brabourne Lees found on banks of the Rother 7\4 Mr Fred TAVENER foreman of jury at bathing fatality Shorncliffe 5\5 George THOMPSON landlord of the "Robin Hood & Little John" Burham, in court West Malling 3\7 George THORNTON gunner, Royal Artillery, had a bayonet thrust at him at Guston. County Police Court Dover 7\2 Thomas USHER grocer in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 James WATERS on trial for stealing a pony Tunbridge Wells 3\7 Horace WEBB landlord of Milton in Petty sessions court Sittingbourne 5\8 James WELLARD on drunken charge at Sandhurst, appears in Police Intelligence Court Cranbrook 7\1 Mr E. WELLS saddler, disarsterous fire at Ash near Sandwich 5\5 Ellen WELSH with a child in arms, one months hard labour Chatham 3\7 William Edward WELSH pupil teacher, waiting trial for burglary at Gravesend 3\7 Emma WHITEHEAD shop keeper in Petty sessions Sittingbourne 5\8 Isabella WILLSON landlady of Milton in Petty sessions Sittingbourne 5\8 Mr WOOD at the Star Inn Playden 7\4 Sarah WOOD 2 illegitimate children Police court Ashford 6\1
Saturday 17th June 1882 BIRTHS Recently at St Leonard's Schools, Hythe, the wife of G. W. JAMES a son. June 2, the wife of J. Ireland BOWES, Medical Superintendent of the Wilts County Asylum, of a son. June 7 at 3, St Michael's Terrace, Maidstone, the wife of Samuel BENNETT, of a son. June 7 at Margate, the wife of Mr. SCALES, of a son. June 8 at Rose Cottage, Reading Street, Northdown, Margate, the wife of Mr. HORN, of a son. June 8 at Kingsmead, Brenchley, the wife of Captain S. DELANO-OSBORNE, of a son. June 8 at Faversham, Mrs. MILUM, wife of Rev. John MILUM, of Western Africa, of a son. June 8 at Walkhurst, Benenden, the wife of Thomas MERRICKS, of a daughter. June 8 at Brunger Farm, Leigh Green, Tenterden, the wife of O. SOUTHON, of a son. June 8 at St. Sunstan's, Canterbury, the wife of Mr. T. BRETT, of a daughter. June 9 at Ramsgate, the wife of Mr. John BLINKO, of a son. June 9 the wife of William J. HUGHES, Sandwich, of a son. June 9 at 90 London Road, Gloster, the wife of Henry MORGAN, of a daughter. June 10 at the Cavalry Barracks, Canterbury, the wife of Corp. James HEWETT, 13th Hussars, of a daughter, stillborn. June 11 at 17 Torrington Road, South Ashford, the wife of Mr. John GAIN, of a son. June 11 at Lambert's Land, Faversham, the wife of Arthur D. CURLING, of a son. June 13 at The Manse, Staplehurst, the wife of Rev. T. THATCHER, late of Ashford, of a son. June 13 at 170 High Street, Ramsgate, the wife of Mr. J. F. SILLIBOURNE, of a daughter. June 13 at the Undercliffe, Sandgate, the wife of Col. DAVIES, Commanding Shorncliffe Camp, of a son. June 14 at the Royal Standard, Bethersden, the wife of George S. SKINNER, of a daughter. June 14 at Elmhurst, Grosvenor Place, Margate, the wife of Alfred DREWE, architect, of a son. June 15 at 49 St. George's Street, Canterbury, the wife of E. H. ELVY, of a son. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MARRIAGES May 27 at the parish church, Staplehurst, by the Rev. Dr. REYNER, assisted by the Rev. J. H. C. MCGILL, Hannah MAY, second daughter of Mr. R. MAY, late station master of Staplehurst, to Robert BROOKER, of St Lawrence, Isle of Thanet. June 2 at the Congregational Chapel, Ashford, by the Rev. A. TURNER, George HARDEN, son of the late Albert HARDEN, Biddenden, to Elizabeth BENGHAM, daughter of the late James BENGHAM, Headcorn. June 7 at Chiswick Church, by the Rev. G. H.TIDCOMBE, of St. Peter's, Hammersmith, Alfred only son of Sampson COURT, Esq., of Milton, Sittingbourne, to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Frederick HOPKINS,of Turnham Green, Middlesex. June 8 at St. Nicholas, Rochester, by the Rev. W. S. HILL, M.A., vicar, Joseph Charles, only son of the late J. C. HAST, of Ramsgate, to Alice (Minnie), youngest daughter of the late Charles CLIFT. June 8 at Saltwood, Edward Murray, son of William SALMON, Esq., of Bury St. Edmund's, to Frances Emily, daughter of the Rev. John George HODGSON, Rector of Saltwood, and Hon. Canon of Canterbury. June 8 at Eastry, Charles T. TRIGG, of Catford, to Rosa, fourth daughter of Mr. George TERRY, of Eastry Parsonage, Sandwich.] June 8 at St. James' Church, Camberwell, London, Charles Havelock DRAKE, C.S., fourth son of J. D. DRAKE, of Sittingbourne, to Lizzie, youngest daughter of James COADE, R.N. June 9 at the parish church, Goudhurst, by the Rev. J.S. CLARKE, George GADD, of Maidstone, only son of William GADD, of Northian, to Jane TERRY, second daughter of John TERRY, of Ladham Cottage, Goudhurst. June 10 at Tilden Chapel, Smarden, by the Rev. W. MANN, Eli ADAMS, to Ann JARVIS, both of Bethersden. June 10 at the parish church, Bonnington, by the Rev. F. M. CAMERON, Thomas William, second son of John HODGKIN, of Aldington, to Eliza Woodland, fourth daughter of the late John MANNERING, of Newchurch. June 10 at All Saints' church, Southport, by the Rev. C. T. PORTER, LL.D., William WALL, of Wigan, to Annie, eldest daughter of H. RIDDLES, Church House, Appledore, Kent. June 12 at All Saints' Whitstable, by the Rev. H. M. MAUGHAM vicar, William Henry HOLNESS, of Canterbury, to Ellen Louisa, second daughter of Mr. W. COPE, H. M. Customs, Whitstable, formally of Folkestone. June 13 at Waldershare Church, by the Rev. Walter HAMILTON, Frederick RICHARDS, of Newsole Farm, Coldred, to Jeannie, eldest daughter of Anthony WOTTON, Napchester Farm, Whitfield, Dover. June 14 by special licence, at St. Peter's, Cranley Gardens, by the Hon. and Rev. Wm. BYRON, assisted by Hon. and Rev. F. E. C. BYNG, Charles William, eldest son of William Courtney MORLAND, Esq., of Lamberhurst Court Lodge, Kent, to Ada Mary, younger daughter of the late H. G. W. SPERLING, Esq., of Edgeworth Manor, Gloucestershire. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHS May 15 at St. Thomas's Hospital, London Thomas ATWOOD, late of Broadwater, East Malling, age 39 years. May 19 at the fire Queensborough Pier, by drowning, George GILES, son of John GILES, farmer, late of Westwell, age 42 years. May 29 at the Royal Oak, Bell Street, Finsbury, Sophia,the beloved wife of Thos. ATWOOD, sen., late of Hempstead Court, Tonge, Sittingbourne, age 64 years. May 31 at High Street, Cranbrook, Benjamin SPRINGETT, aged 69 years. June 1 at Church Street, Sandwich, Walter John, eldest son of Sladden and Ellen BISHOP, in his 19th year. June 4 at St. Dunstan's Canterbury, after a long and painful illness, the wife of Henry WENBORN, Ashford, aged 46 years. June 5 at Woodchurch, James Southern, late of Elham, aged 80 years. June 5 at Brabourne, Emily Jane SWAFFER, post mistress,second daughter of the late John Marsh SWAFFER, aged 33 years. June 6 at Minster, Thanet, Mr. Richard KNOTT, many years of St. Nicholas at Wade, aged 70 years. June 6 at Newlands near Sittingbourne, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of S. WRAIGHT, aged 50 years. June 7 at High Street, Tenterden, very suddenly, Rosa, eldest and beloved daughter of Edward and Eliza APPS, aged 26 years. June 7 at 12 Tennyson Street, Nottingham, Ann, widow of the Rev. Robert BILLING, formerly Incumbent of Wye, Kent and Head Master of Wye College, aged 75 years. June 8 at Deal, Catherine STEED, widow of Samuel STEED, aged 63 years. June 8 at Acrise, Elizabeth REVELL, aged 84 years. June 9 at Biddenden, Julia Ann RUSSELL, widow of the late John RUSSELL, aged 85 years. June 9 at High Halden, Anne Louisa, youngest daughter of Mark and Susan MORLEY, in the 12th year of her age. June 9 at Faversham, Robert BROWN, aged 79 years. June 10 in the Kent and Canterbury Hospital, William REEVES, of Whitstable, aged 52 years. June 10 at Lydd, after a long and patient suffering, Hannah, the beloved wife of William HAISELL, aged 35 years. June 10 at Updown Cottages, near Sandwich, after a long illness, Walter Edmond LAURENCE, the eldest beloved son of Edmond and Catherine M. LAURENCE, aged 14 years. June 10 at Vicarage Road, Kennington, after a long and painfull sufferings, Elizabeth Margaret, the beloved wife of George BEECHING, aged 57 years. June 11 at 34 Sandling Road, Maidstone, Mrs. Ann SMITH, aged 57 years. June 12 at Chapel Mill, Lenham, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry PALMER, aged 33 years. June 12 at 20 Effingham Street, Ramsgate, of Pleuro-pneumonia, William Fox TOMSON, eldest son of the late William TOMSON, of Ramsgate. June 13 at Dunkirk, Boughton, William SPRATT, aged 67 years. June 14 at Dene Park, near Tonbridge, Georgiana, widow of William CARR, aged 63 years. June 15 Mary Ann STOAKES (known as Mary Ann ROGERS), for many years the valued and faithful servant of Mr. FIELD, of Audley Cottage, Sandgate, in her 26th year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISCELLANEOUS DEATHS and MARRIAGE Mr. James BACON deceased formally of Pluckley late of Folkestone. His widow Penelope of Folkestone 1\1 Mr. J. S. M. BANKS deceased, ajoining property for sale Alkham 4\2 Mr. John Russell BEAVAIS deceased Canterbury 3\7 Mr. David BOORMAN aged 74 committed suicide by hanging. was landlord of the Dukes Head Wateringbury 3\7 Mr. Walter M. BOURKE his funeral was on Tuesday 3\8 Mr. W. BRADLEY deceased Sandwich 5\8 Mr. James CLIFFORD JP his remains were interred at Maidstone cemetery. He was of Bower Cottage. He was born 8 January 1819 and died 4 June 1882. 7\3 George COLEMAN age 37 of Bermondsey, railway guard was killed in railway accident between Staplehurst and Headcorn 5\2 Mrs Elizabeth COLLARD deceased. Selling of her property by auction at Alkham 4\2 Mr. A. COLLARD selling of Mrs. Elizabeth COLLARDS property at Alkham 4\2 CREMEN a servant girl shot dead by Mr. Arthur GOLDING estate agent Liverpool 3\8 Mr. Chas. FOX deceased. Selling of his property at Eastchurch and Minster Isle of Sheppey 4\1 Vice Admiral Robert HALL died suddenly of heart disease 3\8 Emma HARLOW age 23 her child born dead at the George and Hoy Inn Canterbury 5\4 (also 7\1) Mr. William HARVEY deceased selling of his estate at Finglesham Farm Northbourne 4\2 James HILDER Esq. deceased. Selling of his estate at East Guldeford 4\2 Henry J. HILL a marine died at Depot hospital after injuries sustained from a fall Deal 5\6 Hyda HILLIARD a man aged 74 found dead in his house Maidstone 3\7 John Porter HUMPHREYS Esq. deceased. selling of his property at Woodchurch and Kennardington 4\4 Mr. James KEMP deceased. Selling of his property at Cranbrook 4\4 Mr. Cecil LAWSON landscape painter died on Saturday aged 30 3\8 Mr. Joseph LONG the claiment to the Enfida Estate died on Sunday in Tunis 3\8 Mr. MACE magistrate/surgeon died 28 May 1882, born 23 June 1794. His father & grandfather were surgeons.Tenterden 7\4 4 year old child of Mr. Thos MARTIN of Willesborough Lees died. 1st burial in new cemetery 8\6 John James MESSER driver died in accident Chatham 3\7 Mr. P. P. ORPIN deceased. Selling of his property at Frittenden 4\1 Mr. Robert ORPIN deceased. property at Frittenden 4\1 Mrs. Jane POILE deceased. Selling of her property at Wittersham 4\5 Mr. Alfred POILE occupant of property of Mrs Jane POILE 4\5 POWELL a blind woman died very suddenly from apoplexy at Dover on Friday night 3\7 Mrs. Mary Ann PULLINGER deceased. Selling of her property at Frittenden 4\5 Mr Scott RUSSELL the eminent engineer died 3\8 Mr. William SHARPEY deceased. Selling of his property at Ivychurch New Romney 4\3 Mr. SIMONS eminent engraver died 3\8 Mr. William STOLLERY deceased. Selling of his property at Cousley Wood, Wadhurst 4\5 Eliza STONE her husband died on 24 May 1881 at Rye, removal orders for her and 2 children back to Poplar Middlesex 5\7 Sir John STUART deceased Lock Arron Ross 3\7 Miss. WALLIS deceased. Selling of her property at Dover 4\5 widow WHITEHEAD died of bleeding from nose and mouth Hastings 3\7 Miss. Mary WINSER deceased. Selling of her property Tenterden 4\1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 members of the ancient Gipsy tribes COOPERS & TAYORS were married at East Moulsey church 3/8

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